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Avatar n tn if she had transient symptoms, she may have had a TIA or transient ischemic attack. this is a warning sign of stroke and needs to be treated as such. she should see a neurologist or a primary doctor as soon as possible and look for the cause. she may need a brain CT or MRI, a heart echo, blood work and dopplers. She should do it as soon as possible.
Avatar n tn My mom is 58 she suffered a heart attck & she had water filled in her lungs so she was put on a ventilator with 4 1\2 days of complete sedation. then they wanted to wein her of the vent so they stopped sedation but today more then 60hrs are over but she is still semi consious so they did a CT scan & it showed as a mild stroke.
Avatar n tn mri was clear but was told with mild strokes it wont always appear on scan??? Was advised to do test to see if enough oxygen is getting to brain. speach is slurred and left side of face is pulling? What should i do?
Avatar n tn is it mild stroke can cure? it well return to a normal life again? motor skills can return?
Avatar n tn my father had a mild stroke last dec.12,2007, how many months he would take to live a normal life? mild stroke can cure? and it will return to a normallife?
Avatar n tn you should go to a neurologist or a primary doctor to have this evaluated. you may have been dehydrated (and your blood pressure was too low for you). why have you lost so much weight? are you exercising too much or on a special restrictive diet? do you get enough sleep? there is a good chance that this was a mild faint spell rather than a mini-stroke but you won't know until you have a full evaluation.
Avatar n tn Physical therapy and speech therapy ASAP.
Avatar f tn My son who is 45 just had a mild stroke, 4days ago, now he can't talk properly, he knows what he wants to say, but the words won't come out!,& he can't write, nothing wrong with his hand, otherwise hes ok,he has headache but the doc told hm, with the medication he only had his right hand tingles & his mouth,, 2years ago he had meningites, he came out ok, nothing damage, Do you think it got something to do with the meningites he had???
Avatar f tn Hi I am 47yrs had a mild stroke 1yr ago and have been on hbp meds and a low to no salt plus I only eat raw veggies drink water mostly exrcse every living day for the last year I lost a lot of weight and feel weak most of the time my doctors recomendation now 1 year later I'm getting worse okay wen I got the stroke something happened between the back right of my neck near my ear and my shoulder I felt like something go loose the US test results hasn't coming yet also when I'm asslee
Avatar f tn what happens with significant MVR some blood fails to pumped into circulation with each stroke. To maintain adequate blood flow with a decrease in stroke volume is to increase the heart rate. The math for cardiac output is stroke volume times heart rate for one minute. Frankly, I don't believe you have significant MVR because you should also have the symptoms of shortness of breath with exertion and muscle fatigue.
Avatar n tn My husband had a mri done on his brian, so see if he had a stroke. It came back negetive. the doctor stated that the mri does not show everything. they told him he had a stroke becuase he had the systems. Trouble speaking, weakness in the legs. Could it be true that the mri didn't show everything?
Avatar n tn However, when she woke up on Monday and had no use of it, and her leg started feeling very heavy she went to the hospital. They said she had a mild stroke. She had no other symptoms and the recovery was amazing. They were all amazed. By Monday night she could lift her arm over her head, although it still felt very heavy and her fingers wouldn't do exactly what she wanted them to do. Her leg was completely better. It felt as though nothing had ever happened.
Avatar n tn After an Ecocardiogram the result was mild tricuspid regurgitation and Physiological pulmonic regurgitation. Is this dangerous? or life threathening? or can it cause stroke? I would like more information on the matter.
Avatar n tn I am 76 years old and two years ago I was treated for having a stroke. The funny thing is, no one outright said it was a stroke. After reading an article in the local newspaper, I'm wondering if ingredients in the Nyquil cough syrup lead me to have stroke-like systems. I'm still suffering, but I'm not convinced it was a stroke. I need direction on where to go from here since I strongly suspect that that these four ingredients were/are a culprit of my state of being.
Avatar n tn think about the question below, Are you scared or do worry about the rad accidents, plane crash the same way you worry abt having a stroke
Avatar n tn Do I understand correctly that the Biomove stroke rehabilitation device sells for less then a quarter of the Neuromove device while both systems are similar?
Avatar n tn She would require intensive physical therapy and conscious attempt to activity. The rest of the stroke patients suffer some permanent disability. there is a scoring systems to predict the severity and outcome of the stroke by scoring 11 factors including the level of consciousness, visual fields, inability to articulate etc. You need to discuss her current health condition with her intensivist. Hope this helps and take care.
Avatar f tn How can I regain brain and memory capacity after a mild stroke. Are there any med out that will help This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/1236702'>Recovering from fatigue followint a mild stroke</a>.
Avatar n tn Now since last 10 days, occassionally I am feeling mild distortion while reading (especially before laptop). The level of distortion is same in both eyes. What can be the reason for this? If it is any macula problem, couldn't retina specialist detect when I visited him 3 weeks back? So I am thinking it is related to other problems such as some nerves etc? How I can proceed further Your inputs are highly appreciated.
Avatar f tn Can someone tell me if these are systems of a minor stroke or not. There has been alot of stress with the home and I don't know what to do. Can somebody please help me. I just turned 37. Isn't that a little young for a stroke? Thank you for your time.
Avatar f tn hi, my grandmother just had a mild a stroke, she is 75 years old and had a bypass operation about 15 to18 years ago. her condition worsens every single day, like first she only has weakness of her left arm muscles, but now, just after 2 weeks she cannot stand already, and have been complaining pains in different parts of the body....what i know about mild stroke is that it has a very good prognosis, then why is it that with the case of my grandmother, it seems to be progressing?