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Avatar n tn mri was clear but was told with mild strokes it wont always appear on scan??? Was advised to do test to see if enough oxygen is getting to brain. speach is slurred and left side of face is pulling? What should i do?
Avatar f tn My son who is 45 just had a mild stroke, 4days ago, now he can't talk properly, he knows what he wants to say, but the words won't come out!,& he can't write, nothing wrong with his hand, otherwise hes ok,he has headache but the doc told hm, with the medication he only had his right hand tingles & his mouth,, 2years ago he had meningites, he came out ok, nothing damage, Do you think it got something to do with the meningites he had???
Avatar n tn TIA by definition should not have any residual effects beyond 24 hours. Your symptoms could or could not be related to stroke etiology and could represent peripheral neurological/ muscular issues. I would suggest considering an initial evaluation by a primary care physician and depending on the cause diagnosed/ suspected, it can be managed accordingly or specialist care may be sought. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar f tn Is it possible to have risidual side effects from this type of stroke? I don't understand why it is taking so long for me to regain my strength. Are there others out there with anything similar?
Avatar f tn Hi I am 47yrs had a mild stroke 1yr ago and have been on hbp meds and a low to no salt plus I only eat raw veggies drink water mostly exrcse every living day for the last year I lost a lot of weight and feel weak most of the time my doctors recomendation now 1 year later I'm getting worse okay wen I got the stroke something happened between the back right of my neck near my ear and my shoulder I felt like something go loose the US test results hasn't coming yet also when I'm assleep my pressur
Avatar f tn My father had a mild stroke in 1998. He recovered with no problems. Today he had an episode with slurred speech and couldnt use his arms. We took him to the emergency room. They ran tests, blood work and CT scan. They said he did not have another stroke that it was Residual Side Effects from his stroke in 1998. I have never heard of this. Does anyone have an experience with this?
Avatar n tn One of the most common after effects of strokes is severe or mild pain in various parts of the body. Pain can usually be minimized very easily with pain medication. Many will just require standard pain relief such as an aspirin while others may need something much stronger such as hospital-grade pain relief medications including morphine. Also, "aproximately 8 percent of people who have had a stroke will suffer from a neuropathic pain caused by damage to neurons in the brain".
500374 tn?1210075013 As the brain absorbs the blood caused by the burst vessel, your mom will come back to herself. My husbands stroke was 10 months ago. One of his deficits was mild loss of short term memory. It comes and goes. Some times he would get confused about where he was at but all that is fine now. Just do memory games with your mom, buy memory game puzzles, do things that stimulate the brain. Get them brain cells connected again! Good luck to you and I hope your mom a speedy recovery!
Avatar n tn Plus a constant headache, most of the time the headaches were mild. I had mild eye ache but only occasionally. These side effects lasted about 6 months. Hope you are doing well. Sorry again about not getting back to you sooner.
Avatar n tn I have a question about the drug Haldol. My 77 year old mother had a mild stroke that left her left side affected. While in the CCU unit in the hospital, she became restlest, 5mg injections where issued on 3 seperate occasions within 36 hours . the last after she was moved into a private room out of CCU. 10 hours after the last injection she fell into a deep sleep (Coma Like) state. CT scans done after this found this was not caused from another stroke.
Avatar n tn I had a mild stroke on Dec. 12 and I am still an emotional wreck. The teaars flow when I am under stress. my doctor gave me Nortriptyline to take, but I haven't staarted yet because of the warnings on the internet not to takeif you have a history of stroke. I called the doctor about this and his office hasn't called back yet. UNsure about meds.
Avatar m tn 50 of xanax when needed which is maybe once every few days now and i understand xanax can cause headaches but the ones i get are always in the same spot back lower left of my head and they spark my mind into thinking TSA or beginnings of a stroke. resulting in panic attack . everyday since the first attack i go through times where i think im gonna die , its horrible my life has been altered , i need the old me back.
Avatar n tn They did a MRI on his brain which showed he had a mild stroke, which effects the part of his brain that controls balance. He has not had his follow-up appt. with the 2nd neurologist, but he said it probably occured during surgery. Why wouldn't the heart specialist suspect a stroke? What kind of therapy, if any may help him? Or medications? He also has experienced chest pain, since July. What kind of test would help in finding out where the pain is coming from?
1452335 tn?1286278818 But stroke she is having recently. Stroke too is very mild. If some-body can high-light. My wife is having left caratid artery completely blocked. Since when can not be ascertained.
Avatar f tn What is causing chronic, severe itching since my father's stroke? --ischemic stroke, right side brain, left side paralysis. My 80 yr old father had a stroke 4 months ago. About 1-1/2 months ago he started experiencing mild itching on his legs and has now become chronic all over his body. Most of his meds have rash and itching side effects. Aggrenox was just changed to Plavix, but the itching has not stopped. 325mg of aspirin is also a future consideration as a blood thinner.
Avatar n tn Re Recovery Time, Thank you for posting this. My husband had a "mild" stroke on Dec 18, and we are still trying to figure out how to process all the changes that have occurred in our lives. We're not even sure what "mild" means for he had a stroke that left his entire left side affected (with little to no sensation), but his speech, mobility and brain functions seem relatively unimpaired.
Avatar n tn He went to urgent care again, where they said it could have been a mini-stroke, but to go to the er, if it gets worse. The next day, he woke up feeling the same sensation, only now in his leg as well. He went to the er where it got worse to where it was very painful and his chest was in pain. He ended up having to be admitted to the hospital where he seems to be getting worse.
1133274 tn?1260365528 What could possibly happen to someone who just had a mild stroke with a little blood clotting on the right side of the brain? I´m a mother of two, seperated for a couple of years now. I just suffered from a mild stroke last week. I undergone all the test right after i reached the ER. I had CT scanning.... but they sent me to MR scanning because they can´t really see if i had a blood clotting. I regained the feeling on my left side after 5 hours in the hospital...
Avatar n tn Recently it was discovered by a TEE that I have a patent foramen ovale which my neurologist now thinks caused the stroke. I am taking an aspirin a day. I recovered from the stroke with no significant permanent damage and have no health problems other than the PFO and a history of migraine headache with aura (inactive for at least ten years) and occular migraine (rarely).
923105 tn?1341831249 Thank you Eddie and Rowena. This has calmed me down. Rowena, my sister had a mild stroke at the age of 40, that was 10 years ago now. She was very obese, and had just quit smoking, so they related it to stress - she does not suffer from migraines. My Mother does however.. You know sometimes the internet is a wealth of information, and other times it can scare the living daylights out of you. I really had NO idea that was a correlation between the 2.
Avatar f tn On Aug. 9, '07 as we were going out for dinner my left arm became tingly and numb, thinking it to be strange, I just looked at it for a minute and thought I should sit down, I didn't feel well, in trying to tell my husband to "call 911, something was not right"...I found that I could not speak. My husband said I was trying to talk but nothing was moving, all he could tell was I was making noise.
Avatar n tn My 84 year old mother has exactly the same symptoms. She had a mild stroke 2 months ago and made an amazing recovery. But now she is having dizzy spells. Mostly when she gets up in the morning. Her life is hell, she is afraid to do anything. Please if anyone can help let me know!
Avatar m tn My Dad has been diagnosed with having delirium after a stroke. He is continuously restless and agitated, he is always pulling at the bedclothes or taking off his own clothes. Is there any treatment for delirium and is it reversible?
Avatar n tn My 55 yr old mother had a "massive" hemorrhagic stroke Feb. 18/05. The neuro surgeon said it was a large deep bleed in the left side of her brain, apparently she is lucky to have survived it and without surgery. The latest CT scan 3.5 weeks after the stroke the blood has started to re-absorb and swelling is going down.
Avatar m tn Multiple small acute to early subacue ifarts in right ganglio capsular location,subcortical and paraventricular white matter in right parietal region involving centrum semiovale and corona radiate. Mild generalized age realted cerebral atrophy with mild preventricular ischemic demyelination. Thanks and awaiting for your valuabe suggestions.
Avatar f tn Luckily that's not the case and my headaches are also not accompanied by any other stroke symptom but that's my only relief. You said your stroke was mild so does that mean you didn't even know you experienced one or did you have many of the symptoms and you knew right away. I've heard that some people don't know they've had a stroke until they've had tests done to confirm. I have a scheduled MRI soon and I hope I'll finally get some answers to the cause of my headaches.