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Avatar f tn I have been given propranolol to take as I have had continuous palpitations since monday and my heartrate has randomly shooting up in the 100's (not related to posture!!) These will also help with my bp, it has been creeping up. I have had these in the past but was more recently on bisoprolol. Which is more common for POTS symptoms? I was in A&E last night and back at my GP's this morning. I have been refered back to the cardiologist who is going to see me in november.
612551 tn?1450025775 I have used Toprol, Metoprolol (longest, several years) and now Atenolol for the past year. I moved from Toprolol and Slow Release beta blockers to generic to lower cost. I was looking at Propranolol which I see is a "non-selective" beta blocker, and it may therefore have an unwanted sleep disturbance side-effect. Yet, it is prescribed, I read, to lower nightmare problems by lowering the higher heart rate and adrenalin associated with nightmares. ..
1475202 tn?1536274577 Just an error I'm sure. I never had this problem with my previous medication (metoprolol and lisinopril) but the propranolol was thought to be a more fitting beta blocker to assist with the portal hypertension. Is the 40mg ER twice daily worth a try? If so I will further pursue this route. Thank you very much for your time and everything you do to assist MedHelp!
1243620 tn?1274794297 Does anyone take propranolol for anxiety and panic attacks? I've had crippling anxiety for my whole life. Antidepressants increase it to the point where I'm in such a state I almost pass out from hypervenitlating. I've heard propranolol is good for this, and is effective.
Avatar m tn I'm back on the metoprolol for now, I will monitor my blood pressure and pulse rate cause I want to see the difference between the Propranolol and Metoprolol. So far on the Metoprolol the only side-effect I feel who is different than the Propranolol is more facial muscles tension, jaw pain, neck pain... Also my blood pressure is a lot lower on the Metoprolol and pulse rate is also lower...
Avatar f tn I have a beta blocker for use when needed, but that one is propranolol and not metoprolol (slow release). Propranolol works better towards anxiety, stress and other factors that may trigger a rapid heart rhythm. From time to time (generally stressful times) I can take 12,5 or 25 mg metoprolol in addition. But I guess this is something that your doctor should decide as we are all different.
443862 tn?1238003039 And its not Metoprolol that helps anxiety. It's actually Propranolol that treats stage fright and performance anxiety, which is a b2, not a b1 blocker. Just some thoughts.
Avatar n tn when I quit propranolol 2 months ago it got a little better. I tested my thyroid and its high. T4 is near the top of normal range and T3 is higher than normal however TSH is normal. Can you help please about this condition? if this is propranolol side effects how i can treat them? because I didnt eat propranolol for two months but except for the first week these symptoms didnt get better. which drug instead of propranolol I can use with less side efects?
Avatar m tn Propranolol has a reportedly better shortening effect on Long Q than Metoprolol. Are you taking Metoprolol Tartrate? Metoprolol has a very short half life; typically 5 hours or so. In that time, half of it is metabolized. Physicians usually prescribe Metoprolol to be taken twice a day beca use of his. MetoprololSuccinate is the time release version, and that is taken once a day. In addition 25mg. is an exceedingly small dose.
Avatar m tn I'm considering the minimum dose of propranolol as prescribed by my doc, but i'm very cautious and wanted to know what it is like and what any side effects and withdrawl might be like. what can i expect when taking this? i enjoy working out so i'm hoping it wouldn't affect my weight lifting and cardio that i like to do. thanks in advance!
Avatar f tn She had me just stop propranolol and start metoprolol, been experiencing shakiness, occassional pvcs, headache, nausea, pulse still 45 - low 60s at rest and with exertion 70-90. Should she have tapered propranolol or will the metoprolol block the more serious withdrawal symptoms ie: HTN, chest pain ect.
Avatar n tn My husband and I have three beautiful daughters and are thinking of trying for a fourth and final baby.But do to some blood pressure issues after my last pregancy my doc. says no pregancy with out taking meds for my BP. I'm a little nervous to try to concieve because of this. Have any other women here been on any blood pressure meds or had a similar problem and had a healthy pregnancy?
612551 tn?1450025775 Metoprolol is the more modern and is I believe the generic Toprolol prescribed by cardiologist in recent years. As said above I wanted to try Atenolol because it has a longer half-life. Both are selective beta blockers and neither has much penetration through the brain barrier. Thus, neither is a strong driver of vivid dreaming and nightmares. I have problems with vivid dreaming trouble-mares, but that is independent of which beta blocker I use.
Avatar f tn When they were trying to control rate with JUST beta blockers... I took 200 of propranolol and 300 of metoprolol and occasional 100 of labetalol here and there. It helped but it worked a LOT better when other classes of drugs were added. Since the point is to slow you down, it generally SLOWS you down. When I was on THAT much, I felt like I was nailed to the couch. Now, instead I take coreg as a beta blocker and diltiazem, and flecainide and lisinopril.
Avatar f tn I took it when I was pregnant and it helped a lot but now that I've relapsed without being pregnant it made my POTS symptoms much worse and it took my cardiologist a year before he sent me to an electrophysiologist that prescribed propranolol 10mg twice a day and I've been taking it for 4 months now and I can say that it keeps almost all of my POTS symptoms at bay except for the digestive issues.
Avatar f tn The cardiologist I saw recently took me off Propranolol which never helped my fast pulse much..he put me on 25mg Metoprolol twice a day. I do notice a difference on it. Overall heart rate is slower and although I've had a couple more incidents of fast heart rate for no apparent reason, the number of incidents has greatly improved. So heres my question. Now that I'm on a higher dose beta blocker, & a better one (Metoprolol) can I start having a bit of morning coffee again? I really miss it.
Avatar m tn I really need to know if the Atenolol have less CNS side-effects than the Metoprolol? Did the insomnia and vivid dreams will go away? And for the tiredness? Also, for the dose, did 37.5 mg of Atenolol is the same as 75 mg of Metoprolol? I did some research about the dose equivalency and what I find out is that 50 mg of Atenolol = 100 mg of Metoprolol... but I still wonder if it's true for everyone or not? My Cardilogist ask me to split my dose and take it every 12 hours...
Avatar f tn Hi, Thanks for writing in. Both Propranolol and Metoprolol belong to the class of antihypertensives known as beta blockers so it is ok to switch from one to the other. While Propranolol is a non selective beta blocker, Metoprolol is a selective blocker and is specifically used for high BP. Metprolol will help control the BP better. Please get your BP checked regularly to make sure t is always under control. Take care!
Avatar n tn Non-selective beta-blockers, such as propranolol act on both types of receptors, in both heart and lungs. Propranolol and other medicines in its class are capable of evoking bronchospasm in people with asthma. Metoprolol is selective, but not entirely so; thus, asthma worsens in some people given this “selective” medicine and you may be one of them. Your doctor may have prescribed the metoprolol for both relief of the syncope and treatment of your hypertension.
Avatar m tn Cant really say for those doses but I was kind of the opposite. Metoprolol i was on 25mg extended release foe a month and it caused major increase of pvc runs and also caused incidences of Reynauds syndrome (soemthing ive never experienced in 30 years on this planet). It akso seemed to increase anxiety feelings and uneasiness. Propranolol 20mg seems to work very well for me but it definitely doesn't fix thr problem altogether(nothing has from what I've tried).
Avatar f tn She had me just stop propranolol and start metoprolol, been experiencing shakiness, occassional pvcs, headache, nausea, pulse still 45 - low 60s at rest and with exertion 70-90. Should she have tapered propranolol or will the metoprolol block the more serious withdrawal symptoms ie: HTN, chest pain ect.
Avatar f tn my resting heartrate used to always be about 110-125, but the bb's brought it down into about 80-90. other options considered safe during pregnancy are metoprolol and propranolol. propranolol is preferred because it has the highest reported cases of usage during pregnancy without complication. so I would ask to switch to that NOW...let your doctor know that you are trying to conceive. good luck in January! I hope you will keep coming back and update us with your progress!
Avatar m tn If intolerance to carvedilol has been proven d/t bronchoconstriction, it can be replaced with the more selective forms like metoprolol, bisoprolol and if out of the US, nebivolol. In the other hand, there are numerous publications that support the use of BB in heart failure patients in terms of increasing survival and quality of life, so BB should not be avoided in a patient only because of asthma. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I am presently on metoprolol 50mg twice a day for bp.,and ran out of script(am on vacation) can I take propranolol 50 mg in place of the metoprolol until I get it refilled?
Avatar m tn My heart rate remains a little high and i want to take propranolol in a very small dose like 8 mg a day in divoded doses. I am scared that my bp would lower and cause probs. Can i take it???
Avatar f tn My experience with BB is limited to Metoprolol and I have moved up and down in dose levels and the only affect I clearly see/feel is a change in my HR. Seems there is a non-zero BB level for me if I am to keep resting HR below 90. For me that is a pretty stiff dose, 50 mg once a day. I have never felt any stiffness, well none I don't ascribe to could be related to BB dose changes, but I don't think so. I do understand that abrupt changes in BB dose levels is not recommended.
Avatar n tn Currently I am not on any treatment for my Graves (it has been about two weeks) and my heart rate is beginning to increase (90's) and my anxiety is coming back. I was told propranolol is not an option for me because when I occasionally get bronchitis, I have mild reactive airway disease with it. My doctor is recommending radioablation, but I would like to use that as an absolute last resort. Is there any other medication that would be safe to try such as PTU or anything else?
Avatar f tn We often use medications called beta-blockers (metoprolol, propranolol, atenolol are examples) to help in such situations.
Avatar n tn Thanks for the response. The fact that I am now returned to having signs again (clenching teeth, sweating, feeling of impending doom, panic)which I have not had for almost 5 yrs since taking my 25 mg of Atenolol- could that mean that I need to have my med increased? Or possibly change to a different medication? THe swelling in my feet has subsided, although the foot pain and other muscle/joint pain comes and goes. I appreciate your comments!