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Avatar n tn Physical therapy and speech therapy ASAP.
Avatar n tn my father had a mild stroke last dec.12,2007, how many months he would take to live a normal life? mild stroke can cure? and it will return to a normallife?
Avatar n tn if she had transient symptoms, she may have had a TIA or transient ischemic attack. this is a warning sign of stroke and needs to be treated as such. she should see a neurologist or a primary doctor as soon as possible and look for the cause. she may need a brain CT or MRI, a heart echo, blood work and dopplers. She should do it as soon as possible.
Avatar f tn My son who is 45 just had a mild stroke, 4days ago, now he can't talk properly, he knows what he wants to say, but the words won't come out!,& he can't write, nothing wrong with his hand, otherwise hes ok,he has headache but the doc told hm, with the medication he only had his right hand tingles & his mouth,, 2years ago he had meningites, he came out ok, nothing damage, Do you think it got something to do with the meningites he had???
Avatar n tn After 1 week in a hospital, 2 weeks as in-patient in an high intensity stroke rehab hospital followed by 8 weeks of out-patient therapy I am doing great physically. Left arm is 99% back - only minor tingle in finger tips when arm is very tired. Left leg is very good, balance is 95%, stamina needs a little more work, walk 1/3 of a mile twice a day. Physically I am very pleased with progress todate and it keeps improving. I do 1 hour of therapy exercises at home each day.
Avatar m tn my father suffered a mild stroke at age 85 we beleive he was hit by the stroke between 5 am and 7am was in hospital by between 730 am and 8am .this is a healthy man who does have a arythmia problem and stopped his meds which was metropolol. in hospital he did a nuero exam came through with good results remembers all families first names and neices and girlfreinds all objects shown to him were correct .
Avatar m tn Witnesses have described "Shak Stroke therapy" as a miracle therapy, In the majority of cases has given full mobility to Stroke survivor Victims, sometimes within minutes even after they have been imobilised for years. Go to You Tube and type in Shak Stroke Therapy and see the speed some people have recovered. in many cases the following has occurred... Limbs have gained full mobility in minutes. speech has vastly improved in minutes. balance back in minutes.
Avatar f tn I am a 42 yr old female. I had a mild stroke on Jan 10, 2013 I have had severe dizzines and balance problems since the stroke happend I wanted to know if anyone has had these syptoms after a stroke and if so how long do they last mine has been going on since I had my stroke. I am so scared that I will not go back to normal.
Avatar n tn my dad has what seems like a mild stroke, his right side is affected and memory, bp was 200 yest he had a mild one 5 years ago, he smokes rediculous amounts and drinks most nights, what is the outlook, the doc has given him some meds and wants to see him in 2 days, he hasnt been admitted, is this a good sign?
Avatar n tn My dad is 76 years old and had a mild stroke 2 days after his mother passed away. The morning of the stroke he woke up and took his high bp medicine and an aspirin. He felt a little numb on his right side and also had problems holding a cup with his right hand. He wanted to lie down but my mom told him to get dressed and took him to the ER. In the ER the only thing that was done was a mri that showed an area of dried blood on the brain.
Avatar n tn My mom is 58 she suffered a heart attck & she had water filled in her lungs so she was put on a ventilator with 4 1\2 days of complete sedation. then they wanted to wein her of the vent so they stopped sedation but today more then 60hrs are over but she is still semi consious so they did a CT scan & it showed as a mild stroke.
Avatar n tn mri was clear but was told with mild strokes it wont always appear on scan??? Was advised to do test to see if enough oxygen is getting to brain. speach is slurred and left side of face is pulling? What should i do?
Avatar n tn is it mild stroke can cure? it well return to a normal life again? motor skills can return?
Avatar n tn you should go to a neurologist or a primary doctor to have this evaluated. you may have been dehydrated (and your blood pressure was too low for you). why have you lost so much weight? are you exercising too much or on a special restrictive diet? do you get enough sleep? there is a good chance that this was a mild faint spell rather than a mini-stroke but you won't know until you have a full evaluation.
Avatar n tn HYPERBARIC OXYGEN THERAPY...according to research, they say it has helped alot of stroke patients....Are you aware of this thearpy and do you recommend it for stroke patients...I really would like your opinion on this. Thank you!!
Avatar f tn I have been doing physical therapy and occupational therapy before I got out of the hospital in March 2010 and continued afterwards. I have also been doing strength training at the gym 3 to 4 days a week as well. The general concensus was that the stroke was brought on by my battle with terminal breast cancer for 2 years. I was declared cancer-free two weeks before the stroke occurred. I'm beginning to wonder if I can recover from this disasterous event and get my life back.
Avatar f tn Hi, therapeutic options for prevention of recurrent stroke in patients with atrial septal aneurysm are medical therapy with antiplatelet agents or anticoagulants, and surgical or percutaneous closure of the defect. Therapy is usually initiated with medications and if indicated may progress to surgical correction, which is done only for a few cases. If there is recurrent stroke or intolerance to medical therapy, percutaneous closure is carried out. Regards.
Avatar f tn I had a mild stroke in March 2009. Is there a medication or treatment for migranes with stroke symtoms, numbness, speech slurring and dizziness for someone who had a stroke. I am having neck and back therapy to relieve tightness but that is about it. I am seeing a nearolgist and internist but so for no luck and the headaches won't go away. Cat scans do not reveal any new strokes. Headaches are getting worse and I am getting fatigued from having to fight the symtoms all day.
Avatar f tn i Have mild atrophy of vermis , and small vessel disease with hypertention and diabetes. I have been have stroke like symptoms for over a couple of months with slurred speech, eye pain, cheek pain and weakneess all on right side.. have had mri/mra ,ct andeeg all not showing stroke... just had spinal tap and waiting for results... Wondering if clear what i should do next.? should i make apt with cleavland clinic and what tests would they do to diagnosis me?
Avatar n tn it left me with a gait on the left foot,can I recover completely, and what are the medications for it, I alread had a mri, and was dignosed as mild ,micro vascular ischemic attack I will see the neourologist this thurs. thatnk Art.
Avatar f tn Hi I am 47yrs had a mild stroke 1yr ago and have been on hbp meds and a low to no salt plus I only eat raw veggies drink water mostly exrcse every living day for the last year I lost a lot of weight and feel weak most of the time my doctors recomendation now 1 year later I'm getting worse okay wen I got the stroke something happened between the back right of my neck near my ear and my shoulder I felt like something go loose the US test results hasn't coming yet also when I'm asslee
Avatar m tn Planning to let them know to move your post to the right forum so hopefully you will get more input, but did you go to the ER for your mild stroke? You need to be on the right medicine to try to prevent a worse stroke from happening! I have a parent who had a TIA and is taking plavix. Is your LDL cholesterol or triglyceride levels high?
Avatar f tn I understand each stroke and stroke patient is different, but what could we expect in relation to time of recovery and how much recovery should we realistically expect? Any advice or experiences shared would be appreciated.