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Avatar n tn if she had transient symptoms, she may have had a TIA or transient ischemic attack. this is a warning sign of stroke and needs to be treated as such. she should see a neurologist or a primary doctor as soon as possible and look for the cause. she may need a brain CT or MRI, a heart echo, blood work and dopplers. She should do it as soon as possible.
Avatar n tn my father had a mild stroke last dec.12,2007, how many months he would take to live a normal life? mild stroke can cure? and it will return to a normallife?
Avatar n tn If there are neurological symptoms persisting for more than 24 hours, it is classified as a cerebrovascular accident, or stroke. You have to be alert and followup your doctor regularly,take youe medicines control your cholesterol and blood pressure levels, as weakness of your muscles may precipitate a stoke.
Avatar n tn Hi Angie , The symptoms of your mother do suggest of a mild stroke . Please go for a CT scan and MRI of the brain immediately . These will help to diagnose whether it is a stroke and whether the stroke is ischemic or haemorrhagic . If left untreated , it may lead to paralysis on one side of the body . Please discuss the management plan with a neurologist after the diagnostic tests are done . Hope this helps you . Take care and regards !
Avatar n tn TIA by definition should not have any residual effects beyond 24 hours. Your symptoms could or could not be related to stroke etiology and could represent peripheral neurological/ muscular issues. I would suggest considering an initial evaluation by a primary care physician and depending on the cause diagnosed/ suspected, it can be managed accordingly or specialist care may be sought. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
1532119 tn?1292317951 Dear Friend, The signs and symptoms of the stroke and vary from just mild pain and stretching with numbness to paralysis. SO if you are having a previous history if the same, then you need to be very careful, not to miss it's severity again. So do keep a touch with a good GP or a neurophysician for a half yearly review. That would be take precaution and for prevention.
Avatar n tn Do these syptomns sound like she whould have a CAT to prove or disprove any possibilty of a Mild Stroke due to heavy Wine and Smoking? Since she is hospitalized presently recovering form her broken hip, should they also test for a stroke?
Avatar m tn Hello, I'm wondering if my symptoms are indicative of a mild stroke. I've had this same thing happen a couple of times over the last decade, with varying severity, the most recent incident being two weeks ago. I went to sleep with a headache and woke up extremely dizzy, hoping a couple more hours of sleep would make it go away, which it did not. A headache persisted for the next two days and after it was finally gone the mild dizziness and general weakness has persisted ever since.
Avatar f tn If there is concern for depression, treatment of it can improve many symptoms. Seizures or abnormal EEGs after stroke is common. Treatment of the seizures (or severely abnormal EEG patterns) with antiepileptics such as lamictal should help improve some of your symptoms with the thinking. If the neuropsychological evaluation showed specific problems, cognitive rehabilitation to help you with those specific areas may benefit you.
Avatar n tn Blood tests for disorders or hereditary problems all show nothing. Symptoms still apparent are mild imbalance (everyday gets better) and numbness/loss of temperature sensation on right side of body (skin only - can feel pressure, touch, wind across skin, etc). No speech impediment or loss of motor skills. There is some general weakness - like i just got my *** kicked at a bar. Any chance of symptoms going away over time?
Avatar f tn what happens with significant MVR some blood fails to pumped into circulation with each stroke. To maintain adequate blood flow with a decrease in stroke volume is to increase the heart rate. The math for cardiac output is stroke volume times heart rate for one minute. Frankly, I don't believe you have significant MVR because you should also have the symptoms of shortness of breath with exertion and muscle fatigue.
Avatar f tn Hi I am 47yrs had a mild stroke 1yr ago and have been on hbp meds and a low to no salt plus I only eat raw veggies drink water mostly exrcse every living day for the last year I lost a lot of weight and feel weak most of the time my doctors recomendation now 1 year later I'm getting worse okay wen I got the stroke something happened between the back right of my neck near my ear and my shoulder I felt like something go loose the US test results hasn't coming yet also when I'm assleep my pressur
Avatar m tn The MRI does not mention MS (thankfully!), but does say I have a mild tonsillar ectopia of 3mm to 4mm. Yesterday I had mild symptoms again. This time it was severe fatigue in my left arm. It did occur after using a small weedeater for 10 minutes, but I'm not that out of shape! The fatigue eventually manifested itself as a severe tremor where my left arm shook uncontrollably. I also had some facial discomfort and some mild discomfort in the very back of my head (off and on).
Avatar n tn The can cause inadequate closure of the eye, drooping of the mouth and dribbling of saliva. Treatment depends on the severity. Some cases are mild and do not require treatment as the symptoms usually subside on their own within 2 weeks. For others, treatment may include medications and other therapeutic options. To find a cure she will need to consult her primary care physician for proper assessment. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn my 19 year old granddaughter was airlifted to a trauma center from her college with all the classic symptoms of a stroke (drooping face/eye, left arm weakness, left leg weakness, could not move her tongue to the left, could not inflate her cheeks on the left side pain in the right side of her head) after admission to the local ER her symptoms started to subside and after arriving at the new trauma center the symptoms continued to subside.
Avatar n tn walking, swallowing, speech. I expect improvement to continue over the next few months. The slight numbness and feelings of coldness in parts of my left side have not changed over the month since the stroke and I still feel temperataure differently on the left side. During ejaculation I can feel the pulsations, but I don't feel the 'thrill'. My questions are: Can I expect improvement in these sensory abnormalities over the next few months? Years?
500374 tn?1210075013 As the brain absorbs the blood caused by the burst vessel, your mom will come back to herself. My husbands stroke was 10 months ago. One of his deficits was mild loss of short term memory. It comes and goes. Some times he would get confused about where he was at but all that is fine now. Just do memory games with your mom, buy memory game puzzles, do things that stimulate the brain. Get them brain cells connected again! Good luck to you and I hope your mom a speedy recovery!
Avatar n tn My husband, almost 60, was diagnosed 15+ years ago with RP, then 5 years ago with Glaucoma. Recently, he experienced a mild stroke, will virtually no loss of motor skills, speech or comprehension. But I noticed right away that his vision had changed substantially. Unfortunately, the medical community does not seem prepared to address the vision loss in any way at all. In fact, they seem to simply shrug it off -- he was already blind before the stroke, so that didn't cause it. Well DUH...
Avatar f tn I told him how those I love were effected so much worse than he and I questioned if it may have been a mild stroke. He became defensive. He repeated what he had been saying about how his "left lower lobe was now 1/2 dead - like a gun shot". How his "upper lobe and lemming over the spinal tract was also effected". He then told me that the symptoms of my loved applied to him and that he was completely paralyzed one the left side and that he was still unable to swallow or .
Avatar n tn The neurologist thinks these headaches are migraines and not related to the stroke, but he also says that the headache symptoms she describes are not typical in migraines. Could her headaches and cerebellum stroke be related also? I'm concerned that the doctor is being too quick to assume the stroke occured before birth when he also says that an MRI can NOT show the age of a stroke.
462085 tn?1207282930 I would like to know whether there is a good chance these symptoms will subside by themselves naturally. I am also trying to figure out where my symptoms fit in in the general scale from mild to severe. Here is my short story: I just turned 46. Never have had a panic attack until 2 weeks ago. I have a stresful job and have always handled it fine. I had been a smoker on and off until 2 weeks ago. I drink 2-3 glass of wine probably every other day.
Avatar f tn She is experiencing severe migraines, along with severe nausea, and the left side of her face has become numb, and droopy. The first thing we thought was a mild stroke, she was admitted into the hospital, after MRI'S, Cat-scans, countless bloodwork, and ultrasounds, stroke was ruled out. Now, her dx is vascular migraines. I am curious after reading alot of posts about similar problems after gallbladder surgery, if anyone has has similar problems. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn sounds ARS is reliable, but different people might very different feeling during the scikness, someone serious sick , someone mild. if not, why experts published ARS symptoms on line and why studied them.
2175879 tn?1338358628 It was determined today by another doctor that I had a mild stroke, not a TIA. That explains atleast for me, why although my symptoms have improved but not gone away like a TIA is expected to. Reading all these questions on TIA sure helped me deal with this, but I think that there are other people that have had strokes and been labled as TIA's because, just like me, the stroke fixed itself, but has left its footprint.
Avatar n tn For the past couple of weeks I have been getting mild feelings of dizziness. It occurs suddenly and intermittently throughout the day. The sudden dizziness feeling are very mild and do not inhibit my daily activities, however, it is somewhat of an annoyance and could interfere with daily activities if it were to get more serious.
Avatar m tn I do have a panic disorder so ive been told , most of my symptoms were cardiac related such as pain in my left shoulder and chest , numbness in my left arm and throat ,and flutters of heart and lungs, after having these symptoms for 3 months they have all subsided alot and im almost normal again , but lately ive had this small dull headache that goes away and comes back throughout each day its been almost a steady week with this , its getting annoying , i told my doc and they took blood , im wai