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Avatar f tn Hello Everyone, I have heart palpitations (PVCs, PACs, and possibly also NSVT). I've been told that they're benign and that my heart is structurally normal, but I am still a bit concerned about taking stimulants because they seem to make my heart palpitations worse. The palpitations feel like thumps that take my breath away for a split second and it's kind of scary… I've tried a low dose of Ritalin (10 mg), which made my symptoms worse. Now I'm trying a low dose of Adderall (5 mg).
Avatar m tn When I was a kid around 8 years old {1974} I was put on Ritalin and took it about 2 years.I remember the PVc`s back then and knew nothing of it.I was took off the ritalin and growed like 6 inches in a year and gained about 25 pounds. I started having panic attacks when I was around 15 and have had heart PVC`s off and on most of my life.I drank heavy for about 25 years and have been sober for about 18 months.My heart test within the last 2 years showed nothing wrong other than the PVC`s.
988870 tn?1284810404 Midodrine 7.5mg at 7am, 12 noon, and 5pm. (I used to take Metoprolol ER 25mg, but it began to make my heart rate get as low as the low 40's just recently, and during a syncopal spell the nurse at the Adult Day Care I attend could not find a pulse for several seconds) My doctor mentioned that IF my HR continued to get low even after being taken off the Metoprolol that I might need a pacemaker. It's been in the high 40's, but that as low as we know about.
511019 tn?1214340923 My daughter was diagnosed with POTS and has been prescribed (at different times)Florinef, Midodrine, Metoprolol, Ritalin and high salt diet. None of them seemed to be working as her symptoms fluctuated without any seeming relation to meds. After researching on-line I found a table that lists meds that work for different types of POTS. We really now think hers is the hyperadrengeric type of POTS which is not helped by any of the meds she had been prescribed.
Avatar f tn I'm taking the Metoprolol and Prozac for PVC's and occasional SVT that began after my first child was born. The vasovagal syncope diagnosis occured 10 years earlier when I was 17. At the time I was prescribed Norpace (dysopyramide) to keep my heart rate from dropping so low during an attack and that fairly well "cured" me.
492869 tn?1285022533 Atenolol/Tenormin, Metoprolol/Toprol XL, Acebutolol/Sectral, etc.
Avatar f tn In my daughter's case they tried metoprolol, midodrine, florinef, salt, ritalin. I can't remember if it was the metoprolol or midodrine but one of them caused her blood pressure to be extremely low early in the mornings. (I think 52/45 or something like that.) We did call the cardio and he had us adjust it taking half and changing times, but it still didn't help. At the time we didn't realize that hers was likely the 'H' form.
492869 tn?1285022533 At the moment: Mestinon, Metoprolol, Prozac, Theo-Dur, Concerta, and an anti-epileptic that I forget the name of for migraines. My medication changes a lot though.
Avatar n tn At this point I had seen 4 different cardiologists and they all agreed I had inappropriate sinus tachycardia. Soooooooo they recommend metoprolol, a beta blocker and they wanted to follow up with me. 2 months pass and I still hadn't taken the medicine. Why you ask? Well I just am not a big believer in medicine. Even though I myself am IN the medical field, I just had a hard time accepting the fact I had this illness. I guess in the back of my head I was hoping it would all go away.
Avatar n tn My daughter has tried increased sodium, fluids, florinef, midodrine, metoprolol, and ritalin. Fluids have only really helped in keeping her hydrated......none of the others have helped in her case and as the chart by Dr. Grubb shows they don't help with the Hyperadrenergic form of POTS. She is now taking Cymbalta as this form also often results in low seratonin levels.
Avatar f tn Metoprolol is generally prescribed in dysautonomia for the purpose of lowering high heart rates such as in inappropriate sinus tachycardia or POTS. The midodrine and the metoprolol do have opposing effects on blood pressure, though it's a question of degree that varies by patient (because they do not share a common mechanism of action).
Avatar n tn The second time I was taking depakote, lexapro, and ritalin- dosage of lexapro was increased and within hours reaction started.
Avatar n tn She had been prescribed Florinef, Metoprolol, and Midodrine none of which helped her. (Those are all on the table as NOT helpful for the 'H' form of POTS.) She also had taken Ritalin which did help with concentration as she took finals at the end of last school year, but doesn't seem to help with the other symptoms. (It is supposed to help with vein constriction in the lower legs thus help prevent the blood pooling.