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Avatar n tn Total avoidance of cow's milk and all dairy products No pork, ham or bacon No eggs or egg products No food or drink which contains sugar No nuts of any kind Most important is to avoid pork and dairy products. Cow's milk can be replaced by soy milk or goat or sheep milk, since these milks contains totally different proteins Foods That Fight Allergies While some foods may aggravate allergies, other foods can help fight allergies.
Avatar f tn I also had the intense itchiness one week after starting to eat kefir daily. My guess is that it effected us this way because we had too much kefir too quickly. I believe the kefir grains eat the lactose in the milk to make the the good probiotics we are after. But I read here ( that its best to wee yourself on slowly, which I definitely didn't do.
Avatar f tn she avoidds and is fine. We were told it is most likely a severe intolerance and not a true allergy in my dd's case.
Avatar n tn Hello, Your symptoms of dry tight throat, uneasiness and difficulty in breathing and headaches are pointing towards the diagnosis of allergy to onion/ garlic, in any form. Garlic-sensitive patients showed positive tests to diallyldisulfide, allylpropyldisulfide, allylmercaptan and allicin, all present in garlic. Even if garlic is present in a very small amount,it can lead to an allergic reaction.
Avatar f tn You can definitely be allergic to the soy milk. Also, soy is one of the prime suspects in the food elimination diet that must be avoided while on the diet 'til ready to challenge. You can develop new or different allergies at any time. I myself am allergic to yogurt and kefir. I discovered why it's worse for me than the tiny bit of regular milk used in my coffee (I'm sensitive to soy myself), too. And, it isn't the beneficial bacteria added to the stuff either.
Avatar n tn Lactose allergy is very common and people are often not aware they have them. Watch how drinking milk and eating cheese and other dairy products affect your gassiness. If its milk, you could take inexpensive Lactobacillus acidophillus pills ...take per bottle instructions If its not that, you could try Anti gas Enzymes capsules - this is just anti gas over all.. All these pills are available on line. Socially, passing gas can be deodorized.. by taking Chlorophyll pills.
Avatar m tn spores from another infected person or a non-infected carrier of the bacteria, having an existing digestive disorder like colitis or Crohn's disease, having a depressed immune system, and/or to a lesser extent, having had a colonoscopy (in susceptible people, the bowel evacuation preparation for the colonscopy test disturbs the natural balance of good bacteria in the system.
Avatar f tn Dodds says the milk test was for cow's milk. I hear goat milk kefir does wonders for digestion and plain should have nearly zero sugars! I may give it a go for my dog, and myself!
Avatar n tn You may have an allergy of peanut butter or peanuts. how often to you eat it? If you eat it often try not to eat it very much. That should help.
291885 tn?1404896807 if goat milk is not ok for you, you try kefir milk. In kefir milk, the sugar is transformed by kefir and there is no toxines and contain strong good probiotics. But if sugar is eated by candidas, there is lot of toxines very bad for our health. i think that we can't eradicate candidas albican when epstein barr virus is here. but we can limit proliferation and it is correct.
Avatar m tn so try to eat foods that art probiotic to help balance the gut like yogurt or kefir milk .although all of the suggestions above will aid with this .well try some of things out and i hope things get better for her .this should make a noticeable difference for her good luck and be well.
676912 tn?1332816151 Not all yogurt and kefir manufacturers even list powdered milk in their list of ingredients either. Yet, all of them use powdered milk in their products. I had to learn the hard way, since these products cause a reaction on my lips immediately upon contact. Processed foods are great for people who don't have these allergies, but plenty of people do. I got tired of reading labels. It's less expensive and healthier to eat whole foods. At least I know what I'm eating.
Avatar n tn I changed my diet around that time and started drinking milk- which i never leiked so rarely did in the past- i also started eating refined and processed foods more. Apparently people who are lactose intolerant are prone to yeast overgrowth/infections. Check for that and diabetes. Also- cut out sugar and refined carbs.
Avatar f tn Copper is usually taken with zinc because the two are in balance, and taking too much of one leaches out the other -- your allergy isn't to copper per se because you can't live without some, but to the form of copper that is in some supplements. You are getting it from food or, again, you'd be dead. As to you're taking forever to heal, heal from what? And as to yeast infections, that's a different immune system problem than not healing.
1042487 tn?1275283499 Only difference between your mother's milk and cow milk is These milks are low in iron and differ in the protein composition compared to mothers milk that other milks are low in iron and differ in the protein composition compared to mothers milk. Anyway i don't drink milk i drink soy beverage ''milk''. Look I don't want to argue no more but i studied biology, now studying biochemistry and neurobiology so i know my facts and how it works. Just get your facts straight before disagreeing.
Avatar m tn Well, what I have read about kefir (and you can find info about this on the web), it is fermented milk (from cows, goats or sheep) with keir grains. Kefir grains are filled with micro-organisms that help balance the body's internal systems, so given that, and since you have purchased 2 bottles of it, you can see how it works for you. Do bear in mind that kefir is not 100% effective against fungal and yeast problems in some people.
Avatar n tn i like Just Once by Rainbow Naturals, you can find that at the health food stores. drink kefir. Nancy's kefir is amazing and non-alcoholic. it will help your immune system. make sure to eat fiber with it; apples are best, they have the kind of fiber that the probiotics need for digestion. otherwise, don't worry too much about supplements. you can waste a lot of money on those and not have appreciable effects. not saying they aren't useful in some conditions, but EBV is a different deal.
Avatar m tn There is controversy that milk is so acidic that makes our bodies leach calcium to neutralize acid forming nature of milk. Plus, casein in milk is very difficult to digest and is very different from human milk and thus puts our body in metabolic imbalances. There are studies to actually prove this. One was done in Harvard school of medicine. And humans are only ones who drink other species milk. Milk is for young offspring (calve) to nourish and grow and then they wean of mother’s milk.
Avatar n tn basically causes leaky gut. Also might look into Celiacs Disease, which is basically an allergy to gluten. This allergy alot of times doesn't develop or at least doesn't show symptoms until adulthood. And it can create allergies or intollerances to other foods basically by leaky gut again. Either of these could be a possibility, but just something for you to look into.
Avatar m tn I didn't mention it before, because I'm not sure how much it helped, but I too had food allergy testing, and also cleaned up my diet. I had an ELISA IGG food allergy test, and tested positive (off the scale) for milk and egg, so I haven't eaten any for a few years. After I made the switch, my digestion improved and my breathing passages opened up noticeably, but I still have the brain fog.
Avatar m tn The antibiotics name is Cefixime. She suffered for nose allergy now. Little mucus and dry cold makes her breathing little i measured again,i thought it is 2.5×2cm. Little bit soft and more movable found. Her body temperature 36.2 in evarage. No symptom occur like bad thing. The antibiotic continue last 2 days. Anything there to her for notice ?
Avatar f tn Eat the yogurt, or better yet, drink the kefir, everyday. ( Kefir has the most probiotics). Over time, your body will adjust to having these new additions and start to work more efficiently. Be patient. There is no time table. You may need to tweak the amounts, including the fiber and water intake. Experiment and do what feels right. Best wishes!
Avatar n tn Gulfcoast/Silermoon Thanks, I will check out the sites. I only drink soy milk, no regular milk. For a couple of years I ate cereal with water, no milk.
Avatar f tn It does sound like it could be a contact dermatitis. It could also be a food allergy, so if it does not resolve after stopping the new products, you might want to get tested for food allergies like gluten, milk, soy, nuts. The lotion that calms my skin down is made by Jergens. They change the names of things all the time, but currently the product is called Vaseline firming.
Avatar n tn As anything else - lip sticks of glosses give me little sores on my lips and cause them to puff up and get little scabs and peel contantly - i also get dry patches under my eyes and eye lids. When I visited a doctor they told me I may have an allergy to nail polish and an ingrediant in lip glosses/balms its also happens when I were nail polish. After removing it it usually clears up within a week.
Avatar n tn /day) AVOID SKIM MILK. Milk would be O.K. for hypoglycemics, but a harmful enzyme, Xanthine Oxidase, makes it a bad choice for all. Consider instead organic yogurt, from whole milk, NOT skim or low-fat. The harmful enzyme Xanthine Oxidase is de-activated when yogurt and cheeses are made. Avoid Artificial Sweeteners Artificial sweeteners have been a major American health disaster, especially aspartame, and should not even be considered as a substitute for sugar.
Avatar f tn It started after taking the 50,000 i.u and now I can't even tolerate a glass of milk. I have to completely avoid vit d, and foods that contain high amounts of it.
Avatar n tn I don't drink milk but eat about 1/4-1/3 c of yogurt or kefir daily. I haven't yet tried the charcoal. I too thought it might be a fructose intolerance until I realized that the gas was tied to my cycle. One thing I have noticed: sex helps! Only once was I worried about passing gas while being intimate; afterwards, however, I felt much better... something to keep in mind, dolls!
Avatar n tn , cheese actually made me flemmie and my nose run ( allergy), almonds made me feel feverish( allergy), Eating out, with high fat would give me cramps, gas, and sometimes the runs.. Step three.. I started cutting out processed, high fat foods, and realized I did best with an Alkaline diet.. I wouldn't say I follow it to a T, but it has made a huge difference. Step 4 I take acidophilus with meals, if I fall off the "healthy eating wagon" and experience gut pain..
Avatar f tn Because I don't have H. Pylori his opinion was that the kefir would not do me much good (kefir puts in good bacteria), but still, I think it's good. It is my personal opinion that kefir and aloe are great, I'm looking into getting mastic gum & possibly DGL Licorice too. Hope any of this helps.