Methylphenidate overdose amount

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Avatar f tn I took 8 crushed 20 mg methylphenidate pills. So that is 160mg. I'm 17, female, 5 foot and 3 inches tall, and 260 pounds. I am shaking, jittery, my heart rate is 180, my breathing has increased, and my temperature is 99.1. These pills are precribed to me for ADHD. I am well aware that i shouldn't have taken 4 times the amount, it was very dumb. I need recommendations on what I should do, or rensurence on if I'm going to be okay.
Avatar n tn It is different for everyone, and depends on amount of use, over what period of time, what substance and your own body chemistry. If you taper (i.e. start slowly reducing your usual dosage) you can limit (but not totally eliminate withdrawal). If you take 3 a day, one every 8 hrs, try taking .75 every 8 hrs for 3 days, then .5 every 8 hrs. for 3 days, and so on until the end. If you have minor withdrawal symptoms, clonidine can help (it is a blood pressure med.
Avatar n tn For example, users with a high tolerance to the stimulant amphetamine may also exhibit a high tolerance to the structurally similar methamphetamine or other amphetamine-like stimulants, such as methylphenidate (though one should not assume this to avoid overdose). The phenomenon is also observed in cigarette smokers, in whom there is a demonstrably lessened sensitivity to the effects of caffeine. Cross-tolerance is also frequent in response to use of hallucinogens.
511524 tn?1266353534 On top of that bogusness, my gf's, well we just broke up, her mom died of a heroin overdose at the age of 42. My DOC was heroin or Oxycontin, whatever I could get my hands on first. I was also heavily addicted to benzos, and any other pill I could stick up my nose or mess me up royally, but opiates were my main problem. And my gf knowing now how her mom died and knowing my past, which Nov.
Avatar f tn I know my husband works a job that allows him to take off a significant amount of schedualed leave time every year, but this is very unusual, particularly the lower in income level you go, which is often the very people who need it most! If it wasnt for my husband haivng a union to back him up though, more than once he would have been at risk during my chemo treatments for loosing his job.