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Avatar n tn If there are neurological symptoms persisting for more than 24 hours, it is classified as a cerebrovascular accident, or stroke. You have to be alert and followup your doctor regularly,take youe medicines control your cholesterol and blood pressure levels, as weakness of your muscles may precipitate a stoke.
Avatar m tn Hello, I'm wondering if my symptoms are indicative of a mild stroke. I've had this same thing happen a couple of times over the last decade, with varying severity, the most recent incident being two weeks ago. I went to sleep with a headache and woke up extremely dizzy, hoping a couple more hours of sleep would make it go away, which it did not. A headache persisted for the next two days and after it was finally gone the mild dizziness and general weakness has persisted ever since.
Avatar f tn what happens with significant MVR some blood fails to pumped into circulation with each stroke. To maintain adequate blood flow with a decrease in stroke volume is to increase the heart rate. The math for cardiac output is stroke volume times heart rate for one minute. Frankly, I don't believe you have significant MVR because you should also have the symptoms of shortness of breath with exertion and muscle fatigue.
Avatar n tn s important that you know the possible symptoms of a stroke after her having one 2 years ago. Those having had an eschemic stroke have a 25% chance of having another one within the next 5 years. The longer you wait, the more risk you put your mother in. If she did have a stroke then she may need something like coumadin and also possibly other treatments.
Avatar f tn My son who is 45 just had a mild stroke, 4days ago, now he can't talk properly, he knows what he wants to say, but the words won't come out!,& he can't write, nothing wrong with his hand, otherwise hes ok,he has headache but the doc told hm, with the medication he only had his right hand tingles & his mouth,, 2years ago he had meningites, he came out ok, nothing damage, Do you think it got something to do with the meningites he had???
Avatar m tn Aspirin is recommended when there is a risk for blood clots. You have listed mild valve leakage, and that would not be a risk for blood clots. There is a risk for clots when there are heart rhythm disorders, for instance, very fast contractions of heart wallsthat don't progress the blood flow normally and the blood could pool and clot.
Avatar m tn my father suffered a mild stroke at age 85 we beleive he was hit by the stroke between 5 am and 7am was in hospital by between 730 am and 8am .this is a healthy man who does have a arythmia problem and stopped his meds which was metropolol. in hospital he did a nuero exam came through with good results remembers all families first names and neices and girlfreinds all objects shown to him were correct .
Avatar f tn I have 2 babies , I had Stoke symptoms with both but my last one was worse . I'm pregnant now , only like 4 weeks , and I'm already getting stroke symptoms. I'm not for an abortion but if it means loosing my life will my doctor let me terminate , I can be on birth control because I get the same symptoms. My left side goes numb an I can see out of my eye an I get a migraine like no other .
Avatar f tn My mother-in-law had her gallbladder removed about 1 month ago. She is experiencing severe migraines, along with severe nausea, and the left side of her face has become numb, and droopy. The first thing we thought was a mild stroke, she was admitted into the hospital, after MRI'S, Cat-scans, countless bloodwork, and ultrasounds, stroke was ruled out. Now, her dx is vascular migraines.
Avatar f tn htm Alcohol can also interfere with the function of blood pressure medication. Elevated blood pressure is a primary risk factor in inducing stroke.
Avatar f tn An enlarged LA puts you at higher risk for stroke as not all the blood gets out with each beat and the pooled blood may form a clot that causes a stroke, but this risk is easily modified with aspirin or blood thinners if severe. Again, nothing serious here, just relax and wait for your appointment. Make the cardiologist go over your report item by item and give you the answers to you questions, he owes you that. Good luck!
Avatar m tn Is there an increased risk of getting a stroke for patients who suffered asphyxiation at birth (which was severe enough to cause mild Cerebral Palsy)?
Avatar m tn Hi, I am a 31-year-old female who recently had an ECHO done with saline. Results showed an Inter Atrial Septal Aneurysm (ASA) with PFO and right to left shunting during cough and the valsalva maneuver. My doctor felt I should take a low-dose aspirin but otherwise should not be concerned. I am seeing a second opinion soon. I'm still concerned as it puts me at higher risk for stroke. My mother, as the age of 43, had a stroke of unknown cause that caused many issues.
Avatar m tn I looked up about installing a stent in the carotid artery to open up my nearly completely closed carotid artery. It said that there is risk of having a stroke either during the surgical procedure or within 30 days. I don't recall what the other risks were, but I think I remember a small risk of death as well. Also the literature said that following the surgery, the artery often closes up again.
Avatar m tn Though they are of no immediate threat, all these causes, and the presence of ischemic changes can be a risk factor for future stroke. Hence, prevention methods should include a healthy lifestyle, and a combination of diet, exercise, and medicines. You should also aim to improve your memory through memory games and especially designed exercises. For this you will need to consult a neuro-psychiatrist.
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Avatar f tn ,she had an right occipital parietal stroke 5 months ago.she was leftwith some visual disturbance and mild left sided weaknes.The first catscan done in the ER showed no changes and an eeg showed mild slowing on left side.Four days later she finally had a mri the MD states it showed ischemic dementia.Can you give me any answers why my mom had mild memory loss one minute and 15 minutes later shes totally confused and on the way to the hospital.
Avatar n tn Blood stagnation inside the atrium, blood clot formation inside the atrium and the risk of this blood clot breaking and causing a stroke if it travels to the brain. 2. Heart rhythm becoming irregular. Trivial regurgitation is not considered serious and should not present a medical problem. Not an uncommon condition.
Avatar f tn But if there is a co-existent risk factor for stroke, such as hypertension, small vessel disease, thrombotic arteries or a risk of embolism from somewhere else, the surgery may act as a stress and may bring on the stroke.
Avatar m tn I do have a panic disorder so ive been told , most of my symptoms were cardiac related such as pain in my left shoulder and chest , numbness in my left arm and throat ,and flutters of heart and lungs, after having these symptoms for 3 months they have all subsided alot and im almost normal again , but lately ive had this small dull headache that goes away and comes back throughout each day its been almost a steady week with this , its getting annoying , i told my doc and they took blood , im wai
Avatar n tn I recently had a mild stroke in the left hemisphere of my brain. About two weeks later I started having a problem with my left arm and hand falling asleep. At first this was just an annoyance however, the tingling sensation has been happening more often and with more intensity. Could this problem be caused by the stroke? Will it eventually go away? Can I do anything to help eliminate this problem? Could someone explain why this is happening?
2190999 tn?1504988891 Last year I was diagnosed with migraines after having stroke symptoms for several weeks in March and again in June. I take a baby apirin a day per my neurologist, Im 42, smoke ocassionally, and have just started taking an oral contraceptive again. Should I stop the oral contraceptive? And if I don't, do I risk experiencing more stroke symptoms? Are these migraine-strokes benign, and do I run the risk of having permanent symptoms?
Avatar m tn Were you drinking, eating or doing some activity that you normally do not do? Any medical history? Taking any medications? It is difficult to say what exactly you experienced; you should have went to the ER that night. Lastly, I would follow up with your PCP/Family Physician and request an MRI of your brain/head WITH contrast asap.