Methadone withdrawal symptoms in newborns

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1794671 tn?1338798991 Do the babies stay in the NICU until the withdrawal symptoms go away? Or do mothers take them home... I also heard that SIDS is more likely to happen to those born with NAS? How likely is this? Any opinions? Thanks for the post though I appreciate the opinion.. and if I seem hostile in any way I apologize I am pregnant and withdrawing....
Avatar n tn There is a good chance that the newborn baby will eventually have withdrawal symptoms from the mother's methadone use. The manner in which the baby is observed and treated depends upon the doctor taking care of the baby because there are many different ways to approach this issue. The doctor may choose to wait until the baby shows the symptoms of withdrawal before treating, or may start treatment before withdrawal occurs.
Avatar f tn Has anyone in this forum ever given birth to a baby while on methadone? I am 31 weeks pregnant and on methadone. I just wanted some feedback on some of your experience s. I'm pretty much scared to death!
20391860 tn?1497234141 To make a long story short I picked the wrong time and the wrong parking lot to meet my lifelong friend in and soon I was in jail. I didn't stay in jail long as I do have some savings and means to post bond. I hired the best attorneys that I could and continued to cut my dose down as my court date approached.
Avatar n tn I am currently pregnant and in a methadone treatment program. First let me start off by mentioning that in New York City, and most of the US, the standard practice is NOT to taper pregnant women off methadone. Tapering off too quickly has been shown to lead to miscarriage, low birth weight, and premature birth in many cases.
Avatar f tn Disturbed tremors and muscle tightness which they said are the most commen symptoms even in methadone babies who don't score high enough to need medication. He went home with me after 4 days and the tremors stopped. He did not need any medication. So even though some babies have mild withdraw does not mean they will stay at the hospital. My sons only lasted 4 days. I did breastfeed and still am. I am still on methadone. He is a happy healthy 20 pound 7 month old.
Avatar f tn There is real controversy about whether to use methadone maintenance for newborns born with suboxone withdrawal. Some believe the methadone is a harder substance to kick than suboxone. You've got several days to research opinions - just google "suboxone withdrawal in newborns" - and spend a couple hours reading through various medical opinions.
Avatar n tn I have sent a note to 1234betterlife that you need info and help. She is an RN trained in OBGYN. She has helped many in your situation get free and do it safely.
Avatar n tn Infants born to mothers who take prescribed methadone can also show symptoms of withdrawal, but these are typically treated safely in hospital after birth.
Avatar f tn Consider reading my long comments about withdrawal in newborns here: If you can taper off the opioids, do so-- slowly, at a rate that you work out with your doc. If you cannot do that, seek the help of an addiction doc.
Avatar f tn - As a mom to be, you want to do what’s best for your baby, and getting on something like methadone, which causes a withdrawal syndrome in newborns, may not feel like the right thing to do.
Avatar n tn the problem is that i am now starting to feel some bad withdrawals and am afraid that if i go lower i will be in total withdrawal which i heard is bad for the baby.also, will the baby go thru withdrawals if i stay on 1mg.and if i wean to nothing will the baby be okay and free of withdrawals?i have no idea what to do and feel like time is running out. please help.
Avatar f tn I DON'T HAVE ANY ANSWERS FOR U&I JUST WANTED2SAY.IM.SORRY UR HAVING SUCH HARD TIME FINDING a HELPFUL DOCTOR!!!bein a pregnant opiate addict myself i can relate-i am from Massachusetts&am on methadone myself(4th child&1st on methadone).i posted ?on drug testing newborns 1st.stool(mecomium)cuz i relapsed once@26wks& BABY WILL b TESTED CUZ ON METHADONE&IM FREAKIN OUT CUZ OF MY ONE MISTAKE AFRAID OF THEM TAKIN MY NEWBORN N MY.OTHER 3KIDS AWAY CUZ.OF.
1122748 tn?1306243364 newborns. In 2009, nearly 1,000 babies born in Florida hospitals were treated for drug-withdrawal syndrome. They're irritable. They don't eat well. They can spend days, even weeks, detoxing. And the number is skyrocketing. From 2006 to 2009, there was a 173 percent increase in newborns treated at hospitals for drug-withdrawal syndrome in Florida, according to Agency for Health Care Administration records obtained by the Orlando Sentinel........
796579 tn?1266435624 I do have a reference there that you might want to share with your OB doc, about the mild nature of withdrawal in newborns on buprenorphine. I think the risk of simply being in a neonatal ICU are greater than any risks directly from buprenorphine (we don't know of any risks to the infant at this point). I have had 5 or 6 women go through pregnancy on buprenorphine, and all have done well. Congratulations, and good luck!
Avatar f tn In fact, it's the opposite. Studies have shown that moderate daily intake of opiates doesn't cause withdrawal symptoms in newborns. I am being prescribed 3.5 10/325 mg Vicodin to use daily until I give birth. My doctors primary concern is my usage staying steady. Her concern is NOT whether the baby will go through withdrawals because it is highly unlikely.
1310633 tn?1430227691 While prescription drug abuse is a problem in nearly every neighborhood in America, it is particularly epidemic in Tennessee, which ranks among the top states in the overuse of prescription pain medications. A recent Tennessee health department survey found that about a third of pregnant women in state treatment programs are addicted to prescription pain meds. As a result, the number of babies born with NAS at East Tennessee Children's Hospital doubled from 2010 to 2011.
581730 tn?1218089246 It is possible to see sweating and more gastric problems also. All of these symptoms are more likely to be more severe in a methadone-exposed infant, which may cause a baby to require administration of prescribed narcotic drugs (morphine). The use of prescribed drugs for the baby will need to be determined within the first two weeks of the baby’s life. The symptoms of withdrawal must be closely monitored to know if the use of therapeutic techniques needs to be supplemented by medication.
Avatar f tn You should get in touch with your OB/midwife and get them involved in this situation. Abrupt withdrawal will be very unpleasant to you, but it could be damaging to your pregnancy. If you taper opiates now both you and the baby will be completely drug free by the time of delivery. Tapering means slowly cutting the dose by a quarter or a half a pill a day every several days, as well as extending the periods between the doses.
950143 tn?1247961986 That is the basis, by the way, for the first step of every twelve step group-- we decided we are powerless over ....whatever. This will stir things up, but withdrawal in newborns is overblown. They go through a canal that squeezes their tiny heads down so far that the skull changes shape! Don't you think that would hurt? Until 15 years ago they did open heart surgery on newborns without anesthetic, just with paralysis-- splitting their chests open! THAT would hurt!
Avatar f tn I'm not trying to worry you, but my aunt used to work in the nursery/nicu of the hospital in my area, and her job was to check on the newborns, and she would have to contact doctors and let them know of babies with withdrawal symptoms and she was forced to make phone calls resulting in mothers not getting to have their babies.
Avatar f tn I just wanted to add that I am tapering off on my methadone imon 20 mg. I in the past foru days have been taking vitamin c adn vitamin b (b's) supplements ladn it has worked awesome!! I have so much energy and feel great. I got addicted to the rush and high methadone got me, mainly cause i was wanting to be supermom and do everything. I take this instead of the drugs and it safe and healthy for me.
6814174 tn?1385052560 In addition, children born to mothers receiving benzodiazepines late in pregnancy may be at some risk of experiencing withdrawal symptoms during the postnatal period. Advice Regarding the Use of Klonopin in Women of Childbearing Potential In general, the use of Klonopin in women of childbearing potential, and more specifically during known pregnancy, should be considered only when the clinical situation warrants the risk to the fetus.
Avatar n tn PLEASE SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION RIGHT NOW: You can lose your baby as have it die they will be able to put you on Methadone ASAP!!! I have seen this before.
Avatar f tn Medically supervised withdrawal from opioids in opioid-dependent women is not recommended during pregnancy because the withdrawal is associated with high relapse rates (27). However, if methadone maintenance is unavailable or if women refuse to undergo methadone or buprenorphine maintenance, medically supervised withdrawal should ideally be undertaken during the second trimester and under the supervision of a physician experienced in perinatal addiction treatment (13).
Avatar f tn What are the effects these pills have on her and also will the hospital drug test me or her when she is born or do they only do that if she shows signs of withdrawal? Will CPS get involved if she does have the drug in her system even though my OB knew that I was prescribed these pills numerous times during my pregnancy? He has no idea about my addiction but he knows I have taken these throughout my pregnancy.
659957 tn?1224857787 There are some risks just like any other drug that you may take but as for withdrawal for the baby my baby doctor prescribes this medication to alot of pregnant girls and he sayds the only ones that have dts is the girls who dont pass there drug screens other than that no withdrawal symptoms at all in the babies and as for you stopping taking it anything you feel the baby feels and withdrawal can cause you to lose the baby i was on drugs bad and they told me if i quit that i would most likely m
Avatar n tn Just for clarification, I wasn't off for 8, I was off for 4 and then started to get the bad withdrawal symptoms and I didn't "go back" due to self-absorption, my first priority would obviously be the baby. Oh, and what is an AD?
Avatar n tn Irritability and excessive crying Shakiness (tremors) Hyperactive reflexes Fast breathing Increased stools Sneezing Yawning Vomiting Fever.