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Avatar n tn Acebutolol is a beta-blocker with instrinsic sympathomimetic activity, so it tends to not slow the heart rate as much. Hyoscamine is a vagolytic, and is often used to treat nasuea. The drug has some side effects, however, like dry mouth and constipation. A small minoroty of persons have what some refer to as "vagally-induced afib". Some well-respected EPs don't think that it is a real condition (I am not in this camp).
443862 tn?1238003039 Sorry Flycaster305 but I couldn't disagree more. I'm on Toprol and have had simililar issues including SOB and near syncope and the panic comes after the symptoms not before. The "panic attack" is the most over-relied on explanation in medicine. Far too often we just accept this **** from out health professionals unquestioning and "live with" the side effects. My average blood pressure was 140/90 and on 25mg/day it often in 88/58 and that is TOO low.
Avatar m tn I did 2 days on 40 mg of Propranolol and I had the same side-effects than on the metoprolol... and I guess it's not side-effects but anxiety symptoms that I experience. Also when I return on the Propranolol for 2 days at a bigger dose, my blood pressure and pulse rate wasn't under control at all, heart rate was in the high 80 sit at rest and 150 and more just walking in the house...
Avatar n tn After a double bypass in which one did not take, I have taken Toprol-XL 100mgs since 2001. I had never felt any side effects other than periodic bouts of diarrhea. Within the past week, I took my last Toprol pill on a Sunday between 4 to 6 AM. On Monday morning without my daily Toprol dose I walked my daily 3.6 miles in my usual 50 minutes and then at 8 AM went golfing. Around 11 AM my heartbeat became rapid and felt shallow.
Avatar f tn To anyone who has suffered serious side effects of Metoprolol Succinate ER (Generic form of Toprol XL), please take 5 minutes and fill out an FDA medwatch form. The web site is: https://www.accessdata.fda.
Avatar f tn metoprolol side effects.... well, I guess they are real, but you learn to live with it. The side effects are easier to live with than a resting rate of 150 and then going up and up from there. When they were trying to control rate with JUST beta blockers... I took 200 of propranolol and 300 of metoprolol and occasional 100 of labetalol here and there. It helped but it worked a LOT better when other classes of drugs were added. Since the point is to slow you down, it generally SLOWS you down.
1464004 tn?1384139333 If your BP is on the low side, the effects you feel when standing or bending over are a common side effect from many beta blockers. How much Metoprolol per day are you taking? This drug will slow your heart down, and make it slower to respond to high level of respiration and physical output. I had to adjust my training regime once I began it. I warm-up longer than I used to, and start slowly.
Avatar n tn I used both, and found that side effects are similar; tiredness, weight gain, and a slow pulse. Side effects are more pronounced as the dosage is increased. I had dosages from 25mg to 200mg. daily. Other reported effects are loss of libido, tightness in the chest, itching, irregular breathing, and irregular heartbeat. If you have any further questions, I'd be happy to respond based on my experience with the drug.
Avatar f tn Could all this be from the toprol? Should I wean off this medication? Are there worse side effects if I do stop the meds?
Avatar n tn has put me on Toprol-xl 25 gm a day. What is this medicine for and the side effects. My blood pressure is fine so is the heart beat.Have high chlorestol, runs in the family,had quad by-passes 21 yrs ago, am on zocor 80 grams a day.
Avatar f tn I've been taking it for a couple years, and have had NO noticable effects at all, side or otherwise. How much did you take?
Avatar n tn Because my episodes began to increase in frequency some years ago, they tried me on several drugs (none of which I like or felt helped) and I eventually settled on 25mg per day of Toprol XL (time released Metoprolol), which is a pretty low dose and I have been taking that for over a decade. I'm not much of a drinker (just don't like the taste of it or the SVT that the alcohol sometimes brings on!
Avatar n tn I've been on 50 mg metoprolol twice a day for the last three months with no side effects at all except that my resting heart rate is somewhat low in the forties but even that has not caused any problems. I have not had the vivid dreams or tiredness that some people mention. Funny thing though, I have had more PVCs than I did before! All the best to you.
Avatar n tn Having heard some of the more extreme cases of the potential side-effects of metoprolol, I was wondering... a.) Am I likely to experience many side-effects at such a small dosage? (I'm assuming 12.5mg 1x a day is considered a low dose). b.) What is the likelihood that metoprolol can be helpful for the aforementioned symptoms, especially in such a low dose? c.) Is 12.5mg minor enough to be able to stop taking fairly easily? Could taking it actually make my conditions worse?
Avatar m tn I am on Metoprolol 100 mg/day. I feel good no side effects at all, never had. It was fine from the beginning. Before I was on Coreg . Same, it was fine. I do not think you have any side effects from medications at all. You do have anxiety. You should work on that.There are healthier ways to work on that instead of taking prescription drugs. It can harm you many ways on the long run.
Avatar f tn I don't know how much side effects you suffer from - but if you do, maybe you should abstain. If you don't suffer from any side effects from the Metoprolol, then, maybe you can try to drink a little, but only at home, or somewhere safe when you can gauge the effect alcohol has on you.
Avatar n tn I took 2 different versions of metoprolol, Toprol (metoprolol tartrate) and Toprol XL (metoprolol succinate). The second one is the extended release version. Toprol made my symtoms worse but Toprol XL worked fairly well in controlling my conditions, PVC's and PSVT. I was taking 50 mg a day in both cases. The only thing that affected me was a slight feeling of dizziness at times and some mental fatigue.
443862 tn?1238003039 I removed the atacand myself last Sunday and this past week have felt great. I do smoke, metoprolol has the side effect of cold hand and feet, very, very true and it said even more so in smokers. Anways, better than a racing heart! My pulse is now nicely in the 80s, having come down from 103-108. The only time that I was dizzy was when i was 80/50 with both meds. Now ont he met on it's own, not dizzy at all.
214864 tn?1229718839 com report, consumers have experienced increased blood pressure, increased heart rate and ectopic beats, as well as side effects such as nausea, dizziness and headaches when switched from Toprol XL to Metoprolol Succinate ER. noted that the Sandoz formulation of the product is different from Toprol XL and dissolves in a different manner.
Avatar m tn I took Toprol xl for a time - 25 mg. I could not take a pill all at once, because my bp would drop too low. The nurse finally told me to break the pill in half and take half in the morning and half at night. That worked a little better. I ended up eventually on Atenolol which I have taken for 6 years. I take it in divided doses, as my bp or hr goes up or down. If my hr and bp are too low, I delay a dose. But I never just skip it.
Avatar m tn It does seem possible to me that there is some other cause of your problems, other than the beta blocker that you are on, but I will also say that when I was on metoprolol, I sometimes had Raynaud's-type side effects in my hands. I had spells in which my fingers would go numb, and the skin would change color.
Avatar n tn iv been off toprol for over 5weeks now, and im having some side effects direct to the toprol xl - as they say it takes months to get it out of your system .. and me taking it for over 6.5 years. .. big Ouch there.. hope I helped or gave some light here..
Avatar n tn I'm trying to identify other users of these meds who have experienced reduced saliva flow and a sour taste in the mouth, which they can attribute to atenolol or metoprolol. Knowing that other people have experienced these side effects will help me in making a decision about the ablation.
876405 tn?1243511886 What side effects are you experiencing from beta blockers?? I honestly can't say I have noticed any side effects. I've been taking toprol XL 50mg for about 6months.
Avatar m tn ) who post here about BB complain about how bad the BB makes them feel, unwanted side-effects. I am in this second category. I take regular release (lower cost) twice a day at 25 mg each. I've taken as high as 100 mg ER twice a day, and went under doctor's direction cold turkey from 200 to 100 then later to 50 mg. A calcium channel blocker was added to make up for the reduced BB in my case. I too have worn the long term (30 days? don't remember).
Avatar n tn I do get vivid dreams (not nightmares) and some tiredness with Toprol XL but those are already accepted side effects. I returned the generic to the pharmacy and exchanged for the real Toprol. Well considering they have the same co-pay amount and my insurance premium shot up to $500/month, why would I settle for anything less??
Avatar f tn My problem now is that I read that beta blockers interact with SSRIs and cause the side effects of the beta blockers to become worse. This would cause low blood pressure, slow heart rate, and other problems that result from a lower heart rate. I'm already dizzy from the beta blocker and I cut back my dosage from 50mg to 25mg. Is there anyone else who takes these two meds together? What were the side effects for you? Do you still take them together?
Avatar m tn I want to stop it cold turkey, my doctor says its ok with such a small dose but I am a huge worrier and would like to know if anyone had any side effects when stopping even after taking it for such a short period of time??