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Avatar n tn My Doctors just told me to take Monistat 3 or 5 over the counter instead of Diflucan. Just because it works faster. I didn't have any issues from it as far as I know. I've had a very difficult pregnancy too (like bleeding throughout, early contractions, etc.) & they still said it was safe for me. I hope this helps.
1308690 tn?1273700011 Seems like you covered all the medical and over the counter prescriptions. I had a nasty case of BV and the Dr gave me Macrobid and it cleared it up. Thats by prescrirtion only . As for the yeast infection they have a pill called Flagyl its extermely potent and will kill the yeast infection. The monostat in my opinion don't help too much. Also my Dr told me its not recommended to have sex during BV and yeast infection .
Avatar m tn You are also going to be bending over forward in the shower. The shower is not a good place to find out that bending over makes you dizzy. Practice it first before you get in a shower, no matter how young and fit and healthy you assume that you are. Stand in front of a bed or couch or a carpeted floor. Slowly bend forward as far as you can comfortably bend, and look between your legs at the crotch. Slowly stand up erect.
Avatar m tn If you were my patient, I would advise you that the obvious problem with using the Metrogel and the tampons is that the tampons will soak up the gel. Since you are at the tail end of your therapy anyway, you could probably get away with using the gel at night before bed and the gel during the day although it is not ideal, it is probably good enough.
Avatar m tn I think that I may have a bacterial or yeast infection. I took 2 over the counter vaginial screening kits and i also i feel a bit discomfort and my discharge is maybe a pale white..sort of watery and thick..It stated I had a bacterial infection. I believe I had it for some time now but never went to the doctor..but im planning on going soon as possible. I Just want to know what can I do to help with the discomfort or even to clear up in the meantime? I dont really smell anything..
Avatar n tn On this particular visit I did not have any cuts. The infection returned 1 week ago and I used an over the counter herbal yeast infection ****** & Gel cream that had live cultures. Within 2 days I was worse, the cuts returned but this time they were larger. So I figured, I needed a stronger med. I purchased and over the counter 3 day Suppository. This made me more uncomfortable and now the cuts were irritated even more.
Avatar m tn You can buy something for it at your local pharmacy over the counter eg. Canesten. Have you been eating lots of sugars and starch? Do you get yellow/greenish/brownish discharge and has a foul odor of a fishy smell.
Avatar n tn I researched all this because i was surprised to see single dosage packets of vaginal inserts on the counter of the beauty supply store near my house in the bronx. i have been plagued with bacterial vaginitis and/or yeast infections for five plus years. i find american doctors don't seem to care much about these problems even though women find them extremely depressing and alienating..
Avatar n tn BV is bacterial vaginosis (SP) Yeast infection. without going to the dr the only thing you can do is take the over the counter creams. There is a pill you can get from your dr called diflucan. you can take it along with the cream and it should clear it up. Have you had a pap lately if not you might want to think about doing so. Did a dr diagnose you with BV, because if it is this hard to get rid of your infection and you are having foreplay it may not be BV but an std.
Avatar n tn try to drink mor e water only take showers only use antibacterial soap such as dial, eat yogurt , and stop having sex until you get the pap test the doc will give you metronidazole(flagyl) or metro-gel to treat the infection. but all of the above metnioned things can keep the infection from coming back. and never ****** or use feminine hyg. products i used to get recurrent bv. infection and now i dont and i am still witrh the same guy that ui was with when i used to get the infections.
Avatar m tn Often one gets perioral dermatitis as a result of candida overgrowth and anti-biotics, steroid creams only make it worse or continue to perpetuate the problem. You can try an over the counter anitfungal cream like Lotrimin to see if it helps. I had terrible perioral dermatitis and the only thing that got rid of it was Lotrimin. I continue to use it whenever I have a flare up. Good luck!
Avatar m tn He has me wash with the Head and Shoulders and then use over the counter hydrocortisone on it. It never fully goes away and I'm alwys red faced. But the ritual he has me do does keep it somewhat under control. Even if you think the rash is gone you have to keep doing the ritual or it will come r ight back. Mouse P.S. Make sure you talk to your do and he says it's o.k. to do this ritual. I do know it has helped quite a few people.
Avatar n tn I have my FB take pills when I get it We wash before and after I can't live like this I'm getting them like every month now.
Avatar m tn I would drink a full glass per day for months at a time. folic acid - both over the counter and methylfolate. I take 1000mcg methylfolate for a different condition anyway. No effect. boric acid vaginal capsule inserts - these have the right ph for healthy bacteria to grow apparently drinking baking soda with water every day drinking warm lemon water 3x per day aci-jel (a vaginal gel with a PH the same as a healthy vagina - 4.
Avatar m tn I had this same problem for about 10 years!! And no doctor could help me. I tried everything. I finally went to a doctor that said, "yes, I know exactly what that is." He said it was eczema but said not to use over-the-counter cortisone creams because they are not made to apply to the face and could make it worse. So he prescribed a special cortisone cream that is ok to apply to the face: Elidel - - this drug works wonders!!!!
Avatar n tn Quite honestly, I think the whole yogurt thing doesn't work, and I've heard Dr. HHH over on the STD forum say the same thing. However, I did want you to know the name of the supplement. You buy it at the pharmacy, OTC, but you do have to ask for it, b/c it stays in the fridge behind the counter.
Avatar f tn Your infection seems to have grown immune to tge medications you can get over the counter. It's time for holistic! Dr.
Avatar f tn Drainage of the boil is done only when it becomes soft and forms a head. Take some over the counter pain reliever and consult a doctor for examination and antibiotics prescription. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn When I was young and pregnant often (have 5 kids) I was a yeast infection magnet. My midwife told me to buy boric acid over the counter at the pharmacy, put it in empty gel caps from the health food store and insert in vagina as needed. It worked like a charm and I never got them any more even in later pregnancies. This is kind of a home remedy and is probably not endorsed by all healthcare providers.
Avatar n tn yes the nizoral is over the counter stuff, it might not be sold in your country but there will be something the same, with a 2% or so 'ketoconazole', dont confuse it with 'cortisone' witch is for dermatitis conditions such as eczema. ketoconazole is an anti-fungal & used to fight dandruff and mild cases of athletes foot/jock itch type thing.
Avatar n tn If it's bacterial, he/she will prescribe an antibiotic. In Canada, you can by Diflucan over the counter. In not to sure the protocol in the States. 6). Wear condoms or go abstinent between you and your partner until it's cleared up. If you are sexual and don't wear protection, encourage your man to wash himself off afterward or he'll start to itch the next day. Best wishes to you ladies, it really ***** being a woman sometimes!
Avatar n tn I worry about people fearing something terrible and not going to dr. or trying everything under-the sun over the counter and irritating the problem...PLEASE GO TO THE DOCTOR if it is at all persistent or re-occuring.... it is worth the peace of mind! AND IF I had read that message (to go to dr.) earlier, instead of all of these things different people didn't have success with I could've possibly been free of this years ago.
Avatar n tn i have treted my self using metronidazole, canesten viginal tablet and cream. i also notice for some month that the ovulation mucus during ovulation is dirty brown.and my menstration flow is dirty brown.i menstrurate for 3days and the forth and fifth day i see dirth brown discharge.iam not feeling any pain at all in my abdomen and i don't have any itching in my viginal. please i also want to know why my husband no longer enjoying sex with me.
Avatar f tn chest. Topical Over The Counter (OTC) antifungal creams helped a little, but I found treating from the inside out by killing the fungus and boosting my immune system was the best approach. I highly recommend  Syntol by Andrew Arthur Medical to everyone fighting a fungal infection as it's an oral supplement containing many yeast digesting enzymes in addition to multiple strains of probiotic spores (spore germination = better recolonization of good bacteria).
Avatar f tn They gave me antibiotics anyway, since i was in extreme discomfort, along with some pill resembling AZO (over the counter bladder numb-er). I took the full course, but the discomfort did not go away for another week or so. When I tried to have sex again, nearly a month later, this happened all over again. I've never experienced anything like this before, and I'm really at quite a loss. It's upsetting and certainly disrupts and affects my quality of life. What could this possibly be?
Avatar n tn Recenlty, my husband and I have began experiencing similar problems. Every time we have sex, he has a little cut under the edge of the tip of his penis. It is very painful for him and it has put a damper on our sex life. I orginally thought the cuplrit was my nuva ring, but even after discontinuing use and going back to condoms, we still have problems. We use astroglide lubricant in combination with less rigourous sex, and that seems to help.
Avatar n tn in the uk REPLENS can be prescribed by the doctor which helps if you get free prescriptions or it can be bought over the counter... Vaginal Atrophy: vaginal dryness, soreness and painful sex Without the production of oestrogen by the ovaries, the skin and support tissues of the vulva ("lips") and vagina become thin and less elastic. This is an inevitable consequence of the menopause and the majority of women will experience some form of symptoms.
Avatar n tn Carefully adhere to instructions when using topical steroids because overuse of these medications, even low-strength over-the-counter topical steroids, may cause a troublesome skin condition. You can also try metronidazole gel/lotion to help a possible Roseacea condition. ref:http://www.myonlinewellness.
Avatar n tn Instead, my problem has always been the chronic symptoms of vaginal infections that never respond to medications or over the counter remedies. Balance Activ is not currently sold in the United States but some retailers offer it online. Visit for more information and let Balance Activ know that you're interested in having the product in the US. It works and has no side effects! My heart goes out to all of you!
Avatar n tn It should only be used by those with serious acne, and with a doctors prescription - not over the counter or sold by beauticians.. its just too powerful, and for someone like me, its heartbreaking to think I've never had an allergy and now my skin is permanently reactive and flares up. Please everyone, read the ingredients - see Benzol Peroxide and say FAR AWAY!!!