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782988 tn?1242689585 So far the metoprolol has had little or no effect on my heart. Maybe it just takes awhile. I have been on it a week. 12.5 mg because she did not obviously want to lower my bp that much. I just hope it comes through. Still taking my thyroid med. It may take a couple months to feel "better". I never noticed feeling bad. But when I think back I never have had the energy like others. I give out fast most of the time. Could be the clinical depression.
1569985 tn?1328251082 I have no experience with Norplace, but I do take generic everything... now even on Metoprolol regular release to get the generic. The generic is about the cost of aspirin (well a bit more but in that price range) and I take Warfarin. I started on Toprol XR then Metorprolol SR, now Metoprolol which I take twice a day (12 hours). Warfarin is just once a day. All generics work for me, or work as well. They do not stop my AFib, but I haven't yet had a clot or stroke, that's good results.
Avatar n tn Then my new coverage was not covering so doctor switched me to Coreg CR-80mg- it seemed to work, although BP was a little elevated. (I was also on Cozaar and then Avapro). I never had a problem until this new doctor switched me to generics in October of 2010. Everything went downhill. I was on Atenolol and Lisinopril-coughing for 2 months. Kept calling and was told my body had to get used to it.(He only had me on 50mg, where I was on 200mg before.
Avatar m tn My cardio gave me some samples of 10 mg coreg to take once a day and a prescription to fill if the side effects from the metoprolol do not get any better. The side effects from the metoprolol have gotten a little better - I don't feel as exhausted, though as I type this my heart rate is 52 bpm. Plus when I go walking I can't get my heart rate above 95 bpm. Does any one have any comments on the pros and cons of carvedilol versus metoprolol?
Avatar n tn Lastly, there is a study from here recently accepted into the American Journal of Cardiology which suggests that coreg may be better at preventing atrial fibrillation than metoprolol in patients post-CABG patients. The author's name is C. Merritt. This paper which will be published soon should address your concerns.
535882 tn?1396580285 Then the tiredness that Metoprolol can cause can be put to good use helping you sleep. On the other hand, if you are taking it for a high HR, and that becomes most serious during the day when you are up and about, taking the pill with breakfast may be best. Obviously, if you take twice a day, just do both.
Avatar n tn I kept going to hospital at night with the palpitations - they say 'your stressed pop these metoprolol(betaloc CR) and relax'. I was stressed 6weeks ago but now im fine - yet I still get skipped beats and take one or two 23.75mg metoprolol at night. Now the palps are giving me anxiety! Just letting you know your not the only one. I have looked up magnesium and potassium and realised I wasnt eating/preparing food correctly too. eg dicing potato instead of baking or boiling WHOLE.
Avatar m tn Recently had a long bout of a-fib so severe was hospitalized with shortness of breath and heartrate near 200. Was put on Metoprolol (beta-blocker) and Xarelto (anticoag), and heartrate still was high, so beta-blocker was doubled to 100mg day (50 am, 50 pm). After about a month, had the cardioversion procedure, which stabilized heartrate. Beta-blocker reduced to 50 mg a day. About a month later, had Echo-cardio test and things had "returned to normal.
Avatar m tn 47.6 FBS:91, UREA:27, CR:1, URIC ACID 6.9, CHOLESTROL 178, TRIGLYCERIDE 242, HDL 32, LDL 88, AST 37, ALT 113, FE 110, TIBC 340, FERRITIN: 277, MG: .88, HB A1C:4.6] One week ago, during upright posotion at home, I felt cerebral hypoperfusion for abot 10 seconds following a pvc sensation beats in my heart for less than 30 seconds. after that I had dizziness and sensation of fullness in my head and ilusion of floating without vertigo. My holter monitoring and echo and stress test were all normal.
Avatar m tn 47.6 FBS:91, UREA:27, CR:1, URIC ACID 6.9, CHOLESTROL 178, TRIGLYCERIDE 242, HDL 32, LDL 88, AST 37, ALT 113, FE 110, TIBC 340, FERRITIN: 277, MG: .88, HB A1C:4.6] One week ago, during upright posotion at home, I felt cerebral hypoperfusion for abot 10 seconds following a pvc sensation beats in my heart for less than 30 seconds. after that I had dizziness and sensation of fullness in my head and ilusion of floating without vertigo. My holter monitoring and echo and stress test were all normal.
1817071 tn?1366231843 wants me to take Metoprolol 25ER and I am so fatigued when I take it. I cut it back to 1/4..even 1/3 makes me tired and depressed. He recently told me to stop the Pradaxa and take 325 aspirin. Why do i need a Beta Blocker. I have had love pulse all my life. Even in Afib, it was just 100.
1545481 tn?1325163686 I have a little different problem than you but I take 300 mg of Flecainide with 50 mg of metoprolol and 360 mg of taztia ( calcium channel blocker ) every day for ventricular rhythm`s. Metoprolol is a beta-blocker, I think is the same class as Bisoporol.
Avatar m tn I see a HR as low as the upper 50s when fully at rest in bed. I figured I was lucky when Metoprolol got me down in the 70s..talking about the same level of dosage. In both cases I was/am taking Diltiazem 120 mg twice a day.
21064 tn?1309312333 I take metoprolol for PVC's and SVT. The major side effects I've experienced are TIREDNESS and, because I already have low BP and vasovagal syndrome, it has made me more prone to passing out then I have been for years. The metoprolol knocks you on your butt when you first start taking it. It also caused me to have really weird dreams when I did sleep. My heart rate went from an average of 65 bpm to 55 bpm with 12.5mg/day. I take prozac for the anxiety that was caused by PVC's and SVT.
529295 tn?1212775780 25 is normal from taking ,diovan 320,tekturner150,and my fluid pill torsemide 40 mg daily.I have been on coreg cr 80 mg,tekturner 150 mg,diovan 320,and clonidine 0.1 as needed if it was up over 150. with all thes meds they are not working...I think the coreg cr has something to do with my BP going up 5 hrs after taking it.It has happened to many xs at nite after taking that pill.I ask the Dr to take me off of it and he did ..No More feeling weird at nite .
454275 tn?1205935627 My doctor now has me on Xanax twice a day, Diovan once a day, Metoprolol XR once a day, Ambien CR 12.5 MG which does not work, Acipex for gastric problems caused by the meds, Oxcarbazepine 150 MG three times a day, Seroquel 25 MG for sleep, Trileptal150 MG three times a day, Ammitriptyline three at night to help me sleep and Cymbalta for depression. I am from Georgia and I am a Christian, but I am thinking of ending my life.
Avatar m tn Atrial Fib (taking warfarin/metoprolol); otherwise very healthy. Over the past year he has had worsening SX of CHF. He was hospitalized July 2010 for this -- had 1.5 L fluid drained from his lungs and blood transfusion to treat RBC (2.8) H/H (8.7/25.9). His BUN/Cr was 59/1.8 on admission. Within 2 weeks of being discharged he had a 7lb wgt gain and had fluid drain as an outpatient.
Avatar n tn I read that a high carb diet can possible be a cause for an increase in the pvcs. I've been on verapamil and it really upset my stomach then my doc put me on metoprolol 12.5mg and they sent my heart thru the roof, I have never felt so many once I stated that med. Now I'm not taking anything and I actually feel much better. I'm an active duty military member and my job is a stressful one and that has naturally led to my increase in pvcs as well as my insomina.
1569985 tn?1328251082 Right now I am in persistent afib, meaning it won't convert on its own. I am on Norpace CR, 150 mg. twice a day. The medication has a lot of side effects. I am not wanting to go thru several medications, I had a really hard time when I tried Rythmol, went off of it and ended up having to be electro converted again. I think I'm to the point of wanting to make a change and am afraid I may lose the opportunity if my afib continues to worsen.
Avatar f tn with both 320 of verapamil and 95 metoprolol CR my blood pressure was still 180/100. But the next minute it could be in my boots. Since flecainide and atenolol it has been better though. The thing is i am only 22 and i cant just take these drugs for the rest of my life, so at some point they will have to fix it. When i ask my EP what predisposes someone to this kind of affliction, he always says being a woman has alot to do with it.....i ask no further.
Avatar f tn Just one misserable time with burning pain shortness of breath on any excertion, with heay chest and throat pain I have been put on methimazole 10 mg. 3 times a day but this hasn't helped much so added to that now I take metoprolol tartrate 50 mg. once a day. I still feel like ****. So darn tired unable to do anything phycial with out fear of something happening. My blood pressure now 97 over 54 with a paulse of 54.
Avatar n tn I took another Xanax but it took around 2 hours to get better. My doctor gave me metoprolol (beta blockers) on Monday to help with the heart rate, but it's not helping. Here are my questions: 1. Can all these heart palps and racing REALLY be caused by just anxiety? I'm terrified I'm dying of atrial fibrillation (I diagnose myself by looking on the internet and am obsessed with heart problems). 2. I was starting to feel better and then relapsed. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn CPAP corrected just about all of these symptoms, but sice I was predisposed to PVC's I still got them occasionally, but not at the rate I had prior. My beta blocker metoprolol seemed to have no effect of PVC rates. I can tell you that ablation for PVC's yoelds mixed results. In the meantime, read up on the procedure and learn a little about the it.
2093880 tn?1334817368 Or are they referring to the inconvenience of having to take something daily? I've taken Metoprolol for nearly 9 years, twice a day. I take it on rising, and again at dinner. it's mechanical, ingrained on me. Not taking it would seem unnatural for me. I wouldn't sit back and wait for your current physicians to make the next move, nor would I stop seeing them. But I would quietly begin a search for a second, fresh opinion from a specialist in the area of your problem.
Avatar n tn You have told/taught me more than my endo, who scares the cr@p out of me with her mysterious silence. She told me I have hyperthyroidism, and see her in 4-6 weeks. And continue the Inderal. I asked if I have cancer. She said "No". I said, "I heard you say during my sonogram that I have mulitple lesions and nodules"; she said, "Don't listen to me dictate". I left there hysterical. I know that I do NOT have elevated TPO or TG AB's.
Avatar m tn He hasn't figured out what it is yet and told me most of my tests come back normal. They have me on metoprolol 200mg/day , cardizem 240mg , clonidine 0.3mg, and coreg cr 40mg to try and control it. However whenever it's not happening, i feel HORRIBLE. LIke I've just run 10 marathons in a row and can't even get out of bed (this is after I'm just waking up btw). Can anyone tell me what else I can do? I don't smoke or even drink more than 1 cup of coffee anymore.
Avatar f tn The anxiety is an issue, it will have you producing adrenaline which will contribute to the problem. I use Norpace Cr, Atenolol and Xanax. I believe they do ablations for pvcs, but that would be something to discuss with your doctor. These irregular beats are unsettling and I wish you luck dealing with them. I'd be interested to hear how the Paxil works out for you. Keep us posted.
1361367 tn?1280635689 50mg MMI/day 50mg Metoprolol/day On 6/25/10, I am now Hypo: TSH 9.230 H 0.340-5.600 T4 Free <0.15 L 0.53-1.26 T3 Free 2.46 L 2.50-3.90 Adjusted meds: 20mg MMI/day 25mg Metoprolol/day for a week, then discontinue 1/ Does the initial dose of MMI seem a little high? 2/ Is the MMI the cause of my 35lb weight gain in 2 months, or me going from hyper to hypo, or both? 3/ Should I ask to have my blood work done every 2 or 3 wks.
Avatar m tn I switched blood pressure medication and started taking coreg cr and noticed them shortly thereafter, doc switched me to metoprolol xl and seemed better...they seem to be reduced after increasing metoprolol to 200 mg/day...also on CCB.... doc is now exploring non-reflux GERD and possible esophagitis as an irritant of my vagus...taking prilosec and prevacid with some relief. willing to try anything that is non-invasive.
Avatar n tn Hi - I've had all this stuff and out of frustration about 18 months ago I went to see a local chiropractor who said my posture was cr*p - to summarise ! After a few intensive crunching sessions and a monthly top-up, I've gone 18 months with minimal problems.