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511826 tn?1211173059 Review of systems also revealed that the patient has glaucoma, for which he is prescribed pilocarpine and metoprolol eyedrops. 1. what autonomic receptors are affected by the eyedrops? 2. give the mechanisms of action of the eyedrops and their pharmacologic effects. what beneficial effect will the patient experience from the drug combination? 3. what is the relationship of these drugs to the patient's chief complaint? 4. what other systemic symptoms might the patient experience?
Avatar f tn I take prednisone, synthroid, Raneka,topamax, synthroid,premarin,metoprolol, premarin,lexapro,plavix, baby aspirin. I would love to be able to get Lazik eye surgury. Am I a candidate for this procedure? If so do you know any good surgueons in the ATL area?
Avatar f tn Since the Surgery I have been on Coumidin and metoprolol. About once a week I experience the sensation of my eys crossing and I am dizzy. I have been exercising more and it seems that if I am fatigued I tend to have this happen. It is frightening b/c I don't know what is causing this sensation. This is the first time in my life I have had to take any kind of medication so I didn't know if that was causing this or if it was my heart.
Avatar m tn Previously the two months before fainting I started having head pressure and on afternoon walks felt like collapsing (but did not) - it was after starting lumigan for glaucoma (which I stopped taking after I fainted). I went to a cardiologist. He also saw irregularities in the ekg and recommended a 24 hour holter test, a stress test and a tilt table test. The 24 hour holter test result is normal, they told me. The stress test showed no blockages and the cardiologist said the heart looks good.
Avatar n tn Something that dries out the airways such as in my case glaucoma meds or zoloft.There are many meds that dry out the skin,even coffe tea alcohol.I do drink a lot of coffee.All I know is,I need to find an end to this.I am at the end of my rope.If you ever find a solution or a cause for this,please let me know.I will do the same and post it.
Avatar m tn Myself 48 yrs male aged had strokes twice in July 2009 within interval of 20 days. I am on Rosuvastatin 10mg., (Clopidogrel 75mg., Aspirin 80mg., together) & Metoprolol Succinate Extended Released Tablets 25mg. with them I take multivitamins & Dietery Supplement capsules.
Avatar m tn In 2004 I had surgery to graft an ascending aortic aneurysm, I returned to full activity. I now take 50 mg of Metoprolol and 150 mg of Avapro daily. My BP is generally normal, but can dip to as low as 90/60 after endurance exercise in the summer. Three times since my surgery (including last night), I've experienced temporary complete loss of vision in one eye, I think it was my right eye each time.
Avatar f tn He pulled me off the verapamil saying this can cause SVT in people with my problem. Well up until then I didn't know I had one. I was put on metoprolol at this time. I did complete all therapy because at this time I now needed it. I tried to tell a dentist not to give me epi with the novacaine, but he didn't listen and I went into crisis, which put me back in the hospital being zapped. 1994 Got pnemonia off a toxic reaction to chemicals related to electronics.
Avatar m tn The other condition was not a migraine, but Narrow-Angle Glaucoma which presents with heart palpitations, chest pain, pain in and around the eye, nausea, photophobia, and occipital head pain. You can have many other symptoms which I exhibited at one time or another. This condition presents in 'attacks' and worsens over time resulting in blindness in the affected eye if not treated.