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Avatar n tn have been on micardis hct 40/12.5 for 6 wks when started having daily headaches then constant pvcs pacs. i had pvcs pacs for a long time but finally taking natural supplements they went away but could never manage to keep blood pressure down. i broke pill in half and finally weaned off but cant stop pvcs..anyone familiar with this type of side effect???
Avatar m tn Micardis HCT 80 mg/25 mg (telmisartan/hydrochlorothiazide)
Avatar n tn Yes, I have MVP (mitro valve prolapse) and I am on micardis HCT and here lately my blood pressure is real low and my heart rate is high.
Avatar n tn Went to doctor and he said that I had thickness of the heart and put me on medications, toprol-xl 50 mg and 80/12.5 of Micardis HCT. I asked about the condition and he just said that they would keep an eye on my condition. Did not explain much to me. I am over weight and have been very tired for about the last 3 months. If I lost weight should my condition improve with the heart? It is very difficult to work lately. So tired. I stay dizzy a lot also.
387767 tn?1345875627 Hi, I have High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol. My doctor has me on Micardis HCT and Norvasc. He just increased the Norvasc from 5 to 10 mg. Since then, I don't feel well. I get some swelling in my ankles (which the dr. told me I might get) but I also get pains and swelling in my hands and wrists. Is this from the Norvasc? My doctor said it's usually just the ankles. Anyone with any similar experience? Also, does Norvasc affect your weight?
Avatar n tn I'm 43 and my pressure generally ran around 185 over 120 (range). My doctor put me on a medicine called Micardis HCT which is a combination medication with the common diuretic hydrochlorothiazide and the drug telmisartan. This is the first time I have been on blood pressure medicine, and the drug has worked very well in terms of my blood pressure itself. I take my pressure at home with an electric blood pressure monitor and I now average about 130 over 72 to 75.
Avatar n tn I was experiencing rising and falling blood pressure, so my meds were changes from Micardis to Diovan HCT. Last night was very bad. I am experiencing no headaches or head pressure, but the tinnitus and now the "tingling" intensifies when lying down only. Help! Thank you.
Avatar m tn Over the past 4 years my doctor has switched blood pressure medications for me as a few have been taken off the market, recently I was put on Micardis HCT. After a few months I noticed my penis seemingly getting smaller in size. I can hardly get and maintain an erection without extensive stimulation. Normally I am about 7 in hard and 3.5 to 4in flaccid, now It is more like 2.5 - 3in flaccid. Has this happened to anyone else?
264121 tn?1313033056 Wellbutrin - 300mg day Lexapro - 20mg day Topamax - 400mg day (this is the one I am a little worried about) Micardis HCT 80/25 1x day Adderall 30mgXR 2x day epogen (as needed) sub q injections -------------------------------------------- prn medications: hydrocodone relpax phenergan xanax That's all of the regular ones.
478554 tn?1208038007 //www.rxlist.com/micardis-hct-drug.htm In fact, I do have the side effect of raise Triglycerides. This cause my cholesterol test reading to be inflated Triglyceride value at 220 (<199 normal), and normal HDL 60 and LDL 114. As experiment, I stopped taking this Hyrochorothiatide Diuretic HZT drug for a short period, and blood work confirm the normal Triglycerides reading of below 190.
1260907 tn?1269751918 I have gained a lot of body fat, I am currently on Micardis HCT for BP, Lortab for back pain post surgery, Lexapro, and of course the ambien to help me get to sleep. Dont get me wrong I couldnt stay up at night but I worked 3rd shift for 3 years till 10 months ago so night time is hard for me to fall asleep, when I do sleep it is not good sleep so I assume that is why I wanna sleep all the time. Just in general what is the chances of me having an underactive thyroid?
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1669035 tn?1303499346 Micardis Hct 40/12.
179332 tn?1273250959 Metoprolol-years then taken off because I experienced side effects and BP was way up Bystolic 5mg - felt better for a little while then mad allergic reaction Avapro-2 wks ago....nightmare, taken off Micardis-last week...once again nightmare, taken off Amlidopine-4 days ago..tremors, chest pounding uncontrollably Atenolol-as of today...dye free need help too, the swelling of the face and tongue along with the bumps are just too much to take anymore.