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4597556 tn?1383308643 Are you off the Methadone completely now? Are you talking about wanting back on methadone, or back on your drug of choice? I know you were almost done with your taper, where are you? Without being 100% sure what you're saying here, all I can say is you've come so far, and have done great!
Avatar m tn Methadone is not the answer. Methadone is the disease!!! I have made it to 35 days clean but at a high price. I have lost my job, I have lost even more. I've lost my sense of pride and strength. It has literally knocked me on my *** for all of these 35 days. Methadone gave me a false sense of hope. It preyed on my weakness on such a young age and it allowed me to use legally for 8 years of my young life.
Avatar n tn $45-$50 at pharmacy where 10 20mg oc's would cost that much at pharmacy or 4 or 5 oc's on the street. The price for 360 10 mg methadone would only equal 1 80 mg oxy on the street and maybe 3 or 4 at pharmacy w/out insurance.Methadone last approx. 24 hrs where you are lucky to get 6 or 8 hrs from an oxy. Believe me I have been down the oxy road and will NEVER go back.I was also a 12 pk. a day beer drinker before methadone and now I do not drink at all.
1281073 tn?1272380079 I have a place to live, and a job but taking that kind of time off would literally put me in the street. Now I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I've talk to some of the doctors in the area about Suboxone and they seem to think it's the best choice for me but none of them would even consider helping me without a $500 bill in my pocket. I've tried to tough it out but the worst of the symptoms is an overwhelming depression.
Avatar n tn I've been reading posts for several days and notice that many tons of u awesome people were able to get prescription drugs on the street. and that they are readily available. sorry if my terminology is all screwy, but how is it that these are so easily obtained? Would love to hear being on this forum is preventing me from picking up m script...and taking some...on day 3 and trying to pass the time too! Thanks in advance for sharing..... ..
Avatar f tn Me being 5 months pregnant, will they help me at a methadone clinic? Or am I going to have to worry about another No????
Avatar f tn Again I do not know your situation at all, I dont know how bad it has gotten, but I trully believe you need to approach this with all the love that you have for who your son was before he fell into this trap. At 23, and on the street, I cannot imagine your son wants to continue using, he feels that he has no choice, like I felt. My reccomendation is that you get some suboxone or subutex, whether from a doctor, or from elsewhere.
1948474 tn?1329157864 Was he getting it off the street? Does he go to the methadone clinic everyday? What was he using before he went on methadone?
Avatar f tn there masy come a time here soon that he cant keep anything down if that happens get a shot glass and try 1 shot water or gatoraid every 15 min this is a minum to be drinking he really needs someone to be with him if you can arrange something here on the forum we call this the 7 level of hell when this happens and with more and more people getting methadone and sub off the street its becoming more common if it mean anything to you I will keep the 2 of you in my prayers reach out to God thats wh
216046 tn?1193947004 I go into a clinic twice a week, it's a fairly loose, casual set up. I'm not sure if you can do it any other way in America. The only other option I can think of (legally) is to get it through a pain management doctor. I "know" of some doctors who prescribe it without a clinic...but you're getting into some fairly big money to have the "privilege" (Visit costs a few hundred minimum, and they DON'T take insurance).
Avatar f tn That landed him in intensive care and eventually led him to a new doctor who started him on methadone. He was started on 360 mg and eventually decreased to 240 mg but that's where he has been stuck for quite awhile now. His MD is now being investigated by the DEA and won't write any more scripts until it is all resolved. This means my boyfriend is now 5 days into cold turkey withdrawal from 240 mg of methadone. He seems to be doing fairly well given the circumstances.
Avatar f tn after being hit by a car while walking acroos the life has changed soooo much..i also must say, i always thought methadone was for heroin addicts, i never knew it was a pain medication..i am currently prescribed 60 mg. kadain 2x daily and 10mg morphine 2x daily..i really feel i want to reduce the kadain..i am so tired of pain meds...and feeling like an addict..i do NOT understand how a dr. can say you want the meds to get "high"...after years of being on meds...
983679 tn?1276836936 but if the alternative to a few days of discomfort is a lifetime of addiction to methadone, then isn't the price of withdrawal avoidance too high? On methadone, you're not taking a trip out of town, you're never going to Disneyland with the family and you're always in the company of the people that remind you of what you once were. Get clean the hard and honest way, and learn what you need to live free from drug abuse, and stay sober over the long term.
Avatar m tn 00 every month after that. And that is the self pay price. They all told me that detoxing off methadone has a lot of risks and most doctors won`t take the risk on themselves. So far all the methadone clinics and the detox centers have told me that if I was a drug "abuser", they would help me, but because I`ve been honest and never abused my pain meds they can`t do anything for me. What the heck is going on with the system?
Avatar n tn when I finely broke free of the stuff it wasent over yet it took a good 90days to start to come back around and get past all the withdrawal symptoms...methadone is a dead end street and my story is not uncommon coming off it....
Avatar n tn There is some legislation, which I've read and have asked Doc Dan to interpret for us, which suggests that in March of this year a wide range of doctors will be able to become certified to treat opiate addiction with methadone. Currently, Methadone clinics are under the lead fist of the fascist, citizen-hating DEA (the DEA's unwritten charter considers all addicts to be criminals and sub-human filth not worth rehabilitating -- nice bunch of guys).
Avatar n tn I never shot up but I was sniffing them. Anyways, I decided to put myself on methadone which I got off the street because I found a real good connection for them. Well I have always been told no withdrawals from them so I started eating them like candy and I got up to taking 8 tens a day. When I would run out I would always get hot flashes and I could not function and I was wondering what was going on.
Avatar n tn She went to a walk in clinic and got some advice how to kick percocets. For some reason the front desk person suggested methadone.?? As she was there a methadone user overheard her concerns and sold his methadone prescription to her. You can put the rest of it together from here.... It been two years now. I did find out that when she went to get medical advice they did stabilizer her at 100 mg a day. She says she is now down to 50mg a day and trying to ween 5mg at a time.
20391860 tn?1497234141 It is a small price to pay for all the years we gave away.. Methadone settles in fat and bone marrow.. Thus the lengthy wd.. You already are that much closer to getting this out of your system Hang in there you can do it.. You are doing Great! Stay Grateful.
445698 tn?1208622107 The most common two Ive noticed, which last about a week after your first dose, are Drowsiness and nausea. Its a small price to pay for bring withdrawal free. Methadone is not something I want to stay on forever cause let's face it, Methadone is just another narcotic, but at least I'm not out stealing and getting into trouble to obtain the drug I need. Eventually I plan to titrate (get off slowly) off of Methadone and live free of all controlled substances.
Avatar m tn When I say my Doctor before I wanted to switch to Subutex from Suboxone he told me that I should go to methadone because off the side affects from sub's! I have taking methadone many times to get off my OC withdrawel and has worked every time w/ no cravings for methadone untill I got Oxcy back in my system and could not get it anymore! I also have lots of friends that are on methadone for the opiete addiction not H and they have stopped taking meth so much easier than subs!
Avatar n tn In cases of extreme opiate addiction (using a significant quantity for a very prolonged period of time) they do use methadone as a treatment (there are methadone clinics all over that are doing this). However, as I learned with my g/f, methadone is highly addictive, or if you would rather say - the body becomes very dependent on it. After 3 years of self research, I learned in most cases, it becomes a maintenance drug, rather than a detox drug - because it is that difficult to get off of.
5947987 tn?1377352539 I've been on Methadone for 23 months and had a baby 6 months ago. My fiance insisted I get off methadone before I got pregnant (not because of the pregnancy, just because he didn't want me on it) and to appease him, I began detoxing. However, at 10 mgs, I became pregnant and has to remain on Methadone. He gave me hell throughout my pregnancy about how much I was on, regardless of what every doctor (methadone Dr and OB/GYN) recommended.
Avatar n tn I need help getting off methadone. I also want to know what to expect. How long will the depression last? When do you start feeling better? I know this is different for everyone, but I need some guide lines. I got down to 10 mgs last week and felt really depressed, so I went back up. I started using pain meds for a legetimate reason. I had severe nerve damage in feet. Had several surgeries. Then it became a bad habit. I used for about 7 years (oxy's, lorcet).
425312 tn?1279969779 I thought the muscles in my legs and arms were going to jump out through my skin, hot, cold, sweating, couldn't sit still and forget about sleep. That was February 8, 2008 to February 15, 2008. Then what did I do, stupid me, took some Methadone. Well Now I am out again and no way to get any, and I am so sick and tired of spending all of my money on this ****. In 4 years time I have spent $28,000 just on Methadone. Someone please kick me.
417564 tn?1287986427 , make sure they are liquid, chewable, soft gel or injectable as most addicts (definately opiate/methadone users) gut does not function properly. CalMag & NaturalCalm we drink this 4-5 times daily getcanadiangrugs.
Avatar m tn does anyone at ALL feel frustrated, used, mislead, and just angered that the (your doc/methadone people)did not at least warn YU of the possible head/brain issues with long term methadone use? When i did some research, i found that this was known in 2001!!!!! not just 2012!!!! Probably before 2001. in the U.K they were dispensing methadone much earlier than North America. I am in Ontario Canada. Blaming them or anyone for my addiction i am not!! Is not a reasonable expectation that the C.O.P.S.
Avatar n tn I wish people would not call methadone "meth", that is a term used for methamphetamine, NOT methadone. It is just confusing to especially the new people, they don't know which drug you are talking about.
Avatar n tn Welcome back, Dan! I've had no experience with methadone except what I scored on the street. It was called Dolophine in Germany and I did'nt think much of it at the time...but it did kill the "sickness" when morphine or heroine was not available. I agree that a well run methadone clinic may be the best solution for many addicts in this country. More importantly, I hope people read the last two sentences of your post over and again.
Avatar f tn )) possibly even Day 9 or 10, ((depending on how early in the week I get in with the doc)) without taking my normal 55mg methadone dose, or any methadone at all period....NONE! I just completely stopped coming to the clinic without taking the medical advice of the clinic, of doing a slow progressive tamper to come off the methadone, or even doing a rapid 7 days methadone detox.