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Avatar m tn My doctor has never warned me to watch how much fruit I eat, but some articles on the internet seem to indicate a link between metoprolol and high potassium levels. My blood tests have always been normal, but it still concerns me.
Avatar n tn Those sources also blamed a sensitive vagal nerve for triggering many afib episodes. They hydration and a low potassium level could be the cause. This seems too simplistic. If the vagal nerve is to blame, is there medication to make it less sensitive? Thank you.
1347434 tn?1282595378 My cardiologist once quipt that with our lifestyle and diet today, that everyone should be on this along with a statin, and in fact there is already a combination pill available. Metoprolol comes to in two varieties; metoprolol tartrate, and metoprolol succinate, the later has a time release property. While this requires only one dose per day, it's cost is much higher than metoprolol tartrate, and some insurance companies place it in a higher tier co-pay.
Avatar m tn another says to stay away from foods containing potassium. Perhaps my joint stiffness and joint tenderness have nothing to do with mineral levels in the blood. Are these common side effects or are they ones to be seriously concerned about? Or, should I wait a period of time to see if these go away with dietary changes, etc? Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.
Avatar m tn I'm a 17 yr male fighting some sort of illness doctors cant find anything wrong with me having upright tachycardia dizzy spells chest pain palpitations body flushing pooling blood in legs sometimes hands hot flashes cold hands and feet my dads has raynaud's i thing he passed down i lost 20 pounds i gain 10 back loss of appetite red eyes dry mouth muscle twitches back pain arm pain rarely head ache rarely and much more im been on metoprolol it scares me because it can rise potassium im going to a
Avatar m tn 5 mg and baby aspirin in addition to Lipitor 20mg. Sep. 2009 he took me off the Metoprolol and increased the Altace to 10 mg. My Blood potassium level at the time was perfectly normal at 3.6; after the spike in the ace-inhibitor my potassium level has risen in two months to 5.6, which I believe is an unsafe level. My family doctor has now asked me to go back to the 2.5 mg dosage and get re-tested after two weeks. I have read that ace-inhibitors can cause an increase in potassium levels.
407053 tn?1202002233 i was pregnant with my first baby in 2005 and they found out that i had Mitral Valve Prolapse and put me on metoprolol.. its a blood pressure medication but it can also be used to treat mvp. my daughter has reacently turned two and my husband and i have been trying for a year to get pregnant with a second child. my first pregnancy was fine and normal other than my heart condition but it did not affect her at all.
Avatar n tn I hated the Toprol XL due to the severe depression and nightmares. I switched to the generic form (metoprolol) which wasn't the extended release... more immediate effect and doesn't last as long in the system. This approach does not cause me nightmares or depression. I am 36 and mine started suddenly as well... very disconcerting. Good Luck! On a side note, we're neighbors!!! Hello from Carroll County MD!!!
Avatar n tn (1) I have never encountered a patient who had elevated liver enzymes from metoprolol, and I've prescribed a LOT of metoprolol. Anything is possible, but before implicating the metoprolol, I would recheck the ALT and think of another possibility. Moreover, most AST/ALT elevations are from transient viral infections or other unexplained phenomenon, and these go away on their own.
Avatar m tn I did try the Atenolol, Nadolol, they are not lipophilic and apparently do not produce CNS side-effects but they lower too much my blood pressure and didn't see a lot of difference between the side-effects from the water solube and lipophilic ones... They all make me tired, some of them are worse and the Bisoprolol and Metoprolol are the worse for me in term of side-effects. The half-life of the Metoprolol is between 3 to 7 hours...
Avatar f tn Anybody out there ever go from Atenolol, to Metoprolol..and actually LIKE it?? Ever have this sensation of knowing when its wearing off? I hate that.
Avatar n tn Hi, Even my issue is the same. I am on Metoprolol 25mg from 1 year and before my potassium level was 4.3 and now it has gone up to 4.9. Can you please guide me what you did after that?
876405 tn?1243511886 I was taking metoprolol 25 mg twice a day and then my dr discontinued it because I found out that I was pregnant. Now I am taking something else for the blood pressure that is safe to take in pregnancy. It just *****, because suddenly they came out of nowhere and I am trying to find a reason for them..they are literally driving me insane- it's all I think about..I don't know if they are going to kill me or not. Tomorrow I go to the cardiologist and they'll do an echo...
612551 tn?1450025775 Research on the web says that Atenolol is much longer lasting than Metoprolol and suggests that Metoprolol Tartrate has to be taken twice a day... Atenolol only once ! Strangle, again, my Cardiologist who issued a prescription for Atenolol upon my request to be allowed to try it is for 25 mg twice a day.
Avatar f tn In 2014 I had arrhythmia from low potassium (2.4). The ER was able to convert it and have not had another episode since that time. The ER recommended I start seeing a cardiologist. At the time I was on 10 mg of enalapril twice a day. My pulse was high (90) and the doc recommended starting a low dose of Metoprolol (12-1/2 mg twice a day). This brought my pulse down to mid 60's. I was also prescribed (in the ER) 10 meq of potassium twice a day I assume for the rest of my life.
1035252 tn?1427231433 I'm a 24 y/o female, fairly healthy, and I take Metoprolol 12.5 twice a day for a rapid heartbeat caused by a leaky aortic valve. First of all I want to say that I despise the Metop., the side effects are way too invasive for me to handle, and as soon as I see my new cardiologist (in the next few weeks) I am begging to be taken off of any sort of beta-blocker. My resting heart-rate is usually around 120, and with the Metop. it's been around 114.
Avatar n tn A lawsuit as a result of a car accident, My wife's sister filed a lawsuit against us which cost us $140,000 and a few other things that all hit me in 1 year. So, as a result, my blood pressure was from normal to high normal. 127/79 to 145/85 and other times in the 130s/80 to 85. When it was a rough day, my blood pressure was fluctuating from normal to high normal or even pre-hypertension. One day it was 154/93 for a few hours. I think this was the day we went to court.
Avatar n tn metoprolol,ramipril and omeprazole can these cause constant diarrhea and leg cramps
Avatar n tn My BP is high on the 50 mg of Metoprolol (169/90) so he wants to give me 50 mg Metoprolol in the morning and another 50 mg at night. I'm worried that this will increase the heart flutters. I'm so sick of bananas...I can't imagine eating even more of them. Other potassium rich foods don't seem to give me the benefit that bananas do. Any advise?
Avatar f tn The first in two years landed me in the Hospital. My meds were changed from Metoprolol to Diltiazem 360 mg per day and Fleconade 50 mg 2x per day plus Warfarin. The Metoprolol 25mcg 1 x daily has been making me wheeze for the past four years, but no one ever thought to change the meds. I have been on this new med protocol for 1.5 weeks. I just started the Fleconide and Warfarin three days ago. My question is I need to loose 45 pounds asap.
Avatar m tn I'm taking only triple the daily dosage of a nearly useless pill, 297mg of Potassium seems to help. A baked potato, with butter, cheese and sour cream (all of which contain good amounts of good old vitamin K).
1198633 tn?1341185988 When I go from lying in bed and sit up and stand I get extremely dizzy and off balance and feel like I could pass out and my legs feel like stiff or weak. I have to hold on to a wall or anything in reach to walk. Other times when I keep myself busy though these symptoms don't seem to be as bad. I was tested for orthostatic hypotension and didn't have that or POTs even though my heart rate could be 75 laying down and then jump up to 90-100 when standing and my heart starts pounding pretty hard.
Avatar n tn However, since you’re symptomatic and hence you need an evaluation and treatment for the same. The usual tests done are serum potassium levels as low potassium can precipitate the same, echocardiography to assess the status of the valves and the walls of the ventricles, holter monitoring (this is a 24 hr continuous ECG) to assess the extent of PVC’s (how often they occur in a day). In young people, the usual cause is consumption of alcohol, tobacco, cocaine, anxiety etc.
Avatar n tn My normal rate is about 55 and remains that way during my palpitations. I am sick and tired of sitting here and waiting for them to happen. Today they were pretty much constant all day long. I recently wore a holter monitor but have no results yet. Also the doctors gave me a beta-blocker (metoprolol) that I have decided NOT to take until I get more answers. I am also worried it will drop my pulse rate to something too low and that will make me feel more sick. HELP!!!
Avatar n tn Pedialyte: Each bottle contains: water, dextrose, potassium citrate, sodium chloride and sodium citrate. Nonmedicinal ingredients: FD&C Blue #1 and Red #40 (grape flavor) and FD&C Red #40 (bubblegum flavor). Bottles of 1 000 mL (unflavored, fruit and bubble-gum flavored). Cases of 8. Do not freeze. For hospital use: glass bottles of 240 mL (unflavored), cases of 24. Protect from heat. After opening, store Pedialyte under refrigeration and use within 48 hours.
Avatar f tn , even 315 mg, causes a surge. For sure, being low in calcium, magnesium, potassium and other things can cause them, I understand. Thanks for the reply.
471161 tn?1317194550 I was in th hospital for four days in December with a high heart rate and low sodium and low potassium and then back in in January with high heart rate and high sed rate. If I got out of bed to brush my teeth the niurse would run in to see if I was ok because my rate would go up to 160 that easily.
Avatar f tn Underlying cause can be excessive potassium intake, disturbed cellular uptake of potassium, or impaired renal excretion of potassium. My system is periodically tested to monitor renal excretion of potassium as well as liver functionality. An ACE inhibitor as well as a beta blocker can raise potassium to an abnormal level. Hyperkalemia has been reported in 1.3% (serum potassium greater than 6.0 mEq/mL) to 10% (greater than 5.3 mEq/mL) of patients.
Avatar f tn I have been to the doctor befor for fast heart rate and had low .potassium I had an ekg and blood work they proscribed be anit deppresants but i dont take them cause i am not Depressed.r Anxiety and fas heart rate Metoprolol . I do notice that some time the week or during my period i will get palps. But it is really bothering me now, and is making me a nervous wrek, i am going to make a doc apt , just wanted to know if anyone has been threw this or has any good advice.
Avatar m tn It was after this that I was put on the simvastatin and metoprolol. I also take aspirin ( full dose ) and flecainide for the afib. Both the metoprolol and flecainide are taken at a low dose. My readings before I started the simvastatin, were ( 140 total ) HDL 33 LDL 79 and Triglycerides 139 . What has changed is that my HDL has gone down to 24 from 33 LDL has gone down to 65. So basically Everything has gone down, what has him worried is the HDL has gone down.