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Avatar m tn he said to lose weight. started off taking metoprolol er, once a day, then found out that twice a day was on 4 dollar plan at kroger. started prescription on 8/5/08 two weeks later was in the er for kidney stones, and then I developed weird symptoms. ear ringing, muscle weakness, restless leg syndrome, muscle shakes, insomina, and yellow stool, frequent urination. some symptoms started right after kidney stones. some two weeks ago, mainly yellow stool, and diarrhea.
Avatar n tn Link: Discuss these symptoms with your father's doctor. It is also recommended to dress warmly and avoid tobacco use. If it is necessary to discontinue metoprolol, its dosage should be reduced gradually over several weeks. Take care and keep us posted.
511826 tn?1211173059 Autonomic Pharmacology case A 65 year old complains of extreme difficulty of urination. Physical examination revealed an enlarged prostate. Review of systems also revealed that the patient has glaucoma, for which he is prescribed pilocarpine and metoprolol eyedrops. 1. what autonomic receptors are affected by the eyedrops? 2. give the mechanisms of action of the eyedrops and their pharmacologic effects. what beneficial effect will the patient experience from the drug combination? 3.
Avatar n tn Many people do not tolerate atenolol and find metoprolol has less symptoms. frequent urination is a common problem with atrial fibrillation when the rate is not controlled. If someone has a 6 - 12 month run of only 5-10 short mild Afib episodes, is getting off coumidin a possibility. Talk to your doctor about the CHADS2 risk score. It stands for heat failure, hypertension, age greater than 75, diabetes, and strocke/TIA.
Avatar n tn then before and during sleep that night AFib came along with frequent urination and dropping BP 85/55 and higher pulse (95) instead of usual 135/80 and usual 50 heart rate.. 6 AM fainted as I stood up from sitting at kitchen table. After feignt I had converted. Dr said because I had conversion HB pause, because maybe the need for stronger drugs and because of my non-medicated lowish Heart rate that a pacemaker was in order.
Avatar n tn Could you please tell me how the following drugs work on reducing blood pressure?
4812794 tn?1359500746 Gabapentin Glipizide XL Hydrocodone/APAP Insulin Glargine (rDNA) orgin) Metoprolol - bad side effect to Purinethol caused permanent Angina/High blood pressure Rapaflo - Urination problem
Avatar n tn She wore a 24 hour heart monitor and our general practioner said it reported over 800 pvcs in that 24 hour period. He prescribed metoprolol tartr 25 mg 2x a day and scheduled her to see a cardiologist next week. I have a few questions... 1) Is this perscription necessary before she is seen by a cardioloigist (I understand it is used to decrease the number of pvc's) 2). What would be considered a dangerouse number of pvc's over a 24 hour period? 3).
Avatar n tn I was in the hospital 2 sundays ago and when I was in there my urine was coming back positive for bacteria again. I get the symptoms of a UTI like frequent urination, sometimes burning during urination, and a crampy feeling like my bladder is always extremely full even after i have just gone to the bathroom fully. They put me on antibiotics and I have finished the course but am still getting all the symptoms.
Avatar m tn I have been on a multitude of bp meds, started with HCTZ, verapamil, metoprolol, amitryptiline (spelling could be way off), norvasc, and more, the list is so long I can't remember all. I am currently on a high dose of carvedilol, which just wipes me out. I find that beta blockers bring down my heart rate but almost increase my bp.
2203249 tn?1338994046 Once varices are bleeding, patients classically present with symptoms of an upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage such at hematemesis, passage of black or bloody stools, lightheadedness, or decreased urination. Associated signs of variceal hemorrhage include decompensated liver function manifested as jaundice, hepatic encephalopathy, worsened or new-onset ascites.
1840891 tn?1431551393 captopril 25mg, furosemide 40mg, digoxin 0.25mg, warfarin 5mg, pravachol 40mg, metoprolol 50mg, aspirin 81mg and Spironolactone 25mg. He picked up a probable cold last week while getting his pro-time done, and developed a sore throat on Thursday, and today is very weak and not very alert. We are kind of used to him getting extremely weak and foggy whenever he picks up a virus over the last few years, but it keeps getting more extreme with advancing age.
Avatar f tn tingling in arms, hands, lower legs and feet; upper back, shoulder and neck pain; frequent, large volume urination (no diabetes); tachycardia; I could go on but this is getting lengthy. My heart will start to race for no reason, but I especially notice it after I eat. I try to get a BP reading while it's happening, and it's usually 100-105 over 70's and my pulse in 80's. Then I'll stand up and take it and my BP goes down to 85-90 over 70's and pulse jumps higher to 105+! Weird.
Avatar n tn Beta blockers are used as second line therapy, atenolol and metoprolol are some common names. Hormone replacement therapy is not felt be effective in preventing cardiovascular disease in women. I am also not familiar with bloodletting therapy, but it is not used in the treatment of menopause.
21064 tn?1309312333 I am currently taking Metoprolol which is used for a variety of things. I take it for BP and heart rate.
Avatar m tn KEY ABNORMALITIES ON CARDIAC MRI LVEDV: 200mL (117mL previous, 154mL normal cut-off): This is the amount of blood in my left ventricle just before the start of each heartbeat. The left ventricle pumps blood out to the body LV Mass: 114g (181g previous): This is the weight of my left ventricle. It has shrunk a lot. LVEDD: 6.0cm (4.6cm previous, 5.4cm normal cut-off): This is the width of my left ventricle. It has dilated a lot. IVS and LV wall thickness: 0.5/0.5cm (1.1/1.1cm previous, 0.
Avatar m tn I've been on Metoprolol 50 mg one in the AM and one in the PM and it makes me dizzy and makes me feel like my heart is squeezing and doesn't do grunt to really control my PVC's. I have a close friend who is a psychologist, my age, who has the same thing. He was on Metoprolol and complained to his doctor who forced the pharmacy to give him the real medication, Toprol. Toprol is the brand name. Metoprolol is the generic.
967168 tn?1477588089 He did move me to a lower dose Metoprolol of 50 mg slow release about a year ago, and added a high dose calcium channel blocker The dreams continue. My cardiologist's view that an ablation is not needed is supported by a consulting EP, one who is in the same practice. As I have said elsewhere I am suspicious that the Medicare allowed charges are not very attractive. I also have private insurance, but it has the threshold that Medicare pays first, and that sets the allowed charges.
Avatar n tn maybe your pvcs are associated with a slow heartrate and are what some may call vagally mediated pvcs , if especially if the metoprolol and magnesium oxide same to worsen them. Anyhow you can rest assured that even though uncomfortable, nothing bad is likely to happen to you and the attack might soon subside.
Avatar n tn Besides the adrenaline rush and the rapid heart rate, I also experience an increase in urination during the episodes and terrible shaking in my arms. The worrying about when these random attacks will happen again is exhausting. Has anyone had a definitive result/outcome that they could share?
Avatar f tn •nausea/vomiting •loss of appetite •unusual weight loss •mental/mood changes •bone/muscle pain •headache •increased thirst/urination •weakness •unusual tiredness In addition, it should only be avoided or only taken under a doctor's care if you already have any of the following; •kidney disease •kidney stones •little or no stomach acid (achlorhydria) •heart disease •disease of the pancreas •a certain lung disease (sarcoidosis) •difficulty absorbing nutrition from food (malabs
Avatar n tn ) Eyes/Vision Double, blurry or dim vision Increased floating spots Pain in/behind eyes, or swelling around eyes Over sensitivity to light Flashing lights Optic neuritis Ears/Hearing Decreased hearing in one or both ears Buzzing or clicking noises in ears Pain in ears or sound sensitivity Ringing in one or both ears Pressure or feeling of fullness in ears Digestive and Excretory Systems Diarrhea, irritable bowel Constipation Irritable bladder (trouble starting, stopping) Frequen