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Avatar f tn I was on a low dose of metoprolol for about a month. It slowed my hearbeat down to the 40's (I have bradycardia anyhow), which is too slow. I dropped it cold turkey, having been told by my cardiologist at Mayo Clinic that I could do that with no adverse effects. He was right: no bad effects. I feel fine. Maybe your problems are due to something else???
Avatar n tn All was finew/ the Metoprolol (no side effects) until late July when I started losing LOTS of hair (300-400 hairs per shampooing; "normal" shedding of 75-125 when not shampooing) and now my previously thick, shiny hair is thinning rapidly and dull. My eyelashes are also falling out, but not as rapidly as the hair on my head. (I also started having insomnia and leg cramps at night.)My MD is in the process of weaning me from the drug - 12.
Avatar f tn After looking at my records they decided which of their specialist EPs would be best for my case then they got back to me and told me they could consult with me, do some tests and discuss whether or not ablation was an option. I can't say enough good things about Mayo Clinic! I showed up at the clinic on a Tuesday morning and spent all that day and the next day having consults and tests.
Avatar m tn Maybe you need a complete evaluation done at Mayo Clinic. They do a fabulous job testing just about everything including the tilt table test and meeting with different doctors based on your symptoms. You will walk away with a plan that you can give to your doctor. Exercise is crucial as well.
Avatar f tn put me on Amiodarone 200 mg but I'm affraid of the side effects but I feel so sick that decided to take them I had my first pill today 08/28/2011. I really don't want to take this pill but what can I do? I'm so tired of feeling sick all the time, I'm on metoprolol 25mg twice at day but my regular heartbeat is still between 120 and 130 bit per minute when I'm resting and feels like it skips a beat. Any advice??? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/270886'>Ablation vs.
886699 tn?1270783344 Has any of you taken this medicine? How did it go? Did you have any side effects? I just started today on a very low dose and I am supposed to increase it in a couple of days, we'll see how it goes.Hope to hear from any of you!
Avatar m tn Norpace was great while I was on it. I did not have a problem at all. Though they did put me in the hospital for the first two days of taking it for observation. Apparently it can have some pretty nasty side effects for some. But for was the "miracle drug." After having the tilt result that you read above they put me on the Norpace and waited two days to test me again.
Avatar n tn You should consider being evaluated by experts in aortic conditions, perhaps by the Cleveland Clinic. Most cardiologists and surgeons would err on the safe side and tell you that your competitive sports days are over - but there may be other options available. Are you currently taking a beta blocker? I've found it is very difficult to find good information on athletic activity AFTER aortic surgery. I'm 48 and had a 5.0 cm aneurysm of my ascending aorta grafted in Feb 2004.
Avatar f tn I tried many different meds, Atenolol worked best with least side effects. I had my checkup and ask cardiologist if I could try reducing/ or elminating meds. He said to give it a try and if I have an SVT attack to take 1/2 a pill. I was on 25 mg daily, have gotten down to 1/4 am and 1/4 pm .. but can not get any lower without tachycardia , shakey feeling, trembling, just feeling terrible. I want to get off the atenolol because I hate taking meds...
Avatar m tn If you look at a good website such as the Mayo Clinic or the NIH or the like you can research each drug and see how it works. If you're taking these meds, however, and not having the bad reactions you describe above, then I'd assume you're okay on them. I know people love wikipedia, but it's really not your best source -- peer reviewed sources can be better and more accurate.
Avatar f tn ( At the onset of all of my symptoms my primary care put me on celexa which I could not stand the side effects it gave me. She has also prescribed me cymbalta-which my cardiologist said absolutely not with my tachycardia (who can you trust nowadays!!!) The latest she has prescribed me is Buspar? Has anyone taken that? I just have heard that these types of medication change your whole way of thinking and you as a person...
1395903 tn?1280354475 i wanted to get off beta blockers all together but i've been on cardizem before and didnt like the side effects one bit. i wanted something other then a beta blocker but he insisted that it is not causing the weight gain so he would not change my meds...also i've been having horrible awful anxiety attacks each morning and he dont know what it is from either.
Avatar f tn Well, I talked with my electrophysiologist the other day. I told him the new course of treatment wasn't working either and all I did was slept. My son made the comment, "all you ever do is sleep, mommy." I told him I was tired of being tired all the time. None of the medications have helped and I'm tired of experimenting. I now have hundreds of dollars worth of medical bills to pay and a ton of medications I don't even take! If anything I'm worse today than I was a year ago.
Avatar m tn Hello, a little background first - i'm a 27 yr old male, athletic, and in very good shape. For the past 9 years, I have noticed what I called a "funny" heartbeat that would kick into high gear as a result of excitement or adrenaline combined with some sort of exertion. A typical occurrence would be at a softball game, running bases. It would go away on its own, so I just didn't worry about it. It also does not phase me whatsoever.
Avatar m tn Maybe the meds helped in the 7 months you were on them even with side effects...I shudder just thinking about the side effects lol I'm such a wimp sometimes. I'm surprised you didn't notice a difference in that year of anything happening, you are alot braver than I am - I would be anxious over every symptom.
Avatar n tn One doc we saw suggested she try that, but our primary care doc dissuaded her from trying it due to potential side-effects. What do you think? Are the others that you mentioned all Beta-blockers? She does not normally have high blood pressure and according to all of the cardiac tests her heart is "normal". So maybe we will try the high-sodium diet. Would sports drinks (Gatorade, etc) be a good place to start? How else can one safely add additional salt to a diet?
Avatar n tn I have heard great things about the cleveland clinic and the mayo clinic. I am in Canada so the stuff up here is a bit different, but I am seeing my EP for the first time on Friday so I am crossing my fingers that I can be cured! I dont want to take meds longer then I have too. Just out of curiousity do you have any other heart conditions as well as the afib? Anyway keep in touch.
Avatar n tn Can you provide information to me as to what these nerves do and what side effects I will have if he does this procedure? Can you let me know if there are better ways to fix my problem.
967168 tn?1477588089 oh wow that is so different from here - when I had my ablation we were paying $890 per month for health insurance premiums - family of 4 and had a yearly deductible of $2,500 which made our yearly healthcare costs - $13,180, now if I went out of network say to Mayo Clinic or Cleveland Clinic I had a $12,000 deductible which is why I didn't choose Mayo like my cardiologist suggested.
Avatar f tn I AM STILL SO UPSET about my hair loss from the Beta Blockers. I never knew hair loss is one of the side effects of Metoprolol that I am taking. I take 25 mg 2 times daily. Doesn't seem like much compared to others, but, it is enough to make me feel fatigued all the time. I can live with the fatigue, but, the HAIR LOSS has really got me worried. I talked to oneof the primary docs here at Mayo last week about this and she is looking into it for me.
Avatar m tn It took me awhile to find out that I have side effects from CQ10, I never dreamed that CQ10 would give me side effects since its so highly praised and so good for the heart. I finally found the side effects listed by the Mayo Clinic and I had every one of them.
544292 tn?1268886268 So apparently HP needs me to rest, and not work and whatever the effects of that; I am still clean! I am still NOT on Tramadol! I said it before. Nothing is more important to me than being clean of this ****. I am weak like a kitten. I am drinking water and distracting myself and soon, when I get energy I need to find the inhaler that I use in the middle of the night. I have everything I need. VICKS. Steamers, liquid Vicks. Z-Pac. This morning I woke up and could barely speak.
Avatar f tn I didn't see the Dr to ask him about it because he was on vacation, but I also didn't think to ask him of any possible side effects. When I contact the office, I'll post any remarks he has to say about it.
1703392 tn?1307454100 I would say yes to the ablation, but ONLY at a major cardiac facility that deals with this every day. IE Cleveland Clinic, Mayo, Johns Hopkins, your research about who is close to you. I had mine done at the CC in my area last week, successfully. No PVCs at all as of 1 week later on a holter. There are multiple reasons for PVCs and at the very least over time, they CAN weaken your heart. I would do the ablation again 10x over, but like I said, ONLY at the best of facilities.
Avatar f tn com/cardiac-ablation-procedures/ Also click the link on page, dangers of Cardiac Ablation Our buddies at the Mayo Clinic Our budies at Emedicine http://emedicine.medscape.
Avatar f tn Please keep in mind that Calcium Citrate has the risk of the following side effects; •nausea/vomiting •loss of appetite •unusual weight loss •mental/mood changes •bone/muscle pain •headache •increased thirst/urination •weakness •unusual tiredness In addition, it should only be avoided or only taken under a doctor's care if you already have any of the following; •kidney disease •kidney stones •little or no stomach acid (achlorhydria) •heart disease •disease of the pancreas •a c
Avatar n tn I sometimes wish i could just check into the Mayo clinic for a week of every possible testing. Instead it's skeptical doctors and negative tests spread out over months, even years. What a waste of time. I hate when the weekend comes around because I know that I have NO WAY to reach a doctor unless I go to the ER again and make a fool out off myself in the eyes of my family yet again.
233616 tn?1312790796 Too much zealotry going on. My cousin is a researcher and endocrinologist, head hunted by the Mayo Clinic, and director of a Metabolic Syndrome clinic. He doesn't see the world through the one lens of Insulin Religion. In fact, he's not very happy with Metformin. He'd roll his eyes to hear our Metformin converts. Perhaps his gold medal at medical school was a sham or at least some of our members might say so.
Avatar n tn Or, they seem to be position related such as bending over and standing up to fast, lying down on my left side or on my back, etc. Also, if I wear tight clothing around my abdomen or have pressure of some sort on my lower abdominal area, this seems to increase the frequency. After reading many of the comments posted here, I have concluded that many cardiologists and medical science in general does not have a definite solution to the PVC/PAC problem.
Avatar m tn When I go into a doctors office now, I have an entire notebook of my research from reputable places like the Mayo Clinic or the Endocrinology Foundation and demand they answer my questions. If they don't, I leave and find another doctor. You can have anxiety and sleep apnea, but remember that sleep apnea causes a fear of falling asleep and you will wake up with a start as your body knows your not getting enough oxygen. A simple home test can rule this out.