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1027737 tn?1253107388 My Metoprolol carries the extra designation "SR" for slow release. I do not have any knowledge about the tartrate. "Kev" may have it right.
941118 tn?1312285526 I have the same experience with Toprol and Metoprolol. I have gone from Toprol SR to zero in one step, I had not noticeable side effect on or off the medication. I was in NSR at the time, lapsed into AFib and was told to just stop the Toprol. Later I have used the generic up to 200 mg a day, that made me dizzy-prone due to very low blood pressure.
Avatar n tn A week ago I started taking Rhythmol SR 325 mg. twice daily preliminary to undergoing a third cardioversion (the first two were unsuccessful). Although I was already experiencing occasional shortness of breath, I now find that this symptom has greatly increased when I walk even a very short distance, and my leg muscles, in particular, tire very quickly. When I asked the doctor what side effects there could be from the drug, he told me I would not experience any.
612551 tn?1450025775 As read about it on the Web I understood Atenolol to be more equivalent to Metoprolol SR in terms of life, Atenolol is not metabolized by the liver as Metoprolol is. Can you share what does you take?
Avatar m tn I have AFib and have taken as much as 425 mg Rythmol SR and 200 mg of Metoprolol. I agee the high dose Metoprolol really cuts into physical strength. After a couple of months my EP gave up on the drugs, I'm still on Metoprolol but down to only 50 mg a day. He wanted to put me on a stronger drug, one that required hospitalization for the start up. I declined. He was opposed to doing a ablation because my AFib symptoms didn't justify the risk, he recommended.
Avatar n tn I we used Metoprolol, mostly for rate control, and Propafenone 225 mg three times a day, didn't help. Then Rythmol SR 425mg twice a day, didn't help. I am considering flenaicide, but haven't tried yet. I am not happy about having to be hospitalized for "loading" I think it is called. So, I remain interested in results.
Avatar f tn I hope no one here gives you advice on going off a medication that doesn't included you discussing with your doctor. On the general subject of Metoprolol I'll say 25 mg once a day is a very low dose and hope your get some feed back from others on side effects. It seems they vary greatly person to person. For me 50 mg a day has minimal side effects, but yes, it does cause some fatigue. I am also in permanent atrial fibrillation which may be the real issue for me.
Avatar f tn Could it be 25 mg? Here's a new one on me. I've been washing down my 50 mg of Metoprolol SR with orange juice every morning. Then this morning I read that orange juice can reduce the effectiveness of Beta and Calcium Channel Blockers. The advice said space fruit juice at least 4 hours from taking BB or CCB. I wonder how that relates to the SR (Slow Release) option. Maybe I should just stop drinking fruit juice.... there goes one of my servings of fruits and vegetables per day.
1464004 tn?1384139333 Hi Everyone, I haven't been posting for awhile, the Metoprolol has been doing pretty well for me. I still get my PVCs,PACs and SVT, but to a much lesser degree. Well today I went into SVT but it was different than usual. I got really crazy beats (not like the "normal" PVCs etc) for almost a full minute before jumping into PSVT. That lasted about 20 minutes before it resolved. I had a cardiac work up recently, which looked in same as usual. Anyone else have this happen?
Avatar n tn I understand Metoprolol SR and Toprol XL are equivalent, the Metoprolol being the generic, and much lower in cost. I've taken both, albeit it has been at least 6 years since I last used the brand-name Toprol XL. I guess I'm 'lucky" as far as HR goes. If I take 100 mg twice a day of Metoprolol my rest HR goes into the 70s at rest. I have been trying lower dose to see if that reduces the dream problem I have.
443862 tn?1238003039 What is Metrapolol? When I Google search it, everything is in spanish or japanese. Do you mean metoprolol? That's a Beta Blocker to control heart rate. When do you see the doc again? Are you going to be given something for the hyperthyroidism?
1569985 tn?1328251082 I started on Toprol XR then Metorprolol SR, now Metoprolol which I take twice a day (12 hours). Warfarin is just once a day. All generics work for me, or work as well. They do not stop my AFib, but I haven't yet had a clot or stroke, that's good results. You cardiologist should let you give the generic a try.
Avatar m tn I went to the ER and was in aib w/ rvr. 140-180's. It took 22 hours to break into a SR and only after a sneezing fit. My question is for an isolated AFIB that was vagally triggered why should someone have to take metoprolol? After 2 days of it I had to stop it. My BP and Pulse this am was 110/80 with a HR of 70 which is my norm. On low dose metoprolol my SBP was in the 90's with a high 50's HR and the fatique was horrible.
Avatar m tn This includes Rythmol SR 325 MG twice per day and Metoprolol Succer 25 MG (a beta blocker) once per day. With the medication, the condition improved but was still present. I was told I am a good candidate for and Ablation since I am "breaking through" the drugs and the condition will get worse with time. The ablation procedure has been scheduled for Mid July. Next month! Ten days ago I returned from a two week cruise and started a diet and increase exercise.
710673 tn?1289617744 My EP then suggested some stronger meds that require hospitalization to implement. I declined, so for know I'm taking only Toprol (Metoprolol) SR 50 mg once a day. This helps keep my HR down, but it still runs in the 80s at rest due to AFib extra triggers. I also take an anticoagulant, Warfarin 5 mg a day. You didn't mention an anticoagulant, or is one of those other meds you listed take care of that?
Avatar m tn At noon After Lunch - IMDUR-30/ CLOPIVAS-75 ; At Night after Bed time- SIMVAS-20 and DILZEM-SR 90. During my next consultation Doctor reviwed the CD of my Angiography and suggested that since there are some small bye pass sub arteries supplying continuous blood circulation as such i should continue taking prescribed medicines. So far I have not developed any further problem and continuing above medicines. Would someone suggest me further course of action at this stage.
612551 tn?1450025775 I have taken several medications over the years that have various claims that is supposed to mean, I believe, that the medication will be effective over an extended period of time, up to 24 hours. I am taking Metoprolol with an "ER" designation, which I think means Extended Release, I have taken Toprol and Rythmol with a "SR" designation, slow release Any comment on my understanding/belief? I also wonder if the term "release" is a misnomer.
Avatar n tn Here's a slightly different perspective. I have tried Rythmol SR at a high dose level of 425mg twice a day. I was at "home" on a monitor when I started this medication because of its potential for problems... but I had not, it also did nothing to stop my Atrial Fibrillation.
Avatar n tn I have taken a BB for years to keep my AFib driven HR under control, and it works well for me. I use a generic called Metoprolol. I'm now on 50mg SR, but have taken as much as 200 mg.
Avatar m tn What I'd look for is the chance to give Metoprolol SR (Slow release, need only one a day) in a low dose (to me this is 50 mg or less, to minimize side effects) and an aspirin. Anyone with episodes of AFib should take some anti-clot prevention steps. Aspirin is the lest severe and the least, by far, cost-wise.
Avatar n tn I was told I have a preliminary A- fib condition and the EP starting me with drugs that are supposedly mild with minimum side effects . This includes Rythmol SR 225 MG twice per day and Metoprolol Succer 25 MG (a beta blocker) once per day. The combination of these drugs seems to have reduced the frequency of the SVE's but I feel I have lost the top end of my power running or on the bike. In the past I could sustain an average heart rate of 155 for 40 minutes or more with a max around 185.
Avatar f tn I think you need to discuss what options you have to return to the Cardizem CD results. Is this a beta blocker? Metoprolol is also a generic that is widely available and inexpensive. Calcium channel blockers can also be used to lower BP. Both of these also lower HR, which I think you don't need, but it you do well on a lower HR then anything over 40 at rest should be fine.
Avatar f tn What can I say? "Hang in there"? Try to work your way out of the stress, that will help. Take each issue and see what can be done to minimize it, its effect. I've taken up to 200 mg of Metoprolol (100 twice a day) and I more or less got use to it as far as low BP is concerned. But the fatigue was too much. I'm now taking "only" 50 mg SR of Metoprolol and 240 mg of a calcium channel blocker. I take both to keep my (ventricle) HR down... with luck in the 70s at rest.
612551 tn?1450025775 My cardiologist approved my changing from 100 mg Metoprolol SR twice a day to just once in the morning. That didn't change my dream problem, but then I gave it only a couple of weeks try, then I went on my own to 50 mg and have been at that level for a week+. The dreams continue (the BB may not be the driver), but I do notice a higher HR, and now on one or two sample tests a marginally high BP...again I did not had high BP prior to starting the BB a few years back.
612551 tn?1450025775 The second list, for Atenolol has only two fields per line, so I can't even map a line-per to the Metoprolol. My Metoprolol is also regular (was) Tartarate (not sue I got the "T" word right). Sorry for the confusion on my part. It was your good input on longer half life and less brain affects of Atenolol that encouraged me to ask my Cardiologist to let me give the Atenolol a try.
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Avatar f tn i also got very nausus when this would happen...Since then Ive been on Metoprolol tartrate which has helped greatly, although I am not tolerating the medication well, i am very tired on it and sometimes cannot do my normal everyday tasks without needing to rest. I even got fired from my job due to feeling like this. I am currently on 25mg in the first 12 hours of the day and 12.5 mg at night when i go to bed.
Avatar n tn I was just wondering if anyone noticed any difference from taking a generic form of a drug versus taking the real drug... I take 80mg a day of Inderal.... They use to not make the SR form in a generic drug and now they do... So my drug store filled my last 2 refills with the generic and I dont like it as well as the Inderal... I keep thinking its all in head .... Just wondering if anyone else had any similar experiences or any advise????