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Avatar n tn Physical therapy and speech therapy ASAP.
Avatar m tn 1) Osteophytes C2-C7 2) Disc spaces are reduced in multiple levels (C3-C4 and C6-C7) 3) Cervical lordosis is lost. But suspecting a stroke we took him to an MD, he suggested a CT Scan. The CT Scan report is as follows: 1) Sylvian fissures , cortical sulci and basal cisterns are mildly prominent. 2) Supratentorial ventricles are mildly prominent. 3) Cerebellar folia are prominent on both sides. 4) Rest of the posterior fossa is normal with fourth ventrical in the midline.
Avatar m tn my father suffered a mild stroke at age 85 we beleive he was hit by the stroke between 5 am and 7am was in hospital by between 730 am and 8am .this is a healthy man who does have a arythmia problem and stopped his meds which was metropolol. in hospital he did a nuero exam came through with good results remembers all families first names and neices and girlfreinds all objects shown to him were correct .
1346447 tn?1327866172 She could not stand. After treatment for stroke she now stands on the leg.She is 70 years old. She had left carotid artery completely blocked for long time. This was never noticed. Now in additio we observed that her short term memory is getting deterioted.In the past twenty years slowly it is observed that her blood supply to brain was getting reduced. This process was stabilised .But now we find that memory loss is occuring.At present she is practically all the time in the bed lying.
Avatar n tn The can cause inadequate closure of the eye, drooping of the mouth and dribbling of saliva. Treatment depends on the severity. Some cases are mild and do not require treatment as the symptoms usually subside on their own within 2 weeks. For others, treatment may include medications and other therapeutic options. To find a cure she will need to consult her primary care physician for proper assessment. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn In 1998 I suffered a Pica stroke and was very fortunate as other than a little balance disorder I was left with no risidual problems. I also had TIA six months before my stroke. Now I have developed a toothache, a little headache on occasion and chirping in my right ear only. I just had a MRI which show my old injury as well a s a mild degree of periventricular small vessel white matter ischemic disease and a incidental right maxillary retention cyst which is small in size.
Avatar n tn my mother had a stroke 10 years ago and had a pacemaker put in as a result of low blood pressure.she recently had her pacemaker check-up(annually) and they put her on morphine(4 days) even though she is in no pain.
Avatar n tn She has had a series of hemorrhagic strokes that have weakened her physically and given her dementia. She seems to bounce nearly back to where she was then another mild stroke and another cycle of recovery. She was recently placed in a nursing home and after her first stroke there, the staff sent her to the hospital, again. 3 hospital doctors told me they agreed w me that we shouldn't send her back to the hospital because they had no treatment options left.
500374 tn?1210075013 As the brain absorbs the blood caused by the burst vessel, your mom will come back to herself. My husbands stroke was 10 months ago. One of his deficits was mild loss of short term memory. It comes and goes. Some times he would get confused about where he was at but all that is fine now. Just do memory games with your mom, buy memory game puzzles, do things that stimulate the brain. Get them brain cells connected again! Good luck to you and I hope your mom a speedy recovery!
Avatar n tn My husband, almost 60, was diagnosed 15+ years ago with RP, then 5 years ago with Glaucoma. Recently, he experienced a mild stroke, will virtually no loss of motor skills, speech or comprehension. But I noticed right away that his vision had changed substantially. Unfortunately, the medical community does not seem prepared to address the vision loss in any way at all. In fact, they seem to simply shrug it off -- he was already blind before the stroke, so that didn't cause it. Well DUH...
Avatar n tn Hi mum just suffered a mild stroke, which the dr caught it, it now been two and she still feel week, and feeling sick because of the medice, her appetite is not good she don’t want to eat she weak and restless- I don’t know what to do?
Avatar n tn I am confused, the neurologist I saw today said my MRI shows maybe MS or/and mild stroke? It reads nonspecific foci increased T2 signal in cerebral white matter. Differential considerations include demyelinating process, vasculitis or chronic microvascular ischemia. 2) Mild cortical atrophy? What is he telling me, I kept asking, but it is getting confusing.
Avatar f tn I had a mild stroke in March 2009. Is there a medication or treatment for migranes with stroke symtoms, numbness, speech slurring and dizziness for someone who had a stroke. I am having neck and back therapy to relieve tightness but that is about it. I am seeing a nearolgist and internist but so for no luck and the headaches won't go away. Cat scans do not reveal any new strokes. Headaches are getting worse and I am getting fatigued from having to fight the symtoms all day.
1452335 tn?1286278818 But stroke she is having recently. Stroke too is very mild. If some-body can high-light. My wife is having left caratid artery completely blocked. Since when can not be ascertained.
Avatar f tn If there is concern for depression, treatment of it can improve many symptoms. Seizures or abnormal EEGs after stroke is common. Treatment of the seizures (or severely abnormal EEG patterns) with antiepileptics such as lamictal should help improve some of your symptoms with the thinking. If the neuropsychological evaluation showed specific problems, cognitive rehabilitation to help you with those specific areas may benefit you.
Avatar n tn She is home and independent with good recovery from the stroke. She lives alone. Prior to stroke she was on estrogen for several decades. She is 85 years old. Is this from lingering neurological complications? Will this improve with time? Should she have a urinalysis on a regular basis when no pain is involved? THANK YOU!
Avatar n tn // It does have some repair techniques but they are mostly surgical. Your dad is in that critical time period. If he was on blood thinners, they would potentially transfuse him to remove the blood thinner from his body so he can clot properly. I'm not sure where any of this is at in terms of your dad and if the emergency period is over. What are the doctors saying in terms of prognosis?
Avatar n tn My mother had a stroke caused by a cardiac embolism at the end of October, and is hemipelegic on the left side. The doctors say that the stroke was located on the right side of her brain above the ear and just behind the temple in the middle of her head (approximately 2 inches above the right ear, in the center). For years, she suffered as schizoaffective, but it was relatively mild and did not need any other treatment that office visits to the psychologist.
Avatar n tn My mother, a healthy 61-year old, was admitted to ER after a mild stroke at her water aerobics class. Her condition deteriorated quickly in the ER as the stroke was hemmhoragic. It took hours to flush the Coumadin she had been taking for a thrombosis 2 years earlier.
Avatar m tn I had a mild stroke four months ago and worried that I wouldn't recover but , today I'm back at work doing fairly well and getting better every day. I want to sleep a lot still and do as much as I can. I'm trying to get lots of exercise with aerobics which seems to help with the fatigue a bit. stay positive, and try to keep'll get better!
Avatar f tn What is causing chronic, severe itching since my father's stroke? --ischemic stroke, right side brain, left side paralysis. My 80 yr old father had a stroke 4 months ago. About 1-1/2 months ago he started experiencing mild itching on his legs and has now become chronic all over his body. Most of his meds have rash and itching side effects. Aggrenox was just changed to Plavix, but the itching has not stopped. 325mg of aspirin is also a future consideration as a blood thinner.
Avatar f tn Hello, I am 32 years old and sufferred a small stroke on August 7. I am doing pretty well except for some numbness in my left hand and SEVERE headaches. Has anyone ever experienced severe headaches after having a stroke? I was put back in the hospital earlier this week because the pain was so bad, and nothing I was taking was having any effect on it. Even in the hospital, I was on an IV of dilaudid and that only helped minimally.
Avatar n tn Re Recovery Time, Thank you for posting this. My husband had a "mild" stroke on Dec 18, and we are still trying to figure out how to process all the changes that have occurred in our lives. We're not even sure what "mild" means for he had a stroke that left his entire left side affected (with little to no sensation), but his speech, mobility and brain functions seem relatively unimpaired.
Avatar n tn I am a 39y/o female and I just suffered my second stroke. Both were in the same area and affected the my right side. Most of the time I can not open my right eye completely, my right arm is extremely weak, and I drag my right leg when I walk(however I did just start using a cane to help). My neurologist thinks these are being brought on by migraines. I've never heard of this before---is this new research?
Avatar n tn I'm hoping someone can help me figure this out. I had a stroke and I'm trying to figure out when it occured. This is important to me because whatever I was feeling at that time, I didn't think it was an emergency and thought nothing of it. Based on the DWI and ADC Map is there anyway of telling how old the stroke was? This is what they report said: An noteworthy area of increased signal intensity in the left medial occipital lobe. There is no bleeding into the lesion on the gradient-echo study.
Avatar f tn My dad has recently (within the last week) had a mild stroke. He is only 48 and reasonably healthy so it came has a huge shock. The stroke was a clot to the left side of his brain. His memory has not been affected and his doctors are very impressed with the progress of his recovery in the short time since the stroke. They believe after all of his rehabilitation he should be back to 100% independance. The outlook is good in that respect even though at the moment its all still very saddening.
744637 tn?1250806622 I have had several CM's and also a mild stroke. I always go to the ER and they run the tests, CT, MRI/MRA, Carotid Doppler, EKG, blood work, on and on. The first time it happened was the real deal, it indeed showed a small stroke and I was glad I went, my L. arm was numb and then I tried to talk and could not, it was like my tongue was swollen. I had a minimal amt. of headache on the R. side, which made sense, it was my L. arm that was affected.
Avatar n tn I have a 4 year daughter that has suffered a stroke and has left hemiparesis and epilepsy. She also has mild dysphagia. I have a exp working with stroke and TBI pts and have had training in a number of therapies. IMO, the absoulte best and most effective treatment out there for stroke pts is constraint induced movement therapy. I have been doing this with my daughter and she is making tremendous strides. CI is also used for aphasia and would think it may be possible to apply it to dysphagia.