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Avatar m tn Are the withdrawal symptoms I am suffering from the suboxone withdrawal or are they from the residual methadone withdrawal? I suspect that these symptoms are still from the 30 years of methadone I put into my body since I've only been off of methadone about 2 1/2 months. Can anyone tell me how long they suffered methadone withdrawal symptoms after a long methadone addiction? Should I continue to stay on the four mg.
Avatar f tn my partner was prescribed methadone for withdrawal from heroin in march 2008, he was on 225mg to stabalise him a day. Now he is down to 12.5mg per day and has decided that he wants off. the problem is he is epileptic and has to take medication for this daily. Can anyone please tell me how bad his withdrawal maybe and what advice can you give me as should he still take methadone but drop slowly or stop altogether.He hates the stuff .
Avatar f tn Yes and no. After multiple attempts at "replacement tapers" I've come to the personal conclusion that they do not work for me. Maybe if I could turn back time and do a short 5-day Suboxone taper after my mild hydrocodone addiction it would've been possible, but not after long-term maintenance with a long-acting opiate.
Avatar m tn HI THE recovery time varys for many there is an overall energy crash that can last a few mo it is debilitating if you get it but not everybody gets it slwwp is always a problem for me I was on the stuff at 150mg for 6 1/2yrs it took me a good 90 days to start to feel well again but i broke a 16 1/2yr habit just take it one day at a time your final withdrawal will last 7 to 10 days from there will see how it goes methadone can be a monster to kick but its so so worth it good luck and God bless...
417564 tn?1287986427 Upon enrolling in the program, we were advised methadone is safe regardless of the length of time you take it, effects are the same whether it is taken for 1 month or 10 years. ???? Common sense disagrees there. While we are thankful this was an option for us, we are not advocates of this supposedly safe drug. We made the decision to take methadone for less than 1 year, when we mentioned to our counselor we were going to begin a slow detox...he disagreed wholeheartedly.
Avatar f tn I've kicked methadone several times and the most important factor in determining withdrawal is the length of time you have been on methadone continuously. This is more important than the dose.
Avatar n tn i had a heroin addiction then started a methadone programme but i only went to 50mg and only on it for 8 weeks i want to come off it completly and from all my reading up peoplesay the best thing to do is keep myself asleep for at least a week solid with sleeping tablets just want to know has anyone tried it or any advice i would be very grateful
662972 tn?1270169901 Just wondering if anyone had anything to add about methadone or tips.I really don't know a lot about methadone I mean I've read all web sites and things! All info is apperiated.
Avatar n tn To add to the above questions, how long where you on methadone? Only time really heals methadone dependence, but the Thomas Recipe and Amino Acid Protocol, listed in the health pages at the bottom of this page, helped with my symptoms. Take 4 of 3 in 1 Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc in the morning and evening and definitely do the epsom salt bath as hot as you can handle it. All those things help, but time is they key. I don't want to say more without more info, methadone is tricky.
Avatar n tn But you better than anybody know what this Methadone can do. Your from the day when they actually used methadone biscuits right? The orange ones, Now they use methadose which is horrible. It gets into your bones depletes your body of calcium, your teeth fall out after several years of use. You have another solution to your problem. It's a drug called suboxone it works by blocking the opiate receptors and you can get 1 month at a time.
Avatar n tn How long on methadone? Were you/are you in a mmtp at a clinic? My fiance and I are on methadone...we have been detoxing slowly since August, now we are down to the last 3 weeks. We have detoxed from it before, and it is definately a difficult and more time consuming detox. Are you taking vitamins or anything? They can help alleviate a lot of the pain associated with withdrawal.
Avatar n tn Can Methadone be passed/excreted through body fluids on to another person resulting in that person experencing some of the side effects of the drug?
Avatar m tn Ok so where to start, im 26yrs old 6'2, 210lbs don't know if that can differ the length of withdrawals or not... I was on methadone for a little over 2 years, highest does was 86mg I tapered down over a year to 16mg coming down 1mg a week once i hit 30. I got fed up and jumped off at 16mg 9 days ago, how much longer am I looking at withdrawals? The not knowing is driving me crazy, and i know dose and length at the clinic can differ the length of withdrawals by months.
Avatar m tn 1) Based on the amount and length of use I described above, How bad will my Methadone withdrawal be? I already know it will start at 24 hours. When will it peak, and how long will the major physical withdrawal last? 2) Same question with the Lorazepam. How long will the any physical withdrawal last? But more important is when will the real bad emotional reaction end? 3) Should I quit the Methadone first or both at the same time?
Avatar n tn Anyone have any thoughts on what this withdrawal will be like or how I can educate myself on methadone withdrawal??? i just being co-dependent and should let him do what he wants to do??! Thanks for any thoughts and insight.
Avatar m tn 1) Based on the amount and length of use I described above, How bad will my Methadone withdrawal be? I already know it will start at 24 hours. When will it peak, and how long will the major physical withdrawal last? 2) Same question with the Lorazepam. How long will the any physical withdrawal last? But more important is when will the real bad emotional reaction end? 3) Should I quit the Methadone first or both at the same time?
Avatar f tn I am a recovering addict myself and know only too well how hard it is to come off methadone. . But you have only been using methadone for 6 months so with the right support you will get back to your old self in no time. .. it may take a few weeks or even a few months but the insomnia and agitation will pass and you can move on with your life. .. anyway keep up the good work and take care. ...
Avatar f tn I usually run out of my prescription of 120 pills within a week and then have to either find some or go through withdrawal, which I am doing right now. I haven't had anything for 4 days and as I am feeling a little better, I still feel sick and tired. I get a refill in three days which seems like an eternity. I keep telling myself if I feel completely better before I get my refill, I won't fill it. Am I kidding myself? I want desperately to stop taking pills and get my life back.
Avatar f tn Yes, you are right, bupenorphine will over ride all other opiates and put you in precipitated withdrawal. Google the COWS scale and it will tell you when to induce. There is no length of time to determine butran induction, it is based on withdrawal symptoms. Also, the suboxone/subutex FAQs at the bottom right of this page give a lot of great info on bupenorphine. Butrans do work well for many chronic pain patients. You may get more responses if you start your own thread.
1531531 tn?1292114460 I would just like some advice as to how i should taper off of Methadone and also what to expect in terms of severity and length of withdrawal when i am completely off. Is there ANY success stories out there where the withdrawals were completely bearable and short-term? I really need some support from you guys because i live alone and my family is completely unaware of this whole situation. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn Then was an occasional user until 30 I became a bad addict and ended up on the methadone program. I've been searching the internet for tapering withdrawal symptoms from 1mg or less and discovered there isn't really anything. 3 years ago I tapered from 70mg to 5mg of methadone before going cold turkey and I remember the first 2-3 days being fine until all of a sudden it hit me.
Avatar n tn In fact, stopping a dosage of 80mg/daily for several days and then resuming that dose could result in respiratory depression. This is why methadone is so closely monitored to prevent accidental overdose. Withdrawal from opiates (methadone included) is NOT dangerous, even though you feel terrible. Taking Naproxen, an analgesic NSAID with no opioid component, would be a poor decision as this would not eliminate the withdrawal symptoms.
Avatar m tn Ok I have been taking methadone for 11 days now and currently at 65 miligrams. I want to stop completely and dont want to taper or anything like that, I jst want to not go tommorrow. Does anyone have any information on how long it takes for the body to become addictied to methadone. I know standard painkillers take about 7 days of usage then withdrawls begin. Is the methadone the same or does it work different in the body.