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Avatar f tn I am a 25 yr old who is on metoprolol tart 50mg BID because almost 2 yrs ago I had my tricuspid valve replaced (now pig valve). Long story short, recovering IV drug abuser who gave myself staph which led to endocarditis and after 2 months of IV antibiotics finally got cracked open and given a new valve. I take my bp meds everyday bid (not exactly the same time ALL the time, but mostly).
Avatar n tn At first they contemplated IV Adenosine, but that can be a bad choice not knowing the source of your tachycardia. Back to NSR with IV metoprolol. Dx SVT, on 25mg of metoprololER . Follow up EP Dx was PSVT, based on ER EKG and my "heart healthy" NSR. I did not have insurance at the time, having been in excellent health otherwise.. This prompted me to get a policy.
Avatar f tn Decided it was time to go to the ER within a few minutes, was admitted rather quickly and they tried modified valsalva, metoprolol IV push and that did not work, by BP was plummeting and my heart rate all over the place. I had atrial fibrillation/SVT with a ventricular response and a HR above 200. They decided it was best to send me to a higher tier hospital via helicopter. There I was sent to maternity ward C-section ready, and they discussed the best approach.
664977 tn?1234644335 Then 20 months ago had an SVT (I cycle in and out before the episode is over) lasting 4+ hrs, landing me in the ER, HR 190, 5ml IV push of metropolol. saw EP Dr., Dx PSVT, metoprolol 25mg 2xday. (yuck! fatigue, foggy) No more SVT until 16 months later, a few mild episodes that I'd be incapacitated with for an hour + and wait thru. I can feel them coming on, try vagal maneuvers and also feel when they are over, and started being aware of triggers..
782988 tn?1242689585 So she was at least nice enough to put me on metoprolol a beta-blocker and I am taking meds for anxiety and hypothyroidism. She said come back in about four weeks and we would see how things are with the effectiveness of the meds. I am still uneasy I want to see a specialist. If I do not improve in a few weeks, I am going to insist I see a specialist.
Avatar m tn So if anyone can give me some glimpse of hope that would be great. And what do u think of having to get that IV push that pauses your heart to get it back to norm? anyone else have that? Its HORRIBLE. I need advice on how to live a positive life again? I feel like Im a ticking time bomb. Please help! Thank you!
1455613 tn?1285333609 I was recently diagnosed with A Fib, and hospitalized for 3 days during from the episode, which had to be broken with a push of cardizem and then an IV drip of cardizem for a couple of hours. They monitored me at the hospital, and then sent me home on Plavix, because I am highly allergic to aspirin. Since then I have been back to the ER one time for another episode, and they sent me home as soon as I went back into Sinus Rhythm.
Avatar n tn Because of aFib (atrial fibrillation) shortly after the surgery and cardioversion not effective, I am on slow-acting Metoprolol 100mg daily, Rythmol (150mg x 2) for aFib, Coumadin-4mg to 5mg daily for INR 2-3, Lipitor 80gm, Enteric ASA 81gm.
255722 tn?1452550141 Cardiac tests, blood work, urinalysis and chest x-ray showed nothing also no fever but increased PVC’s and semi-low potassium levels of 3.4. Was given IV fluids and potassium supplement and sent home. Prescribed 25 mg Metoprolol daily (12.5 in a.m. 12.5 in p.m.) Have been taking religiously since then. 8/19/2011 Halter monitor for 8 hours. No symptoms that night. Felt “fine” and was able to sleep through the night with no symptoms.
Avatar f tn In my daughter's case they tried metoprolol, midodrine, florinef, salt, ritalin. I can't remember if it was the metoprolol or midodrine but one of them caused her blood pressure to be extremely low early in the mornings. (I think 52/45 or something like that.) We did call the cardio and he had us adjust it taking half and changing times, but it still didn't help. At the time we didn't realize that hers was likely the 'H' form.
Avatar n tn Says she is dehydrated push fluids. So I push fluids and no improvement. SO now I take her to the er because she is crying with her headache. CT normal, blood work normal, but ct showed ? spot. Orders MRI. GO back to md and get mri. He gets a consult with a pediatric neuro in Feb of 09. Still no answer and she feels crappy. I am still watching HR and still getting the same numbers. And I hear an ectopic beat on my stethescope.
584903 tn?1233834986 So thats where i am now and im doing alot better aside from the every so often feeling my ht skipping a few beats and in the evening hr is a little high but not so high to scare me to much the odd thing is after my walk lately unlike when i started the walking my hr is lower than before the walk around 74 usually which is very good.greendave iv never seen a real mountain ever only in books or on tv.
170935 tn?1225374676 After 30+ minutes of waiting for the dr, I was given adenison via iv two different times (the first one didn't work) before my heart rate finally slowed to the low 100's. This has been so frustrating. I opted for the ablation rather than meds because I am trying to get pregnant and then after I had it done, it started back even more frequent that before. I have also had continuous heart palpations all throughout the day which is very bothersome. Not sure what to do...??
Avatar m tn Lately, I haven't been able to take this at night, so I will jump out of bed and furiously pump out about 50 push-ups without stopping. This gets my heart rate up quite a bit, maybe around 80 or 90 bpm. The PVCs are totally gone in what I understand is called "overdrive suppression". This works every time and sometimes if I'm lucky, will keep the PVCs at bay just long enough for me to fall asleep.
Avatar n tn They hung some IV fluids (electrolytes, which happens to include ... magnesium!) and in two hours I felt just FINE, if a bit tired. I asked the ER doc what he thought it was that caused all the ruckus, so I would know what kind of dr to follow up with, and he said, "Maybe endocrine.
Avatar n tn I kept passing out and they would bring me back long enough to push and I would get one push out and out I would go again. I am very afraid this time, I have been taken off all of my meds and I am symptomatic but it is not real bad yet although my first few weeks off meds were bad. I am so scared and nervous about this pregnancy but more so about my delivery. I have seen three doctors to this point because I was labeled high risk then told I was not high risk but rather high maintenance.
Avatar f tn i has svt for 5 to 6 years an im on beat blockers an idnt think they work an iv refussed avin a pacemarker cud any 1 help me i dnt no wot to do abwt it..
Avatar f tn Wow! This is eerie to suddenly come upon this thread. Had a heart attack at 45 in Jan '08, with 100% blockage of the LAD. They stented it. I had a rod like pain about the size of a 4" pencil to the left of my sternum - my cardiologist said it was nothing extraordinary. Had a lot of travel and work stress in Sep/Oct and I started getting intermittent pain traveling up the neck to the left side of my jaw. The pain also radiated to my left arm pit.
Avatar n tn I think the worst part was before - take off all my clothes, get an IV put in. The rest wasn't too bad. After it's done you have to lie fairly flat for about 6 hours. That can cause quite a back ache. For some reason the last time I had it done they allowed me to have the head of my bed elevated just a few degrees (there's a limit) and it made all the difference in the world.
Avatar n tn It sounds like your wife has more severe case, taking into consideration the fainting while sitting, and the lack of improvement In people with frequent or disabling symptoms, treatment with beta-blockers (such as Metoprolol or Atenolol) may help. Other medicines that can be used include Scopolamine, Disopyramide, or Theophylline. Some patients may need to be on a high salt diet or wear compression stockings.
Avatar n tn I take medication at 6 am, Monopril, Metoprolol, and a diuretic. By seven my heartbeat is normal, 65 per min. and regular. It comes back, at times, late afternoon. Medication again at 6 pm. Metoprolol,Lescol, Aspirin. Symptons go away before Nine PM. I have been worried about this, and called my Docs office. They said "Don,t worry about it" I need a second opinion on it. I am a pretty active guy, walk, garden etc., have had high blood pressure, but it is under control.
Avatar f tn Don't give up hope, there is a very good chance that your husband can come out of all of this unscathed. Don't baby him, but rather push him to get up and do what he can do without losing his breath. As long as he can talk without having trouble breathing while exercising, then he can keep doing whatever he is doing, and the more he does, the better he will get. I hope the best for your husband and you.
Avatar n tn If your stomach and digestive tract is as described then you must have inflamation. All this inflamation and bloat and gas will push up on your diaphram and surrounding areas and cause great discomfort and pain but also can press upon nerves. One of the nerves could be the vagus nerve and the afib may be vagul induced afib by exerting pressure on it and cause your heart to pump harder and disrupt the firing pattern of your heart causing it to go into fibrilation.
Avatar f tn I had it check out and they say I am fine. I feel sluggish then a jolt of energy with the pooling of blood then that push of fresh blood. Kind of a similar feeling I get when I fall in love with a hot girl that I am afraid to ask out. I know it sound kind of juvenile, but it the closest feeling I can think of that makes me feel like I do when the PVC's come on strong. Exercise can improve health.
1912832 tn?1322191954 As I am running around getting their EKG, starting an IV, getting labs etc - I secretly am having 12 to 20 a minute!. I don't think it is anxiety related, I think it is related to my hormones. i'm not quit at the menopause stage yet - but getting there! I had them two years ago so bad, that I actually had pitting edema and a horrible cough.
537497 tn?1292556656 This health anxiety has completely ruined the last four months of my life and all i think about is dying. Crystal is right, the only thing that has helped me is to push myself to do things and try and lead a normal life. I am pretty sure that you are not dying but its hard to believe that for yourself. Stick around on this forum and check out people's journals, you will see that you are not alone and that there are so many like us out there.
687079 tn?1230952212 Start saying No to people who demand your attention. Start doing things for YOU. If you cant do something one day...then dont do it. Dont push yourself too hard. There were many times I stayed in my pj's all day and you know what? I didnt care what people thought. But most of all remember that we are all only human and yes, we do make mistakes but it the mistakes that make us a stronger person. Sorry...didnt mean to write a book lol (I have a habit of doing that lol ) My advice is.....
21064 tn?1309312333 I am also six pounds lost in my quest to stabilize at a normal weight (I am 181 now, and 5 foot 6, ought to be about 140). I have a feeling that with less belly fat to push the hernia up into my heart, and with the hernia hole sealed off, the heart might settle down. If not, I am all for the ablation. I have thousands of these suckers a day, and can't see spending the rest of my life like this. It is a battle, and I intend to win.