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Avatar n tn is it safe to take metoprolol 50mg er lisinopril 10 mg and hctz 25 mg all once a day
Avatar f tn i was changed from lisinopril 40 to metoprolol 50 bid for htn change was made to get better arrythmia control within 1 week bp went to 200 over 110 8 pound weight gain and severe headache.. is this a common thing to happen after abrupt ace stoppage and starting beta blocker? hx of mod mitral aortic tricuspid regurg la enlargement to 5.
Avatar m tn I do not want to be on this drug and feel there is no need for it. I have mild hypertension and proir to metoprolol was taking low dose of lisinopril which I am back on now.
Avatar n tn I am wondering if this is a theorpy for deplaying surgery or is it a long term plan to treat the leakage. I am also on 25mg Metoprolol twice daily. I will be having a heart cath in 2 weeks to investigate the valve further and to rule out any other damage. Please advise of the results of other Lisinopril treatment history. Thanks....
Avatar f tn She switched me to 100mg ER Metoprolol to take in the morning and 20mg lisinopril for the night. I had to take my bp every day and went back every week. Every week it would be high at the dr Office and she would increase the lisinopril. Mind you, I didn't take prescription anything prior to this except maybe an antibiotic when needed. Now I'm on these high doses of bp meds. Initially I thought well I'll get used to them, there's always an adjustment time.
443862 tn?1238003039 Is anyone taking metoprolol? It's driving me nuts! I do have anxiety disorder. And of course knowing they gave me this to lower my heart rate makes me nervous. And with my anxiety disorder I am taking my blood pressure every hour. I know that doesn't help. But dealing wit the metoprolol, it has dropped me to 88/55 at times, today 112/73, then 93/55 then 142/70. I get hot flashes, shakes, tingling arms, a general feeling of panic when I see my reading is low or I feel the shakes....
Avatar m tn ), and both of us have mild hypertension. My wife takes Lisinopril while I take Metoprolol. I originally took the beta blocker to SLOW my nocturnal pulse which I would awaken to nearly every evening. It turned out my elevated pulse (approximately 120 bpm)was due to severe obstructive sleep apnea. Once that was corrected, we noticed that the beta blocker had a positive effect on my blood pressure. It was nice and low. So I've continued on it for nearly 10 years now.
Avatar f tn I have a wonderful (and high profile) cardiologist in Boston (who performed the ablation). He put me on flecainide (worked up to 75mg/day) and 50mg/day metoprolol. It worked at first - not a blip. But then I started having frightening episodes of SVT, which brought me to the ER, and eventually hospitalization. He took me off the flecainide which seemed to be the cause of the SVT. I also have atrial flutter now.
Avatar n tn I apologize if this is in the wrong section. I was put on metoprolol about six years ago for hypertension and palpitations. I have been eating right and have lost some weight over the last year. I have been taking 100 mg at noon and 100 mg at midnight. For a while now my resting heart rate has been very slow anywhere from 39 bpm to the low to mid forties and I've felt like a zombie. I went to my doctor and he told me to reduce from 200 mg to 150 daily.
Avatar m tn blood tests, x-rays, cat scans etc came back to say kidneys, lungs, bladder and all that are fine, ECG results from a few years ago showed some abnormality, after listening the physician said I had a heart murmer and left ventricular hypertrophy, but apparently ECG results look much better since starting on the drugs this year.
Avatar f tn Lisinopril and Metoprolol when I left the hospital, now Lisinopril and carvedilol (coreg). seems like a relatively common combination.
Avatar n tn I have been working hard on my health and diet and just got clearance last week to stop taking the last of my meds. I took Lisinopril, Amlodipine, and Metoprolol. I was weaned off them all. I am now med free. Yay! Curious if anyone truly saw weight loss after stopping beta blockers.
Avatar f tn I went up to 20 mg on the Lisinopril with the Atenolol, still not lowering it enough. He then changed me to Metoprolol 100 mg bid and Lisinopril 20 mg daily. Since the change (3 weeks ago) I have noticed an increase in my anxiety levels. Anxious all the time and having panic attacks. What's happening to me.
Avatar n tn I never had a problem until this new doctor switched me to generics in October of 2010. Everything went downhill. I was on Atenolol and Lisinopril-coughing for 2 months. Kept calling and was told my body had to get used to it.(He only had me on 50mg, where I was on 200mg before. I went to some pharmacy school and knew something didn't sound right.) Hands and LEgs were now ice hold. Never had a problem before. bruising. After 4 months I could not take it anymore.
Avatar n tn Since then we have tried Norvasc, and metoprolol all with side effects. After discontinuing the metoprolol, I noticed my hands, feet and sometimes knees were becoming discolored when I sat or after showering. When standing or lying they returned to normal color. My doc said this is from the blood pooling and was probably related to taking the beta blockers. I am still on Lisinopril and now Cardizem but as still having problems with the red hands & feet. It is very embarrassing.
Avatar n tn 250mcg digoxin...50mg metoprolol...325mg aspirin...10mg lisinopril and 40mg protonix still i have acid reflux if i do anything physical such as walking can you help me.
Avatar m tn coumadin, furosemide, metoprolol 50 mg,, spironolactone, Imdur 30 mg, Simvastatin and Lisinopril. I am also wondering if this may have something to do with one of my bottom teeth which is loose. Is there anything I can do to clear stop the peelig and flaky spots?
Avatar f tn I don't have health insurance anymore and therefore have not seen a cardiologist yet. I'm presently taking metoprolol, lisinopril, and spironolactone because my blood pressure is elevated. I am also experiencing shortness of breath which the metoprolol seems to help. How long can I go without seeing a cardiologist for this ischemia? I found out about the results of the ECG around May 17, 2013. Also, what is the difference between an ECG and an EKG?
Avatar n tn I am currently on 2.5 mg Lisinopril 12.5 mg Metorpol XL 40 mg Lipitor 325 mg Asprin My question is, Do I need to be taking medications for the rest of my life? Also do these medications necessary at this stage?
Avatar n tn I have been on Plavix (150mg a day), Metoprolol 25 mg, asprine, lipitor (10mg), Lisinopril 20mg. All my panels are very normal including my BP. I have been having cold hands and feet last three years and this winter this feeling is unberable. The chill made my left chest so uncomfortable. My cardiologist switched me from Metoprolol to Coreg 12.5 MG. Then I started to have very bad insomnia, occasional left chest discomfort in the afternoon. Also I have developed bad fatigue.
Avatar f tn I seem to be having trouble finding a BP medicine that works and also doesn't pose addition problems with my COPD. The Metoprolol and Amlodipine kept things in fair control but Metoprolol aggravated my already low functioning lungs. Now I am on Losartan and at first I thought it was working. But maybe that was just because I still had the Metoprolol in my system. In any event, once again my breathing function is worse. I started off on Lisinopril with a different doctor.
Avatar n tn ~Can also be found as Metoprolol Succinate, Metoprolol Tartrate, Lopressor, Dutoprol, or Toprol XL These drugs are part of a combination to regulate your high blood pressure, so they don't interfere with each other. They work together, were you on just one medicine before you got on all three of these? Make sure you take them at the same time every night.
Avatar f tn Maybe it could be a result from one or more of my medications (lisinopril/hctz, metformin, metoprolol, nexium, nasonex, low dose asprin)? Should I be concerned?
Avatar n tn I am on plavix and 325 mg asa everyday..alongf with lisinopril,metoprolol, and 80 mg pravachol..I also have graves disease and am on methimazole.. I am a nurse..I need to know if lifting heavy patients and pushing beds is a danger to me.. I do still have some problems with feeling ill..please let me know what my lifting pushing pulling capabilities/limitations are under these circumstances.I am a female 57 years old.
Avatar m tn If there is severe diastolic dysfunction to a point that there is presence of congestive heart failure symptoms like fluid overload, shortness of breath, the cardiologist would often add medications like ACE inhibitors (like lisinopril) and/or beta blockers (metoprolol) to improve the hemodynamics. Hope that answers your question.
Avatar f tn Hi has your grandma been to a dermatologist what specialise in skin? Does the rash ooze or anything?
Avatar m tn It seems my bp has gotten worse. Placed a call to the doctor Monday and they increased one of my meds (lisinopril) from 40mg per day to 80 mg. Increased another one (indapamide 2.5mg) from 1/2 pill per day to 1 pill per day. Prior to going to bed my bp will have dropped from about 180 to 160. The new bp med I am not taking is metoprolol succinate 50 mg. I was taking verapamil er 180mg.
390388 tn?1279639813 Trying to get used to lisinopril and a slow HR after having it high for some time. I switched to taking it in the AM along with my Triamterene/HCTZ, and Metoprolol instead of which it was dropping my HR into the low 60's. I'm just so wiped out feeling anymore. I hope my body adjust soon...... And realllllly hope they can also figure out why I'm in so much pain all the time. Mainly with my back; but, my stomach and all over body pains too. I feel like a real mess anymore.
Avatar m tn I have been hospitalized repeatedly since the heart attack and have tried all the usual medications such as verapamil, cardizem, imdur, metoprolol, lisinopril, norvasc and magnesium. I do not tolerate cardizem or imdur well. The angina was not controlled until they started me on Ranexa last year because the pain was constant and severe. I couldn't even walk across the room without severe pain.