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Avatar n tn Could the things I mentioned above be a side effect of methadone or should we be looking for some other reason.If these thing are a side effect weould lowering the dose help or maybe more time for his body to get used to it ?
Avatar f tn are these the side effects of someone on methadone????cause i dont understand how i can be so talkative in the past and have such a strong personilty.. then turn into a zombie with no emotions, is this what happens after taking the pill for a while.. as i said im a 26 beautiful women.( i dont feel that way but i have men talking to me constantly,) get compliments daily.
Avatar n tn I wish i had never been offered Methadone. I never noticed any side effects up untill about 2yrs ago. I have every known side effect,but the worst one of all at the moment is excessive sweating. My quality of life is zero. I sweat from head to toe most days all day. I sit with ice ,cold can's of juice sitting on my cheek's,my breasts and my wrists. Ive put on 4st in weight,and i know this wont be helping the situation. I don't know what to do anymore. I won't even hardly go out at all.
Avatar f tn They kept increasing my dose until at my highest I was taking 600mgs of methadone daily and was a walking zombie and suffering some sever side effects. It was hell trying to decrease from that high of a dose down to 30mgs to make the switch to suboxone. High doses of methadone long term have really screwed some people up. Also as a new methadone patient be sure to pay special attention to your oral hygiene.
1050179 tn?1253902786 Some pain meds worked but not for long periods of time. The meds for fibro had intolerable side effects for me. I have been on Methadone for 2 years now becuz i became pregnant and stopping pain meds would've put too much stress on the baby. She is 2 years old now.she's happy and healthy! My issue is that I have found out through my experience in taking liquid methadone that it helps my fibro pain for a long period of dose lasts 24hrs!
Avatar f tn Typically, when you are put on a long term pain medication, your body acclimates to it, and you stop experiencing the side effects that someone new to the medication would have for a short time. It is called tolerance. I was on methadone for severe back pain and I never, ever got "high" or felt good, happy or whatever you want to call it from it.
Avatar m tn I came off methadone about 3 years ago, and switched to suboxone in favor of the more manageable withdrawals, and less severe side effects from the methadone (IE weight gain and constipation) Before I could convert to sub, I had to be at 30mgs of the methadone. In the early stages, I decreased by 50mgs a week taking another week to stabilize every 100mgs. This worked great until about the 200mg mark. We titrated from there.
Avatar f tn methadone detox is similarto most narcotics sweats chills stomach cramping leg crampng the runs and a host of other side effects the most complained abot is the lack of sleep that can go on for several months when I quit I went from 150 to 1 in 8 1/2 mo but dident get well for 90 dats you got to be in this for the long haul and stay clean or you justt set yourself back keep posting we can talk good luck and God bless......
653169 tn?1303449969 So I think that the dosage was to low to be effective and the side effects did not allow the increase. It is reportedly one of the best pain management medications. I think it is worth a try. As you can see it is effective for Mika. Just be knowledgeable. Learn all the pros and cons and follow the guidelines. I encourage everyone to make informed decisions.
417564 tn?1287986427 I have become somewhat obsessed , spending countless hours researching methadone, withdrawals from methadone, health risks associated, side effects, etc. Much of the info available regarding this medication is very pro-methadone, usually by people profiting from this billion-dollar industry. Upon enrolling in the program, we were advised methadone is safe regardless of the length of time you take it, effects are the same whether it is taken for 1 month or 10 years. ????
Avatar f tn But if he continues with this trmnt, when they stop raising his dose those side effects should go away. I don't mean to take away your happiness by any means, I just want you to know what it is like from someone on the other side of methadone trmnt. Everyone is different though, so whatever works for you and your husband is your decision. Just research a little and talk it through with him. Best of luck.
Avatar n tn Try Ultram,(Tramodol) it's a synthetic narcotic like drug but not on the narcotic control list and it does not produce those irritating side effects that codiene and percocet does. For me it actually kills the pain better too. Your general practioner will be much happier if you ask for that then for the supposed stronger stuff! Oh. it does have some mood elevating effects too so it is somewhat addicting.
Avatar f tn I just took my last dose of 4mg 2 days ago. I'm not having any side effects yet, but I know it's not usually till day 3 that I really notice. I have detoxed very slowly. I've been going down only 2mgs every 2 weeks since 20mgs, hoping this should help my brain chemicals get adjusted a little better. I'm wondering how long I am going to be feeling the physical effects of withdrawal once they start?
Avatar m tn you need to hook up with some sort of aftercare..the side effects of methadone are long lasting and aftercare weather it be n/a a/a or a conslor will help put you life back togeather and give you the tools and skills required to lead a successful clean lifestyle keep posting here for can do this...its just going to take some perseverance ...good luck and God bless.......
Avatar m tn Maybe the dosage was not high enough but I found the side effects unbearable. There are some excellent articles on the use of methadone in chronic pain management. Some physicians consider it the best alternative. It is less likely to produce euphoria and has one of the lower abuse rates of any of the "Big Dogs." I remain on hydrocodone due to my extreme sensitivity to narcotics. So we seem to be similar in that area. I wish you the very best.
Avatar n tn Does Methadone leave the patient very tired? What are the side effects? Just wondering. I think this is a life long plan for now which is why I really want to know what people are like on methadone versus the other pain meds. Thanks for your input. Is it possible to be tapered off of methadone ever - if necessary?
Avatar n tn basically methadone, as you may know, has a huge half life. one dose could last 36 hours. there fore the withdrawel from it is extended as well. up to 5 weeks. comparitively if you are addicted to oxy, hydro, or other opiates...even heroin. the physical withrawel is a fraction of that. Methadone isn't all bad, BUT every rose has its thorns. and methadone has some pretty damn big ones. The biggest thing methadone offers people is the stability. It will allow you to feel somewhat normal.
Avatar m tn Ok,,one of the side effects that methadone causes is dry mouth,,so you dont have that saliva to coat and protect your teeth,,but with good dental hygeine this can be easily fixed.
597547 tn?1251040364 Are most able to hold down jobs as they begin MMT? What were you and how much before going? Any really bad side effects? I had real bad side effects with sub at first, but they’ve subsided. I just, I am not feeling anything anymore. When I first started it kind of cured my depression. Now, im dead to the world. I have no emotions. Not good, nor bad. I know its not the drugs fault. Its mine and I have to deal with everything ive been through.
Avatar n tn When I first started taking it I had the same side effects your mom does.They will eventally go away and she will be out of pain and live a normal life.Give it a couple weeks or so and you won't even be able to tell she is taking it.Hope this helps. God Bless & Peace Out..
Avatar n tn I too am still in recovery and still feel the side effects of my addiction. Coming around quickly I do feel its the vit/min that are very natural.
1064938 tn?1255285919 yes lots of side effects, well I guess not a lot. I guess anything is better then taking pills like I was. I have no sex drive what so ever, my period is just plain crazy, I crave sugar like crazy. I have gained about 20lbs since I have been on methadone, but I would rather be fat then strung out on pills. I do hate going to the clinic though. A lot of the patients there are just going to get an extra high.
Avatar m tn I've beento the doctor on different occasions and it's nothing health wise so the only thing I could come to wuz da side effects of da methadone. I ache real bad in my legs, back, just my bones period, knees especially, allll the time I can hardly walk sometimes. I've gained ova 60 lbs n 3 months, I swell up like a balloon at times,don't sleep very well at night at all, wake up consistently all threw the night.
Avatar n tn Sorry to break in but I have an urgent question. My son detoxed from heroin. His veins are all collapsed so even getting an IV into him was impossible. Now he has bruises on his neck. Is it likely that he is shooting up in his neck? What should I look for or am I just being paranoid. Thanks.
Avatar n tn my b/f is coming off of meth, hes at 68 mil, and hes going down 1 dose a day, but reading all of this does not tell me the side effects, our the side effects for each person diffrent? and what our they?
Avatar m tn Does anyone know of any long term side effects of methadone use? I used to drink ALOT on methadone too....that prob doesn't help. Any liver/kidney/mental issues related to mdone use long term?