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612551 tn?1450022175 I can report that this long term use has not yet produced any bad side effects. Not useful for explore my past efforts to return to normal sinus rhythm as that was the subject of my expansive participation in this forum in past years. For all in USA, best on Thanksgiving, we all have much to be thankful for.
Avatar n tn I used both, and found that side effects are similar; tiredness, weight gain, and a slow pulse. Side effects are more pronounced as the dosage is increased. I had dosages from 25mg to 200mg. daily. Other reported effects are loss of libido, tightness in the chest, itching, irregular breathing, and irregular heartbeat. If you have any further questions, I'd be happy to respond based on my experience with the drug.
1464004 tn?1384135733 Has anyone had experience with side effects from metoprolol after using awhile? I've been on a minimal dose (25 mgs bid) for over 6 months now. I didn't seem to have any side effects to speak of until recently. I do also have positional vertigo. Not only has this gotten worse as of late but I have become unsteady on my feet and dizzy quite often. I had to get a ct scan for tumor in my neck and it was just horrible!
20748650 tn?1521032211 I did see some information regarding an interaction between metoprolol and this product, but it pointed to an increase in metoprolol bioavailability, which theoretically shouldn't adversely impact the PVC burden? Anyone have any input or knowledge.. Even similar personal experiences with this?
Avatar m tn t really noticed any side effects at the moment. I was more worried that they might develop over the long term but maybe I am lucky and it won't effect me adversly.
Avatar m tn Is metoprolol and amlodipine safe to take?Since I am 38 only what would be its long term effects. That is taking the drug for over 30 years? Finally whether the dosage may be changed? Please help.
Avatar f tn Jails, institutions or death are the most common long term side effects I have seen, or the person quits and has a program of recovery. Why do you ask?
Avatar f tn i wonder did a doctor tell you you had multiple chemical sensitivites....
Avatar n tn I have read all the side effects but it is hard finding anything on the severe long term effects of taking this drug. Does anyone know a link or maybe some answers?
Avatar f tn What are the long term side effects of taking Gabapentin for long term pain control?
Avatar n tn That's a good one! I sure hope I get that long term side effect.
747988 tn?1396536878 hi folks-just looking around for info re long term side effects of treatment and came across you lot ranting away on your keyboards! I successfully completed 6months tx in april 2007 and am now unable to do very much due to the fatigue,pain and confusion I've suffered since. Just wanted to be added to the list of damaged souls. Have lost a lot of friends to this horrible disease so am very glad to have cleared it but at what cost?
1689583 tn?1387752394 I am reading there are long term side effects with treatment, I am getting the heebie jeebies I have been positive till now but need to know if this is true.
378273 tn?1262097621 Amiodarone is a very effective drug The main concern with it is not necessarily the side effects but more so the Toxic side effects that it has on other organs primarily the liver. It should only be a short term drug for that reason and liver function blood tests should be done on a regular basis. The new drug Multaq or dronedarone was developed to have all the benefits of the amiodarone but without the toxic damage to your body.
1464004 tn?1384135733 Hi folks! As many of you know I am on metoprolol tartrate 25 MGs b.i.d. for my PSVT. Even though I'm on the lowest dose I do get quite a bit of side effects as far as being overtired and dragging. My cardiologist now has started me on verapamil because my BP has been running high. I'm just afraid this is going to make me even more tired and dragging. Is anybody on this combo and if so how have the side effects been?
Avatar m tn My concern is that the drugs are not a cure but only suppress the symptoms and I have questions as to what the long term effects on organs may be. In addition, there the cost is $300 per month for these two drugs. Finally, I enjoy competitive sports and I find I am limited by the Beta Blocker to a max heart rate of around 125 beats/minute and have lost the top 20% of my power. Does anyone have any thoughts on why an ablation would not be recommended?
Avatar n tn I tried it for a day or two but I could not tolerate the side effects, so stopped. I have had to wait 2 weeks to get an appointment with my Dr. I will see him tomorrow. Meanwhile I now have an ever increasing heart rate and other symptoms mentioned in your website. How do I explain all this to my Dr?
Avatar m tn The half life of Diltiazem is roughly 6.5 hours. So it's safe to say that it has been completely eliminated from your blood by now. The question that I cannot answer is what long term effects doesn't have on the affected senses, and how long do they take to return to normal.....
Avatar n tn Levoxly's long term side effects if taken at the right dose are very rare, with the most common being hair loss nothing new to most of us here.
Avatar n tn Is this the best choice for someone my age and for someone who loves to workout? Is there any long term side effects I should be aware of?
Avatar m tn I have no symptoms and feel great; I am 54 and wondering if HEP C would kill me or if the treatment could cause long term effects that could ruin my health. The longest living male in my family was my father 86 and had slow progressive dementia the last 10 years.
214864 tn?1229715239 com report, consumers have experienced increased blood pressure, increased heart rate and ectopic beats, as well as side effects such as nausea, dizziness and headaches when switched from Toprol XL to Metoprolol Succinate ER. noted that the Sandoz formulation of the product is different from Toprol XL and dissolves in a different manner.
Avatar m tn Side Effects of Entecavir - for the Consumer Entecavir All medicines may cause side effects, but many people have no, or minor, side effects. Check with your doctor if any of these most COMMON side effects persist or become bothersome when using Entecavir: Diarrhea; dizziness; drowsiness; headache; indigestion; nausea; tiredness; trouble sleeping; vomiting.