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Avatar f tn Hi- I sincerely hope you receive good news when you get those results... Methadone should be tapered. The withdrawal is awful and given his already compromised condition, he'll get very sick. A long taper is in order here. Xanax can be dangerous in combination with Methadone. He needs to be very careful there. I wouldn't do it. It decreases respirations, causes increased drowsiness, along with confusion and sometimes coma. Maybe something more natural for anxiety...
Avatar f tn hi guys, i was just searching the internet for things that might make methadone withdrawal a little better. i know inevitably its going to be awful, and theres not much i can do to make it better, but there might be some things. im tired of being attached to these liquid handcuffs. ive been taking 20 mls now for about 6 months and just cant seem to taper down anymore than that. i took my last dose today. Does anyone have any advice, or anything that made them feel a little better?
2165056 tn?1337044443 against forum rules. methadone has a long half life. you will need to taper slow.the lower the mgs in methadone the slower you have to go. cold turkey at 20mgs is rough. you should taper down to about 5mgs before you jump. look at the health pages at the bottom right side of this page. the amino acid protocol is good and there is also some info pages on methadone. we are here to support you and encourage you. there are alo of people on here that have tapered from methadone.
Avatar f tn look on the bottom right side of this page under the health pages for the thomas recipe and the amino acid protocol. my husband went cold turkey6 from 20mg of methadone and 8mg of xanax and he was so,so sick for many months. stick close to the forum and let us know how he is doing on a very regular basis.
Avatar n tn CHINESE HERBS and ACCUPUNCTURE seem to be two of the best ways to treat withdrawal syndrome, and the long-term "post accute withdrawal syndrome" (or "abstinance syndrome"). Methadone has a long-term post accute withdrawal period - sometimes it NEVER goes away. I've heard of people getting off of methdone for a few years, and after being miserable the whole time they get back on methadone - why be miserable when a medication allows you to feel "normal" again?
Avatar m tn Does anyone know what the protocol is for methadone withdrawal in Florida? Do they help with symptoms for just send you home?
Avatar f tn I am 26 years old. I have been taking methadone for over a year now. Between 10-15 mgs a day. 5 days ago my supplier ran out and I got stuck trying to come off of it ct well I did good for two days. After the second night. I couldn't sleep at all. This makes the third attempt of me trying to come off this. Every time its the same sleep... just is out of the question period. I found some methadone yesterday and took 5 mgs last night to help sleep. and of course it worked.
Avatar n tn i had a heroin addiction then started a methadone programme but i only went to 50mg and only on it for 8 weeks i want to come off it completly and from all my reading up peoplesay the best thing to do is keep myself asleep for at least a week solid with sleeping tablets just want to know has anyone tried it or any advice i would be very grateful
Avatar m tn He never snored in his life until the day he started on methadone. It sounds to me that you tried to get off the methadone too fast. Is there a reason you need to get off it so fast? I've been reading this forum for the past couple months and following the stories of several people as they detoxed off methadone. It wasn't easy, but they did it. From my reading, it seems that you'll have much more success if you take your time.
Avatar n tn To add to the above questions, how long where you on methadone? Only time really heals methadone dependence, but the Thomas Recipe and Amino Acid Protocol, listed in the health pages at the bottom of this page, helped with my symptoms. Take 4 of 3 in 1 Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc in the morning and evening and definitely do the epsom salt bath as hot as you can handle it. All those things help, but time is they key. I don't want to say more without more info, methadone is tricky.
Avatar m tn And you may have something there - you wouldnt be the first person to get off methadone by getting back on an opiate and then quiting.......methadone is a bear! Some research that I came across indicated that the rfesearchers couldnt tell much of a difference from quiting 30mg of methadone or 3mg - keep your nutrition up - the AminoAcidProtocol is very good. It even helps the "brain fog" that comes around.
Avatar f tn I am sorry, but it is most unlikely you will get out of this without some withdrawals. Most say methadone withdrawal lasts about two weeks with mental issues well into three months and more. Seems like it took me about a year........researchers indicate that they cannot distinguish between withdrawal from 30mg or 3mg - - its all a bear... Sub is just a substitute that comes with many problems all its own. And it has a terrible and long withdraw.
Avatar f tn I want to add... My worse day of withdrawal was Saturday, 48hrz since last dose of methadone. All i had was restless legs from hell and lower back pain. It magically went away in my sleep Saturday night. Am i out of clear?
Avatar f tn How long and how intense is methadone withdrawal from 5 to 0? How about 10 to 0? And is there anything natural I can take that would ease and or speed up the process? Thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn I was at 130mgs at the most and I have tapered down to 27mgs, I had to stop at 39mgs and regroup as I had pretty bad withdrawals, when I was at 51 mgs, I started going down 2mgs/week, it became too much so I started going 1mg/week and I am doing okay but still feeling withdrawal. Methadone is a really tough one to kick.
610505 tn?1329607323 Subs are to pills what Methadone is to Heroin. Suboxone is a long acting type of opiate, harder to get high on but they have twice the amount of detox time pills do. Unless you are planning on using subs for the rest of your life or worse, going back to opiates, you will eventually have to go through some of the wds.
Avatar f tn I have read over and over supplies needed to help thru methadone withdrawals. Would some of these ie Ammino Acid Protocol and/or Whey Protein Shakes and /or 3 in 1 Vitamins be beneficial for her to be taking now? She has been on methadone for about a month( although if you remember she had started for about 2 weeks when her treatment was interrupted with surgery). I have been following Jewlz2626 with great interest in her fight to w/d from methadone!! I am praying for her success!!!
Avatar m tn I've been off methadone for about 3 and a half months now and the withdrawal symptoms still haven't gone away. I was on 110 milligrams of methadone for 3 and a half years, i detoxed myself very fast (in 3 months time) but i can't stand the withdrawal symptoms any more. Its not that the withdrawal symptoms are that bad but it's bad because its been SO long and i'm now willing to do subutex because i don't know how long this will continue.
Avatar m tn What are ya'lls experenciences with it? How much does it help. she has been on about 60mg of methadone and or hydrocodone for a while now. I am very worried that she may do something stupid if the pain becomes too much. Please help!
Avatar m tn 5 (4 and then 3 a day) to come off of 10 mg methadone per day (3 yrs). My question is, if i use this percocet will i then withdrawal from it? Heres the details: day one thru 12 took 4 perc's a day to maintain. still symptoms but was able to go to work and sleep. mostly very fatigued and my thinking is erratic. emotional at times, feeling of insecurity, anger, etc. But nothing is as bad as what I had become taking methadone- isolated, aggitated.
Avatar f tn I thought it would help me live a normal life, while getting high on 5 bucks a day methadone. I am now living ,married to a methadone clinic ,and treated like a frickin drug addict by my doctor. Why did i think this would help? Anyone thinking of getting on Methadone......forget it, u will be sorry. I guess my question is how can i get off this **** (is there something that will help the pain i am thinking of putting myself through), How long will it take>?
657422 tn?1225905694 Researchers indicate that they cannot distinguish between withdrawal from 30mg meth or 3mg meth....its all nasty. Methadone is pretty unique. I finally quit cold turkey and it was a bear...........I know another here that dropped VERY slowly to 1mg...he then dropped slowly to 3/4 and 1/2 - he is still on 1/4 and has been for months. I would say to just jump for your life, literally.