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443862 tn?1238003039 this drug is from HELL - I was FORCED on it by Dr. V.
Avatar f tn 25 i believe was on it for a week had very bad headaches she weaned me off slowly but my question is do you get headaches from weaning off of it . i took it once a day in the morning for 7 days now she has me on 1/2 for 3 days than off 1 day i/2 the next day than off completely does that sound right.
Avatar n tn Still have the Afibs, mostly at night, still take Flecainide twice a day and Warfarin. Cut my Metoprolol to 1/2 pill daily as I hated not b eing able to get my HR up when I am jogging, But the last few days my BP has been sky-high. 193/100 was the highest, 141/.70 the lowest. Nobody knows why. I recently changed from Diovan to another BP med, but that was 6 weeks ago. Waiting on bloodwork to see if the high BP has another cause. I have to admit I'm freaking out - scared I'll get a stroke.
Avatar n tn p has listened to heart,taken few blood tests such as blood count and electrolytes both normal had 2 ecg's reported as normal and she said my heart and chest sound clear on it possible the atenolol can have triggered off heart failure as i did have an asd which was repaired 3 years ago,dvt ruled out as well by g.p.
Avatar n tn My doctor told me to quit smoke and then come back and see him...that was about 1 1/2 years ago. Now they are talking about a beta blocker so I don't feel them????? Is this right? Anyone who might have a word of advice, please make a comment back. The feeling I have during these so called PVC are really uncomfortable, not painful. It feels like somebody is pressing very hard into my chest and then lifting their hand. It starts to happen every time my heart rate goes up????
Avatar f tn I’m wondering if anyone (preferably a doctor, of course) would know if medical cannabis would interact with beta blockers, such as Metoprolol Tartrate. I’m afraid to stop taking it because I’ve been taking it for a long time and would be afraid that my heart rate would speed up at any moment (it’s gotten up to the 120s during panic attacks before & all doctors have checked my heart thoroughly saying there’s nothing wrong with it). Any thoughts on this?
Avatar n tn Beta-1 and Beta-2. Those in the heart are mostly Beta-1; those in the lungs, mostly Beta-2. Beta-blockers come in 2 forms: selective and non-selective. Selective beta-blockers, such as metoprolol, act primarily on the Beta-1 receptors in the heart. Non-selective beta-blockers, such as propranolol act on both types of receptors, in both heart and lungs. Propranolol and other medicines in its class are capable of evoking bronchospasm in people with asthma.
Avatar f tn At 5 weeks on the medication, I had a breakdown, and was admitting into a Psychiatric Unit for 3 1/2 days. The Psychiatrist I saw while I was on the Unit told me that severe depression, suicide ideation or attempt, and anxiety are side effects of this medication sometimes. Now that I'm home, and a bit more stable, I'm curious to see if anyone else out there has had to deal with this before?
Avatar f tn Metoprolol helped greatly in making it easier to convert. Also, there are 2 types of Metoprolol, Metoprolol Tartrate, and Metoprolol Succinate. The latter is a time release version called Toprol XL. This is nice because you only need to take 1 tablet a day. The downside is it's a high tier drug for insurance companies its price is really up there. I get a Metoprolol Tartrate for about 25% of the price. I found the drug easy to tolerate, and experience limited side effects.
Avatar n tn Dear Nkavvs, Beta blockers generally slow the heart rate by blocking the beta-1 receptors. However, there are non-selective beta blockers which also block the beta-2 receptors and the alpha receptors. There are also beta blockers which have intrinsic sympathomimetic activity and have less of an effect on heart rate. Any medical or pharmacology text would go into further detail regarding the differences in beta blockers.
Avatar n tn 1. Can Metoprolol be used instead? If so, what is the appropriate dosage to use? I ask because Metoprolol and Propanolol are dosed differently for their "on-label" uses. 2. Will beta-blockers be so anxiolytic that the normal, productive adrenaline response in exam situations will be completely shutdown or interefer with my cognitive ability, to my detriment 3. If #2 is an inevitability, is there a more appropriate medication to deal with my problem?
Avatar f tn Hello....I hope all of you can help. I feel like I'm in beta blocker hell. I've been bed ridden from a car accident for the last 20 yrs. After a recent endoscopy procedure I started getting horrible pounding tachycardia that day. I:m already in a weakened state from being inactive and bedridden. Right after the procedure a week ago...I started getting constant tachycardia almost 24hrs a day. It gets worse when i eat. They hospitalized me for 1 day...did an was normal.
Avatar n tn , then started talking about a pacemaker, which I was not expecting. I've had 2 complete cardio tests in the last 2 1/2 years and they only showed some arrhytmias. Over the last week, I cut my dosage in half, from 50 to 25 mg daily. My resting heart rate went from 55-60 BPM to 68-72 BPM. Blood pressure went up slightly and I feel better. I spoke with my cardio again and told him what I was doing.
Avatar n tn I am an athletic 50 year old woman, diagnosed with very frequent PAT's that caused dizziness and lightheadedness. They started approx 6 months ago and I have been on Metoprolol 25 mg (1/2 tablet twice a day). I was prepared to "live with them" but was strongly advised by my cardiologist to go on beta blockers. My heart is structurally normal and I don't have anxiety. Thankfully I was given the go-ahead to keep working out which I have done.
Avatar n tn I have PAC's that the beta blocker metoprolol at 25mg twice a day seems to be controlling- after the 2nd week, I almost never have an episode. I also take Magnesium which could also be helping. And the cause of the PAC's could be thyroiditis. I'm scheduled to get another thyroid blood test in a couple of weeks. Is it too soon to try to taper off the metoprolol? Could I just take half the dose twice a day and see what happens for about a week?
Avatar n tn I'm just so tired all of the time and its not my thyroid so has to be something. I have been taking 1/2 a tablet for 3 days now and I honestly believe I feel a little better. I will speak to the doc before I come off completley.
Avatar f tn Hello, I am 37 years old, and was wondering if anyone can be of any assistance with my case. I have recently been dianosed with partial right sided bundle branch block from an ECG trace, and am due to have an Eco and Holter monitor test in a weeks time, as per my cardiologist (which I have only just been referred to by my OBGYN). My concern is that the cardiologist wants me to start taking beta blocker "Minax" (metoprolol) before he even has the results back from these tests.
Avatar n tn I’m taking 25 mg (three days so far) and can tell no difference in the palpitations. Here are my questions – 1) should the beta blocker already be working? 2) is this the best beta blocker for my problem (and strength), 3) any connection to my stomach problems and heart palpitations starting at around the same time? 4) are there any other changes in diet or supplements that could be helpful? The palpitations are on my mind constantly and are really disrupting my life.
4250195 tn?1351712695 I know my twin had to take the heart medication when her HR got above a certain level. She took 1 if her pulse was over 90 & 2 pills if ove100. She didn't always need them. She did hate them....
Avatar n tn Metoprolol also works wonders for me, so please don't give up on Beta Blockers just yet..... I take 100 mg. of Metoprolol daily for tachycardia and SVT and I actually love taking it. My doctor mentioned that maybe down the road he might wean me off of it, I told him NO WAY! I love it and want to take it forever as long as it is working for me. I keeps my tachycardia under control beautifully and as a result lessens my anxiety. I wouldn't want to be without it.
Avatar n tn It's possible that with continued use of the Metoprolol the fatigue will subside or you may want to try a different beta blocker. Or you may try a calcium channel blocker. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I was put on BBs because of persistant PVC's ("skipped beats") and infrequent episodes of SVT (supra ventricular tachycardia)..."racing heart." I was started on 1/2 of a 50mg tablet of metoprolol or 25 mg, but was ZONKED, and decided to cut it to 1/4 tablet (12.5 mg). It does not stop my PVC's but it does make them less persistent....and I am more able to function.
1455812 tn?1288103369 Dear Doctor, Do beta blockers control nsvt or what do beta blockers, such as metoprolol do for nsvt?
Avatar n tn I've been taking 25 mg of metoprolo a day (1/2 pill twice daily) just for some minor issues with PVCs. After several months I got hives and some food sensitivity that is evidently a side effect, so I decided to stop. My cardiologist seemed to think this is a low enough dose that I could just stop cold if I wanted to, but I thought I'd see what folks thought, if I should taper off.
1534233 tn?1523392456 I also have runs of ventricular bigeminy and it helps with these a bit. My dose is 1 or 2 10mg tablets 3 times a day, Im taking 4 10mg tablets a day in total, 1 1/2 morning and lunchtime and 1 on a night. This is a tiny dose I know but it really has made a huge difference overall. Mr resting HR is 65, HR when exercising goes up to 130 maybe and my runs of bigeminy are less worrying (but still happen most days) Mq question is related to when I take the tablet.
Avatar f tn I take 1/4 tablet of metoprolol daily. Sometimes I take a full 1/2 pill. I use a pill cutter just because it is less likely to break the pill into 100 pieces :-). But my metoprolol has a big divit in the middle to make cutting it in 1/2 very perhaps a lot of people have to cut the thing. Why they don't make a smaller dosed pill is beyond me...but there you have it. So, I have the cutter. Call me old lady if you want.
Avatar m tn I could not tolerate it, it knocked me out. So a nurse said to split it and take 1/2 a.m. and 1/2 in the p.m. and that worked better, but I still felt fatigued and HR and bp were low. Another cardiologist changed me to Atenolol and I take it in divided does 1/4 at a time throughout the day along with Xanas to curb adrenaline rush from heart skipping. This has worked for me for about 7 years. I could still exercise. Having more problems now, but meds still seem to be working. Good luck!
1903111 tn?1333216654 Metoprolol helps to block a specific type of beta receptor called beta-1 receptors. In blocking them, the medication causes the reverse effect of these stress hormones. It decreases heart rate and lower blood pressure, as well as the workload of the heart. This means that the heart requires less blood and oxygen to work properly. Your tinnitus might not be casued directly by the drug itself, but by as a result of a change in your body as a result of taking it.
1298588 tn?1330322581 + Like atenolol/metoprolol, but completely beta-1 selective. No vasoconstriction or effect on lungs. Sotalol: + Like propranolol, but also potassium blocking abilities (class III antiarrhythmics) and does not cross blood-brain barrier as far as I know. - Will prolong QT time (class III antiarrhythmic effect).
Avatar f tn I cut the 25 mg in 1/2 then the 1/2 in 1/2 thinking to get 3/4 pill by taking 1/2 plus 1/4.No, no, no! I got hit hard with double time release for the first few days. It didn't take me long - 2 days - to call my pharmacist and validate my idea that I had goofed big time. Just a heads up. I wrote down the side effects of Topril that affected me. These were subtle for me that's why I stayed on it do long...also I wasn't in the best shape to defend myself when I was put on it.