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Avatar f tn I'm surprised your doc is pushing methadone -- many pain docs will not prescribe methadone anymore. Methadone is an excellent pain medication that is difficult to abuse because of its pharmacodynamics. It has a naturally long half-life without it having to be wrapped up in some kind of tamperproof package. Oxycodone, much of which comes from OxyContin, is the most widely abused opioid, and some states have more problems with this abuse than others.
Avatar n tn process only begins once the user *stops using completely* -- in other words, if your other is still using methadone, the process will not have a chance to even begin, since methadone produces the same changes in the brain as other substances like it. I know this isn't the greatest news in the world, but it is the truth as I understand it.
Avatar f tn I am not allowed to say that I take methadone for pain relief. I can only say that pain relief is a side effect of methadone. Well this is fine and dandy until I started to travel for work. Clinic rules are strict and impossible to follow. Today I have had 3 doctors offer to take over my care, but none of them are legally allowed to prescribe me methadone.
Avatar n tn i met personally with a clinician who headed up a study of suboxone vs. methadone..suboxone does not bind to the opiod receptors in your brain, and it is an opiate blocker. so basically if you do oxys you wont feel the effect but your brain still craves the drug. people who only need about 40mg of methadone to maintain do fine on suboxone, but for people like us, it wont to ****, and its been proven people relapse more on suboxone.
Avatar f tn I have heard that some people have chosen a methadone program to quit oxy's. Is methadone actually a weaker drug or is it that the clinic just has control over your doses? Just curious. Thanks everyone! I am getting quite and education here!
653169 tn?1303449969 suggested this cuz he didn't want to increase a breakthrough med of 5mg oxycodone but was more than willing to give me high dose oxycontin with more oxycodone, but I can't afford the oxycontin cuz it's like $800 and I have no insurance.
Avatar f tn I started out of Ms Contin, but when that stopped working my doc switched me to Oxycontin ER. Anyhow I have been on the Oxycontin now for about 7-8 months. My curret dose is 240 mg daily. I also take Oxycodone 5 mg up to 6 a day for break-thru pain. I am on a pretty high dose, I do realize this. Most cancer patients don't take doses this high. I see a pain specialist at a pain clinic and have an appointment tomorrow. I also have a pain contract with him.
Avatar n tn i also realise i will be off and on oxycontin for the rest of my life (at least that's what my pain doc implies). some- times a person (especially a junky) has to put there head down and just move a head no matter what! that's kind of where i'm at today! keep an angel on your shoulder!
Avatar m tn I take it for chronic pain b/c I tried the OxyContin and morphine and all of those opiates but I like the methadone the best because, though I wake up in a lot of pain, it works fast and stays in your system longer than the others. I wish I had a breakthrough pain med but most things - well everything else you could take at home - isn't strong enough. I fell off my porch and broke my foot a few months ago and b/c I have a pain contract with my primary Dr.
374225 tn?1269902862 Can you possibly relate a comparative for me that might rank dropping off the oxycodone vs. the methadone. Right now my methadone dose is 10Mg 3 times a day. For them moment I'm taking 10Mg twice a day and 5Mg at bedtime. I have severe sleep apnea and I don't want to die from not breathing in my sleep and since even at 5mg I woke up sweating last night it's a concern. A real one. Oh it's a wondeful life of pain for sure...
1010938 tn?1250773477 sweetie u r on a narcotic/a maintenence narcotic like sub///no diff in reality///we have tons of subbers here in reality methadone has a long half life so it will hit u more so in 2-3 days vs a short acting narcotic like hydro...main reason hydro is so abused as it has a short half life/a fast peak/and boom it is gone..methadone is more steady...but the half life can draw out the wds from the drug..
Avatar n tn I'm probably suffering a bit from methadone withdrawal since I suddenly switched medications (methadone to oxycontin), but fortunatly I still have a few methadone tablets left to ease the transfer - I'm alternating methadone with the oxycontin to try and stabilize myself (oxy is hard to sleep on, so I take methadone in the evening). I find that the oxycontin works OK if I take them as prescribed, but I much prefer methadone.
Avatar n tn I am a 41year old opiate addict for over 10 years, a heavy abuser of pain doc is oxycontin but 1 yr ago I joined a methadone clinic. I now take 30-60 mg daily. I have passed enough urine drug screens to get a weeks worth of methadone at a time and am working on weaning down to at least 30 mg daily although I goofed up the past two weeks and used morphine..I am so mad at myself...
Avatar n tn Or, cut out the oxycontin and adjust the methadone appropriately. If one is on methadone and stable, they can't use other opiates for an extended period or the methadone won't work properly anymore. So, it should basically be one or the other. That is, of course, if you want to stay on the meds. Keep on posting, people are more than willing to help you out here.
210982 tn?1280987495 Yes although dosage and frequency of usage does matter. In my experience morphine, high dosage oxycontin and methadone are the most effective (and the most addicting) pain killers.
Avatar n tn I have been reading posts mentioning oxycontin taking your life. Is it toxic to your body? If you take 80mg day, will it kill you?
Avatar n tn As far as other side effects, well of course there is the liver which you mentioned and the kidneys. Thankfully there isn't tylenol in the oxycontin, but the tylenol with percs is surely compromising these organs' well being. My very good friend, a percocet abuser, just got off a dialysis machine 2 days ago, for failed liver and kidney function. He is an otherwise healthy 32 year old man. Then there are changes that occur to the brain, that in many cases can be permanent.
Avatar f tn Have you discussed with your doctor the risk of combining xanax and methadone? I was on a different benzo when on methadone but I also smoked at the time so I think that had something to do with the issues I had.
Avatar n tn First of all, I know this post is over a year old, but I wanted to get the correct information out there for anyone who stumbles onto this page because tink2's information is wrong. I went to rehab for oxycontin addiction, and I was taught by doctors exactly how opiates affect your brain. Here's how it goes, and I'll try to put it in lamen terms the best I can: When Oxycontin enters the brain, it causes the stimulation of a "feel good" neurotransmitter called dopamine.
Avatar f tn i am on methadone maintenance for opiate addiction, if methadone is also an opiate blocker what prescription meds will give me relief from my pain? i mean, do i take higher doses of opiate to get relief from my pain or is there a certain pain med i need to take while on methadone to get relief from my pain? please HELP!!!!
Avatar n tn i walked out of treatment clean off methadone and oxycontin after 8 days. methadone is dangerous if it is not used properly. people who use methadone themselves to get off an opiate, misuse it. they become dependent on the methadone. methadone withdrawal is worse than you can ever imagine. it makes things like oxy and heroin look pathetically easy. it;s the hardest to withdraw from. so if you use methadone, do it in a facility where they can taper you down, and monitor you and your dosage.
1151955 tn?1262647133 My insurance stopped paying for brand oxycontin so I was switched to Methadone for pain management. My mood definitely changed on those. It was awful. So I went back to the oxycontin and pay out of pocket. We all react differently so you very well could be reacting to the oxycontin. However taking a medication and having to take more than what is prescribed is not good for you long term. You need a proper pain medication so you don't need to take more medication than you need.
Avatar n tn Does anyone have an idea,as to how strong any strength Opana(brand name) is to Oxycodone? My new PM Dr. wants me to get down from 40mg of Methadone to about 20mg,in only one weeks time,before he starts precribing me Opana. I've already had been taking huge amounts of 15mg Oxycodone a day,for 5 years also,along with the Methadone. I tried to explain to him,just how tolerant,I had become to the Oxy,but I think it fell on def ears.
Avatar m tn percs or (oxycodone) compared with hydro is about the same mg per mg. I feel most people think oxycontin to be stronger because they can come in large amounts. Up to 80mg or even 160mg in one pill. however everyone is different. Now this is the thing. The shortness of breath is terrible. Its like on the verge of ODing. Whenever your body is not functioning properly you've taken too much. I did this about a week ago with one 80mg oxy pill.