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Avatar f tn I am asking this question for a friend, is there anyway to taper from methadone wafers? Has anyone done this? I am on the liquid so I can taper 1mg at a time, but it is difficult on wafers she has only been able to get to 10mg because of this.
5137013 tn?1364338785 The actual chemical is no different to Methadone 'wafers'/'biscuits'. It's difficult to get a doctor to write for an addict in most states and the clinic has checks in place so that people don't abuse/sell/overuse the drug. Clinics also require counseling - group and individual. It's indicated for strong prolonged opiate use as a harm reduction measure and/or for maintenance so that people can work, re-connect w/their families, etc. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn I've taken both many of times. I feel that the methadone cherry wafers were the strongest , although I take the methadose on a regular basis now. I think maybe the methadose is weaker is the fact I have gotton imune to it.
Avatar n tn In the attempt to get her off of the Lortab, she started her methadone. 3 years later she is still taking, what seems to me a HIGH dose of methadone. (I think it's like 180 or 185mg)....She also has diabetes and unfortunately doesn't do much with her diet...her blood sugar usually stays at 250 or higher on a daily basis. On top of this she is also on many other drugs prescribed to her for the the other issues she has (digestion, diarrhea, neurothapy, and other complications).
Avatar f tn Is it easier to detox off methadone when you haven't been taking it for more than a year???
Avatar n tn Ok, I need some info on Methadone, the only methadone I have taken to detox are the 40mg wafers either orange or white in color, or the 20mg Methadose pills........... The longest period of time I have ever taken these for is 5 days at a time. I only take a MAXIMUM high of 15mg the first day of detox. I haven't taken anything for over 65 days, actually probably more then that, I haven't kept count.
Avatar n tn And then when the methadone detox becomes methadone maintainence, you'll be right where I am, and I am in NO shape to rollerblade. I have no idea what to expect with the w/ds... Can anyone tell me? It seems that it takes a really long time before I start feeling bad... Four or five days... is that normal? Does that mean I won't have a bad w/d??? I'm taking about three drops a day and just waiting for the bad w/ds to hit. How long will it take to get through the worst???
Avatar n tn a friend of mine started this website after she lost her son, my story is on her page, along with several other people who have lost loved ones from methadone or rx medical abuse, she is a great person to talk to
1337425 tn?1278177587 I see so much posted about this, but was just wondering whether suboxone or methadone are any good for pain?
Avatar n tn No. 30 methadone (correct for mg's - 5mg, 10mg tabs or 40mg wafers...makes a difference) should not create weeks of withdrawals......however, you must remember these were to 'ease" wd's from 5 years of hydrocodone. - - - You still need to be proactive to shorten the affects as much as possible. You cant just walk away from 5 years of hydrocodone with zero consequences either....... But you can put the pills and the unpleasantries behind you....
Avatar f tn The xanax was to be taken with the loratab for break through pain in between the methadone wafers. I was on this for eight years. Doctor passes away. New doctor puts me on 4 methadone 10's a day. 4 loratabs and the 4 xanax. Cut it that much in a one month span. It was 8 months before I got used to it.
Avatar n tn I am currently taking 5 mg of Methadone a day in doses of 1/4 tablet every 4 hours. I have to get off the methadone in order to pass 4 random drug tests this year to keep my professional licese!!! I am down to the wire and have three days to pass a clen urine. I have tried several times to be successful at withdrawing independently and cannot seem to get through the third day. My stomach feels like it is gnawing a whole into my backbone and my arms, shoulders and legs burn like hell!!!
Avatar f tn today I have 24 days clean I walked off a 10+pill addiction as well as the last 6 1/2 yrs on methadone... there are many ways to get off methadone....some people just stop....most taper off some lisa others sloooowwly like me...went from 150mg down to 1mg in 8 1/2 mo...I to was tarafied of you already know tapering can be difucult...but it is totally does have its discomforts but if you do it right you can minimize them...
Avatar n tn They dont want to talk to me after they hear that.I am also hooked on wethadone wafers for about a year.20 mg.meth.wafers a day.I've heard the detox is horrific from methadone.I'm scared to death.I have two kids,so in treatment is not an option.My husband is the only one who is emplyed,and he is hooked as well.where can i go for help.Even to get some meds to help with the detox.I live in the west palm beach area in florida?can anyone give me any advice.It all seems hopeless.thank you.
Avatar n tn tonight is my 6th night off methadone. i was at 70 mgs in beginning of october and took my last dose of 9 mgs tuesday morning (today Sun). i also tried to do this a week ago and failed miserably, but i think it's because of some tramadol i had. i had no idea it was anything more than glorified asprin. it ruined my ******* life. anyway, i'm going ok now. i have about 5 klonopin left. i take them once a day, and .5 mgs of clonidine left.
Avatar f tn When that became too expensive, I discovered the wonder drug methadone. Wow, I thought, this stuff is great. One dose per day, it's cheap, cool. How stupid I was. Eventually I was taking 20-30 mg of methadone per day for about 4-5 years. (I know it doesn't sound like a lot to some, but I couldn't go without it without having severe withdrawals.) I was buying the methadone off the street, too. Never saw a dr. for a script, nor went to a clinic. But I had ready access to it.
Avatar m tn ) Methadose (Which is a brand name) also comes in orange wafers that are 40mgs a piece and scored for easy breaking. There are a few generic wafers that come in 40mg per tab as well. And if this wasnt confusing enough as it is.... there is also another brand name known as Dolophine. Dolophine is simply Methadone Hcl in an actual pill form, not a wafer. It comes in 5mg, and 10mg strengths.
Avatar n tn So I figured that I would get 12-16 methadone 10mg tablets a day which would be the same dose I was taking with the methadone 40mg wafers. WRONG! At first the doctor was only going to give me 4 methadone 10mg a day! I flipped out, he would be cutting 120mg a day in one MONTH! Methadone is a drug that needs to be tapered slowly. I eventually got him to give me 8 methadone 10mg tablets a day which is still HALF of what I have been getting for 2+ years.
Avatar n tn I just wanted to comment on the soreness. This is very common among Methadone users. I take 100 mg's a day (2.5) wafers and by morning time, or if I wake in the middle of the night, I can't even open my hands all the way. After I take a shower, and wake up a bit though, it goes away, but the left over soreness is there from stressing the joints and muscles from trying to work them when they were tight or swollen. I have been told that this is mostly due to de-hydration.
Avatar n tn i dont know how i can be tolerent on it already from only being on it less then 2 months,, but who knows,,are you also on meth?? i have the methadose, and the methadone pills,, i think the methadone ones dolophine are better.. well thanks as always for responding your a great friend,,,,, lilangel... by the way where are u from, lol.
Avatar f tn i was addicted to opiates for a couple of years and now have been going to a methadone clinic for about 18 months. I am on 100 mg per day. I have now decided that id like to try to get off of it but am in no rush to do so for any reason. i began going down on my dose last week- the dr says we will decrease my dose by 10 mg every 5 days, consistently. I may be wrong- but isnt that a little quick?
228686 tn?1211558307 Is there any difference in the liquid form than the pill form of methadone? I was gonna try to quit taking the methadone, but I take 80 mgs a day, 20 mgs 4x's a day,pill form. But after reading a bunch of the posts it sounds like I would be in a world of hurt if I tried to stop cold turkey, and that I need to talk to the pain management doctor before I try anything at all.
Avatar f tn I am in the same shape as you are and I am seeking out a personal Dr for help right now because I have seizures that normally stem from stress so I would like to avoid the daily drives for a dose of methadone if I can help it by getting on a prescription of the pills (wafers). If you have had any luck would you mind sharing? Good Luck to you and Thank You for reading and hopefully you can respond with good results.
Avatar f tn please read the entire post... also methadone tablets come in 5mg,10mg,20mg, and 40..all white pills..the orange wafers are 40mg...she took 2 10 mg..on top of all the other meds...what she is experiencing is not the norm... Diane please write back..again..we are just concerned...
Avatar f tn hello all, YES methadone does cause weight gain...ALOT of weight for some people.It seems to cause it more in women than men. I am on the methadone clinic now, and have been for a few years!! Not my plan of course, but if you use for a long time, it will obviously take a long time to feel "normal" again (no it does not cause you to feel "buzzed,@the clinic it is liquid and time-released) as well as get your sh-t together.Anyway, for me it took a while to gain alot of weight.
Avatar f tn Anyone out there have any experience in detoxing slow from methadone? I have been detoxing 1 mg. every other week. I was on 65 mg for over 15 years! I was doing ok until I got to 6 mg. now the old familiar withdrawal symptoms are returning. I could use some feedback on this please...
Avatar n tn I didnt realize you were getting the wafers, I thought you were getting liquid methadone, but still, the sucess rate is soooooooo small if you try to do it by yourself. One time when I was kicking, my doctor (God Bless Him) gave me some sleeping pills so I could sleep. I stil felt awful, but I was able to cathch a few zzzzzzzzzzzzzz's. I am concerned about you and remember one thing. If you want to be in recvory, you can do it.
Avatar n tn I'm wondering what the effects would be (if harmful) if one is taking Methadone and Klonopin at the same time? Please answer soon. Thank you for your time.
20391860 tn?1497234141 I'm 50 years old, male and have been on methadone for the last 10 years. I'm an alcoholic who quit drinking 29 years ago. I don't do any other recreational drugs whatsoever as opiates have scratched that itch quite well. A few months back after tapering down from 80 mg a day to 20 mg per day , I signed out of the clinic and walked away. I was determined that with the small stockpile I had at home I could continue to wean myself off.