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Avatar n tn For the past ten days I have been taking Metronidazole (Two 250mg oral tablets, twice daily). I took my last pills lastnight around 10:30 pm. My question is, would it be okay for me to consume alcohol on Saturday night? I know my pharmacist told me to absolutely stay away from alcohol while I was taking the pills because I would vomit alot, and he said most people wait a couple of days after they've finished before they drink. Im just wondering if two days is enough time?
Avatar m tn A woman I'm having a sexual relationship with recently tested positive for chlamydia, after I informed my doctor he prescribed 500mg of metronidazole 3 times daily for 7 days. Will this drug cure chlamydia?
Avatar f tn I was recently diagnosed with trich and was prescribed by a nurse 500 mg 2 times a day for 5 days of metronidazole. I'm really cautious and worried about taking it because i searched and this pill has a lot of bad side effects, like making you really sick. It says that there is an alternative pill called azithromycin with less side effects. I talked to my OB about that and she said that she hasn't prescribed that to anyone who has trich.
Avatar f tn It does have a smell and it's musty but never fishy at all... It's not an std (because I am a virgin), yeast infection or BV. I've already taken pills for UTI, BV and yeast infection with no relief. I've looked this infection up and evidently it's more common than I thought but no doctor has been able to diagnose it through a PAP and there lab work comes back negative like mine... DOES ANYBODY KNOW WHAT IT IS? Any Ideas greatly appreciated!!!
Avatar f tn couldnt get my in until the end of dec. I had gone about a little over a mn, ago to the STD clinic to get tested and the nurse said i didn't have BV but my PH level was sort-of high and the whiff test was pos. and since then I thought i might have developed BV, it seemed to me to have more discharge than normal and a smell and itchiness down there. The STD's were all negative.
1049259 tn?1295092078 ok, so i took metronidazole singe dose of 4 pills like advised. it was a 2000 MG script so I can get rid of Trich. I took it at 6pm lastnight I had panic attacks thinking of the side effects well at 12am, 6 hours after taking it I was vomiting because my stomach hurt. it stopped and I just have slight upset stomach today I had really bad headaches, dark urine, mettalic taste in mouth, loss of hunger idk if this is a symptom of if it panic attacks: tingling hands, racing heart, heart palps.
Avatar n tn If your taking metronidazole if u have sex with a condom will it hurt anything
Avatar m tn after taking Metronidazole pills for Trich (STD) for 5 days, I had unprotected sex. Is it possible that I could still have the std after 5 days of taking the antibiotics?
Avatar m tn Feb 2009 regular doc prescribed Cipro 500mg 2x daily for 7 days. No real effect. Urologist prescribed in late March 2010 metronidazole 500mg 2x daily for 7 days. Appeared to cure everything starting with the 3rd day of taking med but returned about 3 days after finishing metronidazole. In April 2010 prescribed Z-Pac 250mg for 5 days. No real effect. Still had most issues. In May 2010 prescribed Tinidazole 500mg 2 grams taken at one time.
Avatar m tn Hello doctor! I need your expertise with regard to STD. I had an unprotected sex on Dec 8, 2014 and Dec 28,2015 with different partners. On January 5, 2015, I had symptoms of std which is more of a vaginal discharge. I had myself checked on March 18,2015 and on March 23,2015 results came and my obgyne said that I have trichomoniasis. I was treated by taking metronidazole twice a day for seven days and vaginal suppository. after my medication symptoms have stopped.
Avatar m tn Afterwards I was very worried. I took 400 mg cefixim, 2 g Metronidazole, and 200 mg doxycycline for 12 days. I examind my body and penis quite often and thoroughly. I had no signs oft urethritis, no discharge no burning or other pathologies. But I discovered a certain phenomenon (do not know if it occured berfore becaus I did not oberserve it so well): Some time (few hours) after masturbation with ejaculation I obeserve small red dots on the gald and foreskin, feel maybe slight itching.
Avatar f tn I was tested positive for trichomonaisis and bv back in april i was given metronidazole to cure the std i took all antibiotics untill they were gone but after i was finished taking the meds ive began to notice a chunky white odorless discharge no itching no burnig just discharde after i urine or after sexual intercourse (exspecially after sexual intercourse an embarrassing amount) any ideals or suggestion on what this could be or what should i do...
5029525 tn?1362553239 Hi im desrie and im 9months pregnant and my doctor gave me a prescription for metronidazole oral tablets& told me to take all four of the pills the same day my question is can the pills harm me or my baby
Avatar f tn No reason to post in here and in STD. Keep this in STD where you have been answered by 2 other people. And I agree with what they have said.
Avatar f tn What a relief!! Which I believe is not a STD? Just another course of Metronidazole Hmmm............. ??
Avatar m tn 27,Male Exp. 3-4hr,UAE,Jul2011:Unprotected,CSW(Insertive anal,vagianal,Receptive Oral)Ejaculated during anal - 1.10d after Slightpain left testicle.No discharge/warts/burning sensation. DOC. HIV I&II & RPR/VDRL, Result:Normal(15d post exp.) Azithromycin 250mg 2x5d - 2.Better for few days then sympt. appeared. On&off sharp shooting pain,left testicle&pain shoot upwards DOC.                Azithromycin 1g & ciprofloxacin(750mg 2x2d)on Aug17 - 3.
Avatar n tn This genious doctor assumed I had a PID since the Chlamydia was never treated in December and prescribed Metronidazole and Lavaquin (500-500 each) for two weeks to clear the PID. My symtoms have stopped. I finished of these antibiotics about three weeks ago. Today the simptoms have come back. What does it mean? That Chlamydia came back, right? forgive me, I am quite new to this and don't even know what questions to ask.
Avatar m tn Your doctor has correctly treated you for both of these -- cefixime against gonorrhea, docycycline against NGU (using American spellings). The metronidazole probably was not necessary; it is intended to treat trichomonas, but that infection is not likely from oral sex. However, it won't do any harm, and your doctor was probably just being careful. Your doctor correctly told you how to take the drugs. The large single doses of cefixime and metronidazole are normal.
Avatar m tn I dont have any sexual contacts since i got the STD infection Is this still a persistent STD? How about the normal values in my urinalysis?
Avatar n tn The doctor prescribed metronidazole and doxycycline for this disease. My girlfriend and I both took the antibiotics and were treated, but still the disease comes back and I'm the only one affected. Symptoms are yellow discharge, mild itch and sometimes mild pain when peeing, and a small pimple like lump that I can feel inside the urethra. The lump is not on the tip, I can feel it inside in the penis and I think that's where the discharge comes from.
Avatar m tn First of all, thank your partner for telling you. Unfortunately, some do not. If she had trich. metronidazole is highly effective. As for your continued discomfort, treatment without an examination is not such a good thing. The treatment you received would be good for a bladder infection but not for the STDs most likely to be present, nongonococcal urethritis (NGU) or chlamydia.
Avatar m tn Welcome to the STD forum. I'll try to help. You have had nonchlamydial NGU. The only slightly atypical feature is the delayed onset of symptoms, which usually occurs within 2 weeks -- but 4 weeks isn't all that unusual. You were given standard treatment. Symptoms recur in about 20% of persons following doxycycline for NGU. I'm not certain you really had a recurrence; when it happens, usually the main symptom is discharge, not burning without discharge.
1049259 tn?1295092078 Ok, so I took metronidazole monday night, anyways...... My boyfriend took the same dosage as me, it has been 3 days since we took the meds, no intercourse (I am not going through this antibiotic crap again) Nasty lil pills!! We have Trich the std of course. He wants to know when he can drink again, again took it at 6pm monday night and it is soon to be thursday. about 48 hours after the dose. also, why did he not get side effects and I had a few bothersome ones??? weight?
Avatar m tn I went to the doctor's where swabs where taken which came back positive for chlymadia and Bacterial vaginitis. My doctor prescribed a course of Azithromycin and Metronidazole which I have taken. She also advised that I go to the GUM clinic which I also done.
Avatar n tn It's a common infection and sex, particularly rough and unprotected sex, or if it has been a while since the last time you had sex, can disrupt the normal vaginal flora. When that disruption occurs, bacterial vaginosis can happen. This is NOT an STD. Your partner CANNOT get it OR give it to you. This is an infection of the vagina ONLY, caused by disruption of normal vaginal bacteria. See your gynecologist for a script for metronidazole. DO NOT drink while taking this medication.
Avatar f tn Of course after messing with it and steadily looking at it the area became tender. Other than that there was no pain. THEN I presented with the symptoms of a STD. I was treated with Doxycycline 100 mg twice a day for 7 days and one dose of Cipro 500 mg....
Avatar m tn Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your question. It is doubtful you have any STD, and probably never did. Although the sort of symptoms you describe could be due to a urethral infection, usually they are not. The gonorrhea and chlamydia test results show for sure you had neither of those; and in the off chance you had one of them, or NGU, the azithromycin treatment would have cured you.
Avatar n tn It’s not constant, but I usually feel it more when sitting. It feels similar to the way it felt shortly after I had Q-tip type tested performed at the STD clinic. I haven’t had any discharge or painful urination. I have noticed that after urinating I have been experiencing droplets of urine coming out shortly thereafter. I’ve also had periods of frequent urination. 2.
Avatar n tn I am an engaged woman who had a one time unprotected exposure on this past Friday with an ex boyfriend. The guilt and worry of an std is killing me. He is a high risk partner who has had many partners in his past. He is also married, and swares to me that he has always used protection with his partners and is tested for STD's every 6 months. Even with that said I can't eat or sleep thinking I caught something from him.
Avatar n tn I was too dazed after the procedure to even walk out.. but I'm wondering if my symptoms are being caused by an STD , or is it something else. I will be going back to the doc - if anyone can suggest some specific questions to ask, will be deeply appreciated.