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Avatar n tn One possible cause is a milk allergy. Have her avoid all dairy. She can have other types of milk, like soy, rice, hemp, or almond milk if she doesn't have known allergies to those things.
Avatar n tn All the beauty magazines tell you how to cover dark circles, but I'd never heard of anyone else with the opposite problem (until i did this search online). I asked a dermatologist about it, but he had no answers. I've had blood work done and am not anemic. I too am desperate to correct the underlying problem, but have lost hope finding out what it is.
Avatar f tn To answer the last post, my daughter has been on Nutramigen (hypoallergenic formula) since 3 months old. We never actually determined if she had a milk allergy, but we went on Nutramigen b/c she had HORRIBLE acid reflux, and we felt it was the easiest thing to digest. Our dr. wants her on it until she's a year old, and then we can try some milk products- but as of yet, she hasn't had any dairy at all.
Avatar n tn The child may have leaky gut syndrome. Dark circles are a sign of an allergy to something. It may not even be just dairy it could be gluten as well or who knows. Like the prevous post said the dairy needs to be eliminated (for a couple months) to see if there is a change. It cant just be a week or somthing, you will see nor difference in a short amount of time. A good alternative to milk is rice milk. If she is convinced of this than she needs to do somthing abou it.
Avatar n tn My sister's sons have an allergy to lactose, and she says they get dark circles under their eyes when they have been drinking (cow's) milk. Maybe the child has an allergic reaction to something. That is easy enough to test by eliminating things from his diet one at a time for a few days.
Avatar n tn The swollen lymph nodes can take months to go back to normal after an infection. The dark circles could be from tiredness, or from allergies. Milk allergy is one that can cause dark circles. Also a child who has allergies is more prone to ear infections. Crankiness can be from tiredness or from not feeling well. Does she have another ear infection, or a drippy nose? In short it can all be normal, but all of these things can signal problems.
Avatar m tn My chiropractor suggested it may be some food allergy, i was looking through a few more of my symptoms which are dark circles under eyes(maybe from lack of enough sleep but idk), itchy skin (my nose itches a lot), puffy eyes(every morning when i wake up my eyes are puffy), swollen glands(those one under my jaw always seem to be a little swollen), and ibs can all be from food allergy. hmmm maybe i need an allergy test.....
Avatar n tn Potatoes will reduce dark circles under the eyes and apples have pectin which aids in anti-oxidation. * Give your eyes a salt bath by soaking cotton pads in a saline solution or a solution of one teaspoon of salt in one pint of hot water. Place the pads on your puffy eyelids for a few minutes. * Taking over the counter diuretics can help reduce fluid retention, especially if you experience bloating before your period.
Avatar n tn He also gets severe leg pain, hives, dark circles under his eyes, bruises extremely easily and has pressure-sensitve skin (turns bright red from the lightest touch). In the past 8 months we have noticed that the above symptoms come in "bouts" they last 1-2 weeks and occur every 4-6 weeks. Most recently he has been complaining of finger pain (all 10 digits) and keeps his hands clenched in fists throughout the day.
Avatar n tn When my son drinks milk, he feels tired and develops dark circles under his eyes and a stopped up nose. He also complains of headache, stomach-ache, and pains in his legs." A short time later, I read an article in the Journal of Pediatrics and two articles in Pediatric Clinics of North America which provided me with additional information.
Avatar f tn She was exhausted when we got home yesterday. She has slept all day. She has dark circles under her eyes. Her hands do not turn colors under cold water......Only when dependant. Her lymphocytes were elevated. I am thinking about taking her to a children's hospital er. I fear that something is really wrong. My family doc didn't even bother to return my call when I called tonight. Am I over-reacting?????? Should I take her? I have waited for appt for vascular doc for over a week....
Avatar n tn She did take blood samples which appartently came back negative and said that he was not allergic to cows milk. My son is always very pale but i wouldnt say that he has dark circles under the eyes. What are the main charachteristics of autism? is your son Autistic?. Sorry dont mean to sound rude but to be honest dont really know a great deal about it.
Avatar n tn When my son drinks milk, he feels tired and develops dark circles under his eyes and a stopped up nose. He also complains of headache, stomach-ache, and pains in his legs." A short time later, I read an article in the Journal of Pediatrics and two articles in Pediatric Clinics of North America which provided me with additional information.
5989418 tn?1377923798 I'm still having digestive issues after 2 months on the diet and am still having trouble loosing weight. I also carry very dark circles/bags underneath my eyes which I had also summed up as a side effect of my issue. I will definitely pose the food allergy question to my GI when I see him with all my questions and see what he thinks about that. Thanks for the thought!
Avatar f tn We finally got her an appt. With a peds Dr. He said to be careful with the allergy because she had dark reddish circles under her eyes. That is all he told us. I'm at the point of wanting to throw my self off the roof. Last night was the worse of all attacks. She had 3 attacks for 30 mins each. My husband and I have everyone telling us what to do but no one helping at night. I want scream at the drs. And say give her a allegry test and I know how awful that test is.
Avatar f tn Jacob often has lines (or dark circles) under his eyes.. the pedi said that was a sign of allergies.. she told me to give him nasalcrom (over the counter) twice a day, but I haven't been doing it..
Avatar f tn He was a bit swollen and he had dark circles under both eyes. I have seen it before with him. We try never to keep him up late. He really needs his sleep. Anyone else get like that??
Avatar n tn basically causes leaky gut. Also might look into Celiacs Disease, which is basically an allergy to gluten. This allergy alot of times doesn't develop or at least doesn't show symptoms until adulthood. And it can create allergies or intollerances to other foods basically by leaky gut again. Either of these could be a possibility, but just something for you to look into.
Avatar n tn digging at genitals (yeast is itchy)... dark/pink circles under the eyes... eye wrinkles... bedwetting (reg. or occassional)... lots of signs-- my son has had all of these. We don't spank, because I know that it would only get him more wound up... we try to ignore a lot, but he can tell in my voice that I'm not happy, or frustrated. Just being in the presence of allergens sets him off. I am breastfeeding his younger sis, so just being near me (my milk) sets him off.
Avatar f tn this may help??? have you tried different cat foods? If its not IBS it could be just a food allergy to whatever he is eating. good luck, hope someone can give more advice.
Avatar n tn As anything else - lip sticks of glosses give me little sores on my lips and cause them to puff up and get little scabs and peel contantly - i also get dry patches under my eyes and eye lids. When I visited a doctor they told me I may have an allergy to nail polish and an ingrediant in lip glosses/balms its also happens when I were nail polish. After removing it it usually clears up within a week.
Avatar n tn Symptoms from ingesting monosodium glutamate agitated and explosive behavior agitated allergy-type symptoms angina anxiety attacks asthma attacks atrial fibrillation bags under the eyes balance difficulties behavioral disorders bloating blurred vision bone pain breast pain burning pain in muscles burning palms and soles of feet chest pain chills and shakes chronic bronchitis-like symptoms chronic fatigue (unexplained) dark circles under strained eyes dehydration depression
Avatar n tn j and chips. Recently he caught a cold and seems thinner and I noticed he has dark circles under his eyes. We are very concerned and think he might have an eating disorder or some physcological reason for not wanting to eat. I feel bad because I am always bugging him to eat his dinner. Now that I have read your comments, it seems like it is not uncommon, we will still go to the doctors, but, I think just having alot of what he likes to eat in the house is the best thing now.
Avatar f tn Later it spread to cover my entire legs as well as stomach and arms. I have small red circles on my cheeks but the rash does not extend over my nose. I am concerned that this may be Lupus. Anyone?
Avatar n tn I am 40 and noticed a drastic change around my eyes recently, not only lines but dark circles. I see my eye dr next week and hopefully I may have some type of answer. In the meantime any suggestions is appreciated!!!
Avatar n tn The hydrocrtisone did not work, instead peeled away a little skin. I continued wearing make up (mac) as my dark circles are very bad. I went to see an optician who thought it was bletharitis, but I don't think it was. And I had an allergy test (machine tested me on 3000 products). I was told that I was allergic to lanolin (sheep wool fat),dust, basil and squid. I was also told that my boots sensitive mascara did not agree with me. I am not aware of ever having used lanolin.
Avatar n tn I noticed that no one listed dark circles under their eyes..I knew at 6 months old that my son had the diease because of the dark mother actually has the white circles, and I do mean WHITE. I was also wondering if any or all experience the opposite effects with meds (need to take morning instead of night or vice versa)or caffiene (it actually makes me more tired)I am writing a research paper for school and would appreciate any info...***@****. almost every time I get blood drawn,i.
Avatar n tn Both provided some relief but I really didn't see the bumps go away until my vacation. I really think that most rashes/reactions are caused by an allergy of some sort, it's just the mystery of figuring that out that is so hard. If anyone else has a remedy theory for a similar situaion, I would love to try it!
Avatar n tn I mentioned it to my allergies few years ago, and she prescribed zyrtec (antihistamine). It helps all my allergies, including the water allergy. If I take the zyrtec every day, I do not itch and there are not red spots or hives. Zyrtec does make you quiet a bit tired, but you can take it before you go to bed.
Avatar n tn Of course if you search there are a multitude of other things it could be from things such as a food allergy (Gluten, etc) to Staph Infection (Staphylococcus Aureus) and these are to name but a few indeed.