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Avatar n tn The rapid detox works as fare as the physical aspect of the addiction,but the psychological,that the one we have the most problem with. its not stopping,its staying stopped,moreover its 5000.o0 to 8000.oo for the rapid detox,to much to pay in my opinion.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone, Thanks so much for all your feedback. Thank-you Laurel for the links to rapid detox experience. It sounds like the Rapid Detox is a horrid way to go. Why would they allow such a treatment, if it leaves a person feeling so depressed and sick, especially since depression is the reason my son started on the drugs in the first place.
Avatar n tn Our family has confronted him about this and he says he wants to get off the methadone. He thinks if he goes through rapid detox to get off the methadone and then goes to a counseler - all will be well. Any thoughts or suggestions? I don't want to see my family pay 10K for a treatment that doesn't work or just addresses the chemical part of the addiction.
Avatar m tn Has anyone done Rappid Detox for a small amount of Methadone AKA: MethaDeath? I'm talking about those last few .mg 5mg and lower. Seems like no big deal but at my age my body can't take the slow lengthy tapering down by a fifth of a .mg every few two weeks. I've tried numerous times with the same results, extream weakness all the usual suspects. But worst of all is the increased Depression. I've been battling clinical depression for most of my life.
Avatar n tn So what is this rapid detox???....I was on Suboxone for a few months and came off it and started using again..I keep trying methadone (from wherever I can get it) and it doesnt seem to help me get clean. I'm starting to think that I'll never be clean..Im just in way over my head now!
631581 tn?1224848261 There are several of these 'rapid detox' units and I checked one in Florida --- they cost about $17,500. I ended up using Suboxone which was a big mistake as the withdrawal from it was much worse than it would have been just tapering or going CT off my DOC (Oxycontin.) The most important thing though, is that you get off the dope ---- no matter what you use to do it. I wish you all the best.
Avatar n tn what is everyones opinion of doing a rapid detox for opiates....I recieved a response from another post that stated in was not proven / risky?
Avatar f tn Even an expensive rapid detox will not solve the major problem. And that is most likely psychological to a great extent. You are at that point where you are simply chasing the dragon quite often. Its a point of diminishing returns, for sure. Many show up here for a few weeks - and many of those people come back and relate how they messed up and became addicted yet again. There is no rapid magic fix.....sorry, it just doesnt happen with this issue. Just quiting the narcotics is the easy part....
Avatar f tn Is there anyone out there who has tried the rapid detox either under anesthesia, or another type of rapid detox (the coleman institute), where they don't put you under, but it still involves the naltrexone implant? I'm thinking about trying this once I get down to a lower dose but I've read so many mixed reviews about someone who knew someone, etc. Is there anyone who has personal experience with rapid detox from methadone who can shed some light on this procedure for me?
Avatar n tn i was in a rapid detox clinic on the weekend and the docs told me methadone was the worst opiate to come off they literally told me the week before to stop and start using herion because the rapid detox would be easier, im not sure if your in the position for rapid detox (finacially in aust you can pay it off over 10 years :) ) then they stuff you full of naltrexone to block your receptors of any opiates for 6 months, fingers crossed here for you and me cant wait to get my life back
Avatar f tn First off congratulations on getting to 10mg, that in itself is a major accomplishment that proves you have what it takes. I am fresh off my last dose 5 days ago, I did a fairly rapid detox from 20mg to 5 mg over the course of a month, it was not a nice ride down, but I had situations confronting me that made it necessary.
Avatar n tn I had my rapid detox from methadone plus heroine in Serbia (RefindYourWay) and it helped me sooo much!!! My detox took 7 days and I felt some minimal withdrawal syndromes (a bit of pain my legs,sweating) but I received medicines every time I felt something it helped me immediately! I am so happy! I have a 6 month Naltrexone implant and I feel just great. They did some kind of therapy for cravings elimination or something so psychologically I feel so much better. It really worked for me.
764364 tn?1234718411 If you need your brain 'healed' then you probably shouldn't call them or do a rapid detox. But undergoing a rapid detox is certainly safer than taking Methadone daily for the rest of your life. Good luck.
Avatar m tn I'm considering rap-detox for hydrocodone.I can't even handle 1-day withdrawl.Does rapid-detox really make a difference?Has anyone gone through it?I really need to do this soon as I am loosing my hearing & noticed my vison is getting worse.U guys are all so inspiring.Thanks.
1021643 tn?1265577448 u take both methadone and sub? I am sure I misunderstood? I have not done rapid detox//but a few here//no longer here..did this and were angry cos of the money they spent on it and they still felt awful,,,mental wds are the worst part and this does not stop that from occurring..People will spend alot of money in an effort to avoid physical wds due to fear..and fear can paralyze u and make u move backwards vs forward...
386656 tn?1200633427 In the last four days I have only taken a few dilaudid, and I have broken down and taken a 10mg methadone twice. I feel like **** to say the least. Rapid detox sounds to good to be true, is it?
Avatar n tn Hi everyone, I have been a long term browser of the site but now I need to post a question. I am seriously considering doing Anasthesia Assisted Ultra Rapid Detox. I am currently on 240mgs of Oxycontin a day.
Avatar m tn had me see a Pain Management specialist and they suggested I either go through a long taper or consider rapid detox. With how much I am currently struggling with increased pain (I am convinced this pain is from the medication's impact on my body rather than any true physical issue), I cannot imagine going through a slow taper over months if not longer. This brings me to rapid detox.
Avatar f tn Hi Looking at what's out there to detox off of methadone...looked at the rapid detox in Detroit by clarity which is done in 3/4 not too convinced of this method....I have found a treatment done by the Coleman institute (Accelerated detox) which ease u into detox slowly, takes about 8-10 days....does anyone have any info about this method by the Coleman institute.
669763 tn?1225653904 POSSIBLE pre-term labor or POSSIBLE miscarriage. No one has mentioned any other risks. I am willing to accept these risks. If something goes wrong I will have no one to blame but myself.
1577364 tn?1296693384 I don't recommend rapid detox either...How many mgs of Methadone are you taking now? For pain try hot baths with Epsom salt and Motrin 800mg 3x perday. Get some good multi vits with cal/mag/potassium. Take extra Vit B12,B6,and C. Take iron,also. Also, L-lysine and L-tyrosine are great amino acids. Are you in otherwise good health? If you sip on Pepsi,that helps nausea. Also,peppermint tea is helpful. Do you take Fioricet on a daily basis? I'm sorry you feel so rotten!
Avatar n tn I currently have read a few websites and been reading these forums for a few hours, but that is about the extent of my knowledge to methadone detox at this time. Her doctor recommended a hospital/clinic for her to detox and I am wondering what kind of questions and what kind of concerns I should have with her going into a hospital/clinic program to detox. Because she does have a past of substance abuse (pain killers), I am also worried about when she leaves the hospital/clinic.
Avatar m tn Then the patient's driver takes the person home and puts him/her to bed, and checks on him from time to time for the next day or two-- until the person is back on his feet again. This technique is similar to 'rapid opiate detox', but the buprenorphine is a bit less 'violent' than the naloxone or naltrexone used for the rapid detox people.
Avatar f tn // Please see you doctor or midwife ASAP. Good luck to you. I do wish you all the best and may this new baby bring you new-found joy and health.
Avatar n tn And then when the methadone detox becomes methadone maintainence, you'll be right where I am, and I am in NO shape to rollerblade. I have no idea what to expect with the w/ds... Can anyone tell me? It seems that it takes a really long time before I start feeling bad... Four or five days... is that normal? Does that mean I won't have a bad w/d??? I'm taking about three drops a day and just waiting for the bad w/ds to hit. How long will it take to get through the worst???