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Avatar f tn In Vancouver I became dizzy during exercise, I emailed my cardiologist and he advised me Beta blockers (metoprolol 50 mg). They worked good for the first two months but then I felt dizzy again and got palpitations during exercise. I had a holter monitor with me for 24 hours to see if they could 'catch' the problem.
Avatar f tn I continue to take metoprolol even after my ablation. My physician feels it's good for my BP, and helps survivability in the event of a heart attack. I'm on 75mg./day.
1528249 tn?1291879339 My doctor has me on MEtoprolol (a beta blocker i think) and Dysopyramide which may also be called norpace or rythmodol i think.Thank you for your best wishes.
Avatar n tn Everything comes out normal. I am currently on Metoprolol Tartrate 75mg a day. I take 25mg three times a day. If I try and take any higher dose at a time it makes me get real tired and I dont want to do anything. Thats why its broken up 3x a day. Anyways, the Metoprolol is not working and I have been on a number of other BBs that used to work. Is there a reason why all of a sudden the BBs are working anymore? I have been dealing with palpitations since I was 18, and I'm now 33.
584903 tn?1233834986 Recently I got through the clouds and got a good photo looging down with a peak below me poking through the clouds. I have put this on my profile - so have a look and ask yourself could this be you? My start point was a full of fear couch potato who even drove to the local shop and my end point is any mountain I want, rain, gales, fog , snow - I;m often the only one up there.
Avatar n tn I took Toprol XL for years and then Plan D would only pay for generic Metoprolol Succinate ER. That's when I noticed a change in efficacy, not so much in the generic version produced by PAR (actually AstraZeneca still makes it), but the one made by Wagner. So are you still on the original Toprol XL?
Avatar n tn My father had told me many times that he'd had this problem since he was a young man. I even have an old family photo of him and my dad was the only one not smiling in the bunch, to which my dad told me one day "I was having one of our attacks, and wasn't feeling well." I worry that I too will meet the same fate as my dad. :( Acid reflux...really?!