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Avatar f tn Hello, My doctor as put me on 25 mg metoprolol extened release daily for palpitations. I am reading on the web about weight gain and hair loss. Does hanyone has any experience with this medicine--good or bad? I am 38 years old otherwise healthy, active person and I eat right but am little nervous about starting the medicine as i have heard once you go on it, you have to take it forever. Someone please advise---share your experience with the medicine. Thank you.
Avatar f tn 1. Metroprolol can give you short-term memory loss AND make your extremities cold (you had mentioned your hands getting cold, so that probably explains that!!) 2. Alprazolam can give you memory impairment and, more rarely, transient amnesia I currently take a tranquilizer, a pain killer, a nerve pain medicine, as well as an SSRI.
Avatar n tn are any of these meds causing short-term memory loss? if I stop taking them will it get better or worse, next stage total loss of memory?? how do I know if it is me or the meds? help before I forget I wrote this.....
Avatar f tn I just discovered this after 3 months of total misery, 7 different doctors, multiple tests, 1 hospitalization, 16 pound weight loss, almost lost my job, etc., etc., etc.. I want to know if this will have permanent effects on my body and heart and will I ever be the same again. I still don't feel 100% and have been back on the brand TOPROL XL for 9 days now.
612551 tn?1450025775 Following are my observations on day two of substituting Atenolol 25 mg twice a day for Metoprolol 25 mg twice a day.. both are regular, for Metoprolol it is called Tartrate, I think the Atenolol comes in only one normally longer lasting form. Today in the early afternoon, following my third 25 mg dose of Atenolol at about 9 AM, I noticed some dizziness when I rose from a time sitting.
Avatar m tn Eventually I gradually started to get regular headaches again and I experienced a fairly severe memory loss issue which has not resolved yet. I was taken off the Topomax (this was about 5 years ago, I don't remember the replacement med) I'm currently on Fentanyl trying to break the cycle of pain. I have another series of MRI's both head and neck booked for the beginning of April to check again if there is something wrong.
Avatar f tn The EMT's showed up as I was feeling better, however they checked me out, my blood pressure was good, there were no signs of heart issues, so I declined transportation (my husband had been called and was on his way) I have AFib/Tachycardia and am on baby aspirin, metoprolol, and flecainide. Just as they were packing up to leave, it happened again, dizzy, nauseous, pale, loss of muscle control in my hands - this time they got my blood pressure while I was having the episode and it was 60/35.
Avatar n tn atenolol caused me to have vertigo, anxiety attacks, right ear hearing loss, and short term memory loss......
15860670 tn?1443544854 I am always, tired, weak, have muscle pain, I have headaches daily, I have leg cramps, I have memory loss, I have vision problems, I have pain and neuropathy in my feet.
Avatar m tn Most of the beta blockers cross the barrier between the blood vessels and the brain so patients can have neurological symptoms (e.g. depression, halucinations, confusion, short-term memory loss). In your case I would probably use atenolol that is the only one that does not cross the barrier and see what happens. If you have coronary artery disease it is reasonable to take Bblockers.
Avatar n tn I started taking 100mg Metoprolol Tart a year ago. And have also had some memory loss, have started to get far sighted. Always had better than perfect eyesight. Depression I thought because of everything that has happened since the heart attack. Lost my $14.00 HR. job, sex life, etc. Oh well just part of getting older, I guess. I've cut my dose down to 50mg a day. I take 25mg when I wake up and 25mg when I can remember in the evening.
Avatar f tn I am a 24-year-old female and have been experiencing many symptoms for the past couple of years, the most disconcerting of which are sleep problems, weight gain, anxiety/depression, memory loss, and profuse sweating. I recently learned that I have been in tachycardia, which would explain the sudden sweating and heat intolerance. It has been a month now since I realized that I've been above average (my resting bpm is almost consistently about 100 and escalates up to 170 with casual walking).
Avatar n tn i have had some so bad it takes the breath from me and have had memory loss for about 15 min. which does return after. my heart speads up slows down sometimes i have almost passed out. it comes and goes it is not constant and can happen even when completely relaxed sitting on couch. my specialist last told me that my heart beats really fast all the time after i wore a moniter. i told him that it has never beated like this before ever and his reply was that he has nothing prior to go by.
Avatar m tn Side effects of Metoprol include abdominal cramps, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue, insomnia, nausea, depression, dreaming, memory loss, fever, impotence, lightheadedness, slow heart rate, low blood pressure, cold extremities, sore throat, and shortness of breath or wheezing. Metoprolol can aggravate breathing difficulties in patients with asthma, chronic bronchitis, or emphysema. The Baby asprin is low dose and should be well tolerated unless you have asthma .
Avatar f tn Be careful with the Seroquel as well. It is a psych med with some pretty serious side effects. Docs prescribe it for sleeplessness sometimes, but it was created as an anti-psychotic (too sedating for use with that usually). And, it can trigger some weird stuff. Memory loss, extreme malaise and "fogginess" can be caused by Seroquel too. Don't stop either med without talking to your doc, but if I were you, I would switch off the Seroquel to something lighter.
Avatar n tn He has had chronic diarrhea for years. No weight loss. A couple of years ago he had an experience of what we thought was torsion of the Appendis. We have since found out a few months ago he has an extremely painful (to the point he wishes he could just cut it off) varicole on his right testicle. He also has severe pain in his right lower abdominal area. Swollen prostate and loss of testosterone. High blood pressure controlled with quite a few rx's.
Avatar m tn I am on no meds at this time, and have not been on any for around 2 months. Even then, it was mild doses of beta blocker (metoprolol 25mg/day) Many thanks,,, Bob A.
534785 tn?1329595808 He told me that everything looked good and that I should keep taking my acid reflux medications, but cut back the Nexium to once a day to avoid the side-effect of bone loss later on in life. I've done so, but I still get some acid reflux no matter what I do. It can be veeeery painful if I forget to take my medication!
Avatar f tn --Extreme fatigue --Significant memory loss. --Chemical depression brought on by the Sotalol --Hunger, craving for sweets, weight gain (4 kgs in three months) He instantly said"let's try something else--your quality of life is important." (I like that I didn't have to lobby my wish to change beta blockers.) So I stopped (instantly, despite what the package insert says for Sotalol) those and the next day went on 2.
21064 tn?1309312333 I take metoprolol for PVC's and SVT. The major side effects I've experienced are TIREDNESS and, because I already have low BP and vasovagal syndrome, it has made me more prone to passing out then I have been for years. The metoprolol knocks you on your butt when you first start taking it. It also caused me to have really weird dreams when I did sleep. My heart rate went from an average of 65 bpm to 55 bpm with 12.5mg/day. I take prozac for the anxiety that was caused by PVC's and SVT.
Avatar f tn Atenolol seems to work the best, at about 50% effectiveness, although the weight gain, increased depression, and memory loss are big problems. The high BP started only 6 months ago, and I've been treated (with medication only) for the PVCs since May 2010. I take 100mg atenolol/day, usually split am/pm. It seems to have no effect on my blood pressure at all. I can have horrible PVCs with high blood pressure, or normal, it doesn't matter.
21064 tn?1309312333 verapamil i've been on since i was 18 and have had no terrible side effects HCTZ I get slightly dehydrated but the Altace regultaes my potassium. Coreg i have memory loss and fatigue altace the ACE inhibitor i am very sensitive to.
Avatar f tn My symptoms also go on to include extreme fatigue, my memory became really poor (I forgot the name of the drink that was in my hands and I always drink), mood swings, I had a band like feeling around my left arm that lasted for weeks, I also developed a fluttering sensation in my chest and migraines that would literally last for 5 weeks.
Avatar f tn Even with the small change I've made I'm happier, my feet and hands are warmer, I have fewer memory loss experiences, I'm sharper thinking.My feet and face aren't swelling as often, I've lost 9 lbs, which may have been water weight, I am definitely less depressed. I am anxious but I've always had low grade anxiety and my family is going through some really rough stuff right now.Forgetfulness is getting better.
Avatar m tn It has been reported on several occassions by different Doctors that some of their patients have suffered memory loss. Is this rare? who knows, it seems everytime a Doctor tries to raise a problem it gets swept into the background and under the carpet, by who I have no idea. I do know that Lipitor has the least number of side effects reported and your cholesterol would have to be off the scale for over 40mg to be prescribed. I have familial hypercholesterolemia and 40mg does more than enough.
Avatar n tn My hands and feet stayed cold and I started to experience memory loss and tightness in my head. It was to the point with taking the XL, I knew when it was being disbursed into my system, palpitations, coldness and no energy.... just total dread I told my doctor that I had to get off of them, so I began reducing my dosage in half. The pill are scored and I broke it in half, I took .25 for 10 days and then got a prescription for .25XL and starting breaking those in half. I took the .12.
Avatar f tn I had a heart ablation about 7months ago for psvt and soon after started having problems with low blood pressure so was started on midorine which helped for awhile they lowered my dose of metoprolol which i still cant come off of due to bad palps when stopped and return of psvt well about 3 months ago i started getting extremly tired and has gradually got worse with heart rate dropping in 40s was in the er for problems with high b12 concern from bariatric doctor and was turning paler by the day
Avatar m tn Numbness—tingling Weakness of legs, arms, trunk Impaired vibration—position sense Abnormal reflexes Unsteady or abnormal gait Balance problems Difficulty ambulating Dizziness Tremor Restless legs Visual disturbances Forgetfulness, memory loss Dementia Impotence Urinary or fecal incontinence Psychiatric symptoms: Depression Irritability Paranoia Mania Hallucinations Psychosis Violent behavior Personality changes Hematologic signs and symptoms: Anemia Macrocytosis (enlarged red-blood cell
Avatar f tn numb palms and toes, nausea, loss of apetite, blurry vision, flushing, memory loss, searching for words, mental fogging, digestive problems, lack of balance, tremors in my hands and legs, sweating for no reason but feeling cold at the same time and anxiety (the anxiety is a major surprise because I am known for being very calm under pressure and now I feel anxious without any identifiable triggers!).
Avatar m tn Can’t say from my own experiences for me doesn’t matter when I take my metoprolol. But our bodies behave differently and telling us the only truth what is a truth for us as an individual.