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Avatar m tn I went back to work July 1st and even though I'm doing the same amount of walking everyday at work, I'm still worn out from walking with leg pain until I get seated and rested and then when I start walking again it happens all over. The only thing that comes to mind is the metoprolol to help my heart not work as hard, but I'm supposed to get exercise and it's really difficult to do under these conditions.
Avatar n tn Beta-blockers affect the heart and circulation (blood flow through arteries and veins). Metoprolol is used to treat angina (chest pain) and hypertension (high blood pressure). It is also used to treat or prevent heart attack. It seems to me if you have high blood pressure the medication should be taken regularily and not as needed. I don't know the effect it has on chest pain.
1933354 tn?1323366434 My question is this. I have been having tight chest and coughing. A slight heaviness sensation in my chest. I saw that side effects for this med consitst of heart failure and heart block. I just want to make sure these are not side effects of allergies, but rather possible heart block from my med!? I am 24 years old, have had more heart tests then most people who need it on this site. Echo, Stress tests, EKGs, Holters, all look good, just periods of inappropraite sinus tachycardia.
Avatar m tn Both drugs have the same side effects and together and one or the other or both create what I can only describe as chaotic turbulence in my chest and pain in my left arm when the second drug kicks in.. My cardiolgist now wants me to add a blood thinner (xarelto) to my meds menu. Who else has this problem with taking both diltiazem and metoprolol? Is it wise to mix a beta blocker and a calcium channel blocker.
Avatar n tn After wearing a heart monitor for 24 hrs my Doctor told me that I had tachycardia and prescribed 25 mg metoprolol once a day.I have been taking the medicine for six days now and feel generally unwell. I'm tired and my stomach has been bothering me. More importantly, I have been having a kind of "needling" pain in my chest. It's mild and not very painful.
Avatar f tn The pain if it occurs on coughing or movement, it could be due to pleuritis. The pleura, the lining of the chest cavity and lungs can get inflamed causing pain and is referred to as pleurisy. This can happen with infections like tuberculosis or pneumonia. It can also occur with other conditions like trauma to the chest or pulmonary embolism. The pain could also be due to pericarditis. Therapy lies in treating the underlying cause and pain killers.
Avatar m tn Since 2010 i'm not active at all, I can't even do physical work or exercise cause I feel very weak, have chest pain, left arm pain, jaw pain, i'm too much Dizzy, heart rate can increase from 60 to 160-180 in a matter of seconds and have a very fast heart rate just standing... that's why I take 75 mg day of metoprolol... I had some major surgeries for my intestines back at the end of 2011, both surgery left me in a kind of deconditionning physical state... Anyway, thanks again...
Avatar m tn Mostly extreme fatigue, insomnia but can stay in bed all day long, headache, anxiety who is worse than before, legs pain and muscles pain all over my body, chest pain, back pain, eyes pain. I'm so weak that just taking a shower is the best I can do in 1 day! I will see my Cardio Doc soon and will ask to try something else. Also will ask for more tests since recently I start having severe chest pain and it's happening each day and it's not GERD, muscular pain or something like that...
1464004 tn?1384139333 I just started taking this stuff. I have borderline HBP and I am already taking Clonidine, but the cardiologist said he wants to "relax my heart". He really did not fill in the gaps as to why, since Clonidine at .2mg twice per day is keeping the BP at about 120/85. This Metoprolol is causing light headedness, esp when standing up from a sitting position, it causes ZERO libido, and YES Elli, my kegs are feeling extremely weak and wobbly, a "heavy" feeling.
443862 tn?1238003039 I removed the atacand myself last Sunday and this past week have felt great. I do smoke, metoprolol has the side effect of cold hand and feet, very, very true and it said even more so in smokers. Anways, better than a racing heart! My pulse is now nicely in the 80s, having come down from 103-108. The only time that I was dizzy was when i was 80/50 with both meds. Now ont he met on it's own, not dizzy at all.
Avatar n tn I took 2 different versions of metoprolol, Toprol (metoprolol tartrate) and Toprol XL (metoprolol succinate). The second one is the extended release version. Toprol made my symtoms worse but Toprol XL worked fairly well in controlling my conditions, PVC's and PSVT. I was taking 50 mg a day in both cases. The only thing that affected me was a slight feeling of dizziness at times and some mental fatigue.
Avatar f tn I cant tell if my lungs hurt or its my chest...I have fibro.. so pain in my neck and jaw are pretty normal.. no fever.. I am 28 not obese. And I puzzle docs...could this be heart disease?
Avatar n tn (PS past hx also significant for MVA and STI's to neck and back, and bulging (now herniated) disc at T10-11) Any help is greatly appreciated. How can this be "normal"?????
Avatar f tn As a mom of 4, I have a lot to live for and I don't want to be stressed out every time I have chest pain that I am also having a heart attack.
Avatar m tn Also right around the time for my next dose this morning I was having second thoughts about taking it and went about 15 minutes past the time i been taking and began to have chest pains. I decided to take it and went to the ER just to be sure the pain subsided my EKG was beautiful the doctor said. I'm wondering was that a symptom that started to happen because I waited to long without taking my next dose. I've read stopping this med abruptly can be dangerous.
876405 tn?1243511886 I was taking metoprolol 25 mg twice a day and then my dr discontinued it because I found out that I was pregnant. Now I am taking something else for the blood pressure that is safe to take in pregnancy. It just *****, because suddenly they came out of nowhere and I am trying to find a reason for them..they are literally driving me insane- it's all I think about..I don't know if they are going to kill me or not. Tomorrow I go to the cardiologist and they'll do an echo...
450439 tn?1249236838 My fiance has CAD, he has been having chest pain and palpitations...during a EP study the doc discovered he was having a left bundle branch block but thought the chest pain was unusual...I was just wondering how serious is this and how unusual is the chest pain? I'm extremely worried becaus everywhere I look, it says something about sudden cardiac death and how much worse it when having been diagnosed along with CAD....the palpitations happen almost regularly...
Avatar m tn In the ER I had a severe chest pain (they always felt like the chest pain I had with my heart attacks) and the monitor was going crazy. One nurse seemed concerned, the other not so much. The tests were negative for a heart attack, but again, because of the history of heart disease I was admitted to the ICU and a angiogram was ordered for the next morning. While in the ICU I continued to have the chest pain and the monitor would go crazy and start beeping.
Avatar n tn Other results from echo include mild mitral and tricuspid regurgitation and incomplete RBBB. Treated for hypertension (metoprolol 25 mg daily). Also take isosorbide mononitrate 60 er daily and sublingual nitro (0.4 mg prn). Diagnosis was ?? with Prinzmetal "in the differential". Started these meds in July 09, was mostly pain free until Sept 09, but now having more (same) symptoms (usually angina at night which wakes me, lasting from minutes to an hour).
Avatar f tn In the past two weeks, I've been to the ER twice for chest pain. I've had sharp chest pain with an aching arm. The chest pain is persistent but comes and goes. First ER said all blood work and EKG looked great, sent me home and said my meds probably rebounded. Next ER trip said tests, EKG, and X-ray looked good. Make cardiologist there said I may have hurt my arm at work. He said the chances were one in a million that it is my heart causing pain.
Avatar f tn I was admitted in the hospital for chest discomfort and an abnormal Ekg. I was placed on zocor, Metoprolol and nitroglycerin patch while hospitalized. The first night I wasnt feeling well woke up at 1 am with the sweats and chest discomfort. I was given a blood thinner and other meds I began to feel better in about a half an hour give or take( to where I could get back to sleep). The following day I had the nuclear and echo gram test.
Avatar f tn I recommend you continue to work with your cardiologist to figure out how to get over your symptoms. Living w/ chest pain/pressure and stents is not an easy road, and I hope you get over the hump soon. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I also have acid reflux. Here lately i have been experienceing chest pain off and on all day everyday. its sometimes pain throbbing and sometimes a cramping or squezzing pain. i also experience dizziness every time this happens i have been told its just my acid reflux but why would that cause me to get dizzy. and i also start sweating and i feel like everthing is happening really fast like my mind is spinning. i experince this all day off and on and im tired of the constant pain and worry.
Avatar m tn I had a PVI ablation a couple months ago and the EP took me off Fleccanide last week and kept me on 50 mg metoprolol. Since then infrequent PACs have turned to frequent (say 2-4 hrs a day of up to one beat in 3 of mostly skipped beats) which manifests itself as a "thud" which rises into the throat and sometime becomes a dry cough. Chest pains sometime "stingy" and other time "dull" which come and go.
Avatar f tn I have experienced tingling in my legs, pressure in my head, takes time for eyes to focus on things, jittery, pain in my chest area and back, and in the morning my heart rate is usually high when I get up anywhere from 110-130. Is this a normal reaction to this medication? My doctor thinks my rapid heart rate is due to severe anemia and possible hyperthyroidism.
Avatar m tn I'm a 17 yr male fighting some sort of illness doctors cant find anything wrong with me having upright tachycardia dizzy spells chest pain palpitations body flushing pooling blood in legs sometimes hands hot flashes cold hands and feet my dads has raynaud's i thing he passed down i lost 20 pounds i gain 10 back loss of appetite red eyes dry mouth muscle twitches back pain arm pain rarely head ache rarely and much more im been on metoprolol it scares me because it can rise potassium im going to a
Avatar n tn My heart rate does go up a bit and I do have chest pain and a tingle in my left arm like others have said. They say that WPW is something people are born with. Personally I think its "our" diets we grow up eatting fast food along with other horrible things we feed our bodies. I'll encourage all of "us" myself included to eat better and stay away from fast food.
Avatar f tn i have been having pain in my left jaw and also it feels like someone punches me in the chest enough pain to make me sit down most times i have went to the emergency room and they did a ekg and say it seems fine if so why am i still having this problem and why does it seem to get worse instead of better? I take metoporal 25mg twice a day but it doesnt seem to be doing anything for me what should i do?