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Avatar f tn Many of us on ths forum have dealt with SVT all our lives. A bunch of us have had it cured through a cardiac ablation procedure. Just wanted to let you know that youmare far from alone. I am friendly with a young woman who gets SVT episodes with each of her pregnancies. She has 4 children. Once she delivers, the SVT disappears. Google "metoprolol and, pregnancy" and I'm sure you'll get an answer. By the way, metoprolol did absolutely nothing for my SVT episodes.
Avatar n tn , and I don't feel a blood rush any more. I have been on generic Metoprolol XL 50mg for 1 month, and now 25mg for 1 month. As I said, there were significant side effects, especially on 50mg. The side effects on 25mg seem to be slowly lessening, and they sure beat the nagging, incessant PVC's and tachy.
Avatar m tn I was previously diagnosed with PSVT and the prescribed medication (metoprolol) does seem to pretty well control that atrial arrhythmia. My concern is with the PVCs that have become so frequent in the last few months and at times become quite uncomfortable, causing wooziness and some angina. I also have frequent syncope and bradycardia. During 1 particularly bad spell my heart rate went down to 30-32 for a few minutes.
Avatar f tn do you have a-fib? I took flecainide for yrs for my a-fib and it worked fine for me. Then at other times I was put on rhythmol and it worked equally good. The only problem with these anti-arrhthymics is that after being on them for a long period of time they can become pro-arrhythmic and actually bring on the episodes. The Dr will usually not put someone on these who has something structurally wrong with their heart. Like Jerry said, most Dr.
Avatar f tn I use Pranolol for adrenaline-induced PACs, anxiety/sinus tachycardia and probably some SVT, though this is never found on EKG. 10 mg a day is a minimal dosage. I use 10 + 10 and I'm surprised it even works. Those using high amounts of Pranolol / Metoprolol use 200-300 mg a day. Maybe I'm a little stupid here, but a heart rate of 170 while running (on a time schedule) doesn't seem high at all.
Avatar n tn I had a baby boy in December 2013 while actively taking 50 mg of metoprolol er succinate for 3 years prior to the pregnancy for a tachycardia heart rate, I was bumped up to 75 mg during the pregnancy... Happy to report...
Avatar m tn I always thought my low pulse was normal as I work out a lot, but the doc said that it should be higher for my age (61) and that this might be a cause of my symptoms. I had more severe episodes after that which included not only dizziness, but flush feelings in the back of my neck, arms, and legs, and some chest tightness. This resulted in a bad episode where I was taken by 911 to the hospital for suspected heart attack.
Avatar m tn I had the same thoughts on the Flu shot but never had a problem. I get them every year. Oddly enough when I do get sick, I'm arrhythmia free. I'm about to get the tetnus/pertusis booster too. It's not concerning me.
Avatar m tn I have taken Toprol XL 50 for several years, not to control high blood pressure or other cardiac condition, but because I have had 4 serious public speaking related crash and burn episodes (one landed me in the ER) that my cardiologist said was likely a-fib. My pharmacy switched me to the Sandoz generic in Sept 2007 and all seemed to be going well until January 2008 when I started having arrhymias, mostly at bedtime (lying flat), causing me to sleep in a chair a number of nights.
Avatar f tn Also after a heart attack, the beta-blocker is often prescribed not only for lower heart rates but also to avoid arrhythmias. If the prescribed dose is too high for you, you should contact your doctor and discuss a lower daily dose or a switch to another beta-blocker.
257552 tn?1404606154 10-20 per day usually, bad hormonal days (200 per day) for which I take 25 mg. metoprolol to calm things down) Why they have consumed my life: sudden start, no explanation, the feeling that the doctors have missed something, the fact that I can make my heart skip beats on cue by sitting down too fast, taking off too fast, going out in the cold or extreme heat, or laying down too quickly, and fear of dying from arrhythmia.
Avatar n tn Recently diagnosed w/ PSVT. I underwent brain CAT Scan, heart ultrasound, ECGs, & blood testing; all were normal. Only after a Holter was PSVT diagnosed. Cause unknown and I do have blood tests scheduled to check for adrenal / thyroid problems. My heart rate is normally 60-70 BPM resting & BP 120-130 Systolic / 80-86 diastolic (w/o medication) but at times it goes to 100-130 BPM & 150-160 Systolic / 90-110 Diastolic. Sometimes I noticed it & sometimes not but Holter showed it.
Avatar n tn Without knowing the actual mechanism behind the SVTParoxysmal (psvt), can metoprolol actually cause more harm than good? People take beta blockers for this all the time. If you had WPW and got atrial fibrillation, a beta blocker could cause problems. But this is very rare. I think you are letting your anxiety about the medication get the best of you. 6. Can SVTParoxysmal supraventricular tachycardia (psvt) be position dependent?
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm happy to hear that Metoprolol works for you. It's awesome to wake up and not have those little devils wake up with you!! I dont' think you'll have any problems. It sounds like you are taking the NON extended release form once a day and it's working and that's awesome. Beta Blockers as a whole are a wonder drug. They make things flow smoother. They have always worked for me...I just can't take the generics I guess.
672586 tn?1280937258 Can I simply switch without fear of withdrawal symptoms from the metoprolol? His instructions were to stop taking the metoprolol when I start the new diltiazem. I was not aware that I might face withdrawal from metoprolol.
471161 tn?1317194550 My PCP told me it could be the Metoprolol and I have been off of it for 4 days now. My heart rate is fine and I was down to a very low dose anyway. I am wondering if it will take longer to get it out of my system or if it may be the Digoxin ro something completely different. Please if anyone has experienced this let me know.
Avatar m tn My BP is always about 90/130-90/140, sometimes (rare) 90/150. I have never been treated for hypertension itself (unlike for PVCs - metoprolol, and neurosis - escitalopram), but I have been suggested to do so after EP Study in one of the best medical centers that specializes in cardiac arrhythmias treatment in Poland. They couldn't induce anything, so I have been told that these are good news, and that my hypertension may be de reason of PVCs (sometimes nsVT), which I am sceptic about.
Avatar f tn I am a 73 year old female & have been on metoprolol for 14 months & have no problems with an elevated heart rate. After my exercise on a treadmill 42 minutes at 3.7 with an elevation of 6 it will get to 100 - 110 and then on cool down will get in the 90's. The rest of the time it is 60 or 70's. When I was in rehab, it seemed to be a little high after exercise but never 133.
257552 tn?1404606154 36 Sex: Female Comments: Why they have consumed my life: Sudden start, no explanation, the feeling that the doctors have missed something, the fact that I can make my heart skip beats on cue by sitting down too fast, taking off too fast, going out in the cold or extreme heat, or laying down too quickly, and fear of dying from arrhythmia. Plus I have an obsessive disorder which makes it hard for me to ignore them.
Avatar f tn 2) Are there any alternatives to regular blood pressure medication for treating SVT? I was taking metoprolol tartrate 25 mg twice daily, but this caused me to experience chest pressure. My cardiologist took me off of it and put me on a low dose of cardizem. I haven't experienced any ill effects so far from cardizem, but I would much rather find a natural treatment for SVT like acupuncture or natural medicines. I know that bearing down can help stop an episode of it...
Avatar m tn Considering the known proarrhythmic properties of Mexitil and the lack of evidence of improved survival for any antiarrhythmic drug in patients without life-threatening arrhythmias, the use of Mexitil as well as other antiarrhythmic agents should be reserved for patients with life-threatening ventricular arrhythmia". Please consult with your Doctor to make an educated decision about your Drug Choices.
Avatar m tn I wish more people would chime in!! Have a great day!!!!
Avatar n tn I have had no episodes since I've been on the metoprolol (admittedly only two weeks and I can go for months without symptoms) and it only makes me feel mildly out of it but I certainly prefer that feeling to death, a pacemaker, or a stroke. On the other hand, if one of these near-syncopal episodes or even a syncopal episode were to happen while driving, for example, it could be catastrophic. I guess if I were having symptoms all the time, the decision would be easy.
Avatar m tn Endurance athletes are more likely to develop harmful arrhythmias. Getting your heart rate into the target zone for your age group for 30 minutes per day is fine. In years past it was felt that more=better. That is quickly changing. Calcium Channel Blockers (CCBs like verapamil) would probably be your next choice. Please discuss this with your doc.
Avatar f tn Since then I've felt generally better each day and except for the very odd extra beat I have had no arrhythmias in almost three weeks. Prior to the procedure I had 3-5 a day.
Avatar m tn I have suffered for 2 5 years with arrhythmias I saw a cardiologist for this problem 25 years ago I had an echocardiogram & blood work done . Yes they found arrhythmias & my potassium was low. Because I was only 27 and healthy I was told to keep up my potassium & to live with it. After about 20 years the problem only got worse the arrhythmias were waking me up I was only getting like 2--3 hours sleep so my husband pushed me to see a Dr about this problem again.
Avatar f tn Since then I had a really bad flair up of PVC's that landed me in the ER last week. I went for a follow up with my GP this past Tuesday and he added 12.5mgs of Metoprolol (sp) a day along with my 120mgs of Cartia XT 2 times a day. The first day it was WONDERFUL, not one PVC then yesterday they flared up again. My question is, is there a time frame for your body to adjust before this combo of meds will begin to work effectively for the PVC's?
Avatar f tn then I was sent back to my family doctor who decided to check my blood for anemia - I'm currently waiting for the results. I don’t have many symptoms, but I have trouble falling asleep because my heartbeat doesn’t slow down enough and I’ve never been able to run without becoming lightheaded, but I’ve never been very athletic either. I do enjoy walking and a 30 mile hiking trip isn’t a problem. What I really don't understand is where I43.0 falls on the list of cardiomyopathy types.
Avatar n tn My EP said we could go to stronger meds, and the next step up is Flecainide which I have so far declined I take 100 mg (50 mg twice a day) of Metoprolol ER to control my HR, I too get into trouble with the BP getting too low if I take more, it works well for slowing my HR, but nothing for stopping the AFib. I also take an anticoagulant, Warfarin, are you on one? If not I suggest you ask your doctor if you should be...