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Avatar f tn If there is concern for depression, treatment of it can improve many symptoms. Seizures or abnormal EEGs after stroke is common. Treatment of the seizures (or severely abnormal EEG patterns) with antiepileptics such as lamictal should help improve some of your symptoms with the thinking. If the neuropsychological evaluation showed specific problems, cognitive rehabilitation to help you with those specific areas may benefit you.
Avatar n tn The can cause inadequate closure of the eye, drooping of the mouth and dribbling of saliva. Treatment depends on the severity. Some cases are mild and do not require treatment as the symptoms usually subside on their own within 2 weeks. For others, treatment may include medications and other therapeutic options. To find a cure she will need to consult her primary care physician for proper assessment. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn Due to the relationship between the migrain and onset of your stroke symptoms, you may not have to look for any other causes. If I remember right the BAM induced stroke is ischemic. There is info on the internet on this. I'm very sorry to hear about your baby.
500374 tn?1210075013 I had what is believed a TIA in 2004 that left me with 80% short term memory loss and the other symptoms you mentioned. A couple of eye clots in 2005-6 also. The memory loss has improved some since 2004 with the Aricept medication and cognitive therapy, I can now add and do some subtraction. However, the multi-tasking has been getting worse with time. I have been having more mini-strokes lately so that may account for the symptoms getting worse and more loss of eyesight.
Avatar n tn My husband, almost 60, was diagnosed 15+ years ago with RP, then 5 years ago with Glaucoma. Recently, he experienced a mild stroke, will virtually no loss of motor skills, speech or comprehension. But I noticed right away that his vision had changed substantially. Unfortunately, the medical community does not seem prepared to address the vision loss in any way at all. In fact, they seem to simply shrug it off -- he was already blind before the stroke, so that didn't cause it. Well DUH...
Avatar n tn The neurologist thinks these headaches are migraines and not related to the stroke, but he also says that the headache symptoms she describes are not typical in migraines. Could her headaches and cerebellum stroke be related also? I'm concerned that the doctor is being too quick to assume the stroke occured before birth when he also says that an MRI can NOT show the age of a stroke.
Avatar n tn The rest of the time I notice he seems better when he does mild exercise like walking, ususally 2 miles per session. Staying busy and not changing position too rapidly. He had a real bad time about a week ago after sitting at the computer for a while and then he turned in the computer chair (swiveled) to get up and come in the other room. The swiveling deemed to set it off, so now he just gets up and pushes the chair back and does not swivel to rise.
Avatar n tn Her symptoms may be related to a urinary tract infect only and she needs to obtain a urine sample for urinalysis and culture. If her symptoms resolve with treatment of a urinary tract infection and she is not keeping too much in her bladder following urination, then further evaluation is not needed, just observation. If she persists with problems then she needs a urodynamic evaluation to obtain a better understanding of her symptoms/bladder function.
1896811 tn?1323981959 I'm really starting to doubt what my neuro seems pretty sure of. I read some of your stories and the trials of even trying to get a Dx and it breaks my heart...especially when some have such noted symptoms. I on the other hand didn't start this journey with symptoms (at least that I recognized at the time) but rather with an MRI looking for something else. Yes I have many lesions on the brain and nearly every other possible explanation has been ruled out through testing.
1452335 tn?1286278818 But stroke she is having recently. Stroke too is very mild. If some-body can high-light. My wife is having left caratid artery completely blocked. Since when can not be ascertained.
Avatar f tn The next day I started to have mild left sided facial weakness. I waited one more day and I went to the ER and they told me I had a mild case of bells palsy and they put me on oral steroids and an anti-viral/ Then I spoke to my friend who told me that you do not get double vision with bells palsey. so I made an appointment with a neuro who ordered an MRI. It came back. Numerous greater than 20 white matter lesions in the brain, including the corpus callosum.
744637 tn?1250806622 Hi, It is difficult to differentiate complicated migraine from stroke. The symptoms of stroke develop very rapidly while the symptoms of complicated migraine develop insidiously. MRI and CT scan in patients of stroke shows the characteristic small vessel ischemic changes. The best treatment for migraine is recognition and avoidance of trigger. Medications like NSAIDS are used to abort acute attacks of migraine. Other medications include butalbital, isometheptene and botox.
Avatar f tn My dad has recently (within the last week) had a mild stroke. He is only 48 and reasonably healthy so it came has a huge shock. The stroke was a clot to the left side of his brain. His memory has not been affected and his doctors are very impressed with the progress of his recovery in the short time since the stroke. They believe after all of his rehabilitation he should be back to 100% independance. The outlook is good in that respect even though at the moment its all still very saddening.
Avatar n tn I'm hoping someone can help me figure this out. I had a stroke and I'm trying to figure out when it occured. This is important to me because whatever I was feeling at that time, I didn't think it was an emergency and thought nothing of it. Based on the DWI and ADC Map is there anyway of telling how old the stroke was? This is what they report said: An noteworthy area of increased signal intensity in the left medial occipital lobe. There is no bleeding into the lesion on the gradient-echo study.
Avatar n tn I am a 39y/o female and I just suffered my second stroke. Both were in the same area and affected the my right side. Most of the time I can not open my right eye completely, my right arm is extremely weak, and I drag my right leg when I walk(however I did just start using a cane to help). My neurologist thinks these are being brought on by migraines. I've never heard of this before---is this new research?
Avatar n tn My mother had a stroke just before turning 62 in June and is experiencing the same symptoms as Julika's mother. The dizziness and nausea are almost constant along with fatigue. She has lost about 15 lbs. in the past 6 months as she is unable to eat due to the nausea. Unfortunately, she does not have health insurance and has paid out of pocket for an MRI scan of her brain and several other tests that show no blockage to her brain and that it is getting a good supply of blood.
Avatar n tn 2nd episode came back as if it never left and now has a baseline, with times that it's worse. Why? If it's a stroke why do symptoms come and go? Or is it from seizure activity (if so, why hasn't it stopped)? Is MS really a possibility? (I am having a TEE to see if my heart could've caused a stroke, since that is what some of the drs. have suggested. I have MRI's on avg. every 6 months). Thank you for your time.
Avatar n tn Meditation, acupuncture, hypnosis, reflexology, herbalmedicine, and so on are all alternative medicine, and I think there must be one can help you. My friend's mother caught stroke and we are looking for any treatment to help her. I think Traditional Chinese Medicine should be my best choice. After our searching, oral pellet and massage will improve the condition.
Avatar n tn You could try heat and ice and see what results are the best for reducing symptoms. With heat or ice never apply for longer than 20 min - i learned in my treatment modalities class there is no therapeutic value for heat or ice applied longer than 20 min. I hope that he has had an MRI and has been getting treatment with BOTH a Physical Therapist AND Occupational Therapist!!
Avatar f tn Excess calcium is usually urinated off, but when the PTH goes into overdrive and doesn't scale back in response to the rising calcium level, the calcium cannot be excreted fast enough and it builds up, creating all kinds of horrible symptoms -and if it gets high enough it can cause your blood pressure to spike, causing a stroke, or a super-high heart rate, causing a heart attack. Also, the PTH rips calcium from your bones when its demand for calcium outstrips your dietary intake.
Avatar n tn Re: Mild stroke and related issues [ Follow Ups ] [ Post Followup ] [ The Neurology Forum ] [ FAQ ] Posted by CCF Neuro MD on July 12, 1997 at 08:27:28: In Reply to: Mild stroke and related issues posted by Alicia Freed on July 03, 1997 at 16:39:36: A few weeks ago I awoke to find that the left side of my body was weak and numb. Not the extreme that I couldn't walk or function, but enough to disturb me greatly.
Avatar m tn When did your dad have the stroke and what kind of stroke? Sounds like he's doing what my husband did while in the hospital...pulling his clothes off and exposing himself.
Avatar n tn ALS is a pure motor disease, with weakness, atrophy, fasiculations and rapid progressive course. Your symptoms sound mostly sensory and somewhat intermittent. I hope this has been helpful Zacksmom 11/27/2006 . My MRI report states the following: Broad based central disc protrusion at C5-6 with mild ventral cord flattening. Right paracentral smaller disc protrusion at C4-5 Minimal disc bulge at C6-7 Loss of normal signal within L5-S1 disc.
Avatar f tn Hi Toria , It may not be a mild stroke since a stroke can be diagnosed by an MRI and a stroke has associated nervous system symptoms like vertigo , slurred speech , double vision and others .There are various other causes of muscle weakness on one side of the body . They are muscle stimulation disorders , peripheral nerve disorders , nerve impingement in the spine . Did you go for an MRI spine with contrast ?
Avatar f tn I normalized my cholesterol and BP levels within 8 months with diet and exercise and was able to go off Aceon. (I quit under medical supervision and subsequent 24hr ABPM showed borderline to normal BP, normal dipping at night, etc.) I know I cannot do anything about glaucoma if I do in fact have it. I just want to be 100% sure that any treatment that may be prescribed addresses the problem and won't make it worse, as I have read it is possible when NTG is treated.
Avatar n tn To me she has no outward stroke symptoms although she cannot remember everything as she did before -- she is nowhere near as 'alert' (doing crosswords etc) and says her head feels like it is full of 'cotton wool'. Is this possible and is there any treatment for this type of stroke? She is not slurring, has full use of her limbs although says she feels she is 'limping where the angiogram tube went in her groin'. I must stress she was absolutely fine before the angiogram. Help please!
Avatar n tn ago) and I am being treated for that with beta blocker and salt tabs, but the fainting is still occurring and in a seated position and one had the appearance of a seizure. They have found evidence of a stroke on 2 MRI's (the 1st being 2 yrs.ago) and an eeg showed mild left sided cerebral dysfunction, so I will be having a video/eeg for a possible seizure disorder.
Avatar n tn I work in Computer IT/IA security and I truly drop sync after one of these events. I'm a 43 male slightly near sighted and wear mild prescription glasses. This doesn't seem to be an eye issue. I like coffee, normal diet. It seems that to much sun or dihidration can trigger an event. they have decreased in the last year but sometimes come in two's or three's. Any suggestions?