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Avatar n tn I have been diganosed with CHF. At the present time I'm taken all the "right " meds from what I read at the forum. My Bp is getting better now , it was too low, but now is getting to what it was before the event. My pulse rate fluctuates from in the 60's to the hight end of 50's. Is this normal? I do not experienced any shortness of breath at the present and I'm walking 3 miles a day. It has been 5 months since my heart attack I'm also unable to put any wight on.
Avatar f tn My Dad recently found out he had CHF. He became very ill, This was in early Aug. He is doing quite well know , However he never sleeps. I have ask him if he becomes SOB when he lays down and he says no that he just can't sleep. So does insomnia come with CHF?
Avatar m tn There are a few beta blockers with evidence in heart failure -- they are carvedilol, metoprolol XL, and bisoprolol (not really used in the US). Atenolol does not have any data to support its use in heart failure, so I would recommend a different agent (one of the above). Which one to choose depends on your blood pressure and ability to take twice daily dosing vs once daily. Chlorthalidone is a perfectly fine diuretic, if you have blood pressure room to tolerate it.
Avatar f tn I had a cardic catherization done which showed clear coronary artieries but some irregularaties in the heart wall. The emergentologist wondered about CHF and asked me if I had thought of it. I replied yes since I knew the symptoms well having nursed my father through 3 valve replace ments. I responded well to nitro patch and the cardiologist put me on a bata blocker to slow down and regulate my heart and strengthen my heat beat. I still have a few twinges of angina , is this normal?
Avatar f tn The swelling bothers me greatly and the weight gain. In spite of this, I had a normal chest x-ray in the ER and all my bloodwork was fine. The attending doctor was a PA who admitted he knew I have an ongoing problem but couldn't find it. The tests showed nothing and EKG normal. So what gives? I don't get it.
Avatar f tn Should a patient with severe CHF be put on multaq or amiodorone? I have read that multaq has contraindications for patients with CHF. . Please help! My 86 year old mother has a history of high blood pressure. She has been on metoprolol, vasotec and norvasc for years. Her heart rate had stayed in the 60s for years. A few weeks ago, her heart began to race. (I am wondering if some of her medications were not correct from the pharmacy...
Avatar n tn There has not been any significant change in the BP or pulse or EF in the last ten months. I am taking my medicines regularly (statin lasix clopidogrel metoprolol lisinopril aspirin epleronone). I have a little choking sensation from time to time. I lead a happy retired life visiting places and meeting people. Is it ok for me to carry a 15-20 pounds bag on a flight of stairs, at a railway station? What can be the damage to heart if I have to do this once in three months.
612551 tn?1450025775 As read about it on the Web I understood Atenolol to be more equivalent to Metoprolol SR in terms of life, Atenolol is not metabolized by the liver as Metoprolol is. Can you share what does you take?
Avatar f tn I had cardioversion, but still have a-fib and my heart rate is too high again (I'm on an event monitor which reported to my doctor that my heart rate was 150 last night while I slept through it). He has put me on 100mg metoprolol - I'll be taking the 2nd dose (50mg) in a few minutes. He wanted me on the brand name Toprol XL, but the pharmacies are having a hard time stocking it right now so I'm on the regular (not extended release) version, taking it in the a.m. and again in the p.m.
Avatar m tn You need to ensure that you have normal blood pressure, the thickening of the left ventricle (pumping chamber of the heart) is less or doesn’t increase much over time, avoiding tachycardia (rapid heart rate) and treating symptoms of congestion, in case they develop. I will suggest the use beta blockers like atenolol/metoprolol which tend to slow the heart rate and thus improve the filling of the heart during the relaxation phase of the heart.
Avatar m tn Every time I complained, the cardiologist increased the dosage of the Metoprolol. Now, in addition to CHF, I have COPD and diabetes. I finally convinced him to stop the Metoprolol but it was too late to reverse the other damage. If you haven't already done so, go to some safe Web sites and see if you can find some ideas to follow up on with a medical specialist. Be aggressive -- and keep us informed of your progress.
Avatar f tn I can tell you from first hand experience that not taking the medication every day is not an option when you have CHF. It's one of the scariest things in the world to wake up and not be able to tell anyone what is going on because you can't breathe or talk. However, the good news is, IF medication is taken on schedule, the fluid buildup is well controlled. Also, if the fluid is well controlled, then the heart has less strain on it, so it will ultimately last longer.
Avatar n tn I have been told that both Metoprolol and Carvelidol are beta blockers used mostly in the tratment of CHF. What are the advantages of using Coreg instead of Toprol for the treatment of CHF. Does Coreg have a bigger or better effect in increasing EF and protecting heart function from progressive deterioration? Is Coreg contraindicated for people with mild kidney impairment? Thanks for your reply to this posting.
Avatar n tn I have been told that both Metoprolol and Carvelidol are beta blockers used mostly in the tratment of CHF. What are the advantages of using Coreg instead of Toprol for the treatment of CHF. Does Coreg have a bigger or better effect in increasing EF and protecting heart function from progressive deterioration? Is Coreg contraindicated for people with mild kidney impairment? Thanks for your reply to this posting.
Avatar n tn My heart was impaired by a virus three years ago and has an ejection fraction of only 18 which has not improved in that time. My heart beats between 130 and 140 beats per minute despite 200 - 300 mg of metoprolol, a dose of lisinonpril and between 240 and 400 mg of lasix daily.
Avatar m tn Atrial Fib (taking warfarin/metoprolol); otherwise very healthy. Over the past year he has had worsening SX of CHF. He was hospitalized July 2010 for this -- had 1.5 L fluid drained from his lungs and blood transfusion to treat RBC (2.8) H/H (8.7/25.9). His BUN/Cr was 59/1.8 on admission. Within 2 weeks of being discharged he had a 7lb wgt gain and had fluid drain as an outpatient.
5707348 tn?1372788697 My husband was being treated for HBP with Atenolol and another drug. His blood sugar shot up to the sky. I was being treated with Metoprolol for CHF; it ruined my lungs and I am now suffering with COPD as well as diabetes. The doctors cover themselves with some self-serving statement that the "benefits outweigh the negatives". What happened to the Hippocratic Oath to first do no harm?
Avatar m tn Yes you should continue to take the metoprolol since if you go into F your rate may not be controlled without it and you may have CHF or even a myocardial infarction. Also if you are over the age of 65 you may need to be on coumadin and not aspirin for stroke prevention.
Avatar n tn There is some data that it is equally effective in heart failure. In addition it is a once-a-day drug. However, in my experience the side-effects of beta-blockers are similar across all of the different types. However, it may still be worth a trial. I would discuss this with your doctor and see if he/she agrees.
1017020 tn?1251256924 My Grandma on my Mom's side is diagnosed with CHF and COPD. My Mom died last year during a heart cath procedure and on her autopsy report under other causes to death they listed CHF and COPD. I just turned 22 today and was wondering if there is a chance that I might end up with either of these and if so if there is any prevention I can take now to limit my chances of getting it. Thank you.
Avatar f tn There are a lot variables to deal with when you are fighting CHF, and if you don't deal with all of them, CHF may win the battle. I hope the best for you and your father.
Avatar n tn I have just learned that low CoQ10 levels in the blood are related to depression and CHF. I had taken a beta-blocker Lopressor (Metoprolol) but stopped after talking to my Doc about depression. I still had bouts of depression, but did not take it again until recently when my new cardiologist recommended it. My depression was much better so I gave it a shot. In the meantime I started using Ubiquinol after learning that i sould help with cardiac health.
Avatar n tn Just on Enalapril and Metoprolol extended release. Keeping my pressure in the 120-140 over 58-72 range with a HR in the 68-85 range. I have CHF with EF 10-15%, member since 1997 :) along with COPD down to 25% lung function. Good luck to you!
Avatar n tn Has pulmonary hypertension with RVSP of 90, some tricuspid and mitral regurg. ICD/Pacemaker inserted in 2008 for fainting episodes with relief. Chronic but no acute CHF since late 2007. BNP was 60 (checked 10 days ago). Some of meds: Plavix, EC ASA 81 mg, Metoprolol XL, Benicar, Flomax, Lipitor, Lexapro, Vitamin, Folbee, Ferrous Sulfate. NOW THE QUESTION. He is adamant that he wants to ride his bicycle. One doctor said that he can try it.
Avatar m tn I have come to the conclusion that meds ending in -lol (in your case Carvedilol; in my case Metoprolol; in my husband's case Atenolol) raise blood sugar numbers. It would be wise for you to be checked regularly for diabetes. Good luck.
Avatar n tn People can have DCM and not be in CHF, most patients are in this state when they are not sick. What would a prognosis be based on his age,symptoms,EF, and lack of other health issue? THis is hard to tell, he needs further in depth evaluation by a CHF specialist. THey can perform thorough exams and stress tests specifically to adress this, and to trigger them to start to consider heart transplant evaluation. Why have they never put him on oxygen?
Avatar f tn I had this swelling last year in April and I have had it in the past several times. My cardiologist said it might be my meds, Metoprolol, but since I wasn't on it last year or the years prior when it occurred, this seems unlikely. She lowered the dose, but it isn't making any difference. She also says my heart is fine, there is no CHF. So, what can be causing this? Last year my PCP put me on Lasix and my creatin levels went up, causing concern. So what do I do to find the cause?
Avatar m tn I have been fighting chronic AFIB and CHF since November 2004. I have tried numerous meds, sotolol, tikosyn, and now Multaq ordronedarone which just recently won FDA approval. I have been cardioverted 8 times over the past 2 years, and have had 2 cath ablations the first in March 06 and the second one this past June.