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Avatar f tn After lots of prayer and searching I heard a commercial about Lucinda Bassett and the Midwest Center for Anxiety and Depression, and ordered the program. Yes it is an investment of about the cost of seven DR. visits...but it saves you from your self when you are in the spiral of Depression and Anxiety. You've got to learn some new skills and I love Lucinda for putting herself out their to help save lives. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I'm 26 y/o. When I was 20, I started getting massive panic attacks on a daily basis. For about 2-3 years, they remained untreated, and I was getting panic attacks at least 3 times a day (full blown attacks). I purchased the Midwest Program for Anxiety & Depression, and I overcame my panic attacks. However, I was left with unresolved symptoms. I get dizzy upon standing up, I'm ultra sensitive in stores.
Avatar n tn I have used the attacking anxiety and depression program by Lucinda Bassett...dfrom the Midwest Center..I cannot stress how much this program helped me..knowing now what I did not know then...I wish I had purchased the program when I first saw the infomercial. I purchased the program in 2002..I was going through nursing school..had I not taken the program..I believe o would have quit nursing due to my anxiety and low self esteem and WHAT IF THINKING..I have been anxiety free since 2002..
Avatar n tn I'm also going thru the Midwest Center anxiety tapes and they stress the importance of cutting out caffeine and sugar and getting daily exercise for 30 minutes. So I've cut out the coffee and colas and am walking at least an hour a day between my lunch hour and in the evening. That seems to really help my anxiety. I've also started listening to a relaxation tape every night before I go to bed. I really enjoy it!
746058 tn?1248348265 My now 17-yr old daughter began with anxiety and depression 6 years ago and is on prozac and lamictal for that, then was diagnosed with POTS last Spring and was given florinef, 1/2 a .1 mg tablet daily, plus sodium tablets (which also contain balancing potassium), as well as conditioning exercises to improve vascular tone. She still has mild symptoms sometimes, but is doing much better just with the florinef and increased sodium intake.
Avatar f tn Is this the same you are referring to? I've got the CDs for the Midwest Center for Anxiety and Depression. They are helping but I've not gotten very far yet. Tying to find a natural alternative to meds!! Thanks.
Avatar n tn Hey this is Anxiety...i recommend you order the program from the MIDWEST CENTER FOR STRESS AND ANXIETY,..ITS AWESOME..
366811 tn?1217426272 The worst of all possible outcomes occurs when someone who is desparate for relief discards all the professional medical help they've been receiving and devotes themsleves instead to our "miracle cure." Depending on circumstances, that can actually be dangerous. And, given the fact that many who come here -especially new folks- are desparately hungry for relief, folks on this forum may be more vulnerable than those who populate other kinds of forums.
Avatar f tn that I thought I was well enough to start weening off the Lexapro I had been taking for almost 8 years or so. The Lexapro in conjunction with the Attacking Anxiety and Depression (CBT Program) program by the Midwest Center, pretty much saved my life. In hindsight, I feel that weening of the Lexapro was a mistake. I think I am always going to need the Lexapro to some degree because ever since I got off it, I have slowly felt the anxiety mounting.
Avatar n tn hi. i am a 33 year old female and about 2 months ago i had my first anxiety attack. it's like everything has changed and i now am a different person. life seems so much harder now and i used to love life. still do, but not as much. anyway- my doctor told me after ruling out other possibilities with blood tests, that he felt i was suffering from anxiety. he sent me to a neurologist to make sure. the neurologist confirmed my doctor's diagnosis.
Avatar n tn the duration of withdrawal, usually 3 to 5 days for the intial withdrawls but then there is depression and all the things that come with no longer using narcotics...have you considered out patient treatment? tapering off the hydrocodone? decreasing your doseage every couple days it can be done but it does take a firm committment...Thomas has a tried and true recipe for detoxing from hydrodocone he should be pooing in any time now...
Avatar m tn I always feel lightheaded, foggy at times, off-balance, with occasional dizzy spell so heavy that I feel like I'm gonna pass out. I've never been officially diagnosed with anxiety, depression or panick disorder eventhough my GP prescribed me Wellbutrin which I never took, cause the side effect is Dizziness. I figured heck I'm dizzy as it is and I'm trying to figure out the cause, so why adding more pieces to the puzzle. I know I'm under a lot of stress.
Avatar n tn I spoke with them a few times and they felt that my sinuses needed to be taken care of and the meds for anxiety- well, I quit them and felt a bit better. Then I was off to ENT. My first thought was- what the heck is going on- I have this bad sinus infection , on meds for that for 20 days- it never goes away- was told to take celexa- (which I took at the same time as the anti-biotic)- and then started having attacks, tingling in my fingers and toes, and then I am being sent to a pyschologists?
Avatar m tn I'm not on any medication other than lanzoprazil for acid reflux and st. John's Wort. I have trouble sleeping and sometimes take temazapam, grind my teeth, and have ongoing sinus problems, for which I was using nasal decongestants, until I read that they often have cortisol in them, which can cause CSR, and possibly the other problem. I've also heard coffee and chocolate can affect CSR.
Avatar f tn I do think meds are needed but also I do a program call Midwest Stress Center Attacking Anxiety and Depression which has really helped me. It is nationwide and is the best program I have done. It's just a 15 week CD program that really help you feel not alone and is a great way to feel better about yourself. I would highly reccommend it. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I have had anxiety for 7 years, and have only taken meds for one month because they scare me almost as much as my heart symptoms do :-) I became housebound and terrified to go anywhere. I decided I needed some help when I realized that my daughter was housebound with me, against her will. I had learned to "live" with my anxiety, but she shouldn't have to. I was teaching her to be anxious. Anyway....
Avatar f tn Now I can do all of those things and more with little to no anxiety! And if I do get anxious, the program gave me tools to relieve the anxiety and stop a panic attack dead in it's tracks. This was very important to me as I am a mother of two, and my "altered" lifestyle was beginning to effect them. This is the best advice I can give you. I am leary of medication and prefer to fight my anxiety med-free, but MANY people swear that they wouldn't be able to function without it.
Avatar n tn I took Zoloft for 1.5yrs for my severe panic attacks and depression. It worked, okay, so I come on this forum to not only get advice but to hopefully help others with the hell that I know to be anxiety. If you would read some of my other posts, especially in the depression forum I think you might see where my intentions are. I will not waste my time on such a ridiculous question. What are you doing on the forum then?
Avatar f tn I did take Paxil for abut 10 months, but invested in the program Attacking and Anxiety by the Midwest Center for Stress and Anxiety. It is a behavior modification program that helps you deal with your anxiety/depression. It really helped me. Two of my teenage daughters have also had symptoms of anxiety, and I have been able to help them by teaching them what I've learned. The best thing I have found is to distract myself when I start feeling amxious.
Avatar n tn Hello, Thank you for sharing. I have developed a similar condition and have had it on and off for the past 3 years. I noticed that controlling my diet would decrease the symptoms. If I did not eat much fats during the work day, I would not have the problem. This, however, was not a healthy solution. My stomach got used to eating little during the day and I could not make up for it by eating a large meal at night.
1052386 tn?1253970876 i was checking the midwest center for anxiety and depression. is this a scam? has anyone tried it? im housebound and at my wits end. the panic attacks are horrible, is there any hope to get well?
1642784 tn?1534925881 I try it and was lucky cause I don't pay for it!!! Do nothing for my anxiety, it's a waste of money for those who pay for this!!!
97676 tn?1340408973 There is no "Midwest Center for Anxiety and Depression". This whole program is so misleading. Makes you think there's an anxiety clinic somehwere... there's not. I ordered this prgram and did it, as prescribed, from beginning to end. And I was very committed because I want so desperately to overcome this so I can live again. It did not work. Why? Because there's nothing new in here. It's common sense "stuff" that we all know.
Avatar n tn It is so hard to accept that what you are feeling is anxiety, believe me I know. I refused to believe it for 5 years, then I found the MidWest Center's Attacking Anxiety and Depression Program and it changed my life. It's an at home self-help program. I have also heard good reports about The Linden Method, and there are several books that have helped people as well. Your first step is accepting it as anxiety, the next step needs to be seeking help for it.
429155 tn?1205676864 Got up went to see Dr, gave me a prescription for Zimovane, ( a sleeping pill ), but I went to the chemist and got some Kalms and Zinc Capsuals instead, my trust of tablets of any kind is at an all time low ( now why would that be ??.. ). It's now 17:30 have one or two minor flushes, back aches a bit across shoulders, maybe being hunched over this darn computer, hey!!!! I said something funny, I must be on the mend a bit. To be Cont........................ Tuesday 21'45.
Avatar n tn Juli363, Sorry to hear about the panic attack. I remember my first and how frightening it was. I don't want to discuss drugs since it appears to be a minefield and I have no expertise in that area. I can recommend some cognitive programs which I found really helpful however. The best to my mind is Lucinda Basset's "Overcoming Anxiety and Depression" program. It consists of about 20 cassettes and comes out of the MidWest center for Anxiety.
544292 tn?1268886268 It can be a bumpy ride!
1539379 tn?1294335715 I'm heading to another doctor on wednesday - this time a psychiatrist - because I believe I've been dealing with anxiety and depression for a long time now (almost 3 months of symptoms that have no cause). The root cause of my anxiety is I constantly wonder if it's a heart attack or something worse. I've been to literally 6 doctors, and no one can tell me what was wrong.
Avatar n tn I have a hard time believing you wont go through the anxiety and depression, I wouldnt think that would go away until your brain starts producing dopamine, serotonin, etc. on its own again (which cant happen in 3 hours). However, I am curious how well you do feel within 3 days? Would it be similar to a full 10 days of C/T withdrawal? Any info would be great. I know its incredibly expensive, but I am still curious on the results.