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Avatar n tn I have taken Toprol xl 25 mg for about 5 years. My doctor switched me to metoprolol several months ago. When I filled my prescription this time, it was from a different mfg and I think I may be having problems with it as I just don't feel right. Could changing the mfg make a difference? ALSO, my doctor prescribed 50 mg to be cut in half for my prescribed 25 mg dose. Does cutting this tablet in half compromise the time release?
Avatar f tn I began having tachycardia at age 12, and began having palpitations during my first pregnancy 7 years ago, and arrythmias almost 4 years ago. I am still taking Toprol XL 50mg daily, and my average heart rate is between 90-120 bpm. I would like to get pregnant within the upcoming year and was wondering what the risks are to my heart rate, if I can have a vaginal delivery, and if I would have any limitations during the pregnancy.
Avatar f tn The difference between Lopressor and Toprol XL is the release time (12 hrs vs 24 hrs). Since you're still taking your doses twice daily, you should experience the same results. If not, the generic Toprol XL 25 mg is available again.
Avatar f tn I have a wonderful (and high profile) cardiologist in Boston (who performed the ablation). He put me on flecainide (worked up to 75mg/day) and 50mg/day metoprolol. It worked at first - not a blip. But then I started having frightening episodes of SVT, which brought me to the ER, and eventually hospitalization. He took me off the flecainide which seemed to be the cause of the SVT. I also have atrial flutter now.
Avatar n tn I had that problem with the generic of Toprol XL. By evening, my heart rate would start to rise, and my pvcs/pacs would get worse. I went on line and found a message board about generic drugs, and many, many people had problems with that. You could call your doctor and tell him the generic isn't agreeing with you and ask if he could phone in a script "dispense as written". Hope this helps.
183202 tn?1219857259 I'd recommend either a non-cardiac specific one like Inderal or a cardiac specific one like Toprol XL or Metoprolol, depending on what your primary complaints are. If you get mainly chest palps, chest pains etc., a cardiac specific one will suffice. I'd also recommend getting on a longer-lasting benzo. Lorazepam works great for me, and clonazepam (Klonopin) is another GREAT benzo. to stop the release of adrenaline through the body.
Avatar n tn What are the medical advantages/disadvantages of metoprolol vs. toprol besides the convenience? I am taking toprol in the a.m. but many of my palpitations are when I'm sleeping (I wake up in the middle of the night with them) and am wondering if taking the toprol in the evening would be more effective. I know that it is supposed to last 24 hours but it must tail off toward the end, which would be when I need it the most.
Avatar n tn Many people report an increase in heart palpitations after switching from Toprol XL to its generic version, Metoprolol. My guess is that the generic version is ****, which is the case with many generics, despite what the FDA tells consumers.
Avatar n tn I was switch from Toprol which caused my bp to drop too low and made me dizzy. My EP switched me to Atenolol which, he said, does not cross the blood-brain barrier and not cause the dizziness. I took it alone for 7 years and controlled afib with it.
Avatar m tn bb's are not for everyone and we all react differently and have different side effects propanolol is the generic of Inderal - Bisoprolol Fumarate is the generic of Zebeta - Metoprolol is the generic of Toprol I've tried each of them; brand and generic - they each have the same side effect for me - extreme fatigue, headache, BP tanks, HR goes into bradycardia but by far the one that hit me the most was my first dose of Toprol - ended up in the ER, Zebeta seems to have more fatigue and depres
Avatar m tn And then I wait a week or so and start teh Toprol again, and the symptoms return. It is starting to look like the Toprol might be a factor. But there is very little that I can find that points to Toprol causes arrythmias; in fact, the opposite. However, is it possible that I am having trouble metabolizing the drug now, after all these years? Other possibilities? Thanks much!
Avatar n tn okay i'll give you my two cents worth point by point....metoprolol or more commonly known in the U.S, is of the most common side effects is just that....tired, fatiqued, etc. My doc and i made the decision to change out to antenolol and i take a low dose once a day and viola no side effects at all at .25 love it....
Avatar n tn I have now been off of Toprol now for 6 weeks after taking it for 5 months. I started on Toprol XL .50mg per day. I was also taking xanax for anxiety due to an episode of SVT that sent me inot anxiety hell. After three months I got off of the xanax and went through a month of withdrawls, I was over xanax. Everyday I took the Toprol, it made me sick, flutter heartbeat, double beats, pounding heart,etc.
Avatar n tn I met the critera for the procedure. Tomorrow I start on the metoprolol. Has anyone had any experience with this & how did you feel taking it, and did you have to switch to anoter beta blocker? To me it seems like it probably will end up in another direction leading to other heart meds which I refuse to go to. Had lots of problems in the past with that........ Has anyone in the upper age bracket had another ablation procedure performed? appreciate any feedback.
Avatar m tn Did you ever get the two types of Metoprolol straightened out? The two are similar in weight vs. strength, but I thought that the Succinate was only taken once a day. The Tartrate is much cheaper of the two. I also take 50mg/2X a day of this. MVP would affect blood flow, but I doubt it would have an affect on rate. Of course, the last time I checked, there was no "M.D." after my name, so it's just a guess. Keep us informed of what you find. Oh...
Avatar n tn The drug company data comparing Toprol XL and metoprolol shows that the level of the drug is much higher in one's system for the first couple hours after taking it. ( I suspect you are not tolerating those initial surges of drug very well. You might try taking your nightime dose right at bedtime and your morning dose at least 12 hours later.
Avatar n tn I wonder if they broke down the risk associated with different kinds of abnormal heart rate recovery (e.g. abnormally prolonged vs non-monotonic return to baseline vs different kinds of ectopy). I've also had "transitional pvcs" that disappear later. When my palps are exercise induced it is after short, ordinary activities like walking a block or two. They actually stay away for hours after long brisk walks and bike rides.
Avatar n tn Is there a specific beta blocker that deals directly with supressing these pvc's. I've been on toprol as well with no positive results.
Avatar m tn I have gone in step fashion from 200 mg a day to 100 mg and to 50 mg. All of Toprol XL (or generic). My cardiologist had no problem having me make sudden changes. Assuming you are protected from blood clots, you might want to consider taking a half dose of Sotalol for a couple of days before dropping it completely in favor of Multaq. Or, better, discuss with your doctor.
Avatar n tn She has had elevated cholesterol but has taken Lipitor for years and it is well-controlled. Her cardiologist increased her Toprol XL fr/25 mg/d to 25 mg BID, which had some transient positive effect that lasted ~2d b/f degrading back to pre-increase frequency. She asked her cardio about an EP study, but he's opted to cath her instead. Would a less invasive procedure such as a stress test or cardiac CT be reasonable b/f cath?
1217309 tn?1267053777 Yes I am currently on 12.5 of XR Metoprolol and it helped at first but now the PVCs are virtually the same. I thought the same thing as you about the multi vs. uni focal until I talked to her and posted a question on the expert forum(see my above post ). I am going to investigate further b/c sometime in my gut is saying that she may be wrong here. I may need to talk to my dr. about an EP study to find out exactly! Thank you for the reply!
376186 tn?1219283105 I have had years of putting up w/episodes of sustained PVC's, etc and finally gave in and tried Toprol XL 25mg but did not see a big improvement, if any. After looking at an EKG when I was having these sustained PVC's a couple of wks ago, my cardio said that I needed to be on a calcium channel blocker b/c they responded to the type of PVC's that I had..I wish I had asked if there were different types of PVC's.
Avatar n tn 1) Bystolic and metoprolol (generic of Toprol) are both beta blockers and it doesn't appear that either alone would keep me in nsr. The flecainide worked great at 100 mg 2x per day but became less effective when I cut the dose to 50 mg 2x per day and then had to quit altogether with the side effects of tremoring, anxiety, and an over-hyped central nervous system. I should note those side effects went away within a few days of stopping the flecainide.
Avatar n tn There are reports that, while on beta blockers, the aortic pressure is higher than the recorded brachial (arm) BP, which gives a possibly false sense of improvement. But my symptoms improved rapidly on Toprol as I awaited surgery. Other BP meds to reduce "afterload" should also help but have not been proven to.If you back off exercise, and especially heavy weight lifting, you may be able to greatly slow the worsening of the aneurysm.
1703392 tn?1307454100 the other drs said it wasn't as severe as the first EP said and tried me on Toprol - big mistake; it sent me to the ER in distress and they gave me a shot to try to counter act the med - after 11 hours my BP wouldn't go above 70/40 and my hr 40 so I told them to let me go since they didn't find anything other than pvc's.
11849443 tn?1441306441 Yes, hypertension is aggressively treated here, as is elevated cholesterol and triglycerides. For me, Metoprolol, a former front line blood pressure med works very well for me, and Simvastatin controls my elevated cholesterol to about 135 now. Both of these drugs have become extremely affordable; literally pennies per dose. My primary care physician thinks that nearly everyone should be on both medications as a prophylaxis against each.
Avatar m tn I've posted elsewhere about how my local doctor suggested metoprolol, 1/2 dose once a day (taken in the morning so it won't interfere with the clonazepam I take at bedtime). I took a beta blocker once before and it dropped my pulse and blood pressure so low that I just sat in a chair (feld dizzy and had no energy) and hoped I'd feel normal the next day. Beta blockers can also make heartburn worse (I take Nexium for that).
Avatar n tn I'm 52, a nurse, on metoprolol for hypertension with the added benefit that it totally stopped all palpitations for the last year. Then a month ago I experienced some really strange sensations, a very irregular heartbeat like palpitations but what felt more like a vacuum sensation in my chest along with lightheadedness. It was very upsetting. EKG was normal, labs were normal, holter monitoring showed a heart rate from 49 to 156 with the biggest variations being during sleep.
Avatar m tn The cardizem (a calcium channel blocker) had to be changed to metoprolol (Toprol) for slowing the heart rate due to my encountering edema. I was then put on a 21 day event monitor from e-Cardio (great company to work with) and did not have any events after the third day of Rythmol. Nor have I had any events I am aware of since then. Other than the edema from the cardizem I've had absolutely no adverse side effects from the Toprol or the Rythmol.
Avatar m tn My experience with a beta blocker (Metoprolol) found it did squat to prevent them. It did make then easier to convert. I got 3-5 episodes per month. Will it be successful? Well that depends a lot on what kind of SVT it is, and where it's exactly located. But the odds are in your favor. Stick around and let us know how you make out. It's a piece of cake, very little pain, and you're up and around the next day.