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Avatar n tn Now, there are OTHER psych medications that withdrawing from can, for example, bring on a seizure. I hope the hospital scanned his head to see if he did indeed have a stroke, and if they have not, by golly they need to! Also, I am wondering if he was in some kind of accident before this happened to him, like even while working on the car, he may have wrenched his back.
Avatar n tn However, when she woke up on Monday and had no use of it, and her leg started feeling very heavy she went to the hospital. They said she had a mild stroke. She had no other symptoms and the recovery was amazing. They were all amazed. By Monday night she could lift her arm over her head, although it still felt very heavy and her fingers wouldn't do exactly what she wanted them to do. Her leg was completely better. It felt as though nothing had ever happened.
Avatar f tn She is experiencing severe migraines, along with severe nausea, and the left side of her face has become numb, and droopy. The first thing we thought was a mild stroke, she was admitted into the hospital, after MRI'S, Cat-scans, countless bloodwork, and ultrasounds, stroke was ruled out. Now, her dx is vascular migraines. I am curious after reading alot of posts about similar problems after gallbladder surgery, if anyone has has similar problems. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn I told him how those I love were effected so much worse than he and I questioned if it may have been a mild stroke. He became defensive. He repeated what he had been saying about how his "left lower lobe was now 1/2 dead - like a gun shot". How his "upper lobe and lemming over the spinal tract was also effected". He then told me that the symptoms of my loved applied to him and that he was completely paralyzed one the left side and that he was still unable to swallow or .
Avatar n tn The neurologist thinks these headaches are migraines and not related to the stroke, but he also says that the headache symptoms she describes are not typical in migraines. Could her headaches and cerebellum stroke be related also? I'm concerned that the doctor is being too quick to assume the stroke occured before birth when he also says that an MRI can NOT show the age of a stroke.
Avatar n tn sounds ARS is reliable, but different people might very different feeling during the scikness, someone serious sick , someone mild. if not, why experts published ARS symptoms on line and why studied them.
Avatar f tn But, even if you do have diagnosed migraine with stroke-like symptoms, if you ever show any NEW stroke symptoms then it is still important to seek immediate medical attention regardless of previous diagnosis, just like the last note on whisperwolf's list says.
Avatar n tn If she persists with problems then she needs a urodynamic evaluation to obtain a better understanding of her symptoms/bladder function. Her symptoms may all be related to residual changes from her stroke, however. A small amount of vaginal estrogen cream may well help her symptoms, but do the urologic evaluation first. A urologist should be consulted.. S.A.Liroff, M.D, .This information is provided for general medical educational purposes only.
1452335 tn?1286278818 But stroke she is having recently. Stroke too is very mild. If some-body can high-light. My wife is having left caratid artery completely blocked. Since when can not be ascertained.
Avatar n tn new dry basal ganglia stroke in a very healthy 48 year old male. He has minimal symptoms, eg. facial droop with slight slurred speech, some slight difficulty writing and some slight difficulty finding the appropriate word at times. He complains of a foggy head - not thinking as clearly as before. A lot of fatigue but that has gotten much better with time. It has been 5 days since the onset. What are the chances of these symptoms resolving over time?
Avatar f tn On Aug. 9, '07 as we were going out for dinner my left arm became tingly and numb, thinking it to be strange, I just looked at it for a minute and thought I should sit down, I didn't feel well, in trying to tell my husband to "call 911, something was not right"...I found that I could not speak. My husband said I was trying to talk but nothing was moving, all he could tell was I was making noise.
Avatar n tn I believe that what you experienced was related to the panic attack, rather than stroke. Panic awakens your most intense sense of fear, which can lead to many unusual symptoms for those going through them. Your fear that you could have had a stroke goes right along with that thinking, as it would be "the worst thing that could happen" in that time.
Avatar n tn for appointment times because that is physican related. Your symptoms might be from your stroke, and certainly the symptoms point in that direction. As far as resolution of the symptoms, that depends on the extent of the stroke and rehab.
744637 tn?1250806622 Hi, It is difficult to differentiate complicated migraine from stroke. The symptoms of stroke develop very rapidly while the symptoms of complicated migraine develop insidiously. MRI and CT scan in patients of stroke shows the characteristic small vessel ischemic changes. The best treatment for migraine is recognition and avoidance of trigger. Medications like NSAIDS are used to abort acute attacks of migraine. Other medications include butalbital, isometheptene and botox.
Avatar n tn that he saw last week saw how these symptoms come on. He took a shower while in the hospital and 30 minutes later couldn't walk or speak. He said Yes you have a medical problem but I don't know what it is.He said we will do a blood flow to the brain test but never did it.Also he wanted to check for tumors or swellings behind Dad's eyes and never did it. Does anyone out there have similar problems or an idea of what it is so we can check into it?
Avatar m tn I have but, I have to wait.. until next friday. I had another mild attack after I got home and had to lie down for a couple hours before feeling well enough to get up.. Then all day today I felt lethargic and the tingling and slight pressure to the left of my face was present for most of the day... A few months back I injured my back at work, and I have had lingering pain as well as tingling and numbness in my legs that has persisted.. gets worse during work hours...
Avatar n tn After 1 week in a hospital, 2 weeks as in-patient in an high intensity stroke rehab hospital followed by 8 weeks of out-patient therapy I am doing great physically. Left arm is 99% back - only minor tingle in finger tips when arm is very tired. Left leg is very good, balance is 95%, stamina needs a little more work, walk 1/3 of a mile twice a day. Physically I am very pleased with progress todate and it keeps improving. I do 1 hour of therapy exercises at home each day.
1133274 tn?1260365528 What could possibly happen to someone who just had a mild stroke with a little blood clotting on the right side of the brain? I´m a mother of two, seperated for a couple of years now. I just suffered from a mild stroke last week. I undergone all the test right after i reached the ER. I had CT scanning.... but they sent me to MR scanning because they can´t really see if i had a blood clotting. I regained the feeling on my left side after 5 hours in the hospital...
Avatar n tn Or does anyone have a clue as to what it could possibly be if it is not a stroke? In the past 10 years at least 4 doctors have said that it was a stroke - classic stoke symptoms - but not all of them read the MRIs. (The first MRI 10 years ago was read as "inconclusive" if I remember correctly. But to see me was to know that I had had a stroke.
Avatar n tn 2nd episode came back as if it never left and now has a baseline, with times that it's worse. Why? If it's a stroke why do symptoms come and go? Or is it from seizure activity (if so, why hasn't it stopped)? Is MS really a possibility? (I am having a TEE to see if my heart could've caused a stroke, since that is what some of the drs. have suggested. I have MRI's on avg. every 6 months). Thank you for your time.
Avatar n tn Not sure of your current situation as your post was a year ago but my dad too had a sudden decline while in the hospital after a thalamic stroke (we didn't know what it was when we first took him in). Drs didn't really do any further testing and it's only been through questioning, pushing, arguing, advocating by the family that he is getting the care he needs. We are now 3 years post stroke and he's been called the "miracle man" when we've been back to the local hospital.
Avatar m tn When did your dad have the stroke and what kind of stroke? Sounds like he's doing what my husband did while in the hospital...pulling his clothes off and exposing himself.
Avatar f tn An mr i had about 5 years ago suggested possible evidence of an old stroke. my new neuro has mentioned a slight bit of concern about it, but thought an old stroke at my age was unlikely. this was before i found out about my birth issues. My mom mentioned numerous times that they thought I had cp when i was younger, but she has a wild imagination and I dont know how much of that story is true at this time.
Avatar f tn I don't think the medical community really knows the full implications of this 'mild' imbalance. I'm not sure they understand all of the symptoms and consequent impacts on quality of life for those living with it...they are relying on hard and fast numbers or certain symptoms as a mandatory threshold for action. MD Anderson Houston, where I've gone for treatment, has said they are in an ongoing debate and discussion about how to deal with those of us who fall into the 'mild' category.
Avatar n tn I'm a 76 year old lady who recently spent a week in the hospital because of episodes of TIA. After a MRI a CT scan, EEG, and ECG, they told me I had a mild stroke. While in the hospital they put me in heparin drip to thin my blood to start with, then they put me on plavix. I have episodes of bad sharp pain around my left temple coming down sometimes to may face, and from time to time especially after i take my BP meds with the plavix I get nauseated and light headed.
Avatar n tn my best friends mom was admitted to hospital 5 days ago for a stroke. she was found lying on the floor and the doctors said that the right half of her body was paralyzed. Today, the doctors said that the MRI scans weren't able to detect the blood clots in the brain and there was nothing else they could do, and that the right side of her bodys paralysis was irreversible. they have taken 2 MRI scans. we even called a doctor close to our family to take a look at her and his diagnosis was the same.
313462 tn?1238126640 It is difficult to tell without a complete clinical evaluation because these symptoms could be due to panic attack, heart disease or a mild stroke like TIA. I would urge you to get a clinical evaluation done. In the meantime do some deep breathing exercises to keep anxiety and stress and under control.
Avatar n tn * A sudden, severe headache that is different from past headaches. Symptoms can vary depending on whether the stroke is caused by a blood clot (ischemic stroke) or bleeding (hemorrhagic stroke), where the stroke occurs in the brain, and how bad it is. A stroke usually happens suddenly but may occur over hours. For example, you may have mild weakness at first. Over time, you may not be able to move the arm and leg on one side of your body.