Methadone side effects on babies

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Avatar n tn Can Methadone be passed/excreted through body fluids on to another person resulting in that person experencing some of the side effects of the drug?
Avatar n tn The baby might have a higher than normal respiratory rate, runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, inward pulling of the chest when breathing and periods of cyanosis or bluish skin discoloration There is also an increase incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS, in methadone babies in comparison to drug-free babies. It's very important for parents to learn the skills needed when caring for their baby as he/she withdraws from passive methadone addiction.
Avatar n tn I would like to say to the people that criticize all the mothers on methadone having babies---you dont have a clue what it is like to be in that situation--and for those quoting scriptures and thinking they are just so much better than these mothers because they have never been addicted to anything and they would never consider staying on methadone while pregnant---remember the past in the Bible where Jesus says "he without sin throw the first stone??
Avatar f tn I just would like to hear others experiences or if you know anything about the effects of methadone on pregnancy. Also my dose right now isn't holding me all day. I go to sleep feeling sick and wake up feeling horrible. Is that bad for my baby?? I've never has this happen before and never in my wildest imagination would I have thought this to happen. It's the most screwed up situation I have ever been in knowing what I'm doing to my baby. I need advice. I need help.
Avatar n tn hi penny you cut your dose by 50% thats way to much you go off methadone a couple of mg at a time otherwise the withdrawals are unbearable you got the right idea with the vitimins take 4 at a time you want to saturate your body with them also 2000 mg of vit C will help also you should do this slowly it painful enough that way what your doing borders on cruel good luck and God bless.....
Avatar m tn This week I am going to have to stop taking methadone. I was going to research the web for any info that might help and found this. I started reading some of these posts and started to cry. I am scared of the pain and withdrawals. But I have to do this.I can't keep having to take pills to help me do everything. I only take 20mg a day sometimes 30mg. It doesn't seem like a lot but I have been taking them like this for 3 1/2 yrs so their reaaly in my systom. I don't know what to do.
Avatar m tn Later that day I went to see my PCP who knows what's going on with me and has been bugging me to get off Methadone for 4 years. He prescribed me something non-addicting for my sleeping issues. I haven't taken any methadone since Monday morning and today is my 4th day being off from it. I have had no issues so far sleeping and now that I seem to have that under control, I can deal with the crappy feeling all day long, the lack of energy, the frequent trips to the bathroom, the cramps, etc.
Avatar n tn Hey guys, I was reading all the comments while browsing for an answer on long term effects on my kidneys from using hydrocodone and oxycontin. Does anybody know? Also, my dr. wants to get me off the pills, I've been taking them for 4 years. She wants to put me on a patch called Duragesic. I don't know if I can handle being off the meds, and I'm kinda scared. Has anybody tried it? How much weight will I gain when I come off the pills? Thanks. I'm so glad I found this site.
Avatar n tn For him to speak about it and say that he can't imagine being depressed and on methadone is unwarranted and uneducated. I am now on methadone and never uttered a word (except questions) about methadone before I was on it myself. I don't think it's fair or accurate for anyone, including myself, to make blanket statements about drugs that we've never tried. I think this is a case of people valliantly trying to help, even though they know little or nothing of the circumstances.
Avatar f tn if your got pregnant while on methadone , your doctor will keep You on it but lower your dosage so you don't miscarry .
Avatar n tn NONE of us woke up one day and said HMMMMM i am gonna get high, get addicted, get on methadone then get pregnant and make our babies SUFFER.......
Avatar f tn There is a woman at my clinic that is someone who needs methadone and has been on it for years and also wanted to have kids. She has 3 and had all 3 on methadone and chose to do so. It is doable and ok, but i still feel really guilty, and I know that I will incounter people who look down on me for it. Like someone said, I will just have to be strong for me and my baby.
1684282 tn?1505701570 They told me no drug is good to do during pregnancy. It can hurt the baby. I have been on methadone since Feb. 8th and will be on it my whole pregnancy. Maybe it something you can look into. I have no cravings and the baby is growing good and healthy.” This got me to realize how important it is for me to address this issue.
938098 tn?1245293636 What it does ,it completely blocks the effects of opiates on the brain so if a user uses , they feel NOTHING. So some users on Naltrexone would ,after some time being on the drug, relapse and go to take their usual size hit,but the naltrexone also takes your tolerance back to zero, so your regular size hit can be deadly and some ppl did die that way.Sad.I did try the tablets maybe 6-7yrs ago.
Avatar n tn But the clinic staff are putting an unbelievable amount of pressure on me to be on methadone maintenance. They are relentless in their efforts to convince me that I can not succeed. The most recent issue is that they want me to slow down my detox. I have asked them to reduce me by 2mg per day (I started at the clinic about two weeks ago and went up to a dose of 45 mg. per day). I feel that the quicker I get the methadone out of my system, the better off I'll be in the long run.
Avatar f tn He is now 16 months old and is doing wonderfully. He hasn't had any side effects (so far) from the Sub. that we know of. He did not have any withdrawls when he was born, not that he could tell us or anything, but he showed no signs or symptoms. Typically, the medical field will suggest methadone only because it is the prerequisite for pregnancy but we chose suboxone after doing a lot of research with my sub. doctor and my obstetrician.
Avatar f tn I am only taking 25mg three times a day. Have i been on it long enough to have side effects when i stop taking it and do i need to gradually come off it. Any help would be helpful.
Avatar n tn She is a bit too independent but besides that she is close to perfect. There were no side effects from the methadone. I believe that I was taking 30 or 40 mg the day she was born. Then I got on suboxone a little while after she was born and that worked well until I couldn't afford it anymore. Probably could have gone with nothing but I was in an abusive relationship with an addict too and had no confidence in myself.
1695881 tn?1306510366 yes the baby will be born with a addictioin but its waywayway better then having a herion addiction. the methadone has no negative side effects besides bein addicted. there going to keep him in the hospital for 2 weeks after he is born and wing him off using morphine. for all i know i might be using this for he rest of my life!!! i sure hope not:[ its 75$ a week. im only payin ten a week right now becuase my medacade is convering it but after the baby is born i pay full price.
147172 tn?1226761778 Although they can easily treat the withdrawals in newborns you don't want to have to medicate your child as soon as they come into the world. Babies who are suffering from withdrawls have trouble eating, sleeping and they have a poor sucking reflex. It's not pretty as they cry excessively. I was prescribed pain killers throughout my pregnancy and waened down VERY SLOWLY with the help of my ob/gyn.
1445110 tn?1388213311 Opana ER has been a LIVESAVING drug for me, non sedating, i can hold my huge babies and have no side effects, I highly recommended the ER, you take it only 2 x a day, I ran out one day before my pain doctor appt and am in excruciating pain in back and hips. Had no idea how well it was working until I am having to go 2 days without and about to DIE.
Avatar f tn I'm terrified of methadone showing up and losing my baby over it. I'm not a drug addict, i don't use them on a daily basis, just here and there when i felt i needed them. What's going to happen? I'm so scared to go into labor now and have them check us and take my baby... Help!
1412606 tn?1282885729 He said the methadone is best if a patient needs to stay on pain meds while pregnant because there is a lot of research that has evaluated its effects on fetal development and long term effects (often because of mothers who are on methadone maintenance therapy for addiction during pregnancy). He said the morphine is ok too..but that there isn't as much research out there on it. I came off all the morphine and cut my methadone down by a 1/2.
Avatar f tn anyone familiar or heard, know, experienced taking subutex while pregnant? i am now on 1mg per day and there is limited studies. please help.
Avatar m tn Freddie~ Sub cannot be taken while on methadone. A person needs to be without methadone for AT LEAST 36 hours having been on 30mg or less. You need to be feeling withdrawal symptoms before you can be induced with Sub and only under a doctors' care. Just so you know....
Avatar n tn Householder et al. 1982). The majority of babies born to women addicted to heroin (or on methadone maintenance) suffer from neonatal abstinence syndrome. (McCance-Katz 1991; Mas et al. 1990; Fulroth, Phillips, & Durand 1989; Rosen & Johnson 1985). This condition includes neurologic signs (hypertonia, tremors, sleep disturbances, seizures), autonomic nervous system dysfunctions, gastrointestinal abnormalities, and respiratory problems (Hoegerman & Schnoll 1991).
Avatar n tn Professionals can help you get by with the least amount of meds and also know how to help your child with any withdrawal, and it is not a foregone conclusion that your baby will have any problems, I have known of many girls who have given birth while on methadone to babies who had little to no withdrawal symptoms. If there is no clinic near you maybe you pain control md can confer with high risk ob.
Avatar m tn I have never done drugs, never felt the side effects, or the effects of an addiction. I promised him I would be here to help no matter what. We celebrated 8 months today and his third day off methadone. He tapered slowly, over the course of a year. He explained the effects a little and I've cried every night and day watching him go through this. Right now, he's beside me tossing and turning, becoming more and more frustrated. He's experiencing the restless sleep, arm, leg part.
Avatar f tn as well as a pediatrician regarding this. They will be able to explain to you any possible side effects as well as the risks and benefits of taking the medication during pregnancy. The pedi can also let you know how they would handle the situation if the baby was born addicted to the medication. One thing is for sure though. Make sure that your OB is aware of ALL meds that you are currently taking, and DONT stop taking any medications suddenly before speaking with your Dr.