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Avatar m tn My cardiolgist now wants me to add a blood thinner (xarelto) to my meds menu. Who else has this problem with taking both diltiazem and metoprolol? Is it wise to mix a beta blocker and a calcium channel blocker.
Avatar n tn I took 2 different versions of metoprolol, Toprol (metoprolol tartrate) and Toprol XL (metoprolol succinate). The second one is the extended release version. Toprol made my symtoms worse but Toprol XL worked fairly well in controlling my conditions, PVC's and PSVT. I was taking 50 mg a day in both cases. The only thing that affected me was a slight feeling of dizziness at times and some mental fatigue.
Avatar m tn Arteries have only limited diameter which gives resistance to the blood flow and therefore the blood pressure is lower at the end of an artery than at the beginning. When arteries are thinner, the drop of blood pressure is bigger. A difference in bp from left to right means that there is a difference in vessel resistance between the two sides. This can have different causes.
Avatar m tn I spoke with my cardiologist and the switching from Atelenol to Metoprolol was a coincidende as you indicated. He started me blood thinner (Coumadin), I was already taking Plavix and aspirin. The plan is to thing my blood and then take me to the hospital and zap heart back. I am very frustrated, thank you for taking the time. Good luck.
Avatar f tn -lamictal (for seizures) -iabilify -Depakote (the are weaning me off this one, 250mg a month) for seizures) -Zoloft (minimum dose possible) -dylantin (for shaking) For blood thinner- -aggrenox -metoprolol -propranolol (for tremors) -Lasik WOW
Avatar n tn The problem is that to avoid further HA, you should have a relatively low BP (this is part of the metoprolol job) and if you stay long time with your legs hanging (like sitting in a chair) your blood accumulates in there. Low dose aspirin can help a bit making your blood thinner but it does not matter what you do, 10 hours sit there are few post HA patients that can afford it.
Avatar n tn The Metroprolol is a beta blocker, Rampril is the ace inhibitor, Warfarin is the blood thinner and Digoxin is for a better fill and stronger heartbeat. You can ask your doctor about the Metroprolol to see if he could prescribed a different beta blocker that would not make you feel so tired (if that is your symptom). Some people take Plavix instead of the Coumadin (warfarin) so you can ask your doctor about that if you have not already tried it. Plavix works more like aspirin.
Avatar m tn After a (small) stroke conjectured to have been caused by atrial febrillation (accompanied by a heart rate of 160 (3x her normal rate)), my wife had a pacemaker implanted and is now on coumidin, digoxin, and metoprolol. In a brief phone conversation with her doctor, she asked how long she'd be on the coumidin. He responded, "forever.
Avatar n tn Plavix works much like a blood thinner to keep blood cells from sticking together and forming additional clots. The Metoprolol and Ramipril are both used to control your blood pressure by slowing down your heart rate and keeping your heart from being "over worked". These can be difficult to get used to and can cause fatigue, dizziness and a feeling of being disconnected.
Avatar n tn I had mitral valve surgery as a senior (age 67) and I was taking only a rhythm drug Propafenone (Rythmol) and a blood thinner. But I have never had high blood pressure. My heart issue other than the mitral valve was/is atrial fibrillation. As the good doctor said, check with the doctor prescribing the medications. I can't think of 9 types of medications and I can't see any reason for taking any duplicates of the same med. For example one might take metoprolol or toprolol, but not both.
378273 tn?1262101221 My experience supports Brooke_38 on blood thinner. My cardiologist kept me on a blood thinner when I was in NSR following electrocardioversion. Two of these lasted over 18 months each, and each time he said not to go off warfarin as with AFib there was no telling when I might slip in/out of AFib. To the best of my knowledge when I slip into AFib, it sticks.
Avatar m tn Afaik, statins are not described to persons of your mother's age. Plavix is a potent anticoagulation medication (blood thinner). It is normally decribed after placement of a foreign object in the bloodstream (stent).
Avatar m tn Coumadin levels need to be checked regularly so the level will not be too high or too low. Aspirin is another blood thinner. Metoprolol controls the heart rate and cordarone is a medication used to try to get a patient's heart beat back to normal rhythm and keep it there (it is usually not continued if this is not successful). Blood thinners cause bleeding if not used carefully and cordarone can have some significant side effects if taken for many years.
Avatar m tn I had an episode of tachicardia, but by the time I got to the doctor, it had passed. (Event though they did not see ANYTHING, they gave me metoprol) I was told the next time it happens to goto urgent care right away, so they could get an EKG. I went in, and they took and EKG, it came and went and they got thier EKG, afterwards the Doctor gave me some Sotalol and asked me to walk around. It didn't really help and I had to sit down.
Avatar n tn That's when doctors will usually ask you to take some kind of blood thinner, something as simple as an aspirin a day or more serious like coumadin. I think you need more answers and information. A second opinion wouldn't hurt.
Avatar n tn I don't care to be on medications for the rest of my life, as I am now taking metoprolol, lisinipril, pradaxa (blood thinner), and the Tikosyn. I was wondering if an ablation is the safe way to go. I am 70, have had a stress test and heart is healthy. It's just that this medication makes me so fatigued, and I have things to do!
Avatar f tn This would cause another heart attack in the stent. Brilinta is a blood thinner, aka anti-platelet that prevents this from happening. Without this medicine you would die. Typically after about 1 year of having the stent scar tissue, or endothelium forms over the surface, when this occurs you can consider transitioning off brilinta. However being on it longer is a good precaution to avoid another heart attack. Aspirin is there to help make the brilinta more potent.
Avatar m tn If your going in and out of afib, you may need to be on blood thinner. You sure need to take one 81 mg asprin daily if your not on a thinner in my opinion. There is a medication for afib that they put me on the last year thats a pretty strong afib medication. It is called flecainide and worked really well for me. It is pretty strong though and unless your heart is in pretty good shape, it can cause congestive heart failure...
Avatar f tn If it happens frequently and lasts for a half hour or so, you may need aspirin or some other blood thinner. That's something you should discuss with your doctor. It wouldn't hurt to ask.
Avatar m tn If you are on warfarin and developed a hematoma, I suggest you get prothrombin time and INR done to see if you need to reduce the dose. Maybe the bleeding due to blood thinner caused the hematoma. Hematoma do not need antibiotics unless there is an infection—which is possible in painful hematomas. They usually disappear on their own. If they are painful, it could also be due to tension from repeated bleed. Rest, ice, elevation and anti-inflammatory drugs should help.
Avatar f tn I am trying not to drive myself crazy again. EP says Id stay overnite for observation and be on a real blood thinner for 2 months....
Avatar m tn I went on Warfarin (blood thinner) and Norpace CR (anti-arrythmic) 3 years ago after a couple of episodes of afib that had to be cardioverted. I took Toprol before that with intolerable side effects. I adjusted the Atenolol as needed, keeping an eye on my BP and heart rate. I am still on the 3 drugs and am stable with some side effects -- mostly dizziness an fatigue.
5617263 tn?1374505066 twice daily and to quit taking it if my blood pressure dipped below systolic fell below 100 or my diastolic below 60. My question is how to I gradually stop the metaprolol? I read that I should wean myself off of it in a week or two but no one seems to know how to go about it. I get dizzy after taking the metaprolol at night and my blood pressure falls but not to a dangerous level. I could use some advice.
Avatar f tn Have Afib (intermittant - every couple days), thyroid (hypothyroid) controlled with meds, and a BB (Metoprolol). Blood pressure is usually 130/80 pulse 65. If a little high, I do 5 mintues of Tai Chi and it drops to <120/80. I am trying to eat some protein at each meal, so had an egg for breakfast, small 3" square of poached salmon for lunch with string beans and blood pressure spikes to 160/100 with a pulse of 90+.
Avatar n tn , often located in the veins that return blood from your lungs to your heart (pulmonary veins) that cause the atria to fibrillate. Along with the Betablocker, you should be taking a blood thinner like Coumadin(Warfarin). Have you had a recent Echo, to evaluate any changes in your chamber structure?
378273 tn?1262101221 With AFib I assume you are also on a blood thinner, making any cut bleed more problematic. Metoprolol can/does lower HR and BP and can cause dizziness...but if you have not increased your dosage and dizziness hadn't been a problem, I'd expect that medication did not directly cause the fall. While I have AFib all the time, from what I read here I am lucky in that is doesn't have many symptoms I feel.
Avatar f tn afib itself can be causing his fatigue too. The Warfarin, a blood thinner, is a necessary drug for his afib. Without it he's at a greater risk for stroke. WIth afib, blood can pool in his atria and clot. If this travels it could go to his head and cause a stroke. The Warfarin helps prevent this. Check into his BP regimen and discuss with his doctor to improve his quality of life. Also consider depression too, as people with any heart condition might wander into this territory.
Avatar f tn Hi and thx for the input. I do have a structurally healthy heart. I am on coumadin plus 50 mg. metoprolol daily. I took sotolol for 3 years and it, indeed, "turned" on me which makes me so afraid of using flecainide; however, I am so bothered that I guess I'll do it. I have A-Fib but not very often, but tons of bumps and runs each day. Was there a reason you were switched from flec. to rhythmol, Linda.
Avatar f tn If you sustain the abnormal rhythm go back to hospital, metoprolol can only do so much. You might also need a blood thinner to prevent a clot in your heart, which happens with both afib and aflutter. You could see if you can get an appointment with your PCP before hand and see what they say, but again if you start maintaining that irregular rhythm go to the ED. Maybe you need another medication or last resort an ablation. Goodluck, keeps us updated!
Avatar m tn Other drugs I am on are coated asperin, crestor for cholesterol, metoprolol blood thinner, norvasc to lower my blood pressure,as mentioned lasix and slow-K for the fluid, at night I take a Ativan sleeping pill. For my digestive issues I take prevacid, gaz-x and malox. None of these seem to take full effect and reduce the gas to the point where I can sleep comfortably. I have had issues with my digestive system in the past it sems when my body experience stress.