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554422 tn?1220578966 Ask him if there is another beta blocker you could try. Maybe metoprolol or acebuterol. Tell him, you are concerned of your blood pressure and breakthrough high HR ( I take extra if I get that), but that your experience with higher doses is just not something you want to repeat!
Avatar m tn When you speak to your doctor ask him what he thinks (or she). I only take a 1/4 tablet of metoprolol and that works fine, but I started on 1/2 tablet. That may not sound like much, but I have low BP and a fainting disorder, so the 1/2 tablet nearly zombified me. Dropping your prescription by 1/4 tablet shouldn't be a problem, but surely check with your doctor first. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I have taken Toprol SR and now take the generic Metoprolol SR. I do not know atenolol. It is important that we have a rest HR below 100, and normal blood pressure. BB is the medication of first choice in my experience, whatever "brand". I have insurance, but prefer and am required to take generics whenever possible. So, few brand names in my "diet". I take BB to control/lower my HR, I suffer from Atrial Fibrillation.
Avatar f tn Is this atenolol going to help, or do I just put up with the tach and svt. I have been to 2 doctors and they both said that my heart is structurally fine. I have had all the tests and worn all the monitors. I am an otherwise healthy 39 yr old female. DOes anyone have any similar experiences that atenolol has helped? Thanks so much!
612551 tn?1450025775 Research on the web says that Atenolol is much longer lasting than Metoprolol and suggests that Metoprolol Tartrate has to be taken twice a day... Atenolol only once ! Strangle, again, my Cardiologist who issued a prescription for Atenolol upon my request to be allowed to try it is for 25 mg twice a day.
612551 tn?1450025775 I have used Toprol, Metoprolol (longest, several years) and now Atenolol for the past year. I moved from Toprolol and Slow Release beta blockers to generic to lower cost. I was looking at Propranolol which I see is a "non-selective" beta blocker, and it may therefore have an unwanted sleep disturbance side-effect. Yet, it is prescribed, I read, to lower nightmare problems by lowering the higher heart rate and adrenalin associated with nightmares. ..
Avatar n tn My doctor thinks the pvcs originate from the right outflow tract near the pulmonary branch and suggested I take either verapamil or metoprolol (the doctor says it is hit or miss and told me to take what I want.) I am terrified to take anything that could make things worse as I can barely handle my symptoms now. Verapamil can apparently cause asystole, heart block, proarrhythmias.
1933354 tn?1323366434 At my request I was switched from Metoprolol Tartarate to Atenolol which is also a quick release. But, the Atenolol has a much longer half life and I think it does a better job of holding me at a sufficient medicate level 24 hours a day by taking it twice a day. I also recall the Atenolol is more selective as far as the brain barrier is concerned - not sure about allergies. I have a lot of nasal congestion, which is year around, not seasonal.
Avatar n tn But coming back, a few issues need to be clarified. 1) Why were you started on metoprolol? Was it because you have palpitation or some other symptom or was it just because there was Ventricular Premature Contractions (VPC) on ECG?I am concerned vecause, if it was for symptoms, then there is small possibility of recurrence. 2) Do you suffer from high blood pressure (hypertension)? - In that case we need to start you on an alternate Blood Pressure lowering medication.
Avatar m tn When you speak to your doctor ask him what he thinks (or she). I only take a 1/4 tablet of metoprolol and that works fine, but I started on 1/2 tablet. That may not sound like much, but I have low BP and a fainting disorder, so the 1/2 tablet nearly zombified me. My cardio has given me permission to add or take away 1/4 tablet on an as needed basis, and I know several others are on an as needed regimine as well.
Avatar m tn hes so informed about this stuff) but PVCs are Premature VENTRICLE Contractions, and PACs, Premature Atrial other words, skipped, or extra beats, in the bottom (Ventricle) or top (atrial) of your heart. Electrical system of the heart a bit wacky. But my cardiologist tells me PVCs and PACs are totally harmless---and I have thousands a day some days. Harmless, in an otherwise healthy heart that is. Ive been through every cardiac test there is...
Avatar m tn at rising, and at dinner, and it's easy to remember. Metoprolol has the same bradycardia effect as Atenolol, so that has to be watched. Metoprolol has a serum half life of around 5 hours, the Succinate version helps to even the rate of absorption out. Admittedly, my dosage is somewhat of a roller coaster curve, but it seems to work well for me. Since my ablation procedure, I continue to take it for mild hypertension. It is very effective for that for me, so I was just kept on it.
Avatar f tn I have tried other beta blockers including metoprolol. Metoprolol did not agree with me. It actually caused my heartbeat to race, or jump quickly, when I would get exerted. I went back to atenolol 25 mg.
Avatar n tn Thanks for your additional comments. My EP said that there haven't been many studies on either atenolol or metoprolol, but the studies that have been done show a slightly lower birth weight if you are taking the drug. Metoprolol is slightly better in that area, but otherthan that they are safe. What a relief!
19887518 tn?1486052247 My long term experience with Metoprolol and Atenolol (similar regular release beta blockers) is my body seems to adjust over time in that my blood pressure returns to normal levels. Still I can have trouble if I make a sudden change in physical activity, say jump to my feet after sitting for more than a few minutes. I have on a few occasions fainted... happily always with a sit down on my part first... or being stabilized by a nearby person. As for fatigue, that can be a side effect for sure.
Avatar n tn I am on atenolol for a fib following an ablation that "fixed" the atrial flutter. Although the atenolol is keeping me in sinus rhtyhm the Dr. thinks sotalol is a better choice for the long term. I have no side effects from the atenolol except some fatigue (I take 37.5mg bid). What I have read about sotalol is that it can lengthen QTinterval. How would you know that was happening other than an EKG or dropping dead?
Avatar n tn I have been in Afib and my dosage of atenolol was just rasied from 25mg to 50mg. While it does seem to keep me out of Afib, I am somewhat depressed and, worse, can hardly walk I feel so sluggish. What are the dangers of staying in Afib (I had a TIA in March and am on coumadin).
Avatar n tn and self-testing. I haven't looked up, but isn't sotalol and atenolol anti-arrhythmia drugs,or are they indeed just another beta blocker - like metoprolol (maybe the ending "lol" is the key to the answer - I'm still learning the extensive drug names).
1423357 tn?1511089042 I've been taking Metoprolol Tartrate at various strengths for many years. I contined to take it following my ablation two and a half years ago on the advice of my PCP as a measure of safety against hypertension and heart attack survivability should one ever occur. I have leveled out on 75mg per day. I see my PCP every six months and I've noticed that each time I go, my blood pressure drops lower and lower.
Avatar m tn I Can deal with some dizziness when I stand up from the Bisoprolol or Nadolol, I can deal with a little bit more difficulty to fall asleep with the Atenolol or the Propranolol, but I can't live with all the side-effects from the metoprolol and I don't see how people can handle it especially in high dose? I guess everyone is different and react differently to a specific med...
Avatar n tn I don't know if my Metoprolol is succinate or tartrate, all it says on the bottle is PMS-Metoprolol-L , but anywhow, I took my second dose thise morning and I've noticed effects I don't like and wondered if they could be temporary, such as inability to have an erection and sometimes like "ticks" in my heart.
Avatar n tn Why do doctors persist in denying that Metoprolol and similar beta blockers cause hair loss? Do they really NOT KNOW or are they just oblivious and uncaring to the devastation that these meds cause?
Avatar n tn ) I was prescribed Atenolol (25mg/day), and also given Metoprolol tablets (25mg) to take if there is another episode. A few questions: 1) I'm very concerned about continuing on the Atenolol, since it's Category D and linked to slowed fetal growth, low birthweight and smaller placentas. I'd like to taper off (under my OB's supervision). If I go off the Atenolol and have another episode (and take Metoprolol to stop it), is that worse for the fetus than taking Atenolol daily?
Avatar f tn I recently have been looking to have some cosmetic surgery done and have been on atenolol for about a month for anxiety and sinus tachycardia (no major heart problems were found) I am 28 yrs, 134lbs, 5'6 ft.... I have had minor side effects such as: shortness of breath but no longer have it resting heart rate of 55-60 My question is has anyone had non-cardiac surgery or is surgery even safe while taking beta blockers.....
Avatar n tn I noticed that when I picked up my meds at the pharmacy, it says to notify my doctor if swelling in feet or hands. Could I possibly have to increase my Atenolol dosage? Could my meds cause the joint pain as well? Could it be time to change meds?
1019152 tn?1336077892 Is anybody on atenolol for svt and how has it worked in controlling it and how much ? Im on 50mg daily and have been taking it for about 5 weeks. It started out working ok now it seems to not be working as well. I had a episode last night and this morning for about 15 min. I hate it! When i first started taking it I cut the pill in half to avoid any side effects now Im taking the whole the whole pill for the last couple of days. I called the cardio. today to see if my dose should be increased.
Avatar m tn No shortness of breath or other signs of MI. No pain after this. Well, went back on full dose atenolol at night. Since then, have some "palpitations" if that is what they are every now and then. Called cardiologist when this happened, and they had a note of me having some palpitations when they did some of their tests. They told me to keep working out and tell them if have any significant changes. Could I have damaged my heart when reducing atenolol?
Avatar f tn It works great keeping my heart rate down and it works ok at fighting the palpitations, but I can't get my heart rate up either. If I walk briskly, a good pace for 20 or 30 minutes or so, I'm still not going over 105 bpm! The doctor says this is ok, and that I could take a smaller dose, 10mg instead of 20mg if I want my heart to beat faster.
Avatar n tn Has anyone ever taken Flecainide and Atenolol together? My EP has prescribed that to me 50 mg of Flecainide twice a day and 25 mg Atenolol once a day in the evening. It really seems to be helping, but I am scared of the long term effects of these drugs. I have also been givin a 30 day event monitor and haven't even had to send in much. A few minor skips etc. No major runs or Afib to speak of. The EP mentioned trying this for a month and then a possible Ablation.