Methadone withdrawal symptoms

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Avatar n tn ya methadone WD is probably the worst. lucky for you, you weren't at a terribly high dose. being ok on 4 milligrams a day is good. very good. symptoms will include: restlessness. no energy, nausia, maybe vomiting. rls. no motivation. general pain. diareaha try going down even furthur. maybe going down by 1mg each week. beat it.
Avatar f tn diarrhea, restlessness, BAD leg cramps, lack of sleep... Is it normal for methadone withdrawal to last 8 weeks? I am starting to think I can't do this!
Avatar n tn Hopsing is correct, due to the long half life of Methadone you will not even start to have withdrawal symptoms till day three or so. If you want to stop taking the medication consider doing it very slowly, those who have the most success do a very slow taper, reducing not more than 10% of your dose every 21-28 days. If you start to feel serious withdrawal symptoms you are going too fast. You did not get this habit overnight and you will not be able to stop taking it overnight either.
Avatar f tn I am now taking (not prescribed) 5-20mg methadone per day as I couldn't cope with some withdrawal symptoms. Suboxone is not available to me in New Zealand & my GP prescribed zopiclone 7.5mg for sleep. What can I do to get off methadone, minimising the terrible heart palpitations & breathlessness that are the only things I can't cope with? Please help as I desperately want off this drug!
Avatar f tn Usually the best way I see patients doing on their own is a milligram a week, especially when you get down to the teens. Muscle relaxants are usually used by physicians to relieve some symptoms of withdrawal, but how much to use and how much Relieve you will have is very different one person to another. And please don’t label yourself with the word ADDICT. You have a physical dependency that you are well aware of and trying to do something about it.
Avatar n tn It has been a week now and the symptoms have lessened. I went through cold sweats, back/body pain, flu symptoms, cold symptoms (including fits of sneezing),skin 'crawling', diahrrea, and the anxiety/ sleeplessness I mentioned. Although the sleeplessness has subsided somewhat, the best information I have been able to find suggests that this may continue for MONTHS!
Avatar f tn i went from 60 to nothing in 5 wks my last dose was 33 days ago and im still rockin my skin crawls, my legs agg but the only thing that gives me comfort is that i know its not going to last forever methadone is an evil drug that seems to stay in your system forever ive heard of people who had withdrawal symptoms for over 6 months. so my advice to u is go as slow as u possibly can 1mg 2 tops a wk. it ***** having those liquid handcuffs on. good luck 2 u.
Avatar f tn Good Morning Everyone!! My name is genia. This is gonna b kinda long becuz I've never told my story to any1 & need help. I was on Darvocet for 2 yrs & then my dr switched me to methadone once I found out I was pregnant. I was on this meds for chronic pain issues related to gastric bypass (everytime I eat I get very sick). B4 the methadone, I was constantly in & out of the hospital with several surgeries even with the darvocet.
Avatar f tn I know as a mother that it is not easy to see your child suffer, but understand, this is all part of recovery, your daughters body is undergoing many changes due to having little or no methadone, it will get better, but only if she stays off methadone. The symtoms of methadone withdrawals vary from person to person, mine were like riding a roller coaster, some days were good, then the next day Id feel as if I were back on my first day of detoxing, so shes gonna have good days & bad.
Avatar m tn But yes some people also get sick during withdrawal. The opiates have stopped up everything. Treat your symptoms. Methadone detox comes in waves. You will have some good and bad days. The good will outweigh the bad as time goes on. Keep the faith. Keep on keepin on.
Avatar n tn Im curious since my fmly dr has no clue about methadone, why would i be having withdrawal symptoms if its still in my system? i always thot it would be so easy to slowly get off it and wouildnt be nearly as bad as oc withdrawals, im afraid im wrong aftr reading horror stories. I could go back to my dr for "one more" scrip, but then i feel i will never finally stop this awful drug.
605114 tn?1252111996 I to had some similar physical issues like yours while detoxing off methadone come to find out I had anemia the whole time I was coming off methadone, which only made matters worse.
Avatar f tn hi guys, i was just searching the internet for things that might make methadone withdrawal a little better. i know inevitably its going to be awful, and theres not much i can do to make it better, but there might be some things. im tired of being attached to these liquid handcuffs. ive been taking 20 mls now for about 6 months and just cant seem to taper down anymore than that. i took my last dose today. Does anyone have any advice, or anything that made them feel a little better?
Avatar n tn I have a LOT of sympathy for your situation. I have gone through methadone withdrawal and it was absolutely the worst kick I have ever had in my life. I also was addicted to heroin at one point and methadone withdrawal makes heroin withdrawal look like a walk in the park.
Avatar f tn ''you cant keep it unless you give it away'' just know your not alone in this ...let us know what withdrawal symptoms are the most bothersome to you we have a lot of home cures that we can suggest.....the anxiety was one of my worst symptoms like your having....there are a couple of good teas out there one is yogi brand...
Avatar n tn At the time of her arrest she was on daily methadone (110mg). since they don't give methadone in jail she was forced into cold turkey withdrawal. Last thur4day she was sent to a mental health faciltiy because she is seeing things and hears voices. Please can anyone tell me is this somtimes part of the withdrawal or has she possible lost her mind.
1722824 tn?1309683411 well its really up to you jumping at 4mg jump starts your recovery buy a couple of weeks I tapered down to 1 from 150 and tapering below 5 was miserable and my final withdrawal was no worst then tapering below 5 so I tell everyone jump and just go threw the withdrawals there is no getting around them you go threw them no mater how you go off its just a mater of how soon you start get yourself a case of gatoraid and some highlands restful legs you can pick both up at walmart your final withdrawl