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Avatar m tn Hello, I am 48 yr old male with Juvenile onset Diabetis. About 6 months ago I had a brief spell of a-fib that caused a chain reaction of doctor visits, cariologist visits, tests that all came out normal. My cardiologist put me on metoprolol tartrate 25mg twice per day. Although he told me it was a benign drug I have many side effects including fatigue and drowsiness, some dizzyness, and loss of sex drive and ED problems.
Avatar n tn Can you give me any idea as to the sudden onset? Any suggestion of anything that might help? I was told that one day I would wake up and they would just be gone ( although they would likely return) Well, 8 months later I am still waiting. Please help.
Avatar n tn Otherwise, my Echo and Holtor tests were excellent. My Doctor prescribed taking 12.5mg of metoprolol a day, even though he acknowledges that there is only a moderate chance that it will address and improve the problem. Having heard some of the more extreme cases of the potential side-effects of metoprolol, I was wondering... a.) Am I likely to experience many side-effects at such a small dosage? (I'm assuming 12.5mg 1x a day is considered a low dose). b.
Avatar n tn I was put on 25 mg Metoprolol (12.5mg 2x per day) on April 4, 2012 for a multicfocal atrial tachycardia event (lasted a day). Echocardiogram showed that my heart is in great shape. All was finew/ the Metoprolol (no side effects) until late July when I started losing LOTS of hair (300-400 hairs per shampooing; "normal" shedding of 75-125 when not shampooing) and now my previously thick, shiny hair is thinning rapidly and dull.
612551 tn?1450025775 Following are my observations on day two of substituting Atenolol 25 mg twice a day for Metoprolol 25 mg twice a day.. both are regular, for Metoprolol it is called Tartrate, I think the Atenolol comes in only one normally longer lasting form. Today in the early afternoon, following my third 25 mg dose of Atenolol at about 9 AM, I noticed some dizziness when I rose from a time sitting.
Avatar n tn Like your daughter-in-law (I believe it was) I was diagnosed as an adult onset of migraines. Boom! One day they were there... I was treated locally...then after awhile I gave up when that wasn't working. I started researching who was great at migraine treatment and started going to Diamond Headache in Chicago. I went there for a year and a half every month and sometimes more than once a month. For the past year, I'm now a patient at Mayo Clinic.
Avatar n tn Has your Dr suggested taking an antiarrhythmic medication along with the Metoprolol? There was a lot of hope a number of years ago that pacemakers would prove to be an effective treatment for atrial fibrillation. But in fact they're very ineffective, and they do not treat atrial fibrillation. There's only one situation where pacemakers play an important role in patients with atrial fibrillation, and that is in patients who have both atrial fibrillation and they have slow heart rhythms.
Avatar n tn I've had to be converted many times (which I absolutely hate btw) but now I'm a bit better at converting myself. They have been less frequent and of shorter duration since the Metoprolol, and because I have no insurance yet (Obamacare is still having problems with sign up) I can't afford an ablation yet. I don't think I'll opt for one anyway until they get to be a real pain (they tend to increase with age so I hear) so I figure one is somewhere on the horizon.
Avatar m tn As for meds, the Mexiletine is a sodium channel blocker, and the Metoprolol is a beta blocker. I think you know a lot about general terms, but when I tell you the exact med, you don't know what it is. Wikipedia can be your friend, too. I have no dizziness, fainting, or breathing problems. I feel normal, except the awareness of the early beats occasionally (usually only when I am sitting quietly or in bed).
Avatar f tn took bp right after taking my metoprolol and it was 152/75, pulse 85 (normal rhythm). In about 20 minutes it was 122/63 and pulse was 57 (which if usual for me). I had one bout with AFib in May of 2014 so I make sure it is beating in sinus sync. I eat correctly and walk 30 minutes each day. Cholesterol and all lipids low....HDL at 73. I am not overweight. Glucose at 87. I am on a low dose of Levothyroxine (12.5 /day), statin, aspirin, metoprolol and HCTZ.
Avatar m tn 00pm, right after I brushed my teeth! Again, like someone turned the switch on. Weird! 139/114 P130 @ 10:00pm. Felt like my heart was jumping around in my chest. Felt anxious & weak. Took 200mg Flecainide at once this time. 129/103 P122 @ 10:30pm. Took 1 Metoprolol @ 10:35pm. Took my regular dose at around 8pm. 155/68 P75 @ 11pm. Took last Flecainide then. 116/89 P122 @ 11:10pm. Felt tingly, weak, anxious & heart felt more active, so I took BP again. 108/75 P78 @ 11:30pm.
Avatar m tn I was switched from Atelenol to Metoprolol and now I have atrial fibrillation all the time. What is going on? Should I ask to be put back to Atelenol?
Avatar f tn The adverse effects of metoprolol are generally mild and temporary; they usually occur at the onset of therapy and diminish over time. Since you've been taking it for 6 months, it's unlikely that Toprol Xl is causing the symptoms you're describing. It's also not known to cause weight gain or bloating. It can cause tingling, but rarely causes insomnia. I would recommend discussing your symptoms with a physician.
Avatar m tn These are just my personal number thresholds, but not 100 is considered the onset threshold of tachy. that's not one of my numbers, and when I have a rest HR around 100 at rest I begin to think I need more beta blocker, but I don't panic. I consider myself doing well if my resting HR is in the 80s. I am on Metoprolol, high dose.
Avatar f tn Hi all -- My question is does onset of A Fib come before or after diastolic dysfunction? I had one bout with A Fib 2 months ago and when they did the echo they found Grade 2 diastolic dysfunction. Everything else on the echo was normal (except mild mitral valve regurgitation, mild tricuspid regurgitation, mild pulmonary hypertension, the LV was within normal limits [4.0cm], no LVOT obstruction, no systolic problems at all - hyperdynamic (what does that mean) EF of >60%).
1399363 tn?1462346210 O I think a rapid onset beta blocker is needed since suffering in those episodes for long time is torturing. And what i meant was different than the long term or steady state where it need continous maintainance in days. Please share your experience and thoughts. Thank you.
378273 tn?1262101221 Without medication (I take Diovan and Metoprolol 25 mg daily) my BP is around 140/90. However a few weeks ago when at the doctor's with a knee injury it went up to 184/105! Oddly enough it gets really low after running: 95/55 I hate these extremes, can't be healthy!
Avatar m tn In November of 2009, my heart was going in and out of SVTachycarida, until it would not go out one night (paid a visit to the ER). It seems that at the onset of the SVTs, inflammation was lurking around. The cardiologist prescribed metoprolol. In December and January, my heart had four, brief episodes of SVT. Oh by the way, my angina had become more frequent and intense (nitrogylercin helps).
Avatar f tn 50- 100mg Trazodone daily PRN for sleep/ anxiety (taken at bedtime usually for recent onset insomnia) 35 mg Seroquel daily PRN for sleep/anxiety (also taken at night for sleep new onset insomnia) 100 mg Pristiq daily (depression) 30 mg Pantoloc daily (acid reflux and nausea) 30-60 mg Vyvanse daily PRN (ADHD; not taken every day, always taken in divided dose) (JUST STARTED this MARCH 2017) Other info: Little to no caffeine intake daily Pertinent Medical hx: * since 12 years of age have
Avatar f tn Well I'm not a doctor, so not troubled with all that knowledge, but it seems to me that you could benefit from some medication, maybe just at night time. On the high HR side with accompanying elevated BP a light dose Beta Blocker might be something to discuss with one of your doctors. I thank all of them can prescribe. There are forms of BB that are available on the pharmacy discount generic list, so if needed, it is inexpensive if the doctor will accept one of the generic brands.
Avatar n tn The Dr has taken him off of some of the medications like the plavix, metoprolol and enalipril, but he still has these symtoms. It has been about a year since he has taken those last 3 meds. Any suggestions or advice would be nice.
Avatar f tn I do have HBP and was on a BP med at the time of the onset of pvc's. I am now on coreg 6.25mg twice a day it is controlling the BP but still having those darn pvc's can anybody help I'm not sure if I can live the rest of my life with this feeling of my heart flopping around inside me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar m tn I ejaculated approximately an hour prior to the onset, so am wondering if that had anything to do with it. I think I've had similar pain before, but it's always gone away within an hour or less. This has now been going on for over 36 hours. The interval ranges from 30 seconds to 30 minutes between each one, with probably an average of about once every 5 minutes. I haven't been able to discern anything that either decreases or increases this time (or severity).
Avatar f tn I can not workout like I would like to due to the SOB, so he put me on metoprolol 25mg er and has increased it to 50mg daily. It helps but I am puzzled as to why this is happening. He says that I probably sensitive to adrenaline? So, question 1) do you think it could be IST? I seem to fit the age of onset. 2) what can I do about the rate and are there any dangers for me later in life? 3)should I do more testing like a stress or echo?
Avatar m tn Could that be from the extra metoprolol? 3) isn't a few days to eliminate the extra metoprolol in my system enough time? 4)sounds like the flec is stopping to work for me, is that common after a long time?
Avatar n tn It would be difficult to distinguish sinus tach from other SVTs without being able to see P waves but may be possible using other clues such as rate, morphology and onset/offset of the tachycardia.
Avatar n tn Pain runs from 2-10. First line of treatment after seeing neuro, I was put on low dose Metoprolol which did much of nothing for the headaches. Then about a month later started on Topamax, currently on 100 mg/day though I do not get consisten relief. May get a few days or a week of decreased pain (the noise in my ears never goes away) and then I'll get the headaches back again, not quite as full force as before being on the Topamax..
Avatar m tn To my knowledge Flecanide is an anti-arrhythmic drug and Toprol is a "simple" Beta Blocker. I have never taken Flecanide, but I have taken Propafenone Metoprolol (generic Toprol) at the same time. Is you heart rate without the Toprol too high? Or, is your blood pressure too high? The BB would help lower both, but I doubt that it will do much for stopping episodes of AFib...just my experience. None of the meds stop my AFib, but again I've never taken Flecanide.
Avatar f tn I was previously on metoprolol and had awful nightmares, way worse dizziness and light headedness, heavy leg sensations, etc. Bystolic has been way better for me. Best of luck to you!
Avatar m tn The extend of the hypoplasia of your artery. 2. What triggered the onset of your symptoms. 3. What are you allergic or sensitive to , in hopes of explaining the mild mucosa thickening. (You may have mild sinusitis) Look into Dr. Coca's Pulse Test to self-test for any allergies, sensitivities and intolerance to anything you ingest. free download. 4. Does vitamin C supplementation ( taper up to 4x 500mg daily ) or B12 Methylocobalamin 1000 mcg daily help ameliorate your symptoms?