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Avatar m tn I took Toprol xl for a time - 25 mg. I could not take a pill all at once, because my bp would drop too low. The nurse finally told me to break the pill in half and take half in the morning and half at night. That worked a little better. I ended up eventually on Atenolol which I have taken for 6 years. I take it in divided doses, as my bp or hr goes up or down. If my hr and bp are too low, I delay a dose. But I never just skip it.
Avatar n tn I have taken Toprol xl 25 mg for about 5 years. My doctor switched me to metoprolol several months ago. When I filled my prescription this time, it was from a different mfg and I think I may be having problems with it as I just don't feel right. Could changing the mfg make a difference? ALSO, my doctor prescribed 50 mg to be cut in half for my prescribed 25 mg dose. Does cutting this tablet in half compromise the time release?
443862 tn?1238003039 I have been taking metoprolol succinate for quite a time. at first I was taking 25 mg then after 5 months it was increased to 50 mg and a few weeks ago i was taking 75 mg. I don't why but this medicine is causing my airways to narrow because I don't have any pulmonary disease my lungs are totally find expect that a few months ago my pulmonologist thought I had COPD for my PFT but thankfully I don't...which make me think that it maybe cause of the Metropolol...
Avatar n tn My father-in-law is 76 years old and has been having fainting spells along with stomach upset and dizziness. His previous doctor had him on Nifedipin XL 60 mg and Metoprolol ER 25 mg. He takes the Nifedipin at night?? and the metoprolol in the morning. All his fainting spells occur at night. They hospitilized him for one week but found nothing wrong with him. Is it possible they didn't consider the drug interactions or the dosing schedule as responsible for the fainting?
Avatar m tn I take regular release (lower cost) twice a day at 25 mg each. I've taken as high as 100 mg ER twice a day, and went under doctor's direction cold turkey from 200 to 100 then later to 50 mg. A calcium channel blocker was added to make up for the reduced BB in my case. I too have worn the long term (30 days? don't remember). I got used to it and don't remember having problems sleeping with it on In my case if confirmed my only problem is atrial fibrillation.
Avatar n tn Dear Janicec, Toprol XL is an extended release form of metoprolol which is a beta-blocker.Beta-blockers are used to treat high blood pressure, angina (chest pain), heart attacks, heart rhythm problems such as atrial fibrillation and more recently heart failure.
Avatar m tn I did ask the Pharmacist about having the Metoprolol 50 mg XL but in the Canada they don't do 25 or 50 XL dose... the XL dose are 100 mg and 200 mg only... Well thanks for your answer ;-) Take care of you!!!
Avatar n tn My doctor has prescribed me 25 mg Toprol XL for the PVC's (flutters) I get after I eat. After reading the possible side effects, I am a little leary. Does anyone have any advice? Does anyone know what the common side effects are?
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19887518 tn?1486052247 Your does level is quite low in my experience (I take 25 mg twice a day, have taken as much as 100 mg twice a day...ouch, that was trouble big time). Is the beta blocker helping control you AFIb?
Avatar m tn I am on Metoprolol 100 mg/day. I feel good no side effects at all, never had. It was fine from the beginning. Before I was on Coreg . Same, it was fine. I do not think you have any side effects from medications at all. You do have anxiety. You should work on that.There are healthier ways to work on that instead of taking prescription drugs. It can harm you many ways on the long run.
Avatar n tn Doctor also perscribed Metoprolol XL (25 mg. -- Toprol) as needed. That drug really helped a lot but did make me tired. After PVCs reduced I cut it down to half a day and today I'm trying to go without it. Doctor said PRN (as needed). She is supposed to be one of the best cardiologists in SF so I presume she knows her stuff.
Avatar n tn I took 2 different versions of metoprolol, Toprol (metoprolol tartrate) and Toprol XL (metoprolol succinate). The second one is the extended release version. Toprol made my symtoms worse but Toprol XL worked fairly well in controlling my conditions, PVC's and PSVT. I was taking 50 mg a day in both cases. The only thing that affected me was a slight feeling of dizziness at times and some mental fatigue.
214864 tn?1229718839 com report, consumers have experienced increased blood pressure, increased heart rate and ectopic beats, as well as side effects such as nausea, dizziness and headaches when switched from Toprol XL to Metoprolol Succinate ER. noted that the Sandoz formulation of the product is different from Toprol XL and dissolves in a different manner.
Avatar f tn I was also having a lot of anxiety and panic attacks at that time. I was prescribed metoprolol 25 mg. My blood pressure is usually normal and after taking the medicine it had been getting a little too low so I was told to take only half. My bp is still getting down to 92/60 at times and is making me feel tired and lightheaded. Has anyone experienced this? I am worried about my bp getting even lower and making me pass out. The nurse at my cardiologist office told me not to skip my dose.
Avatar n tn After wearing a heart monitor for 24 hrs my Doctor told me that I had tachycardia and prescribed 25 mg metoprolol once a day.I have been taking the medicine for six days now and feel generally unwell. I'm tired and my stomach has been bothering me. More importantly, I have been having a kind of "needling" pain in my chest. It's mild and not very painful.
876405 tn?1243511886 I was taking metoprolol 25 mg twice a day and then my dr discontinued it because I found out that I was pregnant. Now I am taking something else for the blood pressure that is safe to take in pregnancy. It just *****, because suddenly they came out of nowhere and I am trying to find a reason for them..they are literally driving me insane- it's all I think about..I don't know if they are going to kill me or not. Tomorrow I go to the cardiologist and they'll do an echo...
Avatar n tn He began with metoprolol 2x per day and was switched to toprol xl 25 mg per day. The last post talked about nightmares with toprol. Does metoprolol or toprol bring about panic attacks? I believe my husband is having panic attacks and will not accept it. Is the medication causing this. for one year after his heart attack, he was doing great and then out of the clear, he began getting dizzy, lightheaded, nauseaus, jittery, weak and fatigued.
Avatar f tn I was previously taking 25 mg in the am and 12.5 mg in the evening of the generic Toprol XL. Now I am taking 25 mg in the morning of generic Lopressor, and another 25 in the evening, but less than a full 12 hours apart. For example I will take the 25mg at 7 am, another 12.5 at 2pm and another 12.5 at around 6 or so.I have had breakthrough tachycardia, mostly when I wake up in the morning or a few hours after. Could this be caused by the change in medication?
Avatar n tn I was given a tiny dose (25 mg.). My doctor said for woman my size (5'8, 155 lbs), it is like peeing in the ocean. But, I tried it nonetheless. For the two months that I was on it, I had the most horrible dreams of my life, I mean awful (my kids dying and drowning, me getting chased by murderers, etc... just horrible). I did not see any noticeable effect from the medication at all. Just tired and horrible dreams.
Avatar n tn Your experience of high heartrate after stopping Toprol XL are not unusual. I tried kicking my 50 mg (25 mg 2x) Metoprolol (long story) and had a 2+ week period of similar high heartrate. You need to come off of it SLOWLY. Work with your cardiologist on how to to this most effectively.
Avatar m tn I have been on 25 mg since March and want off it. Started weaning monday at 12.5. I too have had terrible anxiety on it, throat tightness and trips to ER. How did u make out finally?
Avatar n tn (50 mg at noon 50 mg at midnight) 3 days later I went back because of slow heart rate and he cut it down to 25 mg at noon and 25 mg at midnight. I've read that it is dangerous going off of Metoprolol and was wondering if I should be worried.
Avatar f tn So, for rate control, I was running as high as 130 bpm at rest without Metoprolol, and with 100 mg I run as low as mid 70s when really at rest and around 90 if just walking around the house. It also lowers my normal blood pressure, but not too much..guess I'm usually around 120/70. Hope I didn't wander off topic, bottom line of this post, my experience with Metoprolol at 100 mg or less a day is the side effects are not troubling.
Avatar f tn I'm just wondering if anyone has been switched from toprol xl to lopressor and if so what kind of side effects, if any, have you had? I was taking toprol xl 25 mg in the am and 12.5 in the evening, and continued to do the same thing with the generic lopressor. Unfortunately for me, this was NOT the same, b/c the lopressor only lasts 10-12 hours and I was getting breakthrough tachycardia quite often. Thanks for any input!
343006 tn?1314450071 I have to tell you that I had the worst nightmares, it woke me up screaming, terrified my husband and kids, never in my life have I ever done that before. I've been taking toprol Xl 25 mg/day because after 4 days of my heart beating fast and slow and going to the emergency room, seeing a cardiologist for blood work and stress test, he says I am fine. My blood pressure was high and now it does help. The biggest problem now is insomnia and I can still feel my heart racing fast at times.
687614 tn?1244201579 00 am and the same 50 mg at bed time 9:00 pm. A riddle in of itself!!! I have approached my doctor's about this. One says that it is okay to still take my Toprol XL 50 mg. even though my BP is 99/56 and my pulse is 58. Another says that if I don't I will have breakthrough SVT's that are even tough for ER to get down sometimes (though it is not deadly so they say!). Who's right and who's wrong!!!
Avatar m tn New cardio. was on atenolol 25 mg 2x daily for aortic valve disorder, but had issues of impotence and very very low heart rate, as well as numerous palpitations. Cardio swithced me to metoprolol xl 25mg 1x daily. my heart rate has gone from the high 50's to the high 80's from yesterday to today. Is this normal? I believed that the xl on the metoprolol was extended release, and that the dosage should do the same thing as far as hr and bp. by has gone from 116/68 to 138/89.
1035252 tn?1427231433 I completely understand you wanting to be off the meds! I take metoprolol (25mg XL 1 x daily) for SVT related to WPW (and also have low BP as a side effect) and I have tried Fish Oil and Magnesium (and lots of other things!
1097328 tn?1365559145 Hi, I have some understanding of your concerns as I have SVT and have taken Toprol XL (a time release form of metoprolol) for over 20 years and I have always struggled with low BP -- even before I began taking the beta blocker I had low BP. I take 25 mg per day because more than that causes me to have such low BP that I find it hard to function.