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Avatar f tn I have been with the same manufacturer of metoprolol succinate for 2 years and had no problems and now they went out of business and the new manufacturer of the same medication isn't working for me!
454275 tn?1205935627 My doctor now has me on Xanax twice a day, Diovan once a day, Metoprolol XR once a day, Ambien CR 12.5 MG which does not work, Acipex for gastric problems caused by the meds, Oxcarbazepine 150 MG three times a day, Seroquel 25 MG for sleep, Trileptal150 MG three times a day, Ammitriptyline three at night to help me sleep and Cymbalta for depression. I am from Georgia and I am a Christian, but I am thinking of ending my life.
Avatar n tn I told him I would rather wait but the pills do not help the pain at all. I am on Diovan for heart and Metoprolol also Levothyroxin for Thyroid. I can not believe there is so many of us with it and can not find out what it is. Please keep us posted if any results.
Avatar n tn I am now taking metoprolol and cardizem to control the blood pressure and heart rate but despite the dosing I am waking with pounding heart, as it now will not accelerated over a rate of 100, an instant awakening of my intestines and often active bowels. I am in the pit of exhaustion. I even took an ambien for sleep and still woke up three times last night. I feel better during the latter part of the day - mostly around 4 p.m.
Avatar n tn He is a Type I Diabetic with ESRD and hemodialysis. Previous Kidney transplant that went into failure 1 yr ago. He had a cardiac cath last winter that showed scattered disease that required no treatment. His EF was 61%. He has a history of hypertension, diabetes - type I, high cholesterol, depression and gastroparesis. Previous history - alcoholism. He most recent phosphorus He had a PET scan with adenosine this week that showed his EF was 35%.An echocardiogram was done today to verify the EF.
Avatar f tn I have taken Atenolol before and don't remember anything like this, other than some weight gain. Metoprolol was terribly exhausting, but an exhaustion that I am familiar with. This feels like a chronic illness of some kind!! Please help, anyone! Thanks in advance!
Avatar f tn The left atrium (upper chamber) is located next to esophagus, and is often affected by it, and PACs are easily triggered by drinking and eating, both mechanical and caused by temperature increases / decreases.
Avatar f tn The cardiologist's nurse called me 3days ago and told me they wanted to start me on metoprolol. Now I feel palpitations all day long. And I am starting to have chest pains. I don't have an echocardiogram schedule until next week!!! Im still not getting any sleep because when I go to sleep, I wake right back up with palpitations and my heart skipping beats.
995271 tn?1463927859 I was on the verge of going to an EP for an ablation when I discovered a web site on a symptom that I also had (Ambien and Gerd) that mentioned Ambien use could lead to PVCs. I was prescribe Ambien and had been taking it for about two years. Within 48 hours of stopping Ambien my PVC's disappeared. I mention this because I am sure many people are taking Ambien (or similar drugs) that might be triggering PVC's. Explore all options before considering ablation...
Avatar n tn I've been on ambien CR for over a year and I wonder if the ambien also contribute to my increase in pvcs. Now i have a new symptom I seem to be short of breath walking up stairs, not sure if this is from anxiety or a true sympton. I've been told like most of you that my pvcs are nothing to be concerned about and the meds are to make me comfortable, but they can't tell my why I'm having them, which of course adds to my anxiety...
Avatar f tn Creatine Clearance: 89ml Creatine Urine 63.5 Cystine 144 umol Albumin 4.5 ALT is 27 total protien 7.3 g albumine 4.3g alpha 1- .3g alpa 2- .7g beta-.8 g gamma 1.2g metabloic panel: BUN- 18 sodium- 141 potassium- 3.9 chloride- 10.3 CO2- 28 glucose- 75 creatine- .77mg GFR est- >60 ml calcium- 8.7 anion gap- 10mmol hemogram: 8.5k rbc- 4.77m hgb- 14.2g hct- 41.8% mcv- 87.6 fl mch- 29.8 pg mchc- 34g rdw-13.3% plts- 249k mpv- 10.4fl phosphorus- 4.4mg intact pth- 53.
Avatar m tn I have been off drugs (except for the heartrate Metoprolol) since yesterday----------AND I FEEL WORSE THAN EVER!!!!!!!Horrible nightmares for the few hours I was able to sleep last night, intestinal problems, headache, depression worse than I have ever felt before, sudden anger, confusion, instantaneous mood swings, and severe suicidal thoughts!!!! Does this get better? How long does it take? I am leery of discouraging anyone from getting treatment.
Avatar n tn ) He said there is signs of kidney involvement and Dr.Mattson should check regulary and will see himwhen time need be, he is such an honest doc and I respect that. He said to make sure she knows this is "Sjogrens" and make sure anyone else knows this as well. Saw a Dr.Wazniak referred from Dr.Mattson after telling her what Dr.Rebeccas office said. He seemed real honest and real stern(sp) about smoking,makes me want to quit more, oneday.
Avatar n tn go? Like symptoms come and cause this and then just disappear only to reappear agian? sorry, so confused and getting ANGRY!
1454495 tn?1290236496 I seriously can't imagine how one pillow can make a difference, but I haven't missed a minute of sleep since using the pillow. I also don't eat anything after about 7 pm and only drink water. I also take Metoprolol for BP so that was resolved early on. I'm now 21 weeks pregnant, BP stays at 120/70, and I sleep perfectly. Hope the same happens for you soon!
Avatar f tn ) I never started the BB, and if it's true that metoprolol and clonazepam work synergistally, and that it would likely be harder to stop taking metoprolol later on, I'm probably better off without it. Again, thank you!
996946 tn?1503252712 My experience with Toprol (the time release version of Metoprolol) and the generic, Metoprolol is that it is very effective in lowering BP. The lowering heart rate is a side effect, but is often administered for that reason, as was in my case. I still take 50mg. daily for BP, and find that my resting HR is often in the low 60's. I hope you can get a resolution. What was the reason for not using the femoral veins? Best of luck.
704329 tn?1518526698 Well, thinking I was dieing of course, I went into the ER where they did some testing and monitoring and told me I was having PVC's and it was nothing to worry about...go home. Well, I went home..and my journey since that day has been long...stressful, and sad. I went through a slew of testing since that time to try and figure anything out, and it was untill recently, I was diagnosed with PVC-induced-Cardiomyopathy (pardon the spelling).
Avatar n tn Just glancing at the list I see serious drug interactions. He was on 2 beta blockers the atenolol and metoprolol they lower the heart significantly. You do not give two beta blockers together. Heart rate is also lowered by the other drugs such as Xanax, ambien. Cardiomyopathy is an enlarged heart the heart is a muscle and the harder a muscle works the bigger the muscle gets. It has to work harder the lower your heart beat gets and probably enlarged significantly overtime and caused his death.
Avatar f tn The cardiologist's nurse called me 3days ago and told me they wanted to start me on metoprolol. Now I feel palpitations all day long. And I am starting to have chest pains. I don't have an echocardiogram schedule until next week!!! Im still not getting any sleep because when I go to sleep, I wake right back up with palpitations and my heart skipping beats.
544292 tn?1268886268 I stick with it because I can remember what it was like to be in the FOG of TRAM, to walk into a room, and forget why I was there, I stick with it because I would rather not get killed on my motorcycle from being too fogged to care what I was doing. I stick with it because my grandson tells me how nice it is now to only have to ask grandpa ONE TIME to be picked up. (Pappa? Pappa? Pappa? Pappa?
Avatar f tn You won't sleep well with hyper. So get some Ambien and try that every night. Need more, get Lunesta at 2 or 3 mg and use them. It's better to take the drugs, than never have energy and constantly worry about falling asleep during the day. The toprol does have a side effect of "de-energizing", I mean, it's supposed to, it's suppressing your primary metabolic gland. You can help this a lot with 2 things: A tough exercise program, and a good vitamin program.
Avatar n tn trying this one week, and this another. Much is trial and error and I'm getting frustrated and impatient. I want to hear from anyone who's had significant numbers of PVCs who, in turn, has had real success (assuming there is anyone) reducing them. I don't care what they possible remedy is too crazy or silly.
Avatar f tn Metoprolol is generally prescribed in dysautonomia for the purpose of lowering high heart rates such as in inappropriate sinus tachycardia or POTS. The midodrine and the metoprolol do have opposing effects on blood pressure, though it's a question of degree that varies by patient (because they do not share a common mechanism of action).
Avatar f tn Wow! This is eerie to suddenly come upon this thread. Had a heart attack at 45 in Jan '08, with 100% blockage of the LAD. They stented it. I had a rod like pain about the size of a 4" pencil to the left of my sternum - my cardiologist said it was nothing extraordinary. Had a lot of travel and work stress in Sep/Oct and I started getting intermittent pain traveling up the neck to the left side of my jaw. The pain also radiated to my left arm pit.
Avatar m tn I am already on a beta blocker (metoprolol) for HBP. And all of this has been from my GP. I haven't seen a psychiatrist. They really aren't much different, though. They just throw meds at you too until something sticks. However, my other half is seeing a psychiatrist, and he as her on an AD med PLUS three 0.5 mg Klonipin a day (she suffers from severe anxiety and depression). She's been on 1.5 mg of Klonipin for some time and hasn't had to increase her dose. I just want something to work.
Avatar n tn I had to go on serzone for 3 years. And was given ambien. A recent stressful event started whatever series of events that lead to it reoccurring. Now it happens most of the time I lay down or think about sleep and intermittently while trying to fall asleep. It's a vicious cycle I can't mentally get myself out of and Ambien usually knocks me out, but the sleep isn't restorative for me, and I can't fall back asleep when it wears off. Any tips?
Avatar n tn YOu wrote: >> also tried beta blockers when these PVC's first started and they made me CRAZY!! Thought I was having a nervous breakdown. Plus the PVC's were worse (more frequent and harder). >> GOSH! really? I feel crazy -- been on metoprolol, low dose, for about a month and my palpitations are worse than they ever were before in my LIFE!!!! can beta blockers worsen palps? I figured that was impossible???! Mine are way more frequent hours and days at a time.. this is horrible.
Avatar n tn My cardiologist has indicated that I can switch to Klonopin and use very low dose (my heart rate is very low--48-52) of beta blocker Metoprolol and this might work. He has added that it would not hurt me to use sleeping pill along with this if necessary. He is willing to experiment in trying to help me. My therapist is not. I would greatly appreciate any info you can supply that you feel might help me. Often I go for days on end without any good sleep and it's beginning to seriously depress me.