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Avatar m tn Hello, There are no reported interactions between vitamin B12 and metoprolol. Metoprolol has interactions with food. Food can enhance the levels of metoprolol in your body. You should take metoprolol at the same time each day, preferably with or immediately following meals. This will make it easier for your body to absorb the medication. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
1933354 tn?1323366434 Keep in mind that when you switched from Toprolol ER (Metoprolol Succinate) to Lopressor (Metoprolol Tartrate), you lost the timed released advantage. If you were taking 25mg. pills of each medication, you are loosing a great deal of the latter drug's effectiveness as the day wears on. The half life of Metoprolol Tartrate is only 3-7 hours. So you must take it at least twice a day for it to be effective the entire 24 hour period. Also 25mg., once a day is a a very small dose.
1027737 tn?1253107388 Hi, Can someone tell me what the difference between Metoprolol and Metoprolol Tartrate is? Thank You in advance!
Avatar m tn I've been taking metoprolol Tartrate (Lopressor) for a couple of months now for what the doctors are calling benign PVC's. I was having the constantly for almost 2 months before we started the medication and it seems to be helping, I haven't had any PVC's for awhile now. My question is, can you drink alcohol while taking it? I'm by no means a heavy drinker, but it's nice to have a drink with friends once in awhile.
1347434 tn?1282595378 My cardiologist once quipt that with our lifestyle and diet today, that everyone should be on this along with a statin, and in fact there is already a combination pill available. Metoprolol comes to in two varieties; metoprolol tartrate, and metoprolol succinate, the later has a time release property. While this requires only one dose per day, it's cost is much higher than metoprolol tartrate, and some insurance companies place it in a higher tier co-pay.
443862 tn?1238003039 Hi I am on 12.5 mg twice a day of metoprolol tartrate and I have been on them for about 2weeks now I want to know will it be hard for me to get off of them cause this med really Creap Me out can somebody give me a good answer please!!!!!!!!!
1790285 tn?1515210743 been on 25mg metoprolol tartrate twice daily since january 9, 2018 have had a huge improvement of 87% on my monthly svt episodes before metoprolol I was getting 30+ svt per month (long episodes) in 10 months now reduced to 3.5 per month (shorter episodes) if i get an svt that goes longer than 1 hour I take an extra 25mg metoprolol tartrate and it stops it...YIPPEE!
Avatar f tn Hello, my doctor is currently weaning me off the beta blocker Metoprolol tartrate and he told me told me to start by taking half in the morning and half at night so I just wanted to make sure that this medication can be cut in half.....?
Avatar f tn Hello, I am going to be applying to receive a medical marijuana card for treatment of my Tourette, severe anxiety disorder and PTSD. I take 25mg of Metoprolol Tartrate every morning solely for anxiety to slow my heart rate down (I tend to get anxiety episodes where tachycardia is the main symptom). I’m wondering if anyone (preferably a doctor, of course) would know if medical cannabis would interact with beta blockers, such as Metoprolol Tartrate.
Avatar n tn I am taking metoprolol tartrate 25mg twice and day because my heart rate was a little high when I saw my doctor 122 bpm. I was on 50mg twice a day, but my doc cut it due to side effects. I'm still suffering side effects, stiff arms, legs, and depression. I am also having some difficulty with my blood sugar, stays low. I feel like all I do is eat, when I asked my cardiologist he said to talk to my general practitioner.
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with inappropriate sinus tachycardia. Millions of tests & experiments later, I have been put on 100mg Metoprolol Tartrate. It works WONDERS & my heartrate has gone down from the 160s to about the 70s. The only downside of it is occasional extreme fatigue where I am literally falling asleep at my desk at work. My cardiologist says it's because the meds are dropping my blood pressure but nothing to be alarmed about.
Avatar m tn About 6 months ago I had a brief spell of a-fib that caused a chain reaction of doctor visits, cariologist visits, tests that all came out normal. My cardiologist put me on metoprolol tartrate 25mg twice per day. Although he told me it was a benign drug I have many side effects including fatigue and drowsiness, some dizzyness, and loss of sex drive and ED problems. The side effects were really hampering my ability to function throughout the day.
Avatar f tn i take the metoprolol tartrate 25mg one pill a day but i take 1/2 when i wake up and 1/2 at bed time... like every twelve hours basically and it has helped me with my sinus tachy.
Avatar f tn I had my last dose of metoprolol tartrate over 24 hours ago. Today I have had periods of feeling light headed, palpatations, and fast heart rate mainly in the 90s, it was in the100s at work up to 115.y question is could this be anxiety/stress related or perhaps a problem from getting off metoprolol tartrate? Any help would be great :).
Avatar f tn I've only been taking metoprolol tartrate for 4 days and it's making me feel sick, shortness of breath, and some chest pains. I went to the dr wednesday for being lightheaded for 2 weeks and my blood pressure was up and my heart rate was up a little, I think it was up because I was so anxious and scared. but he gave me these anyways. I think they are the wrong meds for me. I've read up on some info on them and it's not really what i need i dont know why i'm taking them.
Avatar f tn I have been taking metoprolol tartrate for POTS and we just can't seem to get the dose right. It's either too much or not enough. As we have dramatically cut the dose from 175 a day to around 50. Today Iam having some chest discomfort that's new is this normal from cutting this medication back so quickly?
Avatar m tn I did a mistake for my actual Metoprolol tartrate dose. I take 25 mg at breakfast. I take 12.5 mg after lunch time. I take 25 mg after dinner and 12.5 mg before going to bed. Like I was saying, I don't find it effective for more than 4 hours, I must be a fast metabolizer but I feel like the half-life is much more like the Propranolol than the "apparently" 12 hours like most of the Cardio Doc suggest.
Avatar f tn I have a growing thyroid nodule and am taking metoprolol tartrate 50mg tablet once a day. If I should have to have a thyroidectomy, should I tell my endocrinologist first and would it affect my surgery?
Avatar f tn So they released me on beta blockers once they got it under control. 25mg Metoprolol Tartrate. twice a day Its only been 2 days on this. But already these pills have me a little worried and im wondering if someone can ease my mind! However i will say this. for the first time in 3 months I no longer am aware of my heart rate 24/7 - You have no idea what a mental relief that is!! PLUS no more jumping/flutter/skipping beats!!! So, the problem? my heart rate seems really....
Avatar n tn The SCARY thing is that in Europe they do not have Metoprolol Succinate Extended Release (TOPROL-XL). They only have Metoprolol tartrate, which for me is as bad as having none or even worse. I just moved to Europe and mnow realized this and what am I going to do? I can order Toprol XL from Canada and Turkey and even from Mauritius etc. yet European doctors do not prescribe it. What am I going to DO??
Avatar n tn It is a time release pill that should only be taken ONCE a day! Metoprolol Tartrate is taken typically twice a day. Same drug, same strength, but the Tartrate is not time release. You should contact your pharmacist and physician to get this sorted out. You're taking 50 mg. in the morning, and another 50 in the evening while the other 50mg is still working. If you be taking 100mg per day, then take a 100mg Metoprolol Succinate ONCE a day.
Avatar m tn I was prescribed Metoprolol Tartrate (50mg/2XD) last Monday due to HBP. When I went back to my doctor for a follow up on Friday, he also decided to put me on Xanax (PRN) and Celexa (10mg/1XD). I always research any medication I take, and have been reading that the Metoprolol Tartrate and the Citaprolam are a bad combination and can lead to extremely low blood pressure or even heart stoppage.
9870921 tn?1481262567 I am on 100 mg of metoprolol tartrate twice a day, and yesterday I have stepped it down to 75 mg twice a about dizzy...whooo.. anyway I am going to have a ablation on wednesday for SVT. I was told to hold my meds the night before and morning of the procedure, I wasn't sure how safe that was, called the pharmacist and he said that was perfectly safe..the doctor also said after the ablation I may not need them at all, so yes I am confused.
Avatar f tn My husband takes metoprolol tartrate. He only has one month of medication left and refuses to go back to the Dr. How can I wean him off of the drug so he doesn't have a heart attack or something?
Avatar m tn Propranolol has a reportedly better shortening effect on Long Q than Metoprolol. Are you taking Metoprolol Tartrate? Metoprolol has a very short half life; typically 5 hours or so. In that time, half of it is metabolized. Physicians usually prescribe Metoprolol to be taken twice a day beca use of his. MetoprololSuccinate is the time release version, and that is taken once a day. In addition 25mg. is an exceedingly small dose.
Avatar f tn I do not like the palpitations and raised heart rate that I get off of my medication. Anyways, she wants me on metoprolol tartrate. Because I have been on the atenolol for 4 years I have concerns. Will this medication treat me the same as the atenolol. Is there a posibility of not being able to take this medication. Does it have the same action as the atenolol? I appreciate and thank whatever answers I can get. Right now I am trying to lower myself off the atenolol.
Avatar m tn Metoprolol comes in two formulations, Metoprolol Tartrate and Metoprolol Succinate. If you were prescribed the Tartrate variety, 50mg, once a day as you stated, then you were on a beta blocker roller coaster with a steep peak followed by a deep valley. Metoprolol has a rather short half life of approximately 6 hours, so in 24 hours, 50mg is nearly completely metabolized. This type should be taken twice a day.